21 Cutting Edge Gifts for Guitar Players in Your Life: Let’s Rock & Roll!

There are few things in life better than being close with a talented guitarist. Campfire serenades, group sing-alongs, tickets to shows, getting to tell people “I’m with the band”–you can’t put a price on these perks. Inevitably, the time will come when you’ll want to find the perfect gifts for guitar players in your life; something to show them just how much you appreciate the beautiful music they make.

However, as guitarists are notoriously picky about their gear, it can be intimidating to search for a gift in a music shop on your own without knowing exactly what they’re in the market for. Here’s a list of the best guitar gifts that are sure to hit just the right note. These are pieces that are pretty much guaranteed to be universally appreciated, no matter what kind of set the guitarist has or what kind of sound they’re going for.

And the best part is, you can purchase any one of these without having to embarrass yourself in front of any music store employees with your lack of obscure gear knowledge! No worries, you can thank me later.

Best Gifts for Guitar Players

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier

Choosing a full-size amplifier is a daunting task, even for the most experienced musician. These speakers really define the sound you’ll get out of an electric guitar, so you can’t blame guitarists for being picky about it, especially if they’re playing live shows. That being said, large amplifiers are expensive, delicate, and heavy as all get out, so any guitar player would be grateful to have this Marshall Micro Amplifier as a portable alternative.

This battery-operated amp is teeny-tiny–small enough to hold in one hand–and lightweight, so it makes a perfect practice accessory for the guitarist on the go. It has a headphone jack that can be used for private practice sessions or connected to a larger amp for spontaneous performances. Take it from a music snob: Marshall is among the best brands out there when it comes to amplifiers, so the guitar player in your life will be impressed and grateful that you chose this for them.

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Portable Guitar Practice Tool

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. A major element of guitar practice is muscle memory: a phenomenon where a guitarist’s fingers memorize the shapes they need to make to play certain songs without requiring conscious thought, the same way your feet remember the steps to the electric slide even if you haven’t heard the song in a decade. 

Guitarists need to develop muscle memory if they want to do impressive things, like sing and play at the same time, or rock out on stage with their eyes closed doing their best impression of Jimi Hendrix. But let’s face it: it’s not always appropriate to whip out your guitar and practice aloud when you have a few minutes to spare. However talented you may be, nobody wants to hear you do scales on the bus. 

That’s why this silent practice tool is essential for any guitar player who wants to advance their skill level. It’s small and easily portable, makes no noise, and mimics the shape and size of a standard guitar neck perfectly. With this, you can keep your hands busy with practice all day, under a desk at work or school, at the dinner table, even in a movie theater. Just don’t make too many of those Jimi Hendrix faces, or you’ll give yourself away.

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Mini Acoustic Beginner’s Guitar

For guitar players with children, this gift is sure to be a hit. The Loog mini guitar has only the first three strings of a standard guitar, so its an ideal precursor for a full-size guitar down the road. It’s got soft nylon strings and a slim neck that will be easy for little fingers to handle. 

Loog comes with excellent learning tools, like chord diagrams and flashcards. There’s also an accompanying app with access to digital lessons, tuners, a songbook of popular music, and games that will get beginners to practice without even realizing they’re doing it! The Loog comes in six fun, bright colors that are sure to delight any future rock-star.

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Clip-On Tuner

Nothing is more grating than the sound of an out-of-tune guitar, so every player needs to keep a tuner handy for performances, jams, and practice sessions. There are lots of options on the market, but few can compare to this Clip-On model when it comes to speed, accuracy, and convenience for a low price. Its colorful display is large and easy to read even in dark spaces, like backstage, and once you turn it on, its sensor is ready to use in seconds flat. 

This tuner is designed to clip onto the guitar’s headstock without leaving scratches or damage of any kind, so you never have to worry about losing track of it. Even better, it works for lots of other string instruments, like bass and violin, so it’ll make you popular amongst your bandmates!

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Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Holder

A capo is a tool that guitar players use to adjust the key of their instrument without fiddling with its tuning pegs. It’s a must-have for anyone who plays with other instrumentalists or singers, allowing the guitarist to change the key of a song without having to learn any fancy new fingerwork. 

