24 Practical Gifts for Dancers to Power Up Their Day

Are you ready to dance the night away? Maybe your answer is no, but you definitely have a person in mind who does. Whether they do it professionally or as a hobby, you can pinpoint a dancer with the way they bob their head, flick their fingers and move their feet to the rhythm. Dancers always lighten the mood when a good tune is played. Give your support with special gifts that will keep them dancing. Worry no more if you don’t have any idea what they need. We have you covered. Here are some gifts for dancers you can choose from.

Gifts for Dancers

Finger Breakdancing

When your feet are tired, what else can you do but rest a bit more? Now, with the fingers going for a dance break when the feet can’t. Get the groove on the dance floor with the mini kicks especially made for dancing fingers. Let the dancing machines rest their weary feet and get their fingers snapping and kicking some beats. The finger breakdancing set also comes with a boombox to play music, a mini-book, and a cardboard mat. Everything that B-Boys and girls will need to get those moves. It is a fun game to play with friends who also love strutting on the dance floors and carrying a beat.

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GloFX Space Whip Remix

Using props while dancing puts zest to the dance. So, for the all-round dancer who loves strutting their stuff on the dance, make them shine with Space Whip. Elevate the experience of dancing and watching the performance. The Space Whip is a programmable LED whip that is used for props purposes only. Not for violence. The set comes with 5 colors that they can switch to various colors. Great for onstage performances, parties, concerts, and festivals to liven up the mood and get into the jive. Glow in the dark like the artist that they are. Showcase their talent for the whole world to see.

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Fitbit Luxe Fitness Band

Dancers are generally fit. But they have a tendency to overwork themselves to exhaustion. If you have a friend who has been pushing themselves too hard, give him a Fitbit fitness and wellness tracker, which will become their companion in living a healthy life. Sometimes dancers don’t have enough sleep because of back-to-back rehearsals. Fitbit tracks the quality of their sleep which is needed to power up their day. With the app, they can sync all their stats to monitor the status of their health. At any time, they can check their heart rate, BP, and even the number of steps taken in a day. Let the Fitbit do the nagging and constant reminder for you. So, your friend can live happy and fit.

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Disco Ball Planter

Dancing isn’t the only hobby or interest for a lot of dancers. There are those who love to farm or take care of plants. If you have a friend who fits this description, the planter is one of the best dancing gifts you can give. The other plants in the garden will be jiving with the lights reflected from the ball. And will be swaying and swinging with the wind. Give your friend’s garden a dancer’s touch, and the rest of the plants will not complain for sure. She can play some of her favorite tracks while spinning the disco ball to add some groove to the garden.

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LED Water Dancing Speaker

Adding some spice to the night and even at parties with a dancing speaker that will instantly light up any room. The speaker provides an instant light and sound show you only get to experience in huge events. Dancers can come home and turn on the fountain show to relax and lift their mood. Play their favorite tune on the speaker while letting the water and lights dance with the beat. It is a one-of-a-kind home decor that will catch a lot of attention. Every day is a party.

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Dancing Socks

The dancer’s feet are the busiest part of their body. So, it is only appropriate that the feet are given utmost care and importance. Aside from getting good shoes, a dancer needs to have several pairs of high-quality dancing socks. These socks are strong and durable and can last hours and hours of rehearsals and performances. Perfect accessories for dancing Zumba, hip hop, mambo, krump, locking, and other dance genres. Protect the feet from blisters and discomfort with a good-quality pair of socks.

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Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

When dancing kings and queens are on stage, they would be strutting their hearts out without noticing they are all covered in sweat. In between performances or rehearsals, often they only have a few minutes to spare. So, the chill pal is a great way to keep them cool while waiting for their turn. After a long day of dancing, all the dancing kings and queens need to do is rinse the chill pal with cold water and hang it over their shoulder. Cool the body down after burning so many calories and sweating them all out. This is a must-have accessory for every dancer out there to beat the heat.

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Wrist Bands for Just Dance

Dancers at home can flex all they want with the Nintendo switch wristband. This is the best accessory for dancing games such as Just Dance 2019 to 2021 and Zumba Burn It Up. If she doesn’t have time to go to the studio or gym, this is another alternative to keep those feet and hands moving. The wrist bands have a unique design that can fit most wrist sizes. No more joysticks, the hands are free to move so she can flick those fingers all she wants. The self-acclaimed dancing queen will get to strut her stuff and show her family what she is capable of.

