Those Peddling Kids! Here are 24 Best Gifts for Cyclists in Your Life

Buying gifts for cyclists can be an overwhelming job, and if you love a cyclist, you definitely know what a waste of energy it is to try and catch their attention with… well, just about anything else. 

There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but all the cyclists we know are pretty singularly focused on their passion. They spend free time researching bicycle models to buy and build; looking for new trails to ride and groups to race with; tracking personal progress and cheering on virtual cycling buddies through apps like Strava, Zwift, and Cyclemeter; many even go so far as to alter their diet and lifestyle habits, hoping these changes might help them pedal just a little faster.

Does this obsession sometimes seem… well, insane? Sure. But if you spend enough time with cyclists, watching them in their element, grinning like idiots despite dehydration and bike-seat rashes and the taste of blood in their mouths (yes, seriously), you’ll eventually come to see this insanity for what it really is: true love.

When birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries come around, and it’s time to find a gift for the  cyclist in your life, the obvious choice is to select something related to this love affair. The problem with buying gifts for cyclists, though, is that they’ve probably already purchased all the gear they need. That’s part of the obsession. What’s more, cyclists can be awfully picky about their set-up, from the brand of their tools to the fit of their jerseys.

We’ve suffered through this predicament too many times to wish it upon our worst enemy. So, with that in mind, We’ve compiled a list of foolproof items that make amazing gifts for cyclists of any age or experience level. Check out these products next time you want to make the cyclist in your life feel extra special.

Best Gifts for Cyclists

LITELOK Gold Wearable Bike Lock

A bike is not a communal utility, yet many cyclists have experienced the frustration of leaving the home to find their ride has disappeared. Nowadays, bike locks are standard essentials for cyclists everywhere – so why are they still such a pain to manage while you ride? The Wearable Bike Lock is different; slip the unobtrusive strap around your waist while you bike, keeping it out of the way until it’s time to park. The Wearable Bike Lock is a great gift for bikers who have the first-hand experience with the community bike “borrowing” program.


Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

We’re all taught growing up to wear our helmet when we bike. But what do you do with a clunky, awkward helmet while you walk about the store or the office? Well, if you have this next gift, carrying about your helmet is no issue! The Foldable Bicycle Helmet does just what the name implies, folding into a more manageable size when it’s not in use for easy storage. Cyclists who regularly bike to work or about town will love the convenience of the Foldable Bicycle Helmet, and you’ll love the shower of praise you’ll receive for giving such an ingenious gift.


The World's First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

The elliptical is a strong workout tool but limits your fitness regime to one place. A bike lets you explore the world but isn’t as efficient as an exercise. The ElliptiGo is the ultimate compromise: the travel potential of a bike with the workout of the elliptical. Cyclists can work their bodies on a flashy, one-of-a-kind machine that completely redefines how we think about biking. The ElliptiGo isn’t a random, haphazard cyclist gift, but rather the gift to reinvent your cyclist’s favorite sport forever.


Beeline Smart Compass Navigation

The GPS has made driving easier than ever. Unfortunately, a bulky Garmin isn’t likely to affix to a standard bicycle very effectively. So what gift do you get for your directionless cyclist? The Smart Compass Navigation, of course! The simple compass interface conveys an impressive amount of information on one simple screen, recording data such as speed and time as well as indicating directions to those prone to getting lost. No longer will cyclists be limited to the same few routes; explore without fear of getting lost with the Smart Compass Navigation!


Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

A helmet should keep a biker safe; none does the job better than the Smart Bike Helmet. This gift helps cyclists stay out of danger’s way using a series of LEDs on the back of the helmet. Not only do these lights alert nearby drivers to the cyclist’s presence, but they also function as turn signals. The Smart Bike Helmet is a literal lifesaver for cyclists that tend to bike in busy areas or in less-than-optimal conditions.


Hiplok D Bike Lock

Sturdy and portable, the Hiplok D Bike Lock is the bike lock that all bike locks aspire to become. Cyclists can feel secure locking their bikes up with this sturdy hunk of metal, no matter where their journeys might take them. When you’re shopping for your cyclist, don’t just reach for the flashiest gift available – reach for the gift that will grant them peace of mind.


Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Stem

Biking on the paved streets is one thing. Biking off-road, on gravel or dirt roads, is another altogether. When cyclists want to head off the beaten trail, they need the gear to keep their ride smooth and steady. The ShockStop Suspension Stem ensures every bike ride is a breeze, reducing the bumpiness of rough roads by absorbing much of the excess shock. The perfect gift for your cyclist should surprise them, but it should never leave them feeling shocked!


Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

A cyclist forced off their bike is a sad sight indeed. When the weather is unfavorable though, biking through the city is not always an option. Luckily, you can brighten your biker’s gloomy days with the Kinetic Road Machine, the device that allows you to peddle without ever stepping out into the rain! The Kinetic Road Machine secures a bike in place and replicates the feeling of riding on the road so that cyclists can experience the joy of the ride as well as the shelter of the indoors.


Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

For more professional bikers, every statistic is important: distance cycled, speed, route, every number has its value. The GPS Bike Computer is just the tool to record every piece of data a cyclist could ever need. The GPS, along with its associated apps, can measure and train serious cyclists to make them as strong as they can be. There’s no better gift you can get your cyclist than that of a healthy, well-built body.


Rear View Bicycle Safety Mirror

Those who cycle along busy streets know that road safety is no joke. When one wrong move can mean the difference between life and death, a gift that lets cyclists keep an eye out for danger is vital. The Bicycle Safety Mirror lets bikers check for any approaching dangers behind them without taking their eyes off of the road, reducing the risks associated with their sport.


Pixel Dual Color Front and Rear Light

The Cycling Light is another must-have gift for the biker that values safety in all conditions. The bright light emitted from this tiny legend ensures that bikers are visible to drivers and pedestrians come rain, sleet or snow. As a result, the road is safer for everyone and a cyclist can feel safe as they pedal along their regular route. Your loved one is the light of your life, so get them the gift that could one day protect their own.


Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed Sensor

A professional cyclist needs a professional training program, and the Speed Sensor is the ultimate tool for the job. Unobtrusive and out-of-sight, this little device measures all the data a biker could ever need, allowing them to optimize their workout to get the most out of each ride. For the cyclist with a competitive side, the Speed Sensor makes conditioning and training a fun and easy process that boasts major results. It’s one amazing gift for one amazing cyclist!


Kradl Ceiling Mount Bike Rack

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving–to the cyclist, and anyone they share a home with, too! Bicycles are not small objects. They can be greasy, covered in mud and slush from rides, and their sharp metal components can easily snag on fabrics and upholstery. They’re also fairly delicate vehicles; a bad fall can wreck the wheels or damage the frame, costing hundreds of dollars in repairs. Any bike without a designated space for daily storage is bound to get knocked over sooner or later.

But with this ceiling mount, a cyclist can free up tons of in-home space while keeping their precious two-wheeler safe from most potential threats (except cats–I’m afraid there’s nothing we cat lovers can do about it). It’s sturdy and versatile, suitable for any bike that comes in under its weight limit (25 or 40 lbs). Installation is easy as pie–just two screws!–so you can install it yourself without even breaking a sweat.


Customized Bike Wheel Light

For any cyclist that rides at night, wheel lights and reflective gear are a must. But this multicolor wheel light elevates the standard safety-precaution to a bona fide party on the go! It’s got three clickable brightness settings, and cyclists can easily program the lights to broadcast their preferred patterns as they ride. Not only will these keep a cyclist highly visible to motorists in the dark–chances are it will boost their mood and probably make them more popular in the process. How can you go wrong with a gift that provides joy and prevents road rash at the same time?


17 in 1 Bike Multitool

Some cyclists can be snobs about the tools they use for at-home tweaks and repairs. But on the go, their top priorities are convenience, ease, and staying lightweight. A multitool like this one can address all of their roadside repair needs without weighing them down. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket but durable enough to stand the test of time (and–let’s be honest–bike accidents). Better still, it’s a gender-neutral, one-size-fits-all accessory that won’t drain your bank account. All in all: a perfect gift for cyclists, no matter how well you know them or how long they’ve been riding.


Super-Portable Wireless Speaker

Some cyclists like to flirt with danger, but without a doubt, using headphones while riding is one of the riskiest things a cyclist can do. Cyclists need to be able to clearly discern the sounds of surrounding traffic, from motor vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

So give the cyclist in your life the gift of safety and entertainment with this wireless speaker! It projects volume, but won’t be loud enough to block out the sound of car horns (or the screams of pedestrians). With five different options for mounting on a bike frame, even the pickiest cyclist can’t object to its design. The battery lifespan is perfect for long-distance rides, and it’s waterproof, so it can ride with you through rain, sleet or snow.


WRENCHit Portable Multi-Functional Spanner

Like the multitool listed above, a lightweight portable spanner is a gift that any cyclist is sure to appreciate. This interchangeable set of hex wrenches has a sleek, compact design that’s user friendly and built to last. All sizes are labeled, which removes a lot of guesswork from bicycle maintenance and repair. Better yet, this tool comes in a genuine leather pouch, making it a functional and stylish gift.


TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell

Experienced cyclists know that not all bells are created equal. This bell is an ideal gift for cyclists who like to use their wheels to get in touch with nature. It has a secure mount designed for off-road trails; a motion-activated ring mode for busy paths; and a stealth mode for peaceful solo rides, perfect for sneaking up on skittish wild animals. The sound travels well over long distances, too, so it’s a great way to find your fellow riders if you get separated in the wilderness.


The Folding Bike Lock

Bike security is no joke to serious cyclists. But most locks are notoriously heavy, cumbersome, and bulky–a real pain to lug around. That’s why this folding bike lock’s design is genius. It’s unbelievably small and lightweight, but still sturdy and thief-proof, with anti-drilling components, steel links, and ultra-protected rivets. The best part? It comes with its own mounting case that fits the lock and key inside it. What more could a cyclist ask for?


Urban Smart Cycling Helmet - Plays Music, Takes Calls and More

Bike helmets make great gifts for cyclists because they make it clear how important their safety is to you. This design goes above and beyond, though. It won’t just work to protect the rider’s skull; it will also aim to prevent accidents with a built-in LED taillight and cut-outs around the ears to ensure the cyclist can hear oncoming vehicles. The real wow-factor is the helmet’s Emergency Alert System, which will automatically send the cyclist’s location to a list of chosen contacts in the event of a collision or injury.


Automatic Directional Signaling Cycling Backpack

Signaling is one of the most important tools a cyclist can use to avoid accidents on the road. Usually, though, it means lifting one arm away from the handlebars, which is risky in itself. This amazing backpack takes care of signaling for the cyclist, with an illuminated arrow display that can be directed manually, by voice, or by GPS. Like the Smart Helmet above, it will automatically alert loved ones when a cyclist gets into an accident. It also has a safe navigation feature and allows cyclists to share their routes with fellow riders. Is there anything this backpack can’t do?


Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

This alternative to the ceiling rack makes a fantastic gift. The mounts swivel from side to side, so the bike will lay flat against the wall, staying well out of the way. This mount option is great for those who don’t want to do any heavy lifting, as the bike can be rolled right into the rack with the wheels never leaving the ground: creating more floor-space and tidying any garage/shed. It also has the advantage of being to fit and adjust.


Garmin Cycling Radar Tail Light

This clever piece of hardware can be easily fitted to any bike: There are plenty of tail lights that make cyclists visible to nearby vehicles. What sets this model apart, though, is that it also alerts the cyclist to the presence of vehicles approaching from behind, both visibly and audibly. It offers daylight and nighttime visibility with extra-long battery life. This gift is a must-have for the cyclist who commutes on two wheels!


Hands-Free Camera Carrying System

Cyclists get to see some pretty incredible things on their rides, so it’s no surprise that cycling and photography frequently go hand-in-hand. Quality cameras aren’t cheap, though, and they tend to be delicate, so secure carriers are a necessity while riding. This carrier design works to keep the camera safe from weather and collision damage, while also keeping it accessible for unexpected photo opportunities. The harness is easy to wear, with a quick-release feature and sleek fit that can be easily layered under a jacket or backpack.



Today, many people are putting down the car keys and switching over to alternative transportation. Whether it be for health reasons or environmental concerns, biking has become more popular than ever amongst those who can afford to make the change. Like any hobby, cyclists vary in their experience level, their professional status and in their motivations for grabbing life by the handlebars.

But regardless of how serious your cyclist might be about their favorite pastime, professionals and amateurs alike will appreciate the fantastic biker-themed gifts above. Struggling to find the best gifts for cyclists in your life? If you find yourself in your local bike shop bamboozled by the sheer amount of offerings: thinking everything looks the same, or unsure if they already have that product: consider the gifts below the Tour De France of cyclist presents!

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