19 In-Tents-Ly Awesome Gifts for Hikers

Given the stress of the usual office shuffle, everyone needs a way to escape the stress and disengage from time to time. For many, destressing means taking the time to get out of the city, forgo the digital world and return to humanity’s roots in nature. The avid hiker is someone who appreciates the simple things in life: a bright sunrise, a crisp breeze, the first blossoms of Spring. A hiker is one who feels most at home in the bounties of nature. So what are you supposed to give as the best gifts for hikers?

When you want to show a friend or coworker your appreciation for their work, you want to give them the perfect gift. But what do you get the person who admires the simplicities of nature? In this list, we’ve accumulated a selection of the most incredible gifts for your most down-to-earth pals so that you can truly make their day something special.

Best Gifts for Hikers

Sawyer Water Filtration and Purification Systems

Bottled water is a scourge on the environment, creating a significant amount of plastic waste and littering the landscape for centuries to come, but for the eco-friendly hikers often on the go, fresh, clean water can be otherwise difficult to come by. Fortunately, the Sawyer water purifier bottle can ensure that your favorite hiker always has a source of safe drinking water on hand with its 0.1 micron absolute filter. Whether they’re digging into the depths of the forest or simply taking a walk to the park, active individuals can keep hydrated with an innovative, reusable water bottle. For up to 400 uses, the purification system removes viruses bacteria, heavy metals, and more from every drop of water you put into your body, ensuring hydration never comes at the cost of your loved one’s well-being.

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Mishmi Takin Kameng Mid Event Waterproof Hiking Boot

When shopping gifts for hikers, the Mishmi Takin boots are a shoo-in for the title of greatest one! These highly optimized hiking boots are built to withstand even the harshest of conditions, whether you are going long distance hiking, camping, or backpacking, much to the relief of your hiker’s feet. Featuring water-resistant, breathable materials, it keeps you foot from cool and dry; the ortholite interiors and Stretch heel section provide a great comfort as you are descending slopes; moreover, the rubber gripped soles gives you a large contact area for gripping on rock. For the ultimate hiking enthusiast who doesn’t want to comprise on their outdoor gear, Mishmi is an ideal choice to ensure that each voyage leaves you with only memories, never blisters.

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Hydrapak Expedition Collapsible Water Storage Bag

Water is one of the single most important gifts on this Earth. An avid Camper or hiker knows all too well how easy it is to become dehydrated, and how difficult it can be to find freshwater once you’ve stepped out of town. The collapsible water bag aims to provide outdoorsmen and women with a lightweight, reliable water source on their trek. The 8-liter water storage bladder comes with a standing design for stability, and it is built with a flexible handle that makes it easy to hang or carry with. Once empty, the bag conveniently deflates for easy storage, an ideal feature when all your belongings need to fit into the backpack.

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Rechargeable Clip-On Light

By day, most hikes will be lit up by the brightness and warmth of the sun. But by night, light is a scarcity that is difficult to go without. A campfire or a flashlight have their uses, but when a hiker needs a safe, hands-free light source, what they really need is the Clip-On Light. This USB rechargeable light guarantees that, regardless of weather or time of day, hikers always have a reliable source of light on hand. As far as gifts for hikers go, the hands free light is certainly a bright idea!

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FreeRain Waterproof Packable Backpack

A hiker may love the hike, but sometimes the hike doesn’t seem to love the hiker. On trips where the weather doesn’t appear to be on your hiker’s side, it’s vital that they have a backpack they can count on, one they can trust to keep all their possessions safe. The waterproof breathable backpack protects its contents from the harshest conditions, making it a go-to gift for any hiker. It also comes with a roll top closure for effortlessly put things in and a quick access. Compact and lightweight, this adventure bag packs down super small, with just 6.5 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter, meaning you are always ready for adventure.

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Folding Saw 21 inch Blade

Hiking is a matter of balance: balancing modern conveniences with the bare necessities, balancing the value of the journey and the destination, and of course, balancing all the tools you need with the limited space you have in your backpack. A reliable saw can be a major aid once a hiker is in the depths of the wilds for gathering resources and clearing trails, but isn’t practical to slip into an already loaded backpack. The Folding Saw eliminates this issue entirely; with this gift, hikers can easily pack a saw for their hike and still leave plenty of space for food, water, and all the other necessities.

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Men's Snake Bite Proof Leg Armor

Depending on where you live, snakes can be a real danger to the well-being of a hiker. Exploring the woods is a great escape from city stresses, but it does mean entering into the snake’s breeding grounds. Snake protection leg armor keeps hikers safe from everything a snake might throw at them, from the smallest of nips to the most venomous of chomps yet doesn’t overheat. It’s light, breathable, easy to wear, and most of all, protect from one of the forest’s potential dangers. Is there a better gift than that?

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Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

While practice and patience bode well for a hiker, the truth is that a voyage into the wilderness always comes with a few risks. Nature is unpredictable and has a tendency to turn you around at the worst of times, sometimes with disastrous outcomes. Even experienced hikers can benefit from a gift like the Garmin Hiking GPS, a tool that will help them track their journey, location and valuable survival information. No hiker should ever head out unprepared, and few gifts can prepare a hiker better than this hiking GPS.

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Official US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass

Need a compass that you can trust? Trust in the compass used by the US Military. The US Military Compass isn’t some fancy luxury – it’s one of the basic hiking essentials that all adventurers should have in their bag. When all else fails, a simple compass can mean all the difference between life and death; it’s vital then that hikers have compass they can count on. When you give your hiker a US Military Compass, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve gifted them a sturdy, reliable tool that could one day make all the difference in their life.

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Titanium Carabiner Knife

Like a compass, a strong knife is essential to a successful hike. On longer hikes, a knife has a variety of unexpected uses, so it always pays to have a sharp blade handy. The EDC Titanium Knife is the perfect handy blade: it’s razor-sharp, as tough as titanium, and folds away for a hiker’s safety when not in use. It attaches easily to any keychain or can slip right into your hiker’s pocket, so storing this little wonder is never an issue. So let’s cut to the chase – the EDC Knife is the perfect gift for every hiker.

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Garmin InReach Mini

When things go wrong, no one wants to feel alone. The Garmin satellite communicator ensures you not have to be. The small device exists somewhere between a cell phone and a walkie talkie, a small, portable device that allows simple 2-way messaging wherever you go. For most, hiking is about escaping the stressors of daily life, the life that a cell phone constantly links them to. With the gift of the mini GPS communicator, hikers can feel good about leaving their phones locked away because, should an emergency arise, they have another way to call for help. Help get your hiker the freedom from their phone that they so desire!

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Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

It’s important to remain aware of your environment when you immerse yourself in nature. As appealing as it might be to listen to a few tunes, listening out for danger can be a literal lifesaver. With the wireless headphones on hand, hikers no longer need to choose between listening to their music and listening to the outside world – with this fun gift, they can be at ease doing both. By delivering musing through your cheekbones, the Bone Conduction Headphones ensure that your ears continue to listen out for any external cues for danger.

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Giant 6 Person Hammock

While it can be relaxing to explore the outdoors alone, going on a hike with friends or family can make for an unforgettable bonding experience. If you want to go with some best friends on the treks, you know how important it is that everyone is safe and comfortable. The 6 Person Hammock does just that. There is nothing that comes closer if you are looking for a perfect outdoor solution for life in the woodland. No more sleeping on the ground with the rats and the spiders: from here on out, this family lounges in the soothing, spacious giant hammock that you so graciously gifted them.

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19-Use Emergency Multi-Tool

As previously stated, backpack space is limited. Hikers are always on the lookout for ingenious ideas to spare them a little space here and these so that they can maximize their resources for their hike. One great way to save space is to take advantage of multi-tools; by packing tools with several uses, hikers can get a whole lot more bang for their buck. The 19 Use Multi-Tool is a fantastic gift for a hiker because of its incredible versatility. 1 tool, 19 uses, endless thanks!

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Single Cup Travel Coffee Dripper

Whether they’re in the city or the wilderness, nobody should have to go without that first cup of coffee in the morning. When you gift them the single cup coffee dripper, you guarantee that as your hiker watches the sunrise over the horizon, they do so with a steaming mug of delicious, freshly-made coffee in their hands. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, yet big enough for a robust cup of coffee.

Thanks to the protection from its medical grade stainless steel and hardshell powder coat, you don’t have to worry about damaging it while on the go. As relaxing and escape as nature may be, there’s no replacement for the joy you feel as you sip on that perfect brew in the early hours.

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BioLite 330 Lumen Rechargeable Head Light

As the sun goes down, the Biolite headlamp comes out. With an impressive 40 hours of battery life, the Biolite is the perfect hands-free headlamp for long hikes into the wilderness. Comfortable and convenient, it ensures that no hiker is ever lost wandering about in the dark because their flashlight was too much of a hassle. Weighing just 0.15 pounds, you can hardly feel that you are wearing it. Plus, it offers 4 different light modes: White + Dim , Red + Dim, White Strobe, Red Strobe. As an additional bonus, it comes in a variety of colors, a lovely touch of personalization that your hiker is sure to appreciate.

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Lander Cairn XL Lantern

You can’t bottle sunlight per se, but why not gift your favorite hiker the next best thing? Offering 350 lumens of light up to 250 hours, the Lander cairn lantern is a brilliantly bright light source that can illuminate even the darkest corners, you can always be confident that you have light no matter what the weather outside is. The good thing is that it works as a portable powerbank that can charge your smart device for about 4 hours. Thanks to the Cairn XL app, you can control its light, power, light models and more. When the sun sets and darkness overtakes the wilderness, your hiker will be beyond grateful to have such an effective lantern in their presence – and you will be beyond grateful for the thanks you’ll receive for finding them the best gift ever!

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Portable Outdoor Adventure Mat

Hiking can get a bit messy. While hikers generally don’t mind this mess too much, chances are that they (and their roommates) are none too eager to drag the mess home with them. The Adventure Mat reduces the mess you track home. By folding such that the underside of the mat never touches the top, mud and debris are isolated to only the bottom; additionally, the included storage bag keeps that excess debris tightly locked away until the mat can be properly cleaned. Sleeping in nature has never been so comfortable – or so clean!

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