26 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers That Put the “Wow” into “Bow-wow”

Buying gifts for dog lovers is no walk in the park. A gift for a dog lover is for life, so before you fetch your wallet, you want to be sure the gift you’re buying will have their tails wagging. Those with pets experience unique challenges day to day compared to the rest of us; therefore, if you take a moment to consider your own dog lover’s individual struggles and interests, you can put the “wow” back in “bow-wow”.

Not sure where to start looking for the perfect gift? Not a problem! Below you will find an assortment of the best gifts for the passionate puppy fanatic.

Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Casper Plush Memory Foam Bed

A true dog lover will do whatever they can to ensure that their beloved pet is cared for to the (ca-)nines. A sure-fire way to impress your friend then is to get them a gift that ensures their dog’s comfort. The Dog Foam Mattress, for instance, is a luxuriously plush memory foam doggy bed perfect for the most pampered of pups. Your dog lover’s heart will melt when they see Fido curl up on this incredible bed and settle in for a long night’s rest. At long last, a pooch can relax in style after a long day of protecting the neighborhood and patrolling the gardens.

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Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool

Some dogs love diving into the bath and suds-ing up. Others… Not so much. When a pup is uninterested in being bathed, it can be a struggle for a dog lover to keep up with its hygiene. The Dog Bathing Tool is the long-overdue device that makes bathing a water-averse canine feasible once more. The handy design allows dog lovers to calm and control their pets with both hands while they are cleaned, making bath time significantly easier and safer for both parties. No dog lover enjoys the thought of making their dog uncomfortable, so those with anxious animals will be beyond grateful for this gift that reinvents the doggy bath.

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The Ultimate Health and Location Tracker for Pets

A dog lover’s worst fear is the thought of any harm coming to their pup. While you won’t be able to save every sick or lost animal, you can do your part to ensure that your friend’s beloved pet is as safe and healthy as can be to reduce the risk of unforeseen danger. The Whistle Location Tracker monitors a dog’s location, behaviors, and vital signs and compares this with the data of similar local animals. Dog lovers will be notified immediately if their canine has wandered too far from home or is acting unusually, allowing for immediate intervention in bad situations. Get your dog lovers the gift of peace of mind!

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Collapsible Dog Crate

While a dog crate can resemble a jail cell to an untrained eye, the truth is most dogs appreciate having a small, secure area that they can call their own. For dog’s frequently on the road, a portable crate is a familiar haven wherever they go, making one essential for the adventurous canine. Dog lovers will appreciate the ease of setting up the collapsible crate; Fido will appreciate the security and portability of it. Truly this crate is a 100% win-win.

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Pressure Pedal Activated Water Fountain

Although most humans don’t drink enough water, no dog lover would ever let their pooch suffer the wrath of dehydration. The Dog Water Fountain is an ideal gift for those with outdoor animals as it keeps a dog hydrated without the hassle of constantly refilling an empty water bowl. Instead, the dog merely needs to step on the fountain and freshwater will spout from the device. Now dogs can drink up to their heart’s content, allowing their owners to focus on larger issues around the house.

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Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

When a pup is worn out and ready to come inside, they have a few methods to let their owner know. A bark will not always do the trick, as a bark can mean anything from “I’d like to come in now” to “The mailman is approaching my turf and I will not stand for it” to “I see something moving across the road, either a squirrel or a leaf, and both are unacceptable.” Some dogs will eventually learn to scratch at a closed-door, mimicking their master’s knock, and while this gesture is quite sweet, it’s not always friendly towards the doors paint. The Smart Doggie Doorbell provides a new, less disruptive option for a pup to get your attention – simply ring the bell and be rewarded! Pavlov would be so proud.

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BrilliantPad Automatic Indoor Dog Potty

Puppies are adorable, sweet and a little mischievous. Little bundles of joy, puppies are like kryptonite to any dog lover’s sense of self-control: when one is nearby, all maturity is lost and soon they will be rolling on the floor with the playful pup. However, there is one thing that puppies are not – tidy. With time, a dog learns when and where it can use the toilet. In the period of the Puppy Pad though, an owner will appreciate any gift that will help to keep the house clean and the pads fresh. Fortunately, the Self-Cleaning Dog Pad can do just that.

