25 Heartfelt Gifts for Couples They’ll Sure to Enjoy Together

Shopping for a family member or close friend can be a struggle in and of itself. In a world full of vast, unique individuals, finding the ideal gift to suit particular tastes requires a great deal of attention and effort. But what about when you have not one loved one to impress, but two? If shopping for a couple seems a step too far, take a look through our collection of romantic, funny, and all-around heartfelt gifts for couples hand-selected to please your pair of picky present recipients.

Best Gifts for Couples

Intimacy Couple Card Game

A couple is at their best when they are able to bring out the best in each other. Bring out the best self in your special someone with the gift of an intimate, long engaging conversation. BestSelf is a set of 150 cards, each featuring an engaging prompt that challenges you and your partner to open up about the things that matter most in life. Some prompts are funny, some sweet, some unexpected – but all 150 are designed to bring the couples closer than ever before.

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Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Camping is best with a reliable cuddle buddy to keep you warm. With the gift of the Ohuhu double sleeping bag, not even polyester will come between the couple very much in love. Within this sleeping bag for two, lovebugs can stay shielded from the elements while they enjoy nature’s bounty side by side. Polyester lining blocks water and wind from interrupting your sleep, and plush cotton provides the softness you need to drift off in comfort. Treat the couples to a camping trip they can finally enjoy with the high-quality sleep only a night under the stars can provide.

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Star Wars Couple Pillow Case

Whether you and your lover are galaxies apart or lying side by side, a shared passion can connect you through good times and bad. Jedi or Sith, your loved one deserves a reminder each morning of the feelings you share, and how better to express your admiration than through the words of everyone’s favorite smuggler? These cotton pillows, boasting a thread count of 200, are the perfect gift for the couple that is proud to liken their relationship to the classic romance between Han and Leia. Show your loved one you ship it through the heartfelt words of sci-fi’s most shippable smuggler-princess combo!

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Couple Long Distance Touch Lamps

The light of your life may sometimes be far away, but no distance can dim the bond you share. For the long-distance couple who anguishes the miles between them, a set of Filimin lamps offers a much-needed ray of hope. When one lamp is lit up in the chosen color, its partner will light up as well, alerting your partner to the fact that they’re on your mind despite the distance. With 256 unique colors and a life of 40,000 hours, these LED lamps will continue to brighten your day, no matter what obstacles life throws your way.

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52 Romantic Date Night Ideas Jar

When a couple has been together for a long time, date can fall into a bit of a rut. When the same few date destinations have become mundane, introduce a spark of excitement with an inspiring thought from the GTKY ideas jar. Containing 52 ideas for an iconic date night with bae, it is the ideal gift for those long-time partners in need of a change and not sure where to start. With ideas that inspire without limiting your date, the ideas jar encourages couples to get out of their comfort zone with fun, approachable activities perfect for a pair of lovebirds.

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Facebook Portal TV

Although you may not always be by your significant other’s side, a day never has to go by when you can’t share a conversation with your favorite person in the world. Facebook’s Portal TV enables a couple to talk face to face from opposite sides of the globe, even if your special someone doesn’t have the Portal TV themselves. High-quality microphones and a camera capable of panning and zooming ensure that every motion and emotion is caught in real-time. If you really want to gift your loved one something special, offer them the knowledge that you are always there to listen with a camera set-up befitting of the finest long-distance romance.

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Our Adventure Wooden Book

Life with a loved one is an adventure worth remembering, and the gift of the romantic scrapbook allows you to document every moment in the style they deserve. Within the gorgeous wood covers, your partner will find 80-pages and over 600-stickers to catalogue their favorite adventures as a couple. With space for more than 160 standard photos inside, it is a fun, romantic way to relive the moments that make up your shared life. Unlock your partners’ creative and nostalgic parts with a gift that challenges them to construct the narrative of your storybook romance for all to see.

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Moccamaster Coffee Maker

You know your partner isn’t their best before a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, so ensure that they never need to go without their daily caffeine fix again! With more than 2-dozen color options and vintage style, the Technivorm Moccamaster turns the classic coffee pot into a true staple of your loved one’s house. In just minutes, it quietly brews up to 40-ounces of coffee, satisfying the coffee-addicts in all of us without interrupting a precious moment of rest. Get the coffee-lovers a best gift with or without filters included and discover just how far 40-ounces can go for the couple that lives for that morning cup of joe.

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Polaroid Originals Camera

Instant cameras allow a couple to live in the moment in a way posed, planned photos never could. While a curated photo shoot can be fun now and again, capture the exciting moments in your loved one’s life with the gift of the camera that prints photos on the spot. Polaroid knows how to deliver quality cameras, and that’s why this legendary 600 comes complete with a film shield and a 1-year warranty you can count on. For a timeless gift that celebrates the moment, offer your special someone a camera delivered straight from the ’90s.

