34 Best Gifts for Grandparents Who Have Everything

You love your family, but your grandparents in particular will always hold a special place in your heart. Grandma and grandpa have brought you years of warm hugs, fresh-baked cookies, and delicious family dinners full of laughter and cheer, they’re the heart and soul of the family and deserve only the best. Then what is the best gifts for grandparents who have everything? With the unique gift ideas from the list below, you can treat them a truly special love this year and show them your appreciation for all they’ve done throughout your life.

Best Gifts for Grandparents

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame

With children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to spare, what grandparent can possibly settle on that one perfect picture to frame? Dragon Touch’s electric picture frame ensures no family man or woman ever needs to decide! A high-resolution screen with a huge 16-GB storage, the digital picture frame allows a person to store around 40,000 pictures at once. The gift of a Dragon Touch electric picture helps keep a family close with instant wireless sharing, quality display, and a simple interface even grandma and grandpa will be able to master in no time.

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Self Watering Peat Pots

A grandparent knows the value of nurturing a young sprout better than anyone. Now that their own seeds have blossomed, grandma and grandpa can turn their attention to a new pastime: gardening. Quality seedling trays are essential for raising an immature seed into a lush, thriving plant, and Judith Bloom’s fit the bill perfectly. Self-watering design ensures even beginner gardeners never over-water or under-water fragile young sprouts, while beautiful terracotta design keeps the tray looking neat and tidy despite the dirt. Now that retirement has set in, give your grandparents a new hobby that appeals to their nurturing, sentimental side with this seedling tray.

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Qualy Sprout Jar Tea or Coffee Container

Don’t stress if grandma and grandpa aren’t well-known for their green thumbs; If seedling trays don’t seem like the right gift for your grandparents, perhaps Qualy’s unique container might be more appropriate. The green sprout in this container doesn’t require any care at all, only a hearty “soil” comprised of coffee grounds, loose leaf tea, or whatever spices grandparents need a little extra storage for. Qualy’s kitchen container contains up to 7-ounces of sugar or spice, all easily scooped out by the sprout/spoon hybrid that grows within, keeping the kitchen tidy and fun for a flavorful family.

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K-25 Waffle Bath Towel

How do you measure the quality of a towel? By its absorbency? Its size? Its softness? Whatever statistic your grandparents use, the K-25 bath towel is the winner by far! A unique weave pattern lends the K-25 bath towel incredible soaking and drying abilities, reducing the smell and the emergence of bacteria between uses. Don’t throw the towel in yet – gift your grandparents 54-inches by 27-inches of pure, 100% natural cotton with the k-25 bath towel and help them discover the allure of soft, breathable, mildew-resistant materials as they’ve never known.

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Ingrown Toenail Correction Tool

Aging comes with a variety of inevitable aches and pains, but the agony of an ingrown toenail shouldn’t be among them. The FOLAI pedicure tool is the surgery-free solution to the common ailment, relying upon 2 tiny hooks and the power of fulcrums to correct ingrown nails for good. Getting about can be hard enough for grandparents as they get older, so gift grandparents pain-free mobility with an affordable, at-home solution that they can use by themselves. With the FOLAI pedicure tool and a disinfectant on hand, resign ingrown toenails to the past where they belong.

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Push Pin Travel Maps

Globetrotting is a dream for many an adventurer at heart. Now that your grandparents have time to spare and an empty nest, it’s the ideal time to push them to pursue the trips they’ve always imagined taking! The pushpin map is a gorgeous framed map full of vintage charm, designed specifically to motivate a loved one to explore. 100 pushpins in red, white, and black can mark the places grandma and grandpa have already explored, the places they still hope to see, and more. Remind your grandparents of the world left to see with an elegant gift straight from National Geographic.

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Scrabble Deluxe Edition Game Board

If your beloved grandparents are linguists at heart, the WS game company has a gift they simply can’t miss. Scrabble has long been a family favorite, but the refined luxury scrabble is a step above your standard set. Complete with a faux-leather board, gold foil stamping, and dark, rich wood veneers and cabinets, the WS Game’s luxury scrabble is one board game befitting the finest of players. Integrated storage and elegant finishes make for a clutter-free board game that grandparents will eagerly show off to friends and family. Hopefully, you’ve been practicing your dictation!