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Women's Jazz Shoes

Investing in high-quality dancing shoes is a must for dancers to ensure they get to dance freely and comfortably. Imagine running shoes for joggers or runners and tennis shoes for tennis players. Jazz dancers use Jazz shoes to stay in the groove. Make their feet feel like they are walking on clouds with the rubber sole, padded collar, and comfortable memory foam insole. It gives them added bounce and support. Also, they are durable enough to last them for multiple dance battles and performances. Dancers will experience less pain and discomfort in the feet resulting in fewer injuries.

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Metal Ballet Jewelry Ring Tray

Dancers can sweep you off your feet with their graceful, artistic movement. Be swayed with their smooth and rhythmic steps, capture each movement and freeze them in time. Showcase the artistry with a metal ballet model jewelry tray. Jewelries will shine even more on the stylish jewelry stand that is both functional and cute. Rings and bracelets can be hung on the dancer’s arms. While the rest of the accessories can be placed on the plate. The elegant and chic jewelry holder can even stand as a decoration and can make a statement on a bare dresser.

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The Affordable Foot Stretcher

The feet are one of the most used body parts of dancers. Often, it’s the body part that is prone to pain and injuries. Dancers who are on their heels all the time have to take care of their feet the most. Stretching every inch of the body, especially the legs and feet does the trick. The StrechPro stretches the feet and the legs providing instant relief to those tired feet. Also, it improves the feet’s flexibility and shape of the arch as it forces them to extend those muscles. Give some TLC to every dancer’s assets – their feet with the ultimate care.

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Bohemia National Style Canvas Backpack

Dancers always carry a bag for extra clothes and dancing shoes. Rather than giving them the usual backpack. Give these graceful artists some style to their purses. For women dancers, a black butterfly bohemian style backpack that is made of soft canvas material is a good find. Flash their bohemian-style purse as they dance the night away. It comes in the right size to carry their ballet shoes, stockings, and tutu. Several compartments are available to keep their essentials such as wallet, smartphone, and documents.

Bring out the artsy side of dancers in their accessories. The stage is not the only place to flaunt their artistry. With the bohemian-style backpack, bringing their dancing paraphernalia is twice the fun. It presents a high-class style for first-class performers.

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Moji Foam Roller

Even the best of the best artists can get tired. Dancers who have been endlessly rehearsing for a big event may need some time to recuperate. Too much dancing, to the point of hurting yourself, can present a hazardous effect on their health. especially if they do not rest. These foam rollers are therapeutic dancing gifts that are great to relieve pain on the feet and all over the body.

The foam roller is perfect for physical therapy. It applies heat up to 140F/60C on targeted parts of the muscles for instant pain relief, muscle recovery, and increased performance. All they have to do is heat the roller in the microwave oven for up to 30 minutes and get it rolling on the targeted muscle.

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URBNFit Balance Board

Balance is crucial for every dancer, especially for ballet. Dancing on foot can only be done if they have a sense of balance. A home exercise they can do to achieve such is through the use of a balance board. It helps improve their coordination and balance, strengthens the lower back, and tightens the core. Safe to use because of the non-skid material used, this is the best device to use to straighten the back, thus, correcting body posture. When at rest and watching their favorite show or movie, standing on the balance board is the best way to work out while having fun.

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Gaynor Minden Dancers Dots

Ballet, jazz, even street dancers tend to get blisters on their feet from dancing all day and night. Blisters can make it difficult, especially for ballet dancers, to wear their ballet shoes. When bandaids don’t usually work, surprise her with Dancers Dots. The cushioning gel pad will make them jump and frolic away in comfort. It provides fast relief on the hotspots, calluses, and blisters through its moisturizing and cooling effect on the skin. Each pad can last up to 12 hours which is great for performances. It must be added to any dancer’s first aid treatment kit. Not only to treat but also as a preventive method to keep them from getting blisters.

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Home Fitness Exercise Barre

Stretching before any rehearsal or performance is crucial for any dancer. This is one of the ways to avoid injuries and painful joints and muscles. The Booty Kicker fitness bar lets them stretch their feet and exercise right in the comfort of their own home.

