18 Gifts for Engineers That Are Greater Than Gravity Itself

A good engineer understands the mechanisms that make technology run smoothly, but do you understand the mechanisms that keep your engineer moving? Finding a useful gift that will help an engineer function can be a heavy burden, and as with any heavy burden, sometimes a handy simple machine is the only thing that can make that burden bearable. If you need some help in your search, consider this list the pulley that can lighten your load and bring you the ultimate gifts for engineers to awe and astound them.

Best Gifts for Engineers

The Chaos Machine

A bit of chaos isn’t always a bad thing! The Chaos Machine provides young engineers with a thrilling, interactive means of exploring the physics of magnetism and pendulums. Construct a Chaos Machine of your own using the 7 pendulums and 12 axles provided and discover the unique ways the pieces interact. All you need is a magnetic surface for the pendulums to hang from and the imagination to create cool machines yourself. The machine is an engaging and perfect gift for engineers still developing their logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

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The Impossible Table

The Impossible Table is a head-scratcher of a gift. Though this miniature table seems like it should be unable to stand, engineers will be impressed by (and perhaps relate to) the incredible way the ball chains support themselves through high tension alone. Both versions of the Impossible Table – the original, featuring a ball chain core, and the magnetic version with powerful magnets in the center – are astounding manipulations of the laws of physics that engineers will eagerly show off to everyone they meet.

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Feel Flux Anti-Gravity Toy

Magnetism is one of the most fascinating properties an engineer can explore. Though invisible, a magnetic field is a powerful force than can completely alter the behavior of anything it counters. In the Anti-Gravity Toy, for instance, strong magnetic tubes have a seemingly magical effect on the included metal ball when it’s dropped inside: propelled by the magnets, the ball slows its descent, making for a slow-motion fall in real-time. Engineers, particularly young engineers, will get lost for hours playing with this gravity-defying gift and witnessing the powers of a strong magnet first-hand.

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Higgs Boson Large Hadron Collider Watch

While it took scientists decades to prove the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle, it will only take your favorite engineer a few seconds to prove how amazing a gift the Higgs Boson Watch is! With vivid blue and yellow details on its face and eye-catching swirling hands, this beautiful watch is worthy of the God particle itself. When not in use, the genuine leather band and God-tier face can be stored safe and sound in the tin display case, included with the watch. On a wrist or on display in its case, it will prove to be a truly timeless piece.

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Working Water Turbine to Generate Electricity

Renewable energy is the energy of the future, so young engineers would do well to learn about generating electricity naturally as soon as possible. The Hydro-Electric Power Station is a fantastic learning tool for engineers looking towards a future in environmental science; observe for yourself the entire process of a turbine turning water energy into electricity to understand this process better than ever. The power station brings the classroom to life and is the perfect gift to excite young engineering minds.

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Van De Graaff Generator

What’s the best gift for generating laughs from a few young, inquisitive minds? The Van De Graaff Generator, of course! Scientific minds have the potential for some hair-raising fun with this durable, safe electric generator. Test your environment using the 2′ tall generator and the attachable discharge wand, or experiment on yourself and be amazed. However you choose to learn, it ensures that the experience will be fun, easy, and safe from beginning to end.

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Manifold Clock: Telling Time In 3D

It’s time you take time to the third dimension! The Manifold Clock makes the time a much more physical concept by transforming the clock into a changing, flowing work of art. As the clock hands tick forward minute to minute and hour to hour, the flexible fabric of the 3D clock curves and bends into fun, bright, unique shapes. It’s truly a combination of simple mechanics and modern design. For the engineer who considers their time a gift, you can now give them the gift of time!

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Aluminum Perpetual Ring Calendar

The paper calendar has gone unchanged for far too long. Engineers know better than anyone the value of progress, so it only makes sense to bring their calendar to the modern-day. The Perpetual Ring Calendar is a useful date-keeper, yes, but its more than that. The original shape serves as an elegant, modern decoration, the internal steel star tracks days of the week as well as the date, and the aluminum ring functions nicely as a ruler. All in all, the innovative calendar is the type of upgrade, a multi-functional gift that will have your favorite engineer over the moon.

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StratoLauncher IV Water Rocket Launch Kit

Just about everyone has wanted to shoot off a rocket at some point in their life. In fact, your engineering friends are sure to enjoy the experience of launching their own rockets even past their childhood days! Rockets are impressive, powerful examples of potential energy being realized, as is the case when using the Water Rocket Launcher. With just a 2-liter soda bottle and a cup of water, engineers can shoot their rockets over 350 ft. The launch may only last a few seconds, but the fun is infinite with a high-power reusable rocket launcher.

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Gauss Rifle Rocket

We’ve all enjoyed the popular Newton’s cradle at some point in our lives, but there are other fun ways to explore a transfer of energy. The Gauss Rifle Rocket is a rocket-shaped chain reaction accelerator. Those over the age of 14 with a passion for the scientific world will be thrilled each time they launch their magnetic accelerator rocket and witness the effects of accumulated energy being transferred along the chain.

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Guppie Multi-Tool

We have all seen the traditional Swiss army knife which serves as a handy multi-tool but the original versions of this type of tool may be somewhat outdated. However, this modern and highly efficient multi-tool from Guppie will make the life of any engineer much easier. The tool features a variety of equipment from a bottle opener to a knife blade and also has a handy LED light so that no matter when or where the tool is needed – visibility will never be an issue. If all of the tools weren’t enough, you can be sure that this piece of equipment will stand the test of time, being made from highly durable materials and offering a one year guarantee.

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Safety Light Curtains

No matter what the situation, one of the most important things in any job, especially engineering, is health and safety. When there are heavy-duty machines in operation, accidents may happen from time to time but this problem can be seriously eliminated through the use of this excellent light curtain. The device is designed to work with a variety of machineries such as molding, woodworking, and punching to name a few, and will halt the machine if the light barrier is crossed. Not only this but an alarm will sound to alert everyone to the fact that the barrier has been crossed. No longer will the engineer need to worry about safety in the workplace with this super reliable device in place.

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Kaweko Mechanical Pencil

One of the key elements in the job of an engineer is the design and this needs to be done very precisely. By using this beautiful and precise mechanical pencil, designing will be made so much more simple for the engineer. Made in Japan, which is a country known for its advances in the technological world, you can be confident that this is much more than just your average pencil. Designed with measurements in mind for keeping the hand comfortable whilst using, the pencil is ideal gift for everyday use. Over time, the brass with developing its own patina giving it a unique look for the user.

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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Motherboard

When it comes to the technological and electrical aspects of the engineers’ job, a reliable motherboard is something that is vital. This low energy motherboard is not only affordable but you get an amazing array of features for what you pay. Completely Bluetooth enabled and featuring four USB ports, the design is up to date. If that isn’t enough then perhaps the 1.4GHz 64 bit quad-core processor might impress you. The Raspberry PI 3 is also home to an SD card slot with easy insertion and release, making usage of the device even more simple as well as a standard 2.5mm audio jack.

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Internal Combustion Engine

For those times when work has finished and the engineer wants to kick back and relax, turning their job into a passion can be possible with this to build your own internal combustion engine. The kit allows the user to create their very own miniature version of a car engine in some great detail. Not only will this kit bring many hours of joy, but it will also serve as educational gift since it features all the pieces that one would find in a real car engine. The kit is perfect for kids and adults meaning that the engineer could even use this as an activity to bond with his children. What’s more the kit features realistic sounds as well as lights for aesthetic reasons.

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Stirling Engine

Intricacy and design are two are the most important things to any engineer and this may extend outside of their work. If you have a friend or family member that is an engineer who wants to enjoy his or her passion at home then this super detailed, interesting gift might be extremely well received. The engine features a colored LED light to make it look highly attractive but also is made from only the best materials including Russian pine! All that is required is for the engineer to fill the device with some alcohol fuel and allow the machine to work its magic. We are sure that it will bring many hours of entertainment to anyone with a passion for engineering.

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Tabletop Laser Cut Trebuchet Kit

Why not allow the engineer and his family the pleasure of building this scale model of a Trebuchet catapult which is made from extremely high-quality materials, and can make a fun activity for anyone who loves all things technical. Not only will this gift provide hours of fun for the engineer but it will also allow them to bring history back to life. The catapult is the perfect toy to place on a desk or use for demonstrative purposes. What’s more, it is made from high-quality materials which are sure to be durable enough no matter how many times the device is played with.

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Laser Pointer Measure Pen

When it comes to engineering, it is vital that measurements and distance are always 100% spot on. There is no room for error in this area of expertise but making sure of this just became a lot easier. This laser distance meter allows the user to measure distances quickly and easily but most importantly, precisely.

Using the effective laser pointer, the device will display with distance on a digital screen which makes reading the data super easy. No one has space carry hefty equipment which is why this distance meter is compact and easy to take anywhere and for any job. If that wasn’t enough, the smart device will adjust distance as the tool is moved closer or further away, exactly as a manual tape measure would do – but with less hassle.

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Not only is an engineer a very technical person but they may also be very logical. These intelligent and skilled people would highly appreciate a gift which played to their profession. But what is the ideal present for an engineer? The best gifts for engineers should not only be innovative, creative, but above all else – be extremely useful. So whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other celebration, they are sure to bring joy to the engineer in your life.

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