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Jonathan Adler Pop Grapefruit Scented Candle

With bright colors and delightful aromas, Jonathan Adler knows what makes a candle work. This grapefruit candle is no throw-away gift – with a hand-blown glass cup, premium ingredients, and US origins, the Jonathan Adler candle is a box of joy that your grandparents will adore. The soothing glow of candlelight against the joyful yellow packaging is the ideal gift to put a smile on your loved one’s face time and again; and, with such cute packaging, the cool candle looks as good as they smell from the beginning to the very end.

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Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker

A fun activity to entertain the grandkids or a sweet treat for a pair of old lovebirds, the Elite Gourmet ice cream maker is a gift that oozes with vintage style and flavor. With this old fashioned ice cream maker, your grandparents will be able to make up to 6-quarts of their favorite gelatos and sorbets. Solid pine promises that clean-up is always a breeze, and over-heating protection in the motor makes cranking a safe activity for the entire family to enjoy. For a fresh, delicious taste that brings families together, a grandparent can do no better than the hand-cranked delicacies that come from the wooden bucket.

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Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator

Most things in life get better with age: grandparents, cheese, and of course, fine wine. When grandma and grandpa don’t have time for a length aerating process though, they shouldn’t have to settle for bland, subpar sipping. The Eparé wine decanter is a portable decanter that, unlike traditional decanters, works its magic in as little as 15-seconds. Whether your beloved grandparents are enjoying a vintage at home or on the go, with the Eparé at hand, they can enjoy the finest flavors that life has to offer. Your grandparents are the heart of the family, so get them the gift that defies time and make every family reunion that much more delicious.

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ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief

Sinus congestion may not be life-threatening, but for a grandparent who has suffered from allergies their entire life, relief from such an ailment is long overdue. Rest assured, though, ClearUP is not another medication to add to a growing list of your grandparents’ prescriptions – in fact, this advanced micro-current device is a drug-free solution with no chemical side effects to sinus pain.

By focusing on the electricity in the body’s natural nerve fibers, it is able to relieve sinus pain for up to 6 hours, letting your loved ones focus on what’s really important in their lives. With 1 button and 3 levels, it’s quite easy to use, all you have to do is to glide it over the surface of your cheek, nose, and brow bone, then the treatment begins. Allergies shouldn’t continue to haunt your grandparents forever. With the right gift, you can, at last, help them conquer the attack of the allergens!

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The Older Person's Guide to New Stuff

The world moves fast, especially in the age of technology, and many grandparents could use a helping hand keeping up with the times. This handy guide is an amusing gift for the old-fashioned reader, and your grandparents will find several pearls of wisdom among the pages between the hardcovers. From technology to media to culture, the older person’s guide has a vast array of wisdom sure to appeal to any older family feeling overwhelmed and perplexed by an increasingly dynamic world. It is a thoughtful and great tool for a new grandparent in particular and makes for the perfect material to read through before falling asleep.

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Mr. Stash Cap Storage Compartment

As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of our most valuable possessions. Mr. Stash Cap is an ideal storage solution for grandparents’ struggling to keep track of the necessities. Simply twist the cap onto any water or soda bottle, and your loved one will have an incredible hiding spot to store medication, cash, and other essentials vital to keep on hand. Mr. Stash can serve as a brilliant hiding spot for valuable knick-knacks or as a usual organizational tool for those prone to misplacing their belongings. Whatever their needs, this bottle top storage is a practical and affordable gift for every aging grandparent.

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Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Aches and pains keeping your grandparents from living life to its fullest? With the ingenious Bubble Bath Mat, you can gift your family a luxury spa experience, all in the security of their own home! With a built-in air pump and water heater, this 47 by 14.2 inch home spa must-have turns a typical bathtub into the Jacuzzi of your dreams. Essential oils and bubble intensity are both easy to control thanks to the included remote control, allowing anyone to master the art of the spa bath. And thanks to the mold-resistant suction-cupped mat, relaxing in the tub is always a safe, 100% relaxing experience.