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Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Living in close quarters doesn’t have to mean more arguments for the couple in love; In fact, with the right devices for keeping domestic life running smoothly, a shared home can be a dream come true! If dirty dishes continue to be the bane of your shared home, the Farberware countertop dishwasher is here to tidy up your act. Containing enough space for up to 6 place settings in every run, this dishwasher eliminates the hassle of doing dishes day in and day out, leaving you and your loved one more time for the fun parts of cohabitation instead.

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100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

Date night is renowned for being intrinsic to the modern dating scene – and for being a nightmare to organize. Even the best-suited couples can struggle for inspiration when planning their next big date, so this gift aims to lessen the pain of organizing the romantic evening for two.

The Bucket List is a premium scratch-off poster containing a list of 100 different date ideas for your lovebirds to arrange, ranging from the classic trip to the cinema to unique, adventurous, out-of-the-box options they might never have considered otherwise. The Bucket List is designed to get couples out of their comfort zone and help them discover a new favorite hobby or two along the way – and they’ll have you to thank for the amazing journeys they take along the way.

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Coodle Couples Foam Cuddling Pillow

As much as your favorite couple might enjoy cozying up close to one another, falling asleep in each other’s arms is not always the most comfortable experience for a lover’s circulation. Your lovebirds now can spare the blood flow to their fingers thanks to the innovative design of the Coodle Pillow.

An ergonomic pillow in the shape of an arch, the Coodle Pillow provides one snoozing significant other with a comfortable place to lay their head, and the other, a cave that grants their arm space to relax. The thick foam pad that comprises the Coodle Pillow’s body ensures a comfortable night sleep for all, making late-night cuddles an exciting treat both lovebirds can appreciate. A gesture as sweet as a warm cuddle shouldn’t come at the cost of a loved one’s comfort; with the gift Coodle Pillow, sweet slumbers are guaranteed.

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ChiliPAD Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad

Sharing a bed with a significant other sounds fantastic – until its the middle of summer and the recent spike in the temperature has made you bed more akin to an oven. The couple that appreciates the security of lying beside your loved one as well as the comfort of a perfectly temperate bed is bound to love the impressive cooling gifts of the ChiliPAD, the temperature-controlled mattress pad that caters to each individual’s unique needs.

ChiliPAD regulates the temperature of each half of your couple’s king or California king mattress using energy-efficient technology, saving costs on the electric bill and reducing the toll of a rough night’s sleep on a relationship. Though running off only 80-Watts of power, the ChiliPAD can heat or cool from 55-degrees Fahrenheit to a steamy 115-degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a calm, relaxed sleep that both partners can enjoy.

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Love Is Art Canvas and Paint Kit

The best way to give a totally original gift is to hand-make one. With the Love is Art kit, though, you’re not the one who needs to get creative. This original painting kit provides your favorite couple with all of the supplies they need to document their beautiful, intimate moments in a completely unique work of modern art like no other come before.

Containing a canvas, paint, disposable slippers, and all the instructions your lovebirds will need to create, Love is Art offers a couple all the makings of an incredible evening together – and a memory that they can appreciate together for years to come. For a hands-on gift that you can be sure your couple will enjoy, search no further than Love is Art.

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Truth or Dare for Couples

A twist on the classic party game, Truth or Dare is a hilarious, exciting, and downright provocative date night activity for couples wanting to add a bit of fun to their relationship. Within the cute metal tin, your romantic lovebirds will find a collection of 50 truths and 50 dares all concerning romance, love, and sex. At only 2-inches by 2-inches in size, Truth or Dare is an ideal romantic treat for couples preparing for their next private getaway, or for the pair simply looking to spice up their relationship in a new, original way. Be warned, though: this is not likely to be a game that they’ll want to play with friends or family!

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Custom World Push Pin Travel Map

While some couples might appreciate the comforts of home, for the couple drawn together by a passion for adventure, the Push Pin Map is a gift after their own hearts. On this elegant 20-inch by 26-inch framed map, a couple can recall the places that love has already taken them and determine the spaces they have yet to uncover.

Each gorgeously vintage map comes in an attractive recycled wood frame and an assortment of 100 red and black push pins ready to be displayed above your loved ones’ mantle. Combining refined style and adventurous vibes for the wanderlust, the Push Pin Map is an ideal gift for the couple settling into a new home, yet still holding onto their inner explorer all the while.

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Englander Microfiber Air Mattress

Love can feel like a crazy adventure. Still, at the end of the day, even the most adventurous spirits need a cozy place to rest their head and relax. For your favorite traveling pair, the Englander is the ultimate luxury air mattress. Boasting a premium microfiber shell, the Englander air mattress is more durable, tougher, and significantly more comfortable than any other air mattress on the market, supporting up to 600-pounds without concerns for sinking or deflating throughout the night. Best of all, Englander inflates and deflates in just minutes, making it a practical, even desirable, sleeping option for your favorite couple, no matter where they might find themselves come nightfall.

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Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

The key to a happy relationship is to have fun together and what better way to do that than to engage in a games night? This giant toppling tower is the perfect way to challenge your partner to a bit of healthy competition. What are the rules? There aren’t any! The game comes with a wipe-clean board so that the couple is free to make the game their own and develop their own rules.

What’s more, the game comes with a lifetime warranty so that those love birds are able to enjoy game after game and the 54 sturdy wooden blocks will certainly stand the test of time. Whether they want a quick game to end the day or a tournament over a weekend, this is one of those gifts for couples that will bring the fun back into the mix.

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Casper Nap Pillow

Is there anything more romantic and comforting than curling up with that special someone after a long hard day? But if the couple isn’t ready to head to bed, a nap pillow might be the perfect place to relax and unwind. The Casper pillow is made from 100% breathable material meaning that, despite being in close quarters with their loved one, each member of the couple will keep cool whilst resting.

What’s more, when the couple is away from home, the pillow comes with a handy travel case meaning they can always be comfortable wherever they go. Even better is that this super-snuggly pillow is made with soft fibers that provide the ultimate comfort whilst bedding down for the night or simply for a day-time snooze.

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Date Night Box Set for Couples

If you’re looking for a gift for couples that is sure to bring the spice back into the relationship then this flirty games box will certainly do the trick. Filled with dares, games, and conversation starters, any couple is sure to love the fun of this unique game.

By opting for the talk cards, the couple can engage in new and exciting conversations whilst the flirty games card helps the couple to promote intimacy – ideal for a private date night. But if they are really looking to ramp up the excitement, the couple might choose the dare cards which feature a selection of flirty and fun dares guaranteed to raise the temperature. With these different levels of intimacy, the couple is free to choose how they want to play, creating a unique and fun experience every time.

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AI PEI 15 oz Pure Titanium Beer Mug

For the couple who loves to have a drink together, is there anything more important than a glass that can keep their drinks ice-cold as they wile away the hours enjoying each other’s company? This titanium beer mug is sure to keep the drinks iced, even if the evening really heats up! It is well known that titanium is much better for both the health of the drink and the person drinking it.

But even better, this material has the ability to keep drinks chilled without creating condensation. The mugs come in a variety of colors so each member of the couple can have a mug that is unique to them and displays their personality. Not to mention – there will never be any confusion when the working out who’s is whose!

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Smitten Couple Mittens

Those cold winter days when the two love birds want to take a romantic walk with one another – holding hands, as they stroll through the park or down the street. But wait! How can you truly appreciate the touch of that special someone whilst wearing thick gloves? This completely takes away from the experience but the alternative is having cold hands which can be uncomfortable at best, unhealthy at worst.

But this problem is effectively addressed with the Smitten mitten – a glove which can be worn by both people in the couple so that they can hold hands – skin on skin whilst still keeping warm! The glove is made from super-soft material that doesn’t cause irritation so the couple will not only feel close but will also feel cozy and comfortable.

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Sofa Sack Bean Bag Sofas

Imagine having the perfect place to kick back and unwind with the person you love – that is the gift you will be giving when you choose this gift for couples. Why cuddle up on the couch when you could be cuddling up on your very own squishy, super-sized bean bag that is the perfect place to snuggle up, watch your favorite Netflix shows together or simply take a nap.

Coming in a wide range of colors, there is a sofa sack for every home decor style so no matter whether they’re traditional or modern, this is a soft furnishing that will fit in. The outer material is soft and durable, making it ideal for everyday use and the sofa sack is filled with long-lasting foam that is sure to provide comfort for a lifetime!

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J-me Horizontal Shoe Rack

When a couple moves into a new home, it is only polite to buy a housewarming gift – but what do you buy? It’s likely that they have all of the essentials so why not consider this innovative shoe rack that easily fits into any home or apartment? The rack is ideal for couples who have a smaller home since the design makes it perfect for storing shoes in limited spaces. The sleek and modern design gives this shoe rack an attractive appeal for those couples who want simplicity and style all rolled into one. The rack has the capacity to hold between three and four pairs of shoes depending on size and comes with easy-to-install components that won’t cause an argument over who knows DIY best!

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Zadro Bucket Style Towel Warmer

One of the greatest joys of being part of a couple is enjoying activities together, and none are quite romantic, intimate, and bonding as sharing a bath or a spa together. But when the bath or spa is over, things can get a little chilly, however, this is a problem that is easily solved with the Brookstone towel heater.

Nevermore will the couple come out of the water shivering and covered in goosebumps, with their pre-heated towels, they will be warm and cozy. Many towel warmers don’t have a huge amount of space but this one will easily accommodate bath sheets and oversized towels without any effort. Perhaps leaving a heated towel for the one you love when they step out of the shower will be the perfect surprise to let them know you love them.

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