28 Office-Friendly Gifts for Your Favorite (And Least Favorite) Coworkers

Is there any thing that is, on a whole, more difficult than to buying gifts for coworkers? Sure, you see these familiar faces almost every single day – you may spend more time with some of them than you do with your actual family – but that doesn’t mean that you are particularly close with any of them. Some coworkers are obnoxious, unhelpful or rude. And while others are reasonable people, you still may not have much in common. As a whole, you would never choose to spend time with your dysfunctional pack of coworkers. Now you have to shop for them?

Whether you genuinely care about your coworker or you just want to remain friendly in the office, shopping the best gifts for coworkers at some point is unavoidable. However, it’s not always easy to find the ultimate gift idea for a near-stranger. With that in mind, we have compiled a selection of office gifts that are always appropriate and appreciated when these times do arrive.

Best Gifts for Coworkers

Readydesk Adjustable Standing Desk

A crowded office is a productive environment, but not always a spacious or comfortable one. For coworkers feeling stiff from hunching over their screens and their cluttered desks, Readydesk is the ultimate space and body saver. With 2 adjustable shelves capable of holding up to 75 pounds of tech, notebooks, and other vital stationary, Readydesk creates a space for everything.

Additionally, by lifting the computer to a new customizable height, your colleagues will be able to improve their workplace posture, relieving the stress placed on the back and spine. Readydesk is the perfect gift for coworkers interested in converting current desk to a standing one or for those eager to get a bit more organized within their limited desk area.

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Yubico YubiKey USB Security Key

Every professional knows the importance of online security. Even if your co-workers are far from computer geniuses when it comes to protecting their personal data, with the right gift, they can know the peace of truly secure web browsing. Yubico YubiKeys protect all of your co-workers’ online accounts, from social network giants like Facebook to personal emails and cloud access, with incredible 2-factor authentication that fits right into their USB port.

Small but mighty, this pint-sized security key is built to withstand water damage, crushing damage, and even external tampering, ensuring that Yubico is always up to the task of protecting online data. Yubico functions on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and is boasts FIDO certification, so you can be sure that your co-worker is receiving a quality product when you gift them the powerful YubiKey.

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LARQ Insulated Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Prioritizing self-care in the office isn’t easy. With deadlines and projects constantly piling up, you and your co-workers have all had to sacrifice your well-being from time to time. Incorporating small changes into your schedule can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health though, and something as minor as drinking more water can energize and excite your co-workers significantly.

The insulated water bottle from LARQ makes staying hydrated in the hectic office environment easy, and by purifying its contents in as little as 60 seconds, allows an employee to feel good about what they’re putting into their body. LARQ’s purifying technology automatically activates every two hours, and when its power runs low, its battery is easily recharged at any USB port. Whether your co-worker prefers a cool sip of water or a calming warm tea, LARQ removes toxins while insulating their beverage of choice, making every sip delicious and nutritious.

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Theft Protection Roller Stamp Wide Kit

Meet Jack. He works at the reception. Apart from dealing with people coming in, being the first face of the company, he has to deal with both digital and physical e-mails. A lot of personal information goes through him and because he’s so conscientious about keeping that data safe, he goes to great lengths to protect it when no longer needed: he rips dozens of letters and scribbles out repeatedly names, addresses, and important numbers belonging to his coworkers. Spare him the effort: gift him this roller stamp, and now he can easily cover that info!

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Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

Sitting all day can be a taxing position to be in the long term. If you don’t get up regularly you’ll feel cramps in your legs. And like you, everyone in the office is feeling the same. Do you know which coworker would benefit more from standing from time to time? Then gift him or her this stand up desk converter, a spacious structure that will hold everything needed to get the job done and can rise and come back down easily, allowing sitting and standing up during the day!

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Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Office chairs come in many shapes and levels of comfort. Some people can choose comfy chairs for their offices, allowing them to stay seated for long periods and still be able to stand up and not cry in pain. If you or your coworkers weren’t lucky enough to get a good collection of those, then this ergonomic kneeling chair could also be the perfect gift idea: it will help everyone sit in a better position, with orthopedic soft knee cushions so that every unique leg and back will be taken care of. Look up from your cubicle! Look at those smiles now!

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Pivot Power Outlet

When your office space was built, the constructors forgot to provide a decent amount of power sockets. Fast forward a couple of years later and now your office space looks like a jungle of wires, everyone gathering around the very few sockets that exist along the walls. Give everyone else some breathing room. Your coworkers will love you for gifting this flexible power strip, that will not only provide more sockets but will also curve around desks and corners. Neat!