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Gua Sha Scraping Massage Set

Medical-grade muscle support shouldn’t cost your grandparents an arm and a leg. With a massage tool set, your loved ones can combat the pain of muscle scarring, adhesion, and overuse with one portable, simple-to-use kit. Each of the 5 unique massage tools is designed to specifically massage different muscle groups, ensuring a thorough, effective massage no matter where the pain is regionalized. The polished stainless steel surface, smooth to prevent painful rubbing and friction, is never an irritation to sensitive skin. And, when not in use, the gua sha tool set can be efficiently stored in the provided case for safe-keeping, making this gift an all-around winner in our books.

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Headache Relief Hat

Looking after children can be a tiring job at the best of times, but when you have just gotten used to the peace of quiet of an empty nest, the sudden rush of energy that kids bring can be even more migraine-inducing. That’s where this brilliant headache hat will come in super useful. The hat is essentially an ice pack which can be worn to soothe those grandchildren induced headaches and bring life back into any grandparent. Not only this but with the hat completely covering the eyes, all light is blocked out, giving an even more therapeutic experience. The compression element will bring relief not only to the head but also to the muscles of the neck and has some great stress-relieving properties.

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Purple Simply Seat Cushion

Long days at the office are generally defined by hours upon hours sitting at a desk, typing away. Even after retirement, many grandparents find extended periods sitting at a table or in a car to be an uncomfortable experience. The Purple Cushion is more than just a colorful home furnishing; with a strong-but-soft elastic surface, this original seat topper cradles the body whenever your loved one sits down. The cushion has been built to adjust to each person who uses it, reducing the pain associated with prolonged discomfort. If pain has been bothering your grandmother or grandfather for too long, then don’t delay in ordering a “super comfort” for their home immediately.

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Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier

Travel can take a toll on anyone, but especially your grandparents as they enjoy their golden years. Between airplanes and cheap hotels, your grandparents often find themselves staying in less than ideal environments for their aging bodies. Fortunately, the Travel Humidifier is a portable, travel-sized gift that can transform the dingiest of hotel rooms in a soothing oasis that replenishes the skin. Putting out an impressive 1 gallon of water a day, the humidifier keeps the air moist and fresh, resulting in soft, supple skin, healthy vocal cords, and minimal dust and debris occupying the air. When travel has your grandparents feeling down, good air quality may just be the thing to reignite their spark.

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Smart Bed Robot

Health and safety is one of the top priorities in any household but especially in homes where there are both very young and very old people. Simple allergens and dust mites are likely to cause harm to both small children and the elderly, in some cases it could be mild irritation but in more serious cases it might cause chest infections and coughs.

However, through the use of this smart bed robot, 99% of all the dust mites and allergens on the surface will be effectively removed. This innovative device will allow the grandparent to easily and automatically clean their home to a standard that makes everyone smile. The device is lightweight making it easy to carry around the home and can be used on anything from beds to tables to sofas and chairs.

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Dual-Temp Water-Powered Bed Warmer

A warm, toasty bed is the greatest gift of all after a long day managing the stress of the world. Your grandparents can drift off to sleep every night in the coziest of toasty beds with the help of the Bed Warmer, a personalized electric mat that caters to the needs of both parties. Energy-efficient, eco-friendly technology combined with EMF protection ensures that the water heating mattress topper is as kind to your loved ones as it is towards the environment, allowing them to relax as they begin counting sheep. No one should ever have to suffer the misfortune of a poor night’s rest; with the navien mate set up and ready to go, your grandmother and grandfather will never have to face another sleepless night again.

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Umbra Wobble Chess Set

Many grandparents are the owners of a beautiful chess set which may take center stage in the living area of the home. Not only is it a great addition to the aesthetic of the room but it is also ideal for those rainy family afternoons when a game is required. However, oftentimes moving the chess around can be difficult – without packing away all the pieces.

The wobble chess set features concave spaces for each of the pieces meaning that when the board is lifted, everything stays in place. Not only is this a unique and functional design but it is also something that will certainly strike up a conversation at dinner parties. The chessboard is made from walnut and maple wood giving it a luxurious sheen and appearance.