This capo design is doubly useful because it also functions as a smartphone holder. You can clip it onto the neck of your guitar and read tablature or watch digital lessons through your phone, all while keeping a close eye on your fingering. Plus, you can serenade your biggest fans through facetime! This design fits most popular smartphone brands and works for acoustic or electric guitars, so it’s a foolproof gift.

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Cigar Box Guitar

Here’s another three-string guitar model, but this one’s far better suited to full-grown guitarists. The cigar box guitar is a classic model that inspired the careers of blues-rock legends like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Jimi Hendrix. Guitar players love the versatility of these instruments, which can be tuned almost any way you like, and make for easy improvisational jam sessions. They are especially fun to use with a slide and can easily be played with just one finger. 

This model comes with a glass slide, as well as a booklet and CD to help you get familiar with the cigar box style. It’s got a full, rounded acoustic sound, but also has a pickup that will allow you to plug it into an amplifier. These are great for beginners but still lots of fun for experienced guitar players.

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PickMaster Plectrum Punch

Along with socks and pens, guitar picks are among the easiest things in the world to lose track of. That’s why this DIY pick-making tool is such a fantastic gift. It’s about the size of the toenail clipper, easy to carry in a pocket or guitar case, and will allow you to punch enough custom picks for a truly endless supply. Any guitar player is sure to get a kick out of this gift.

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Spinning Hat Amp Tea and Coffee Mug

What do you get for the guitarist who’s got everything? This ceramic coffee mug in the shape of an amplifier makes such a fun novelty gift for guitar players. You’re sure to get a laugh out them once the wrapping paper’s torn off. It’s an easy way for them to identify fellow guitar enthusiasts at the office, too!

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Rechargeable Wireless System

Wireless transmitters are convenient alternatives to cords, especially for live gigs. They allow a great range of motion, don’t get tangled, and never, ever trip musicians in the middle of face-melting guitar solos. 

But finding a wireless transmitter that works reliably and offers the same great sound like a cord is trickier than you might think. This model comes highly reviewed, and its fans are particularly stoked about its sound quality. They find it easy to use, quick to recharge, and they appreciate its strong Wifi signal. These transmitters are foldable, which protects them from getting bent or broken, so you can count on them to stick with you through the long-haul.

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IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Digital Guitar Interface

An interface is essentially any tool that converts analog audio into a digital format–a necessity for any guitar player who wants to edit and optimize their recordings. With the iRig hd2, you’ll have all your bases covered with just one small device. It features a single input for the guitar or other instrument of your choice, as well as three outputs for your amplifier, headphones, and computer or smartphone. It’s an ideal gift for the traveling songwriter, due to its convenient portable size and ease of use.

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TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

Here’s another clip-on tuner with high sensitivity and accurate readings. This one’s design is probably the sleekest on the market, and it’s one of very few that can be used just as easily by left-handed guitar players as right-handed. The tuner is small enough to be discreet, clipped onto the back of the headstock, and it’s easy to read without being flashy–perfect for onstage tuning mid-set. Perhaps its most impressive feature is its polyphonic tuning mode, enabling you to tune all six strings at once. This is a gift any gigging musician would go wild for.

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AirJamz Bluetooth Air Pick & Music Toy

Sometimes, we all just need to blow off some steam with a high-energy, off-the-walls, head-thrashing air guitar session. It’s therapeutic, after all, and can be considered a form of cardiovascular exercise!

This electric air guitar “toy” isn’t just for kids. It’s shaped like a pick, but with the click of a button, it connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet to play all your favorite air guitar jams. It’s part stage prop to get you in the zone, part remote control to prevent you from… well, ever having to leave the zone. And the best part? It’s got a motion sensor that connects to an active game that can be played by up to four players at once–the perfect way to socialize, work out, and honor your passion for guitar solos all at once.

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3-Sided Ergonomic Guitar Picks

A pick is an essential part of a guitarist’s work, so why wouldn’t they pick the best? The Ergonomic Guitar Pick is the most comfortable, most versatile pick that your guitarist will ever encounter. The varying thicknesses on each corner of the pick give musician freedom to discover their own look and sound, while the gripped center and central hole ensure a comfortable, secure non-slip grip from the opening number to the final encore. Musicians are defined by their own unique qualities and sounds; their guitar pick should be a part of that legacy.