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Digital Retirement Countdown Timer

The veterans love talking about their past, their achievements, how everything was great back in the day and of how everything today pales in comparison to the glory of the yesteryears. It is good to remember, we agree, but now there’s something else to look forward to as well: retirement! Help your veteran coworkers find joy in life by gifting them this retirement countdown timer clock. This way they’ll know how long exactly it will take until they arrive on that sunny, relaxing beach!

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Rg Vh Ultra Mini Usb Desk Fan

Does your office turn into an oven in Summer? Sweat dripping down as the AC can’t fight the invincible heat coming from the outside. You and your coworkers are feeling tired and looking forward to lunchtime to have a cold drink. Let’s turn this around! Acquire this desk fan for select spots around the office, plug them to the nearest USB ports, and feel the fresh air moving through. Hey, it’s getting quite nice in here… back to work, everyone!

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Magnetic Decision Maker

Meet Susie. She is a charming person, a hard worker, gets everything done on time with that extra shine in terms of quality. There’s just one problem. She’s impossible to be around when a decision has to be made. “But what if they say no?”, “and what if we can’t process that?”, “can’t we pick both things?” No, Susie. It is time you trust your gut feeling. I will gift you this decision-maker, so every time you’re feeling that doubt, just uses the pendulum!

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Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse

Stop reading this description for a bit and hear what’s happening around the office. People talking on the phone, someone walking with high-heels somewhere, and beneath all that a storm of mouse clicks. You and your coworkers might be performing hundreds of thousands of clicks in a single day. That’s a lot of strain for your wrists and hands. This is where the ergonomic keyboard mouse comes in: care for your coworkers’ wrists so billions of clicks can be safely achieved this year.

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Hidden Pocket Notebook Cover

Depending on your industry, you and your coworkers might have a lot of objects that they always need to carry around. If things are loose and disorganized there’s a greater chance that something will end up being misplaced. Be mindful of this and get everyone a notebook cover: water-resistant, full of inside pockets and sleeves, has space for one notebook and a small pen collection. And now, as you all walk around the office, it looks like you are members of a secret organized cult!

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Phone Card Holder

There must be a group of coworkers in your office who are the tech-savvy bunch, always on their phones and on top of the latest technological craze. Since they do everything on their phone, they start wondering why they need a wallet. You can help them in this endeavor by offering this phone holder: it holds 3 cards (and protects them with an RF-ID shield), mounts perfectly on a magnetic car holder, and also has a stand to keep the phone vertically or horizontally. 

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Rekonect Magnetic Notebook

Does ripping pages off a notebook drive you mad? Do you wish you could rearrange and even trade notebook pages with someone else? Who knew that someone invented a notebook with magnetic pages that allows you to do these two things and even more? Start a page-trading tradition in your office by offering your coworkers this magnetic notebook as a gift!

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Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

Yes, this is the real deal. Offering an adjustable chair as a gift to a coworker is the office equivalent to an act of love. You are offering daily comfort, a nudge towards a better sitting position, durability and you’re sparing your buddy from a wide range of health problems associated with bad posture. Make sure you wrap it nicely and plan a good gifting ceremony for this one!

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Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

Working at a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is an arduous, damaging state for the human body, yet remains standard for a large number of employees. Pursuing a career shouldn’t come at the cost of your health – which is why this exerciser is an essential gift for all of your coworkers! This miniature elliptical fits beneath any desk, allowing a person to work their calves and glutes as they complete their daily task list.

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Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager

Loose wires are the bane of office life. In a busy office, there are undoubtedly dozens of wires sitting aimlessly on desks, chairs and even the floor, discarded aside once no longer useful. The Cord Organizer will tidy up the office once more. By attaching wires to the magnetic organizer while out of use, you and your coworkers will always be able to find the cord they need quickly and easily. What’s more, this gift will save you from tripping over your desk neighbor’s loose debris in the future; it’s a win-win!

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Noonchi Office Chair Workout

When the workload gets overwhelming, sometimes a coworker just needs to step back, stretch, and disengage from office life for a few minutes. While they can’t necessarily head down to the gym to burn away some tension, this next gift will allow them to put that energy to good use. The Office Chair Workout allows office workers to get in a thorough workout, all without ever leaving their chair. Don’t let a coworker treat you like a punching bag when the stress build’s up – refocus their angst with a productive, safe alternative.

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Office Clip On Security Mirror

Nosy boss? Annoying coworkers that are better off avoided? Sounds like you need a Clip-On Security Mirror! The security mirror is a simple gift with nearly limitless applications. For your coworker that can’t seem to find any peace and quiet, help them stay alert for incoming nuisances and threats. And while you’re at it, maybe pick up a mirror or two for your own desk. After all, those nuisances will need to find someone new to bother!

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Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

A good office chair should do more than give you a place to sit: it should support you throughout the entire day, limit discomfort and keep you focused and productive. Typical office chairs are cheap and flimsy, and they can leave a user feeling like they’ve run a marathon in the worst way possible. If your coworkers have seemed irritable lately, it’s time you take a look at their chairs. Perhaps with a gift that properly supports their body all day, they’ll be a bit happier next time you ask them for a favor.

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The ultimate anti-spill drink holder

Expensive tech + Endless coffee + That coworker who spills EVERYTHING = Guaranteed Disaster! For better or for worse (mostly worse), you and your coworkers need to share a limited space. That means that when Toby spills his coffee for the third time this week, pretty much everyone in the office is going to suffer for it. If you’re tired of replacing damaged technology and stationary, then it’s about time you get Toby the Anti-Spill Drink Holder. The Drink Holder will support most cups and mugs, and will significantly cut down on the average number of spilled drinks throughout the week. Really, it’s not just a gift for Toby, but for the whole office to enjoy.

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Spy Pen Hidden Camera Pen

No one like’s to leave their desk unattended, but some coworkers can feel particularly paranoid about this practice. Maybe the office has an unidentified prankster; maybe they are just tired of everyone stealing their pens. The Spy Pen provides the gift of peace of mind. The hidden camera in this neat gadget can monitor an unmanned desk and pens alike, allowing your coworker to protect his possessions 24/7.

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Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder

Leaning over the phone all day is a sure-fire way to damage a spine. For the coworker that is constantly on their phone – whether they’re supposed to be or not – the Adjustable Holder is an essential gift to keep them feeling their best. The sleek design and 360-degree rotation of the holder is built to impress and is sure to find a home on your coworker’s desk immediately.

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Balance Board for Standing Desk

In recent years, some office workers have made the shift towards standing desks as opposed to the classic seated one. While a standing desk is definitely better for posture and long-term health, it alone is not enough to transform an employee’s lifestyle. However, with the addition of a Balance Board, change is possible. This cool gadget provides a casual enough workout that a person can remain focused as they get ripped. Is there any better gift than that of a healthy, functional body?

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Aluminum Laptop Stand

Laptops are a stable of the modern-day office, but they’re not always the most practical computer choice. Laptops tend to overheat and can be uncomfortable to type on, neither of which is practical for all-day usage. The Laptop Stand manages both of these issues at once. By placing a laptop at a slight incline, the stand allows heat to escape through the base of the laptop and rests the hands at a more comfortable angle, making working on a laptop a breeze! Talk about an all-in-one gift!

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6-Port Desktop Charging Station

Limited outlets do not a friendly office make. And today, with phones, laptops, tablets, iPods and a thousand other products at our disposal, the fight to plug in your charger is fiercer than ever. Fortunately, with the Charging Station, your office will no longer look like a scene from the Hunger Games. Promote some tranquility in the office at last and make room for your coworkers to plug in all of their most valued devices.

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90X Action Planner Notebook

Working in an office can be hectic at times and unfortunately, when one person drops the ball, everyone suffers as a result. If you have that one coworker who can’t seem to keep themselves scheduled and organized, you can give them an answer in the form of the Productivity Planner. Record important deadlines, dates and goals for the day, and never again will the team be let down by one slacking coworker.

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Ostrich Napping Pillow

Have you ever wanted to sleep comfortably on a desk or during a travel journey, but had an insane amount of trouble due to the logistics of trying to sleep in such a tight, cramped space?  We’ve spent so much time working in front of the screen or in transit. Now it’s time when we should find a place that helps us to disconnect, nap, and dream. Just gift yourself this pillow for the most comfortable and hilarious-to-the-onlookers naps you could ever have! (Don’t you think it looks like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars?)

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Backwards Clock

Are you a bit of a “troll”? Have fun confusing your friends and coworkers alike? Are you one of those terribly evil bosses that frequently appear in American movies and enjoy making the poor employees as miserable as possible during work hours? Then this hilarious gift is for you. It is not only printed the other way around, but it also runs in reverse for extra confusion! It measures 12 inches, and the black numbers on a white background make it really easy to read (you know, to take away from the fact that it RUNS BACKWARDS). We suggest replacing the regular clock in office and see what would happen. After all, sometimes we just need to look back and think differently…

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Your work is hard. Every day of the week you toil and you give everything to make things work. You survive tech problems, demanding deadlines, long reports. You even have to put up with your boss! Sometimes, you might ask yourself “how do I do it?”

Who is always there to greet you in the morning, coffee in hand? Who is that person smiling at you in the elevator? Who are those guys at the watercooler telling jokes? Who is this friendly face that just fixed your computer? They are your coworkers, companions in your daily journey towards professional (and financial) fulfillment! It is your time to spread the love with some gifts for coworkers. Let them feel valued for providing so many great moments in the office!

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