19 Tantalizing Gifts for Foodies to Chew Over

Who doesn’t appreciate a good meal? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in truth, any foodie can appreciate a well-prepared meal and a friend to share it with. That’s why when the time comes to show thanks to your favorite food fanatic, the greatest gifts are the ones that cater to their appetite. In this list, you will find a buffet of the best gifts for foodies sure to leave them mouth-watering.

Best Gifts for Foodies

Spherificator Automatic Edible Food Pearl

A gift that feeds a foodie’s eyes as well as their stomach, the spherificator is serving up food of the future. By turning liquids into caviar-inspired spheres, your loved ones will be able to craft memorable dishes guaranteed to become the star of every dinner party, potluck, gala or picnic. For a gift that can completely transform every foodie’s dining experience, there is no more unique option available today than the Automatic Spherificator.

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Under NY Sky Pottery Gray Apron

Working in a hectic kitchen as the ovens heat up is a stressful environment for the most seasoned chefs. When the pots come out and the flames rise, your foodie needs a gift that can protect without impeding. Under NY Sky Aprons are just the gift: lightweight denim protects their clothes, the unique two-leg design provides flexibility, and cross back straps keep the entire ensemble comfortable. Bring fashion and function together in the kitchen with the incredible apron, the ultimate one for the Hollywood-sized star with a New York-sized kitchen.

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Giant Pepper Mill

As a staple of the modern dining table, pepper is a spice that has taken our hearts. Do you know a foodie that can never get enough of their favorite granular gold? Then its time to up the ante on what defines the pepper mill as we know it today.

The giant pepper isn’t a little bit larger than what you’re used to – it’s a lot larger. 110 cm, in fact! Foodies will be speechless when they open their next incredible gift, courtesy of you, and find inside a pepper mill worthy of the Gods. One thing’s for sure: they’re never going to run out of pepper ever again!

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Edge of Belgravia Chef Knives Set

Most of our kitchens are an assortment of mismatched utensils, pots, and pans, accumulated slowly over several years of lost moving boxes and broken dishes. If anyone deserves to have a reliable set of eye-catching utensils, it’s the foodie that you can be sure will appreciate them. For this loved one, the Chef Knife Set is a gorgeous collection of sleek, black non-stick knives, each sharp, sturdy and ready for slicing. The 7-piece knife set includes a knife for every situation, making it perfect for the versatile chef in your life.

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Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan

Tasty barbecue is no longer reserved for the sweltering summer weekends! The BBQ Grill Pan cooks delicious, healthy barbecue in the oven for year-round use. Foodies will love the flavor the slow oil drain system gives their prized cuts as well as the durable, non-stick, dishwasher safe coating of the pan. If you can’t wait until summer for your foodies next cookout, then it’s about time you gave them the gift of a good old fashioned BBQ dinner.

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Papilla USB Heated Lunchbox

Eating at the office is rarely a delectable experience. For the foodie who needs a break from microwave meals and hurriedly-prepared sandwiches, the USB Heated Lunchbox is redefining the packed lunch game. By plugging this lunchbox into any USB slot, a food lover can enjoy steaming hot packed lunches the way they were supposed to be served. There aren’t better gifts for foodies more comforting (or practical) than a fresh, home-cooked meal.

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Gentlemen's Hardware 12-in-1 Kitchen Multi-Tool

A foodie with unlimited dreams should never be limited by a microscopic kitchen. If you just can’t make up your mind about what to get your resident food lover, why not just get them everything? The Kitchen Multi-Tool is a can opener, a peeler, a corkscrew, and so much more, making it the perfect gift for the young foodie with a big appetite and a small pantry. Whether they need to slice, grate or crush, the 12-in-1 multi-tool is up to the task!

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The Flat 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

Nothing clutters up a drawer more than an assortment of measuring spoons, each with its own limited but essential purpose. But what if there was one space-friendly tool that could replace an entire drawer of measuring spoons? Well, thanks to Kickstarter, there now is! The versatile Measuring Spoon, much like a piece of Origami paper, folds into a range of pre-measured spoons. Best of all, when you’re done cooking, the spoon lies flat for easy storage! It’s time you gave your foodies some space.

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Ground Meat Chopper

Whether they’re preparing hamburgers or simply Hamburger Helper, every foodie knows the struggle of working with ground meat. Sticky, mushy and yet still a solid, breaking up and stirring meat of such an unusual texture is an art that takes time and patience to master. The chopper eliminates this struggle. With a silicone blade ideal for scraping the edges of a pan and two sturdy metal blades for breaking apart frozen meat, this meat chopper is a single tool that can do the jobs of an entire drawer full of utensils. For a practical, all-in-one tool dedicated to cooking up flavorful ground meat, look no further than this one.