Dancers who are always on the move or live in an apartment will fall in love with the Booty Kicker. For those who don’t have an exercise room or studio in their house, this is the best deal. Dancers can do stretching and weightlifting any time of the day. It is also guaranteed to be safe and sturdy. The bars are made from wood while the rest are made from stainless steel.

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Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated and healthy should be every dancer’s priority so they can dance their heart away. If you have a friend who tends to her health because they are busy with performances, get her a Hidrate Spark. She has to replenish all the water that she has sweated out from her body. Hidrate Spark is not your typical water bottle. Keen to its goal of providing health and wellness to customers, it comes with a free hydration tracker app. What it does is track the water intake through sensor technology. In this way, your friend can keep up with her hydration goals and stay well and healthy.

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Original 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp

After a full day of nonstop rehearsal or performance, it is always great to come home where you can relax and unwind. So, for the world-class dancer, give her the five start treatment that she deserves. The Himalayan Salt lamp is the two-in-one solution to making the home smell good and energized at the same time. Simply add their favorite essential oil to transport them into a beautiful paradise. The smell alone will stimulate her senses and the lamp’s light can brighten up their mood. As a bonus, the diffuser also deodorizes and humidifies the room.

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Ballerina Necklace

Celebrate a milestone in the life of the Ballerina in your life. Whether it is big or small, celebrating their wins will inspire her to keep moving forward. For this marvelous occasion, adorn her beautiful neckline with a Ballerina necklace. Made from S925 sterling silver and bedazzled with aquamarine crystals, it is a surefire hit for your beloved Ballerina. She will be in awe at the mere sight of it. What’s great about the necklace is that it is hypoallergenic. So, she won’t get any rashes even if she has sensitive skin.

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Slip Silk Midi Scrunchies

Dancing gifts don’t have to be fancy all the time. Be practical, instead, get her items that she can use every day such as hair ties. Ballet dancers, in particular, are strict with how the ballerinas look. Most of the time, they tie their hair in a bun to keep their face clear and free from distraction. Rather than the cheap scrunchies, upgrade her tie with Slipsilk scrunchies. The sad life of tied hair is that it creates ridges and makes the hair brittle. But with the Slipsilk scrunchies, it doesn’t cause tangles, ridges, and reduce friction. Thus, keeping the hair healthy and soft.

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Ballet Dancers Wall Painting

If your little niece decides to pursue dancing while they are young, give her a token of love and inspiration. Inspirational and decorative at the same time, a wall art of girls dancing with inspirational quotes will make her smile in an instant. This unique piece is destined to go to her studio or bedroom.

The 3-piece panel wall art features the elegant frame of a dancing girl in full color. It comes with a back hook so they can easily mount it on the wall or a wooden bar. This art piece puts a statement in the room and reflects the owner’s personality. This is the best way to remind her every day to keep her chin up, chest out, and feet shuffling towards her dream.

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Artori Design Wall Hooks

If your dancer friend is finally moving to her own studio, get her a housewarming gift that represents her love for dancing. Where others would usually send her housekeeping and kitchen tools, be unique, and add charm to her country-themed kitchen with a dance with Ole hook. The wall hook features a flamenco dancer which she can dress up with clean towels. Ditch the kitchen bar for the towels. Give her a witty and fun hook that will make her go into a petite battlement to the kitchen. You will know for sure, it is a dancer’s kitchenette.

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The PlumBand Stretch Band

If you are out of ideas, go for the safe side and get them a PlumBand. The PlumBand is a stretch band that is popular among dancers. This is the most used elastic band made from natural rubber. Perfect in all levels from its thickness to resistance, the PlumBand is what dancers use to increase their power and flexibility. These are two skills dancers need to endure hours of rehearsals and performance. It helps loosen up tight muscles on the arms, feet, and legs for the body to move freely. When in need of simple to complex stretches, PlumBand will be of great help.

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Jewelkeeper Musical Jewelry Box

The iconic musical box with a Ballerina dancing will never go out of style. When you have a musical and jewelry box in one, your little Ballerina will surely treasure it for life. It is the perfect keepsake to cherish her love for dancing. The ballerina dances to the music of Swan Lake, which is for sure the first piece the young ballerina is trying to master. Treasures can be kept in the drawer of the musical box. She can store and organize her cute accessories and pieces of jewelry in the drawer. It is a nice way to get her messy room clean. She will be smiling from ear to ear. Just being mesmerized at the magical moment of a ballerina spinning on top of the box.

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