15 Best Gifts for Husband That Are Sure to Amaze and Astound

They say that love is the greatest gift for husband in the world, but when your sweetheart’s special day rolls around, he’s probably going to want a bit more than a peck on the cheek. The man you love deserves the world and more – fortunately, you don’t need to get him all that to make his gift an amazing, heartfelt treat. Among the best gifts for husband compiled below, you will find an assortment of practical, funny, 100% husband-approved gadgets sure to amaze and astound once the wrapping paper is pulled back.

Best Gifts for Husband

Windlass Handmade Knight's Helmet Decanter

Your knight in shining armor might lack the noble steed, but he doesn’t have to go without his treasured suit of armor! The Helmet Decanter transforms the classic knight’s helmet into a clever, well-imagined carafe and shot glass set. When your husband pulls back the visor, he will find a gorgeous set of 4 1-ounce shot glasses and a 16-ounce carafe, all boasting a vintage medieval charm sure to impress king’s and squire’s alike.

The intricate steel and aluminum helmet is an expertly-styled hand-made replica of those worn by knights in the dark ages and makes for a remarkable feature in a man’s home bar, liquor shelf, or on display in the living room or kitchen. While this helmet might not protect your man from the dangers of battle any time soon, he will be more than content with how well it defends against a dull, sober evening with family or friends.

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L8star Mini Cell Phone Headset

A Bluetooth device is a must-have for many working professionals, but there’s a simple familiarity to the clunky, slightly retro look of the classic cell phone. For the nostalgic husband or just the man with a sense of humor, the Mini Phone Headset is an original hands-free device that will have him in stitches. By replacing the Bluetooth speaker with the replica cell phone, your man can listen to his favorite tunes or hold important conversations on the tiny phone that stays secure on his ear! By giving off less radiation than the staple smartphone, the Mini Phone Headset is both comical and practical for the busy working man concerned with his health, making it one of the best all-in-one gifts currently available on Amazon today.

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BaKblade Back Hair Removal

Hair is a constant struggle for men and women alike. While some men certainly rock the hairy look, if your husband prefers the smooth, sultry, clean-shaven look, then baKblade is an unbeatable gift. A smooth, safe shaver with an impressive reach of up to 18-inches, baKblade allows guys to reach every pesky hair in his way, leaving him looking and feeling his very best.

baKblade is built to contour to a man’s body for a smooth, pain-free shave whether he is wet or dry, making it easier than ever for your husband to manage his hair and maintain his ideal style. We all know the hassle that shaving can be, and for the hairiest husbands, the struggle is very much real; with baKblade, he can feel proud of the way he looks without the need to become a contortionist. And what gift could be better than his newfound confidence?

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Bose Wireless Wearable Speaker

Headphones are handy, no doubt, but they isolate you from the surrounding world. When your husband needs to take a call or feels like listening to his favorite music, he still wants to know what’s happening in the world around him. Does anyone need him? If there an emergency he should be aware of? With headphones in, its easy to miss it all.

The Wearable Speaker ensures that your husband is able to comfortably enjoy his audio without losing touch with his surroundings, promoting his safety, and his own bearings on the world around him. These high-tech speakers rely on patented new technology to deliver his audio to his ears without blocking out opposing noises, ideal for those working in a busy or fluctuating work environment. With an incredible 12-hour battery life, your husband can work without interruption all day feeling comfortable and, more importantly, feeling connected to his neighbors, his colleagues, and you.

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TANITA Odor Checker

When we encounter a smell regularly, even a particularly unpleasant smell, we can go blind to the powerful scent. Your husband is a sweetheart, but like anyone else, doesn’t always smell like a bouquet of roses. You don’t need to be the bearer of bad news, though; with the gift of an Odor Checker, your man will be able to monitor his own BO and keep his strongest scents under control. Scent plays a major role in our experience of the world, so naturally, others are prone to make quick assumptions about a man based on his smell (sometimes without even realizing). By keeping track of his scent and by making sure he’s always at his best, your husband will be able to make better impressions on those around him – including you! It’s time to do away with bad body odor for good!

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Men's Cashanova Party Costume Suit

Money talks. In the case of the Cash Suit, this money is screaming for attention in all the best ways. For a bold statement piece or a humorous joke outfit, the Cash Suit certainly is sure to turn heads. But despite the humorous pattern of the material, this quality suit, with matching jacket, pants, and tie, boasts quality tailoring and vast size options to ensure a flattering fit and impressive durability. The 100% polyester fabric is machine washable, making this suit simultaneously a comfortable one to wear and an easy one to clean – so much so that your husband will soon be searching for reasons to don these bold garbs! A fun gift doesn’t need to skimp on quality, and the Cash Suit is the perfect example of how a playful, unique style can still make a man look and feel like a million dollars.

