30 Great Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Despite how picky your dad is, sending gifts on special occasions is still worth it. He deserves to get the best gift after all. It is not really about the price but if the item suits his taste and lifestyle. Bottomline, you need to personalize your gift to what he likes and needs, more than what is expensive. Once you have insider information about his hobbies and interests, it is easier to drill down what gifts suit him best. Otherwise, it would only be a waste of money and energy. In case you end up not getting anything, here are some gifts for dad who wants nothing.

Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Mystery Tackle Box

Do you know what bait to use to hook a rare and big “fish?” Your dad will surely take the bait when they see the Mystery box. Even his finicky attitude will change once he sees what is inside. Whether your dad is a newbie or not, he won’t be as hard-to-get as the fishes in the ocean when they see the box. He will get the best quality fishing lures worth $40 value for freshwater bass fishing. Best of all, he will also get other exclusive fishing gear plus tips and instructions on catching fish. Now, that’s a huge catch!

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Leatherman Wearable Multitool

What’s better than getting a toolbox for your dad who is always on the go? Wearable tools are 100% better than a huge toolbox that is heavy and not suitable for long-haul traveling. Get innovative. Send him a Leatherman bracelet for Father’s day to show him that he is in your thoughts. Once he discovers what the leatherman is for, he will fall in love with its functionality.

Leatherman is the first wearable multitool ever released. It is a must-have accessory for all dads who are fond of tinkering around. Wrapped around his wrist are 29 tools ranging from box wrenches to screwdrivers. He can even adjust the wrist to match his size by removing the links. It is an accessory he will never part with.

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Water Generating Dewplanter

Gardening is a common hobby for a lot of dads. If your dad is starting a small garden of his, get him a Dewplanter. Whether they are busy or are simply forgetful, the Dewplanter will keep his plants hydrated. Because like humans, plants need water to survive. And through the water generating technology, they will never have to water again. Wait for the plant to grow and be harvested. The Dewplanter is the solution to dad’s excuse of always staying at home. It takes care of his plants while he is not around. Ensuring that they get the right amount of pristine water every single time. Happy plants mean happy dad.

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Grizzly Grip Pounder

Cold, thirst-quenching drinks are the best companion on a hot day. And perhaps any day of the week. Beer or soda are best served cold. Dads who prefer cold drinks over warm ones won’t complain if they can get a Grizzly insulated can cooler. It will be his best buddy when he is on the go. At any time of the day, his throat may dry up and may need instant relief. Drinking his favorite beverage cold is like seeing an oasis in the middle of the desert. He gets to enjoy 16 oz of his favorite beverage, such as craft beer or soda, without freezing his hands. Mom won’t also get mad because dad will not make any sweat ring on the table.

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Luker Vinyl Record Player

Musically inclined fathers usually have a collection of cassette tapes and vinyl records in their collection. For those hard-to-please fathers who have exquisite taste, especially those who are attached to the old school music recorder and players that no modern technology can’t replace, get innovative and give your dad a record player.

The record player does more than playing songs from LP. It has a retro-style design suitcase mixed with the Bluetooth technology of the modern era. With this one-of-a-kind turntable, they can go retro with the vinyl records or digital with Bluetooth playing their favorite tune. One of the best ways to slowly incorporate newer technology into his life.

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W&P Homemade Gin Kit

Generic gifts are a huge NO-NO for dads who are peculiar with what they like. Instead, watch him closely, listen, and take hints of what he could be interested in. Men, in general, as they grow older are more inclined to playing chess, golf, gardening, or becoming wine experts.

Most gin lovers are interested in tasting as many drinks as they can. Then, collecting the bottles that fit their taste. Let him explore and discover what he likes best. Instead of buying vodka from the store, get him W&P homemade gin kit. He can now concoct his own cocktail or signature drink. Show them off to family members and drinking buddies. With this, his passion for drinking is renewed. And who knows, he might start a new career or hobby in bartending.