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Wooly Snuffle Feeding Mat

In the wild, foraging for food is a vital skill for a canine. In the house, mastery of the puppy-dog eyes is usually more than sufficient. Many dog lovers struggle for ways to keep their pet’s skills tested and honed within the comfort of domesticated life. The Wooly Snuffle Mat is one potential skill-building gift. Dog owners need only to hide food within the “wild” mat and Fido will need to rely on his own foraging skills to track it down. The mat is a useful learning tool that is far more enjoyable than 8 hours at a desk, that’s for sure!

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Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash

Dog lovers enjoy more than simply owning a dog – they enjoy exploring the world and making memories with their favorite furry companion. With the hands-free dog leash, owners and pets can hit the trail side by side, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in each other’s company. The leash is a safe, practical gift for the dog lover and cyclist that strives to remain close to the natural world.

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Dog Cooling Vest

Have the hot months got Fido feeling down? Summer is tough when you are always wearing a thick fur coat; who would’ve thought the answer was to put on an extra layer? The Dog Cooling Vest is the best way to make a hot dog a cool pooch once more, utilizing reflective materials and absorbent to offer a pup some relief from the heat. Sure, hot dogs are a staple of the summer BBQ, but this year your dog lover would certainly be happy to stick with the burgers.

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Highwave AutoDogMug

Traveling by car is never easy with a dog at your side. One such difficulty of car travel – keeping Fido hydrated. Obviously, a water bowl in the backseat isn’t going to work; dog lovers need a simple, convenient way to store fresh water that they can serve their pup at a rest stop. This is exactly what the AutoDogMug aims to do. Keeping their pup hydrated is non-negotiable for a dog lover, so this gift allows them to keep a significant stash of H2O stored in their car’s cup holder.

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Dog Waterproof & Anti-Slip Boots

Many dog lovers enjoy taking their canine’s on walks through the woods. Though a simple activity to plan, dogs love the opportunity to explore unfamiliar land and owners enjoy spending quality time with their friends. Rough terrain can be a struggle for a pooch’s bare paws though, so it’s about time they got a gift that can lessen the discomfort. The Dog Trail Boots protect sensitive paws from mud, rocks and other debris that dogs dread, allowing Fido and his owner to fully enjoy their hikes once again.

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Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher

When out and about with their dog, your dog lover will most likely enjoy playing games with their pet, and one of the most popular and famous is fetch. However, dogs can have a lot of energy and so sending them running after a ball is a great way to play but sometimes, you just simply cannot throw it far enough. With the dog ball launcher, you can send your ball flying for up to 220 meters, which means both you and your dog will have hours of fun.

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Outdoor Dog Shower Gear

After all that fun in the great outdoors, chances are that your pet is going to be a little dirty. Many dog lovers do not want a mass clean up in the house once their furry friend has finished playing, and this outdoor doggy shower provides an ideal solution. You can easily wash their dog ensuring that no mud or dirt gets inside the house. This is an extremely useful gift for a dog lover that they will definitely get a lot of use from.

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Pet Hair Remover Brush

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about having animals in the home is that they moult, and when they moult your clothing and soft furnishings will be covered in the stuff. But you love your dog so much that you have to let it slide, quite frustrated, right? This is where this handy dog hair remover comes in as a rescue, you can finally have the best of both worlds.

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Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

This unusual looking device might be mistaken for coffee lovers – something like a coffee flask. It comes in a great range of colors so that you can work to the taste of your dog-loving friend or family member. Ideal for those long walks where Fido gets his paws in a state. The owner can simply insert the dog’s paws into the paw cleaner, which is filled with water, and voilá-clean paws. This may be something that the person never thought they needed but once you give it as a gift, they will wonder how they ever lived without it.

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Dog Training Collar

Owning a pet comes with responsibilities, and one of these is to ensure that the dog is well trained and knows how to behave. But sometimes this is more easily said than done. And when traditional training techniques fail to work, you might consider buying the dog lover a training collar. The shock collar provides a mild electric shock reaction to unwanted behavior and is controlled via a remote for ease of use. This is the perfect gift for any dog lover who is looking to train their dog in a quick and effective manner.

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Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker

For the avid dog lovers, leaving their beloved pet at home whilst they have to go out to work can be a challenge and the dog may get lonely. However, this is where the pet tunes Bluetooth speaker can come in extremely handy. The device is preloaded with doggy friendly tunes and can make a great companion when the dog lover is out and about. This is also great for dogs who suffer from anxiety in certain situations as it is very calming.

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The Pet Selfie & Portrait Tool

Anyone who loves their dog will want to get plenty of happy memories with them, and this pet selfie tool can be of great assistance. Coming in one of two modern colors, the tool enables the dog lover to capture the attention of their dog using a treat whilst they take a photo. Your dog-loving friend will be over the moon to receive a funny gift such as this one, and you will forever be the favorite doggy friend.

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Wickedbone Smart Bone

Not to be confused with the smartphone, the smart bone is an interactive toy that will keep a dog entertained for hours. This is a great way for your dog lovers to keep their pet happy and exercised whilst they are not at home, and is the best gift for the dog lover who has to spend long hours out of the house.

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Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy

Keeping on the theme of playtime, the dog throw toy is an excellent choice when it comes to gifts for dog lovers. Not only does it allow them to spend quality time playing with their pet, but this uniquely designed toy also gives the owner the opportunity to add in some of their dogs favorite treats as a reward for fetching the toy. Made to be resistant to chewing, it will not wear during play and you have the choice of three different colors.

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Dogs Dematting Tool

All that fur can get tangled from time to time and this can be uncomfortable for the dog as well as frustrating for the owner. If you know someone who loves their puppy more than anything else, this is the perfect gift to save them time, energy and upsetting their dog. Designed to be safe and gentle for use, the dematting tool will not only be beneficial but will also give the owner and their dog time to bond whilst grooming.

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Best Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

This lightweight leash comes in a huge variety of colors meaning that you can tailor the gift for any taste or preference, and it is extremely handy for those who wish to go out running with their dog. The leash is created with shock resistant technology meaning that it is comfortable for both the owner and the dog and gives the ability to run completely hands-free. Your dog-loving friend will certainly be happy to receive this as an exceptional gift.

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Dog Life Vest Jacket

If the dog-loving friend you are gifting for loves to spend a lot of time near or on the water with their pooch, then the doggy flotation vest is a great gift idea. Not only will it ensure the safety of the dog, but it will also put the owner’s mind at ease. Dogs are known to be good swimmers but there is always the risk of an accident and your dog lover will endlessly thank you for putting their dogs well being at the forefront.

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iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers

Let’s be honest, while we absolutely adore our dogs, sometimes our levels of energy don’t match theirs. Dogs might as well be tiny balls of excitement and energy covered with a fur coat, and it’s difficult to keep that willingness to play every day, especially after work. Sometimes we just aren’t in the mood to chase after them, but we know they still need exercise and play. If you are looking for gifts for dog lovers which can let their dogs play for hours while without too much effort involved on their own part, the iFetch dog ball thrower is absolutely perfect! Now do you have what it takes to give your dogs an endless hours of fun?

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Furbo Dog Camera

As a dog parent, you really care about your dog as if it was a little child. You will lay your life down to improve theirs as much as possible, no matter what it takes; so it is just normal to expect that you want them to have the best gifts, coolest toys and to be as happy and entertained as they possibly can. This fantastic contraption has a dog camera that is attached to your wifi and provides 2-way audio so you both can hear each other. Unlike other cameras that send general sound and motion alerts, it only notifies you of important dog-related events.

Not only that but this camera can toss dog treats from an app so you can play fetch and reward your dog no matter where you are: in the office, in your parents’ home or halfway across the world! Next time you go on a trip, forget the anxiety of not being able to not take your dog with you: with the Furbo Camera it will be as if you were still together.

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There aren’t many people who don’t smile at the thought of a dog, and there are some people who love these animals more than anything in the world, if you know someone like this, chances are a dog-themed gift is something that will greatly please them. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or simply a gift ‘just because’, this list of the best gifts for dog lovers will definitely have something that will be well received and treasured for many years to come.

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