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Bread Board & Slicer Set

When preparing a sandwich for the grandchildren, every grandparent needs reliable and effective tools. Not only is the bread slicer set both of these things but it will also look fantastic in any kitchen. The beautiful wooden finish looks high end yet has a rustic feel. Of course, what is more important than the safety of the children? To ensure that no disaster happens, the sharp bread slicer is easily able to be stored within the chopping board keeping little fingers safe. The blade of the slicer is made from durable treated stainless steel meaning that it will retain its sharpness and shine as well as preventing rusting of the blade.

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Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Quite often our grandparents will tell us that they simply cannot wrap their heads around this modern technology but once they have used this noise machine, we are sure that their opinions will change. Whether they want calming white noise to allow the children to fall asleep or some background noise for their own relaxation time, this is the device to use. 

The machine features an internal fan that provides calming white noise on a loop. The handy timer allows the user to set a preferred length for running and is ideal for dropping off to sleep after a hectic day of grandparent duties. What’s more, it can be easily controlled using the remote which is built into the app, making operation easier than ever.

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SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

When little eyes and hands are wandering around the home, it has never been more important to store dangerous and precious items well out of reach. Putting these things on a shelf up high or in a box at the back of the closet is an option – but there is a much safer way.

This snapsafe storage box fits easily underneath the bed and is perfect for stowing away guns and other dangerous items as well as being somewhere to keep precious belonging that you do not want to get lost or damaged. The safe is extremely easy to install as well as being highly durable meaning that not only will it serve its purpose but it will also give peace of mind. You can open the storage box with either the key provided or via an electronic passcode – nobody but you will be able to get inside!

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Microwave Sandwich Grill

Who remembers going to granny’s house and having one of her signature dishes for lunch? How about a grilled sandwich, made with love? Now the proud grandparents can make beautiful sandwiches for the whole family as well as for themselves – when they get a spare minute, that is! The grill is designed for use within a normal household microwave meaning that no special equipment is required to use and what’s more – the food will be prepared in as little as three minutes. We all know how the kids want to eat lunch and get back to having fun as soon as possible and this is the gift to allow that.

Not only that but clean up is super simple and quick too, meaning that the grandparents can tidy up and get back to the games just as quickly as the kids. If sandwiches aren’t on the menu, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also cook potatoes, vegetables, pizza, and meats amongst other things all with this one handy grilling tool!

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Toenail and Nail Repair Pen

As we get older, our bodies begin to show all kinds of health problems. One of the most common issues in older people is discolored toenails. Whilst this is not a condition that will seriously damage health, it is an irritating one but it can be easily treated. With the assistance of this handy nail repair pen, discolored toenails will be a thing of the past. It is also a perfect gift for grandparents to bring relief to damaged nails, giving a new lease of life to the feet or hands! The nail pen is easy to use and completely painless meaning that the grandparent can simply apply it and get on with their day. Not only this but it is small and easy to store away along with the rest of their cosmetics.

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BedJet Cooling & Heating Climate Control

When there are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and too many other relatives to count, a grandparent is bound to be busy day after day. Life doesn’t slow down, even as your grandparents get older, so getting quality sleep is essential. The BedJet is a practical gift for the grandparent whose home is comfortable for everyone except them. By adjusting the temperature of each half of the bed independently, even partners with vastly different sleep preferences can both drift off contentedly. Available for single to king mattresses, there is a BedJet made to fit every bed to deliver optimized sleep like never before. Treat your grandparents to a sleep experience they both can appreciate, and watch as they discover how much they can do after a night with the BedJet equipped.

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Trifold Memory Foam Topper

An entirely new mattress makes for a pricey gift. But did you know you can give your grandparents a luxury sleep for just a fraction of the cost? The memory mattress pad is an affordable alternative to replacing old, lumpy mattresses. A 1.5-inch layer of memory foam followed up by 10-inches of foam base provides a significantly more comfortable bed than the classic spring, and is more maneuverable to boot. Twin, full, queen and even California king pads come with traditional memory foam or a cooling gel memory foam to provide that extra touch of luxury for your beyond deserving grandparents. Perfect for sleep at home or on the go, the tri-fold mattress pad is made for those loved ones who most crave a snooze on cloud nine.