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Black Diamond Floating Knife Block

Safety and style rarely go hand in hand, but there’s an exception to every rule. The Knife Block is that exception. The modern sharp edges of the Knife Block are a stark contrast to the soft rubber coating of the surface, yet they come together perfectly in an eye-catching piece worthy of the MOMA. For the foodie with a taste for the modern and the progressive, the Knife Block is a gift that not only meets but surpasses expectations. Don’t hide away your most valued utensils: display them proudly in this provocative work of art!

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Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love delicious ice cream? It can be tempting to try making your own but for many people, the process may seem a little intimidating – but not with this innovative maker. Creating tasty frozen dessert has never been more simple. The kit provides the foodie with a wealth of recipes to get started and making the ice cream is as simple as adding the ingredients, chilling, and serving. What’s more, the Chef’n is super compact making for easy storage in even the smallest of kitchens.

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Choco Chocolate Flaker

Anyone who loves trying out new things in the kitchen will know that chocolate is an essential ingredient in any sweet dish. Perhaps your foodie neighbors or families loves a sprinkle of chocolate on their coffee or a dash in their frozen dessert – whatever their preference, this handy chocolate flaker will make adding this sweet treat a cinch! Simply add your chosen chocolate into the tumbler and twist the grinder to deliver perfectly flaked chocolate every time.

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Supreme Cheese Making Kit Plus DVD

Many people may be put off the idea of making their own cheese but with this detailed cheese making kit, creating DIY cheese in the comfort of your own kitchen has never been easier. The kit comes with everything your foodie will need to create beautiful, fresh cheese, all they need to do is add some milk and cream and a dash of love!

The kit doesn’t leave you in the lurch where instructions are concerned and come with a 2 hour instructional DVD to ensure that your cheese turns out exactly how you intended. Whether you’re looking to make ricotta or feta, Monterey Jack, or cream cheese, the possibilities with this kit are endless.

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Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball

Making ice cream at home is one thing but imagine if you could give your foodie friends a gift that would allow them to create gorgeous ice on the go! Whether you want to make the dessert on a camping trip or perhaps at a family BBQ, this easy to use ice cream ball makes the process super simple. 

Not only is this very easy to operate but it is also fun meaning that the whole family can get involved. All you need to do is add your ingredients into the ball along with some ice and salt and shake shake shake! After around 20 minutes of shaking you are left with a delicious treat.

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Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Grill

A lot of people who love to try out new things in the kitchen get very irritated with the continual cleanup operations. But what if you could create a stunning meal all in one pan? Well now you can! Your friends will love being able to forget the hassle of using multiple pots and pans and yet still being able to cook a decent meal.  The grill is separated into small sections so that there is no cross-contamination during the cooking process and is super easy to clean with its nonstick coating.

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Naomi Nutcracker with Spiral Spring

Cracking nuts can be a chef’s worst nightmare, with tools often being hard to use, nuts not cracking properly, and sometimes even pain in the hands. But all of these problems can be easily alleviated through the use of this Naomi nutcracker. Made with German engineering, you can be confident that this Nutcracker will crack your nuts perfectly every time. It is so highly functional that even the kids can get involved.

Its sleep design means that not only does it function exceptionally well but it will also be an attractive addition to the kitchen – aesthetically speaking. And there is no need to worry about creating a mess, the nutcracker saves on tidy up time by encasing the nutshells, making them easy to dispose of.

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Original Silicone Geometric Cake Molds

If you want to give your loved ones a real treat that has been developed by one of the top dessert chefs in the world, then this wonderful cake mold is the perfect solution. Made from soft silicone, you can be sure that the cake will never stick and you will get top quality results every time. No more scraping the cake from the mold, ruining the entire experience. Using the step by step instructions, the foodie will be able to create a gorgeous chocolate cake worthy of any dinner party – or simply for a tasty treat for the family.

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Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer & Bun Warmer

We can’t always make it to the movie theatre to indulge in a delicious hotdog but with this clever hotdog steamer, your foodies can create their very own at home. The hotdog steamer allows you to cook up to 24 hotdogs at any one time, meaning that the whole family can enjoy them together. What’s even better is the bright Coca-Cola design, making you feel as though you are right there in the diner!

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Thor's Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Cooking doesn’t need to be pretentious, it’s all about having fun so when it comes to tenderizing the meat why not do it in style? You can easily achieve this with the Thor meat tenderizer which puts the fun in functionality. This is the perfect gift for the foodie who also has a passion for all things Marvel and will make a very welcome addition to their kitchen accessory collection. The tenderizer features a silicone handle making it super comfortable to use as well as being engraved with a Thor quote, making it feel truly authentic.

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We all love a good meal but there are some people who cook up a storm in the kitchen. If you know someone who loves to make a DIY attempt when it comes to food, these fantastic gifts for foodies are for you. Whether you have an aunt who loves ice food or a best friend who loves baking, this amazing gift ideas will bring hours of delight to anyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen.