24 Gifts for Horse Lovers That They Will Cherish for Life

Before swiping your card thinking that the only gift horse lovers will like are pictures of their favorite animal, well, hold your horses. Finding the most suitable gifts for horse lovers would require a bit of observation on what they like besides horses. Incorporating their love for animals into their daily life is a good way to let them appreciate each gift they get. However, it all boils down to understanding what they have and what they like to come up with a customized present they will cherish for life. With that in mind, here comes some unique gift ideas for them:

Gifts for Horse Lovers

Horseracing Game Top

Get the horse lovers to mingle with the rest of their family and friends into a game that represents their interest. Ditch the usual poker or family board games and give them a treat with the desktop horse racing game. Children of all ages will surely hop into the fun.

Bring the horse racing fun indoors and mix them with card games to double the entertainment. This is the best way for them to share their interests. Watch them beaming with joy as everyone in the circle beat each other to the finish line. And, it’s without pressuring others who might not like going to race tracks but have a knack for competitive games.

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Horse Statue Wine Bottle Holder

People who love horses would want their interest to be represented in their own place, as this will make them feel more “at home” as it reflects their hobby and personality. Grant them this wish by incorporating their favorite animal with the home decor. Wine lovers will fall in love all over again with the sculpted horse holding a wine.

The horse-themed wine rack will put any bar at a different level. It wouldn’t only bring character to the entire bar but the owner will be happy knowing they are well-represented in their own space. No need to worry too as the sculpture has a non-slip sole that will ensure it stays in place while holding their favorite bottle of wine. Everyone will be amazed at the beauty before them.

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Quiet Strength Plaque

The best gifts for horse lovers will always be something that represents their close relationships with their horse buddies. Other than paintings, get them a handcrafted sculpture that embodies how the human and horse draw strength from each other. The hand carving is a representation of the friendship between a girl and her horse buddy which the artist carved on a willow. It also comes with a card that says “Always there for me.” Whether the horse lover is a male or female, this can pull a thug in the heart. Something they won’t think twice of hanging on their wall.

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Outdoor Horse Wind Chime

Horse lovers who are moving into a new house would be delighted to see housewarming gifts that feature their favorite animal. If they are moving to a place where natural wind rushes to the door or window, the horse wind chime will be one of the most suitable gifts for them. The soft relaxing tune from the wind chimes will bring them back to the relaxing days with their horse galloping in the meadow. Its sound will surely break the monotony of the busy life at the office or household. These are wonderful to hang on the office, patio, or in the garden.

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Mechanical Horse Wooden Puzzle

Let’s face it. Horse lovers cannot spend all their days with their favorite animals as much as they want to. And this is especially for people living in the city. Help them kill off time while remembering their love for the beautiful beast with a 3D horse puzzle this Christmas.

Designed to mimic the real-life movement of horses, the mechanical wooden kit isn’t like any other puzzle out there. Engineered to the last detail to move in a realistic way combining Da Vinci’s ingenious invention and the modern world’s innovation, it has a self-propelled mechanism which makes it a classic and unique design that will never go out of style. Every horse lover will be proud of themselves completing the entire puzzle, setting them in their office or home.

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Horse 3D Toy Lamp

Are you looking for a unique gift for girls or boys who love horses? The 3D horse lamp will capture their heart once it lights up. It is a gift that is like no other as the horse changes into 7 different colors shining nicely in the darkroom at night. Everyone, no matter their age, will sleep happily knowing their favorite animal is there to accompany them in their dreams. The 3D horse night light is safe even for the younger children whose eyes are already set to become equestrians when they grow up. Keep their interests growing while watching the horse glow up at night lulling them into sweet dreams.

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Waterproof Horse Sheet

Equestrians care for their horses as normal pet owners do for their cats and dogs at home. Giving them something that will protect their beloved animals from sudden rain showers or gusty wind will make them teary-eyed with joy. For animal lovers, giving their pet buddies gifts is even better than getting one for themselves. The horse sheet will protect the horse’s body from sudden rain, especially during camping or racing. Unlike regular blankets, it is waterproof and breathable which ensures the horse won’t sweat profusely while staying dry.

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Breyer Mane Beauty

One thing that makes every horse stand out is its beautiful mane. Girls have two things they like the most — hair play and horses. Thus, if you are looking for a gift for young girls who are horse lovers, the Breyer mane beauty is a good find.

It showcases Blaze with a beautiful black mane girls will love to style and braid. Included in the set are hair clips, coils, comb, and elastics for those endless hairstyling moments. If the girls miss brushing the mane of their favorite horse, let this be an alternative to brush the blues away. When they see their buddy, they will leave the styling to Blaze and the brushing to the real one.

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Whimsical Sitting Horse Eyeglasses Holder

For the older generations of horse lovers, nothing to fret about because there is one specifically handcrafted for them. Here’s a whimsy way to keep their sunglasses so they will never forget them. What’s funnier than seeing your favorite animal sitting with their legs crossed drinking their coffee in the morning. Make each moment happy and memorable for the elderly so they won’t forget their eyeglasses anymore.

The horse eyeglass holder is made of polyresin which makes it durable and built to last. It is the best idea for folks to stay connected with their hobbies from their younger years. Make them smile today with the horse eyeglass holder.

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Horses Keep Me Stable Glass

Horse lovers aren’t serious all the time. If they are huge beer lovers, time to bring in the laughter with the comical beer glass. The glass comes in a bar quality 16 oz pint size that will be perfect for the delicious home craft beer or refreshing pilsner at a party. It has an etched design and text saying “Horses Keep Me Stable.” Watch your best buddies how many glasses they can take to stay stable. And laugh your heart out at the absurdity of it all. It’s completely washable and dishwasher safe, ready to be used every day.

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Italian Horse Leather Card Holder

Now, for the sophisticated horse lover who has everything, nothing beats getting them a customized gift they can use every single day. The minimalist leather wallet is the most suitable present which showcases a simple yet polished design that is completely customizable. You can have their name or initials stamped on the wallet to add that personalized touch.

The quality is 100% guaranteed and it even comes with a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied purchases. The wallet has two compartments where they can put their bills, cards, and coins. And best of all, it is made from crazy horse Italian leather. And it comes with sustainable packaging made from recycled paper and no trees were harmed in the process.

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Horseshoe U Shape Key Ring

Let the horse lovers bring this fondness wherever they go. Bring them horseshoe keyrings as gifts for the holidays to keep their car keys and house keys secured all the time. These shoe horse buckles are as sturdy as the horseshoes. It may look light and compact but can carry a hundred times its weight and is sturdy enough to keep things attached securely.

Horse lovers can attach this house and car keys, dog chains, etc to the buckles and will never worry about losing them. Made from stainless steel, it is guaranteed to last for a long time. It also ensures no other items will be damaged as the surface is smooth. The non-slip rubber and compact screw ensure safety and security.

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I AM Horse Puzzles

For the person who has everything but has a fondness for horses, you will never go wrong with a horse jigsaw puzzle. It will account for hours of fun time which can be shared with family members and friends. Once completed, they have a 15” x 20” picture that can be framed to hang on the wall or placed on top of an unused coffee table.

Surprise the horse lovers with the unique packaging they will never guess what is inside. The puzzle itself is made from high gloss and realistic images that are pleasing to the eye. And the puzzle pieces are randomly cut which makes the entire experience educational and fun at the same time.

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Horse Shape Paper Clips

One way to keep school and office life interesting is to bring their favorite animal in the picture. And no! You don’t need to bring the actual animal where they are. But you can give these horse lovers a treat with horse-themed accessories. Slide some horse-themed paper clips in their stockings for the holiday. The paper clips are horse-shaped tucked inside a tin container. Horse lovers will all of a sudden love clamping papers together with these paper clips. They might resist giving them away though, so ensure they have the regular ones too. Put a smile on their face while they wait for the moment where they are reunited with their beloved horse buddies.

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Twine Derby Wine Bottle Stopper

Give the horse lover’s bar or wine cabinet an edge from the rest. Present them with a racehorse bottle stopper to seal the open wine, and add some creativity and zest to the wine rack or shelf that’s only full of bottles. The horse bottle stopper is one of those creative gifts for horse lovers that will spark curiosity from guests. They might even want one even if they aren’t necessarily fond of horses. Do away with the regular cork because the silver car horse does more than add to the aesthetic of the shelf. The rubberized seal keeps the wine fresh and ready to drink at any time. It has that classic style that will put a twist on any room.

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Horse Shadow Wall Art

If you want to go for the vintage look and one that ties up with the western theme of their house, then look no further. Impress them with the striking scene of horses running free. No horse lover can ever say no to their favorite animal’s picture hanging on their wall. The dynamic coming from the wall art itself will move anyone to let horses run wildly rather than just being confined in a small space. Even the horses deserve to showcase their free-spirited nature, exploring the great outdoors.

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StripHair Gentle Groomer

Part of taking care of horses is grooming them. People who are fond of horses will not think twice about shelling a few dollars to get their beloved horses in tip-top shape. Treat your loved ones with a way to save money and spend quality time with their horses with a grooming kit their horses will love. The StripHair all-in-one grooming massage does multiple things without the use of a blade. Even the sensitive horses will give this an approval rating. It is used to shampoo, shine, groomy, shed, curry, slick, and massage the horses. When horse lovers have this, there’s nothing more that they can wish for.

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Horse Face Mask

Humans aren’t the only ones with face masks, even horses do. For horses, it is usually called fly masks which are used to protect their eyes and jaws from annoying flies or insects. So instead of giving the owner a mask, give their pets fly masks and the owner will be twice happier.

The face mask for horses is made of a lightweight design to ensure horses feel comfortable and calm while wearing one. It is also great for sensitive horses or those with allergies as the fabric is breathable and soft. Even with the mask on, horses can still see clearly with the mesh fabric. It ensures they are cool under the heat of the sun.

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Kavallerie Saddle Pad

Riding a horse on a saddle can be painful at times, especially to newbies. But imagine how hard it is for old horses to carry a full-grown human being behind their back. It is much more painful. Horse owners and equestrians care for the horse’s health as much as they care for their own. To protect the back of older horses, a saddle pad provides satisfaction for both rider and horse. The cushion maintains an even pressure on the horse’s back while giving stability and convenience for the rider. Imagine bouncing on a water bed while going for a ride. Give them both a treat so they can enjoy each moment they ride together in the meadow.

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Watercolor Horse Journal

Horse lovers who are addicted to journaling will be enamored at the watercolor horse journal. The hardcover design will make any crafter or writer jump in joy filling in all the blank pages with their thoughts and doodles. Inside the notebook, there is a back cover pocket where they can slide some receipts, bills, notes, photos, and more. The horse journal is one of the most suitable gifts for people who love taking notes. In another perspective, it is also a good present to give someone who doesn’t like to journal but loves horses. It may inspire them to start jotting down their ideas on a piece of paper or notebook.

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Horse Speak

Yes, you heard it right. Horses can speak. However, it is not the same with the human language. Save the horse lover from the frustration of not being able to communicate with their pets. Maybe because they are speaking to them in human language and not the language they understand. Horse Speak is a guide that contains a translation of a horse’s language. It speaks of how equestrians can “hear” what the horse says and “speak” to them in a way they will understand. Guaranteed to give a meaningful and positive conversation between the two.

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Horse Blanket

The blanket was designed specifically with horse lovers in mind. In times when they are away from their beloved animals, the soft fleece blanket will keep them accompanied. People who are obsessed with horses will love the horse patterns on the blanket that come in various breeds, colors, and sizes. Let them feel the soft fuzzy texture against their skin, leaving them all cozy and warm. It is 100% washable and shrink resistant so even if they use it every day, it will still last for a long time.

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Horse Pillow Case

The pillow is not made for all horse lovers. It is specifically catered to horse lovers who are also obsessed with the Godfather. Or, someone who has a great sense of humor may find the design funny rather than scary. So, before you give this gift to a horse lover, ensure they fall into any of these two categories.

The pillow would be a nice combo when paired with an all-white blanket or a horse blanket. Made with polyester fabric, it will give them the comfort they need while they slumber. Definitely, not for the faint-hearted but someone who would love to reminisce about their dreams and the Godfather as soon as they wake up.

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Horse Mask

For horse lovers who are the life of the party, get them into gear that will guarantee heads turning. Wearing the head of a horse as a mask will make people jump on their feet or be dumbfounded. Get your horse lover friend, who dares to be different, a head mask. Nothing will stop them from showing up at a party to break the silence and monotony. People who are as free-spirited as wild stallions will not only draw crowds but also curiosity. This is a great conversation starter to break the ice and loosen up the nerves in people.

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