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BLW-C2 Blanket Warmer

On a cold winter’s day, is there anything more pleasant than crawling into a snug heated bed? Your grandparents will soon know the soothing potential of a warm bed thanks to IRIS, a multi-function blanket warmer and dryer made for those unforgivably frigid days. The expandable hose and air distribution flap ensure complete heat spread across the entire bed, ensuring no hidden cold patches come nightfall. IRIS is truly a gift for all seasons, though: in winter, warm the bed to escape icy temperatures; in the summer, set IRIS to dry out moisture and eliminate bed bugs for a reliably hygienic sleep. Whether they use IRIS to warm the full bed or simply remove the moisture from shoes, your grandparents will thank you for their comfortable new gift this year.

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Smart Car Tumbler Holder

A refreshing soft drink or a steaming cup of coffee on the go lasts only as long as the elements allow – or so your grandparents thought. With their latest great gift, though, smooth sipping in the car is never out of reach. A tumbler heater or cooler that fits in any standard cup holder and runs from a car cigarette lighter, the 2-in-1 tumbler holder is designed to keep drinks at the ideal temperature on short drives and long. One button heats beverages up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The other chills all the way to 21-degrees Fahrenheit. So, as long as your grandparents drive a car with a cigarette lighter integrated, this hot gift is sure to prove a cool auto accessory all year round.

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95 Gallon Trash Bags

Keeping the house and yard tidy is a necessary pain that your grandparents are sick of, no doubt. While you can’t eliminate the need for regular maintenance from their schedule, with the right gift, you can ensure that the process is as hassle-free as possible. Primode 95-gallon trash bags boast not only an incredible capacity to minimize trips to the landfill – at 2-milliliters thick, these heavy-duty black plastic bags eliminate rips and tears as you clean. Branches, leaves, and household debris are no match for the super-strong trash bags, allowing your grandparents to finish their daily chores as quickly as possible, stress-free.

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Medieval Cheese Board Set

Everyone loves the sharp tang of cheese, so for those big family get-togethers, a selection of fresh slices is an obvious crowd-pleaser. Your grandparents can serve up their dairy treats in style with the cheese board set, the medieval gift befitting of your family’s king and queen of cheese. Brown beechwood makes for a simple but elegant shield-shaped cutting board while the accompanying cheese knives, shaped like a battle axe, pike, and spear complete the middle age aesthetic in a major way. Now, grandma and grandpa can defend the family crest by rallying the troops around the fun, functional board set and sharing the best of what dairy can produce. And, with a matching cutting board and knife rack to add to your castle, this hilarious gift can continue to inspire and amuse even between sieges without interrupting the daily routine.

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Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

Café brewed coffee is undeniably tasty, but your grandparents know better than anyone that you can’t beat the taste of fresh, homemade cooking. Grandma and grandpa can now serve luxury espresso drinks from the comfort of home with Handpresso, the gift no caffeine fiend can go without. This handheld espresso machine, compatible with E.S.E. pods, is able to brew a fresh cup of espresso in just minutes, making café-quality cappuccinos, lattes, and more possible anywhere and everywhere. The aluminum build guarantees a lightweight, durable gift that requires minimum maintenance, allowing your beloved grandparents to transform their cozy home into the self-sufficient café of their coffee addled dreams.

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MindInsole Acupressure Magnetic Insoles

For many, pain is considered a natural side effect of getting older. Your grandparents deserve better than that, though; after raising an incredible family and supporting you through good times and bad, grandma and grandpa deserve a bit of relief. The magnetic massaging insoles are an innovative, affordable solution to chronic foot and leg pain. With ergonomic foot support to ensure that every pair of shoes maintain optimum foot posture and built-in magnets to weaken built-up fat cells, it takes a multi-faceted approach to improve health and decreasing pain at any age. Able to improve circulation, mitigate pain, and even combat foot odor due to ingenious, ventilated design, the massaging insoles have the potential to keep your grandparents on their feet for decades to come, making this an essential gift for the heart and soul of your family.

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Grandparents are some of the most wonderful people in the world, they help guide parents and show them the ropes as well as providing childcare, entertainment, and quite often – financial support to the family. It comes as no surprise that when it comes to buying the best gifts for grandparents, a lot of thought should be put into it.

Grandparent gifts should help to improve their health, make life better, and acknowledge the special role that they play in a child’s life. With these beautiful, heartfelt and practical gift ideas, you will be able to give your grandma & grandpa brag-worthy presents for moments that matter. 

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