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Past Present Future Watch

When the daily 9-to-5 has your husband feeling down, it’s important to remember the value of experiencing each and every moment. The Past Present Future Watch reminds us that each moment is fleeting, and encourages us to appreciate the time we have before it slips away. The past and the future are beyond your man’s reach, so he should look for the fun in the current moment that he has. If your husband isn’t one for philosophy, he will still appreciate the gorgeous metal mesh and brushed stainless steel of the Past Present Future Watch. With a simple color scheme and bold message, this handy timepiece is sure to impress and please, making it one of the greatest gifts a man could hope for.

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Online Bath Shower Curtain

Give your husband the gift of fun at bath or shower time with this unique shower curtain that is perfect for anyone with a passion for all things digital. The design features a classic ‘YouTube’ design with a clear panel through which your husband can perform his naked bath time show. HIlarious and something a little different, this is a gift that is sure to bring a smile to your husband’s face. The shower curtain is made from PVC which is super easy to clean so the perfect addition to the bathroom where hygiene is concerned. It also comes complete with fixing hooks for easy installation and is a very generous size that will hide his modesty whilst he performs his show.

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Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

In modern times there is little more as stylish as a man with a beard – it seems that they are popping up everywhere but with a beard comes great responsibility. Responsibility for keeping that beard styled and neat, of course. Using ionic technology, this handy beard straightener will allow your husband to maintain a sleek, smooth beard at all times – great to make sure he doesn’t prickle you too! Not only does it work on the beard but is also perfect for use on the hair too so you’re getting an efficient two in one tool that will save you time thanks to its quick straightening. Furthermore, the device comes with a mini beard comb that your husband can take with him on the go keeping his beard looking at its best all day long!

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Gerber Barbill Wallet

If your husband spends a lot of time on the go then he’s going to need a wallet that is durable, secure, and multi-functional, and that is exactly what you will be getting with the Barbill wallet. It features two stainless steel sides that offer full protection for his cards and cash but is also very lightweight and so doesn’t make carrying the wallet around a hassle. The product has been designed to hold up to seven cards, all of varying sizes so there will be no need for him to leave his loyalty cards or credit cards behind. But the most impressive thing about this stylish wallet which is black with a striking orange design is that it also comes with a bottle opener so that your husband will not need to carry anything extra.

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Nose Hair & Ear Hair Remover

It’s no secret that your husband wants to look his best, and we’re under no illusion that you won’t want him scrubbing up too! That’s why, when choosing a gift for your husband, this handy little hair removal tool is an excellent option. It has been designed to remove both nose and ear hair with ease and unlike trimming which can cause the hair to grow back, over time, removing the hairs this way will discourage further growth. The great news is that The Pluck hair removal tool offers hair removal that is virtually pain-free, unlike other methods so your husband won’t be put off the process. It’s quick and easy so is perfect for fitting into his daily grooming routine.

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Mens Hip Hop Slim Track Pants

If your husband loves to work out, we’re guessing that he will want to work out in style so why not choose one of these incredible athletic jogging bottoms that come in a huge range of colors and designs? Not only will this allow you to perfectly match your husband’s style but you could even choose a few pairs so he has a varied choice of workout wear. The jogging bottoms are made from a blend of polyester and Spandex which offers extreme comfort alongside incredible durability. No matter what sport your beloved is into, these bottoms will become his new go-to item of clothing. Made by an extremely reputable clothing brand who pride themselves on creating stylish yet functional athletic wear, you know that you are getting a product that will perform.

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Screwpop Hit-Kit Lighter Holder

For the husband who enjoys letting loose, kicking back, and relaxing with his herbal alternative, this is a great accessory and makes a unique and interesting gift. This nifty little device gives your husband the freedom of carrying all of his things in one neat little package without the need for taking out masses of items. The container has the space for a standard BIC lighter, which is the most well-loved and well-known brand in the world, so your husband is sure to have a lighter to match. It is made from strong and durable material so you know that it will stand the test of time but it is also very lightweight making it personal for carrying out wherever your husband goes.

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Morninghead Cap

How often does your husband wake up in the morning with a bedhead that would rival even the most extravagant scarecrow? If this sounds familiar then the Morninghead cap could be a viable solution. If he’s waking up looking disheveled, this cap provides a super quick way to style his hair without the need for full washing and styling, which can be time-consuming. All your husband needs to do is pop a little water into the cap and put it onto his head. Then he gives it a rub, takes it off and styling can be achieved in seconds. This is a reusable product so it’ll serve him for many mornings to come and is also ideal for fixing nap hair or for those times when he wants to take an evening shower. No one can say that this isn’t a versatile gift.

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ZERIRA Tiny Capsule Cutter

This handy little tool can be easily attached to your husband’s keys so that when the moment calls for some emergency cutting, he will always be well equipped. You get two tools in each pack, so even if one goes missing, there will always be a backup and the sleek design makes them attractive as well. The mini knife is made from brass and steel, both of which are extremely heavy duty and very durable. They will not rust, no matter what your husband puts them through. What’s more, thanks to the innovative design, you get incredible cutting without any risk to your safety. Ideal for opening packages, camping trips, and many other applications.

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