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25 Epic Gifts for College Students That Will Make All the Difference

Ah, college, the place where things finally get interesting! If you’re studying away from home, you’ll be fully immersed in college life, with lots of classes to fill your day, lots of parties to fill your night, and the study sessions peppered in-between.

If you’ve already been through college, do you still remember those days? Now that you have someone close to you embarking on this great academic (and social) journey, it’s time to provide some useful gadgets you wish you had at the time. Scroll down for great gifts for college students to make this experience truly unforgettable.

Gifts for College Student

Lap Desk

Computers have improved academic life. The access to near-limitless information through the internet and the thousands of applications to do virtually anything, from 3d animation to writing stylish and informative essays, was a great upgrade from the local library and pen and paper. Because of this, college students have to spend lots of time sitting down, which could become uncomfortable after a few hours. Here’s a good gift to provide more comfort: a lap desk, fully adaptable to the legs and a wide area to set the laptop and a drink! Lie in bed! Sit under a tree! Working on the laptop will be a lot more comfortable now!


Large Laundry Bag

“Hey man, this is the third time I see you with the same t-shirt…”. Yeah, doing your own laundry is right at the bottom on the list of “awesome things to do”, especially when your schedule is always full. But the laundry doesn’t have to be dull! With this laundry bag gift, your favorite college student will be able to keep those dirty clothes organized and look his best self every single day.


Nike Men's Just Do It Athletic Sandal

Athletic sandals are very underrated, but you can do so many things with them. Here’s the shortlist: go to the pool, walk around in your room, go for a walk when the weather is good, bathe in a public bathroom, take them to the class of your least-favorite teacher to make a statement, take them off and use them to clap louder at a sports event… I’m sure you’ve got even more ideas. Offer the gift of flexibility to your college student: athletic sandals all the way!


Portable Safe

Your soon-to-be college student is always losing stuff. No matter how many techniques you teach her, like having fixed pockets for the same things, a wallet is lost, the phone is forgotten, and you have to get up at 3 am because the keys evaporated into thin air. Gift her this portable safe: it will keep all the valuable things together in one place, safe from impact, and also comes with a lock so potential thieves turn their backs and walk away. When she comes back from college, she’ll be the one telling you where your lost items are!


The Official Saturdays Are For The Boys Flag

Everybody stand at attention for the Saturday hymn! One hand in your heart and the other on a cold beer. Sing with me! “Saturdays are for the boys!” College doesn’t have to always be about working and studying, college students need to unwind and release the pressure. With this flag gift, they can remember what day it is, drop every chore, assignment, and book, get together with friends and seize the weekend!


Power Strip Surge Protector

A college campus never sleeps, the power is always on, and you never know when was the last time those circuits were last checked. A girl next door plugs in a dodgy hair-dryer and boom! Down goes the power. Will your laptop be the same when the power comes back on? If you don’t want your college student friend to be in this situation, gift her this surge protector, which also comes with rotating power sockets to fit all the strangely-shaped chargers that exist!


Multi Plug Outlet Extender

In these technological times, your college student might have 2, 3 or more devices that are chargeable through USB ports. There will come those days when all of them are out of power and need to be charged on the same night. Gift this outlet extender to save her the trouble of hunting down AC power sockets, leaving all her digital possessions scattered everywhere! Everything will be in the same place, nicely organized, and fully charged when the next day dawns.


Rapid Noodles Cooker

Readymade food is great, tasty and, most of all, very convenient. We all agree on this. But when your college student wants something more to her taste, without all the sneaky food preservatives, this portable electric hot pot will prove to be the perfect companion! “This is a Literature class, not a Cooking class, Miss Hawkins!”, the angry Professor Smith growls. He’ll be surprised after he gets a taste of the healthy food: “Class dismissed! Everyone grab a plate!”


Relaxing Water Painting

They teach you a lot of things in college, but there aren’t many classes in the “relaxation” department. When assignments are piling up, when that anxiety is building up until you’re frozen, just unplug. Pick up that gift your dad gave you when you became a college student, the relaxing water painting, and paint whatever is in your heart right now. When you’re done, the water will slowly evaporate, your worries will disappear, and you’ll be back to your balanced self. You look back on your list of things to do, and things don’t look so bad anymore; in fact, they’re starting to look great!


Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice T-Shirt

College also means making friends and finding many different ways of feeling love and loyalty. But a real connection has to start somewhere, you don’t jump straight to “let’s be friends” or “I love you!”. If you gift your college student a funny t-shirt, they will be wearing a conversation-starter all day! Relationships that start with shared laughter are bound to be great!


Bunk Bed

When you share space with someone, you will find that, no matter how distant you are from that person, you will start finding points of connection and building a relationship. A bunk bed allows you to stack your beds, your dreams, your lives, as you support each other through the vertiginous highs and abysmal lows of college. If you want to gift a friend for life for your college student, get her a bunk bed. In 50 years they’ll still be talking about those great moments!


Slim 15" Backpack

Powerbank? Check. Smartphone chargers for every brand? Check. Multiple writing accessories? Check. Outstanding organization skills? Check. If you want your college student to be the MacGyver of college, with all the tools required to do anything, anytime, this organizer backpack is the perfect gift to be ready for any situation. Next-level resourcefulness detected!


Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

The mini fridge is a basic college must-have. Dorm life comes with limited kitchen access, and now that your teen won’t be sitting down with the family for a home-cooked meal each evening, they’re going to need somewhere to store fresh food (and only age-appropriate drinks, of course). Sharing a fridge with a roommate is just asking for leftovers to be stolen; luckily, this gift is perfect for individual use and storage. Worried about limited space in your college student’s new room? This mini fridge has you covered.


C-Pen Reader

There’s nothing so discouraging as actually sitting down to read your textbook for class just to get bogged down in verbose, near-incoherent jargon. Academic texts aren’t always easy to read, but you can get your college student a gift that makes their homework a little more manageable. The C-Pen Reader is a portable, high-tech device capable of reading and defining lines of text in English, French and Spanish. For students working with texts of different languages or periods, or for students managing a learning disability, the C-Pen Reader is a valuable resource for getting the most out of every reading.


Mini Toaster Oven Cooker

College kids get a bad rap for their poor diets of cereal and Ramen, but are they really the ones to blame? Some days, there isn’t the time to trek across campus to the cafeteria. Sometimes the mess hall closes before they have a chance to eat. And sometimes it’s cold and raining outside; who wants to go trudging through that?

The mini toaster oven can expand your student’s meal options exponentially. No matter how strange their schedules may become, they will always be able to prepare a warm dorm meal with more nutritional merit than cup noodles.


Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe

Protecting your valuables is no simple task when you have roommates and unexpected visitors to contend with. This next gift is the storage solution of a college student’s dreams. The Lock and Roll Personal Safe is durable and secure, keeping any dorm resident’s most important possessions out of the pockets of the hall kleptomaniac. The safe is incredibly space friendly, conveniently sliding underneath a bed or closet, making it ideal for the limited quarters of a college dorm room.


Smart Reusable Notebook

A limited college budget and the constant need to replenish school supplies don’t work well together. A constant frustration of college students is the need to spend such large amounts on their basic school books. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about the high price of a textbook; however, this practical gift can save your student the cost buying new notebooks each semester. The Rocketbook is a digital reusable notebook that allows users to save notes to the Cloud. The gift is the ultimate mix between a notebook and a laptop. Students will love writing in the Rocketbook – and professors won’t ban from the lecture hall!


Motivational Time Marker Water Bottle

Most of us struggle to stay hydrated, and college students are certainly no exception to the rule. Now that your teen is in college, you won’t be there to remind them to drink up from time to time. This water bottle is here to help, though. With a convenient carrying strap for the student on the move, the Time Marker Water Bottle makes it easy to monitor a person’s daily H2O intake. The miles between you and your college student no longer have to keep you from looking out for their day to day health.


LED Desk Lamp

With tablets, smartphones and laptops galore, we are truly living in the digital age. So why do college dorm rooms never seem to have enough outlets for that ever-growing box of chargers? For the student with a flair for tech, this LED is the ultimate source of life. Complete with 4 USB ports, 2 outlets and an adjustable LED light, this lamp is the king of multi-functional practicality. Now that ‘s it!


Mini Coffee Maker

Coffee has come to symbolize modern college life. A thermos of coffee is as common an accessory on a college campus as a backpack. Without this liquid gold, many an all-nighter would never come to pass and countless essays would simply go uncompleted. The Keurig coffee maker ensures that the next cup of coffee is no further away than the cluttered dorm room desktop. This coffee maker is the ideal gift for the coffee snob in cramped quarters – in other words, your everyday college student.


Mini Travel Tabletop Humidifier

The dorm room is not always the freshest place to relax. Dry, recycled air can leave a student feeling under the weather. Now you can help to combat this drying by introducing to your student’s room this small-but-mighty humidifier, perfect for a shared dorm space. A good humidifier doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; this gift can revive a student’s dorm room without breaking the bank in the process.


Digital Alarm Clock

No one wants the take an 8 am. Sometimes in college though, an early morning is unavoidable, even despite the best-laid plans. Don’t let your loved one forget why they’re at college in the first place; when it’s time to go to class, they need an alarm clock that they can rely upon. Unlike a smartphone, a digital alarm clock won’t run out of power overnight, so they can rely on it to go off every morning without fail (for better or for worse).


Anti Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

A reliable backpack is essential for the daily trek to and from classes. Laptops, textbooks and a variety of miscellaneous goods can certainly take their toll on a backpack over the years. This durable backpack is designed to withstand the daily wear-and-tear.

Additionally, this backpack features a built in USB charger and a pocket for every purpose. With this gift on their back, your favorite college student will be prepared to take on all of their lectures in comfort and in style.


Retro-Style Smart Phone Dock

Even the most studious college kid needs to sit back and chill from time to time. When there’s no more work to do for the day and a student needs to unwind, there’s no better source of mindless entertainment than the endless world of their smartphone. The Retroduck Smart Phone Dock transforms a smartphone into a vintage TV screen. It’s the perfect gift for college students looking to relax after a long day of lectures with a video or twelve before bed.


Moving into your college dorm room freshman year is a bittersweet moment. Along with the thrill of newfound freedom that university brings comes anticipation for that first taste of independence; no longer are mom and dad just down the hall if you have a problem or need support. In those moments when college life starts to feel overwhelming, a small gift from friends and families can make all the difference.

Before your loved one departs for college, make sure they know how much you care. Whether you want to make their dorm a physically more comfortable space or simply bring a touch of home to a dreary cinder block cube, hope these gifts for college students on this list will have your young adult shouting “YAAAS” to the heavens (and to their followers as well).

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