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Roku Express

Watching TV is, by default, a hobby dads pick up on. Let him explore a bit of the usual news from the top stations. Slowly introduce him to the wonders of the internet with Roku Express. Teach him how to stream on his TV watching anything under the sun. Surprise him one day with all the features that they can get. Coax him into using it to watch sports events, movies, and Live TV without having to pay a monthly fee. As hard as it is to wow him, Roku will eventually introduce him to shows he will be hooked on too. All 100+ channels are accessible with a few clicks on the remote. He will never go back to his old analog TV again.

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Do you often worry about your pops if they are warm and comfy especially during the winter season? A smart home may be something your dad might find intimidating but a Google Nest would be the right fit for them. Dad who has everything may not see the need at first. But when they see the next month’s bill, they will be grateful that you insisted on giving them one. With the Google Nest, everything can be programmed through the smart sensor and the app without your dad lifting a finger. He will not be cooling or heating an empty room ever again, saving energy.

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Dango M1 Maverick Wallet

Stylish and compact wallets are every dad’s cup of tea. For choosy dads, the slimmer the better. No one would want a bulky wallet stashed in their back pocket. Pick Dango as a wallet to give your nit-picky dad. The single pocket design of Dango gives it a contemporary look without compromising function. The wallet has an ID window and can hold up to 10 cards plus cash. Its leather lining and stainless steel bolts give the wallet an edge with the assurance that it is built to last. He can use a lanyard to hang it around his neck to lessen the risk of losing the wallet somewhere.

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SCOTTeVEST With 26 Concealed Pockets

Dads who travel a lot will find comfort using a vest over carrying a bag for their essentials. For this holiday season, pick a SCOTTeVEST for his next adventure. With the 26 utility pockets, his valuables are organized and secured at all times. Even his iPad or wallet will fit perfectly well in the large pocket. He can even charge his devices while on the go while keeping all the cables hidden from the naked eye. Power up your old man to tackle the world with his mighty vest. Look good and feel comfortable while having all his essentials within an arm’s reach. It will quickly become his favorite piece of clothing after one wear.

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Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

When one gets older, it’s easier to settle into a sedentary life. If your dad is someone who tends to sit a lot, a Fitbit is a great companion to keep him healthy. Dads who have everything always drill down to functionality. And if you are looking for purpose and function, Fitbit is the answer.

Fitbit is your dad’s working out buddy. The best way to monitor his heart rate, blood oxygen level, and quality of sleep. He will be amazed at how the small watch can even connect with Alexa or Google Assistant to set reminders and make or receive calls. Get your dad in sync with the latest technology to keep him healthy and happy.

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NEW Ember Temperature Control Mug

You don’t necessarily have to go out of budget. Anyway, what matters most is that it serves its purpose of making his life easier and better. If your dad always complains when his coffee or tea gets cold, it is high time to get him an Ember for his birthday. Ember keeps your dad’s mug warm for up to 3 hours. Let him choose the temperature he prefers by using the app or tapping the symbols on the heater. Don’t wait for the holiday to kick in. Ensure he has warm coffee or tea during the chilly weather. Get him Ember before he gets angry.

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Pocket Magnifying Glass

Does your dad squint their eyes most of the time even when they already have eyeglasses? He may not want anything but they will surely want to see things. Be his genie by giving him the magnifying glass. Thanks to it, you save them tons of headaches from eye strain. It comes in handy, pocket-size with a LED light making him feel like an undercover detective. Even the detective gadget will be envious of his new toy. So, make him see it all over again. He will never go out without these glasses ever again.

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BarvA Wood Docking Station

Save your dad from being scolded by mom every day because his stuff is all over the place. Give him an organizer where he can keep everything neatly tucked away. With the natural ebony design, it blends well with the interior and adds a manly decoration to the space. The wooden organizer is the techie solution for your dad who needs a place for his phone, keys, watches, eyeglass holder, and trays for his coins. No need to flip his place anymore looking for his valuables. At last, there will be harmony in the home without mom scolding dad. Bonus, he gets to recharge his phone and himself after a long day’s work.