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Foldable App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar

The glamorous life of a musician is often filled with days on the road and nights in hotel rooms. While such is the dream for many a guitar player, such circumstances can make it difficult to find space to practice and write new, innovative music. The Foldable Travel Guitar is specially designed to hit the road on every trip and every tour, allowing guitar players to create and share no matter where they end up. Additionally, with the compatible MIDI workstation, guitarists can harness the sound of any instrument using only their favorite tool. The foldable guitar is a gift that truly redefines the image of the one-man band.

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Guitar Foot Controller

When all hands are on deck (or rather, on guitar), a guitar player needs a simple gift on hand to control the quality and sound of their tunes. The Foot Controller is an easy-to-use hands-free MIDI controller that has the power to completely redefine a musician’s sound. Gift your guitar player complete control over their instrument’s resonance and volume without them ever needing to lift a finger and listen as their work reaches its crescendo. Battery-powered and chargeable, the controller is easy to bring to every gig and set up in every venue.

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Fret Zealot LED Bass Guitar Learning System

Not every guitar player is an old, seasoned pro. For the up-and-coming musician, the perfect gift is the one that helps them to learn and to grow. In other words, your guitarist in training needs the Guitar Learning Accessory. By simply clipping the convenient accessory to their go-to instrument, you are offering your loved ones the opportunity to discover the possibilities they hold at the tip of their fingers. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take their leaning up to Vivace!

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Adaptive Multi-Instrument Device

While mastering the guitar is certainly an impressive achievement, many musicians dream of creating music more dynamic and complex than one instrument alone could ever perform. If you know a guitar player interested in starting their band while practicing social distancing, get them the gift that transforms them into the entire team. With the Multi-Instrument Device, your guitar player can become a drummer, a bassist, even a recorder (if for some reason that’s their dream). The only limit is their imagination once they hold the Multi-Instrument Device.

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Solid Tonewood Travel Guitar

Although the Foldable Travel Guitar may be convenient, it’s overall appearance more represents a work of modern art than the traditional guitar. Some guitar players will feel more comfortable with an instrument that more closely resembles their favorite guitar; for these traditional souls, there is the neck shaped guitar. It includes all the elements of the classic guitar: frets, tuning pegs, even that lightwood head. A guitar player can feel right at home sitting in their hotel or bus, strumming blissfully with this heartfelt gift on their lap.

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iRig Acoustic Guitar Microphone

Strumming on a guitar alone in your bedroom is one matter. Strumming away on stage before an adoring crowd is another. When a guitar player wants to share their work with the world, it’s vital that their music can be heard. A platform like a social network channel or the radio can attract an audience, sure, but for live gigs, literally being heard is another matter. Fortunately, the iRig Guitar Microphone is a portable mic that can strengthen the voice of every guitar. A guitarist needs only clip on the microphone, hook it up to an iPhone or iPad and rock away – it’s as easy as that! Don’t let your guitarist fumble with awkward, clunky amps any longer; the iRig microphone slips into any pocket, purse or guitar case for their convenience.

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G-TOUR Series Gutiar Pedal board

A pedalboard is vital for creating one-of-a-kind music during a live performance. Since a guitar occupies both your musician’s hands, they probably rely on a pedalboard to manipulate characteristics such as volume, echo, and resonance throughout their shows. This Guitar Pedal Board is an amazing gift to add to any live performers kit; not only does each piece boast bold colorful finishes, but the entire set nestles comfortably into their own shock-absorbing carrying case. The G-TOUR pedalboard was built for the guitar player living the tour bus life and is sure to make a celebrity out of your favorite rock star.

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Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface

Music is a huge part of all of our lives. A huge part of the music industry is sharing new, catchy tunes that can digitally be shared with a global audience. This, of course, means recording high-quality tracks for Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and countless other platforms to reach as large an audience as possible. Luckily, recording great music is a breeze with this final gift, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo. With high-performance converters and two balanced outputs, the Focusrite is designed to record clean, high-quality audio in each and every take. If your guitar player is ready to take their music to the digital stage, this is just the tool for the job.

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A musician’s life is one of excitement and performance, and your gift is about to take center stage. Will your gift to your favorite guitarist prove pitch-perfect, or will the gesture fall flat? Finding the best gifts for guitar players is no easy feat, but you don’t have to go solo on your shop. Go on with any of these guitar gift ideas that will strike a chord with a guitar player. Let’s rock and roll!

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