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BBQ-Aid Ultimate Smoker Set

Who is the king of the Barbi? Dads, obviously. Looking for gifts for dads who want nothing can be challenging but worth it. They can be very appreciative when you get to drill down to what they really like. If your dad has already claimed the throne to the barbecue grill, give him all the tools he needs to make an awesome grilled dish.

Let them flaunt their grilling skills using a vertical roasting, smoker, pepper grilling rack, or skewers grilling rack. Dishing out their marinade, jalapeno, beer, and skewered meat out of nowhere. When he has concocted all these magical delectable dishes, cleaning up is a breeze as they are dishwasher safe. No one will ever be able to take the crown of bar-b away from him.

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Night Caddy Bedside Organizer

Living in a small space means they have limited movement. That is why Daddies need caddies. Even the hardest to please dads won’t say no to simple gestures that will make their lives easier. Instead of them having to walk in the middle of the night, everything they need is within arm’s reach. That is possible with the night caddy. It is their angel in the pitch dark ready to give them whatever is essential. Remote control? Check! Water compartment? Check! A fully charged phone in the morning? Check! No complicated installation? Check! Your dad will be sleeping like a log with it next to him.

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Old Fashioned Car Whiskey Decanter

Vintage cars and whiskey are the perfect tandem no old man can’t refuse. Why only give one, when you can let him get both? Surprise your old man with a vintage car decanter. Even if he is a tough man to crack, he won’t be able to hide his smile with the limited edition spirit decanter. This car decanter is a great addition to his retro-style man cave. Pair it up with 2 tumbler glasses (that came with it) to give his bar a character. The one-of-a-kind design of the decanter will capture any man’s heart. He will flash his rare smile that is worth a million bucks as rare as a diamond.

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KeySmart Pro

Did your dad forget about his keys again for the nth time? If this is a constant struggle for your father, it’s high time you let them use KeySmart. This is the solution to the countless times your dad had to wait for you or your mom to open up the door for them. Empower him to become independent once again.

For a dad who wants nothing, make them realize that he does need SOMETHING. The KeySmart is not only an organizer but can track the whereabouts of the missing keys. With the use of the free Tile app, the KeySmart Pro will play a tune so he can find the keys faster. As a bonus, it also comes with a flashlight, bottle opener, and can hold up to 10 keys.

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Comfier Neck and Back Massager

No man can resist a good massage, especially if it is inside the comfort of their own home. Thanks to a Comfier massage chair, he won’t deny how his body needs a massage at the end of the day after all the hard work. Moreso for retired dads. Sometimes he feels more exhausted because he is not used to doing nothing at home. The massage chair will help him relax as if he is getting a spa treatment without leaving home. Use this opportunity to pamper him as much as you can with the 4 shiatsu massage nodes. Because he deserves this much for all the hard work he has put in for the family.

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Nostalgia 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Breakfast with a retro-style ambiance? Bring your dad back to his heyday with a Nostalgia 3-in-1 breakfast station. Your mom will be delighted if dad suddenly cooks breakfast for them in the morning. With the help of the retro breakfast station, he can easily whip up toaster, bacon, and hard-boiled eggs in one go. He might even offer to make sandwiches knowing how easy it is to operate the equipment. As he gets older, he will find joy in small things like making your mom smile without too much of an effort. He will feel young once again moving around the retro-themed kitchen with his old-school style breakfast buddy.

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Leather Butterfly Chair

Every dad deserves their throne in the house. A real genuine leather chair that fits his frame and gives him all the comfort he needs in a day. Reading a newspaper while sipping his morning coffee will never be as comfortable in the handmade butterfly chair. It provides luxury in the comfort of their own home. Living rooms should have one for the king of the house to rest, this is dad’s throne. Even for a man who is hard to please, he will be impressed at how cozy it feels to kick back and relax on it.

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Umbra Rolz Chess Set

When dad retires from a day’s work, he’d usually resort to his hobbies. Finding out where he spends most of his time will tell you exactly what gift to give him. If he likes to play games with friends or other family members, then a game on the go is what suits him the best. For Father’s day, send him an Umbra resin checker. He will never know he needs a portable game till he gets one. He and his playing buddy will spend hours killing time while relaxing and working their brain. It is something that he will be looking forward to each time he goes out to meet his buddies.

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Z by Gravity Weighted Blanket

Parents, as they grow old, may find sleeping at night difficult. A bad night equals a grumpy morning. Let your dad know how much you want them to get a good night’s sleep. Not only to have a cheerful morning but it’s also good for their health. A Gravity weighted blanket is a nice Father’s day treat to bring the Zzzzs back to life. The dual-sided weighted blanket will keep dad warm and cozy while sleeping at night. This is also a great duvet cover he can use to nap on his favorite chair any time of the day. Bring back his smile in the morning after making amends with the Sandman.

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Grypmat Pro

The Grypmat is the most fitting gift for a dad who loves to tinker in the garage. Sometimes dad thinks they don’t want anything because they want to feel capable and self-sufficient. But giving them a tool that will make things easier is always welcome on their turf. The Grypmat is a toolbox organizer that will help them reach out to the specific tool they need without breaking their back. No more cursing at how his tools hide when he needs them. No more complaining because of backache. With Grypmat, he can put all the tools he needs on the tray next to him and gets things done in no time.

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Lego Bonsai Tree Building Kit

When the old and new collide, you will get a Lego bonsai. Lego, your dad may argue, is only for kids. But NO kid will want to build a bonsai lego. This is a gift your dad will chuckle at because he has a reason to play like a kid with Lego. If he is someone who loves gardening, this is a treat! Bring the inner child back and let your dad tinker on his new building project. The Lego bonsai kit will help them ease their mind while being creative. Nothing is as satisfying as making something out of nothing.

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Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker

Let’s face it! Dads are technically challenged. Often, they will refuse to learn new technology because it is too overwhelming. They’d rather resort to their old ways using analog technology than the modern one. But, if your dad is a music lover, a Bluetooth speaker is the thing he will not refuse. Let him know he can watch his favorite movie or listen to his playlist without relying on the radio.

Help him get comfortable with the new technology that is simple to operate. Plus, he can do 2 things for him at the same time. The Belkin wireless charger and speaker will do the trick. With one touch, he can connect his phone to the speaker and charge right away. No-fuss. No worries. And dad will be happy.

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CrazyCap 2.0 UV Water Purifier

Water is everything! Keep your dad hydrated wherever he goes with the CrazyCap. He will go crazy with how efficient and futuristic the product is. Nothing will stop him from using it knowing how easy and beneficial it is for him. It isn’t something he will buy for himself knowing how skeptical he is with new products. But if someone does him, it can be his favorite item in the house. And let that someone be YOU.

The CrazyCap is what they call purification of the future for a reason. With a few taps on the lid, your dad can enjoy purified, pristine drinking water wherever he is. And tap a few more times and the water gets a 2-minute purification. A safe-cleaning bottle on the go, nothing can go better than that!

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Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Set

If moms have their cosmetic kit, dads have their shaving kit. No man can ever turn down a good-quality shaving kit. He will never look at it the same way ever again. Because this one has everything that he will ever need while shaving. The top quality product contains safety razors plus a stand, shaving bowl, brush, soap, Pre-shave oil, and Aftershave Balm. He will love the spa-like treatment of the entire package. It is more than his favorite barber can ever offer. Dad will have fun trimming out his beard, looking clean and handsome every single time.

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Beer Caddy

Beer-drinking dads will never turn down a beer caddy, no matter how picky they are. Imagine them howling all 6 of their favorite beverages in one-go without a fuss, life will be a party wherever they go. Mom won’t complain because the beer is not taking up all the space. A peaceful camp out for both mom and dad will be the best outdoor getaway they can get. Dad’s buddies in the fishing dock or at the park will give him their approval for going all out. It isn’t hard to bring either because of the adjustable shoulder strap. He will surely use the caddy for a long time as it is also built to last.

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