24 Gifts for Knitters to Make Their Job Easier, Safer and Faster

Knitted sweaters and wearables are expensive for a reason. A product of hours of practice, patience, and creativity, not enough credit is given to hard-working knitters. If you are thinking of getting a knitter, here’s a list of gifts for knitters that you can choose from, nothing fancy or expensive. What you will see is a list of must-haves and things that people might know exist. And yet, each tool will help every knitter’s job easier, safer, and faster.

Gifts for Knitters

Knitter's Pride Needles Set

Whether they are beginners or experts, knitters will love the Knitter’s Pride. The set includes various sizes of needles from US 3 to 17. Because in knitting, size does matter. It comes in a pretty pouch that organizes all the needles neatly. There are several reasons why the needle set is a must on every knitter’s tool.

Aside from having various sizes, they are easy to use. They are smooth and glide easily which is necessary if they want to knit seamlessly. Also, the needles are perfectly pointed and the tips aren’t sharp enough that they won’t hurt anyone. On top of these, the pouch can also support the knitting pattern of the project they are working with. It is multifunctional and lovely to look at.

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The Ultimate Knitting Book

Knitters who are continuously finding ways to improve their craft will appreciate a unique knitting book for their birthday. Like any other craft, knitting has evolved throughout the years. If the knitter you know has memorized all the basic stitches, it is time to level up.

The book showcases an expanded library of bind-offs, increases and decreases, and cast-offs. Aside from this, it also shows new techniques so they can expand beyond knitting scarves and sweaters. The updated version of the book includes more than 1600 photos and illustrations plus 65 additional pages of extensive information about knitting. This is the best book that could help them advance their skills to mastery level in knitting.

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KnitIQ Blocking Mats

Knitters, especially beginners and intermediate ones, often have projects that look crooked or misshaped. If this is the case of the person you know, the KnitlQ is your best bet. KnitlQ is interlocking boards that they can assemble to form various shapes and sizes. This will help them align their project to give it a professional finish. The square blocks are made from thick, dense foam that can endure all the pins used to keep the project in place. So, you are assured that this item will last for years. When they are done, they can neatly store them in the bag that came with it.

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Clover Antique Yarn Threader

Are you tired of being asked by your mom or grandma to thread the yarn for them? Or, maybe worried no one else can do it for them when you are not around? Give her a sense of relief knowing that they can do it themselves. For Christmas, drop several yarn threaders as their stocking stuffers. The yarn threader looks fancy but its usefulness is beyond comparison. Knitters of all ages, regardless if they are a novice or not, will enjoy using the threader. No longer will they feel like threading a cow in a needle hole. With just a few slick, they can easily thread the yarn through the needles.

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Wood Yarn Holder

Have you seen your mother or grandmother struggle with tangled yarn? This scene isn’t new especially when they are in the midst of a huge project that requires tons of yarns. When you add children and pets to the picture, it can be a mess. Save the woman in your life from the tangled mess with a yarn holder.

The wood holder is something knitters will be thankful for because, finally, their yarns will be tangled free. Made from a natural log, it is durable and sturdy which gives them the assurance that it lives to serve them till they make hundreds of sweaters and scarves. It is easy to use, all they need to do is slide the whole yarn on the pole and put the thread in the hole. They can also change the yarn as they please without any fuss.

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LED Neck Reading Light

Working with needles and yarn can be confusing if one can’t clearly see the pattern and the yarn. Overhead light may not give knitters the brightness they need. Stop them from squinting their eyes every single time. Send them a neck light to make knitting easy and convenient. The neck light comes in 3 adjustable brightness and colors that sits snugly on the neck. They can easily change the level of brightness to suit their needs. It is rechargeable using a USB Type-C charger. Once fully charged, they can use it for up to 80 hours. Best of all, they can use it for various purposes such as knitting, reading, and the like.

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Knitting & Crochet Journal

If you have a knitter in the family, let them preserve and document all their projects in one journal with a templated format. The knitting journal is like their legacy they can pass on to other people who might also be interested in knitting or crochet. Each page of the journal will be a living testament to all the hours of hard work they put into each masterpiece. They can include a yarn sample they used and a photo of the finished product as memorabilia. Even at that point when their hands can no longer hold a needle, the journal is a great read to go back in history.

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Sewing Tape Measure

Knitted wearables are rare and expensive. Having someone who can knit clothes for you is a treasure. So, if their hobby or profession includes knitting clothes, give them a tape measure, a necessary tool in designing knitted dresses, sweaters, or blouses. A good knitter deserves a pocket-size tape measure with leather body material. Made from soft advanced fiberglass, the tape ensures that they will not get any injuries or cuts while working on their project. Measuring up to 60 inches or 1.5 meters in length, they are dual-printed to show centimeters and inches on both sides in clear print for easy reading.

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Thread Cutterz

When working with threads, a scissor or thread cutter should be within reach. Make things easier for the knitter with the thread cutterz. The thread cutting tool is made of a two-sided stainless steel blade placed on a velcro adjustable strap. Knitters can strap the cutter on their wrist which makes cutting yarns or threads easy and convenient. Safe and convenient to use as it is strapped on the wrist, there is a lesser chance of getting cuts or injuries. It is even TSA-approved, so knitters can bring it with them while traveling on a plane. This will be a great tool to use for knitting anywhere and anytime.

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Leather Cutting Scissors

Anyone who does needlework needs scissors in their stash. Ensure the knitters are well-equipped with heavy-duty and ultra sharp pairs of scissors. The fabric scissors give knitters a professional cut regular scissors can’t give. With the multi-purpose scissor, they can use it beyond their knitting projects to cutting fabrics or used in the household. It is comfortable to handle and doesn’t rust which makes it a perfect tool to use for all cutting jobs for a long time. They can even adjust the tightness of the screw to fit their personal needs. Get them the best pair of scissors out there!

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Rubber Tip Finger Protector

Some knitters have soft and smooth skin that is prone to cuts and injuries. Often, knitting jobs can be challenging because the needles slip from their fingers. For these sensitive folks, grab the Griply rubber finger tips to make their holiday warm and bright. Made from durable rubber, these fingertips serve as a protective barrier so as to avoid bruises or cuts. And they also make handling needles easy and comfortable. Acting like a second skin, it’ll never make them uncomfortable wearing one. Light and sweat-free, they are the best companions for knitters.

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Knit Picks Yarn Swift

If you often see pools of threads or yarns lying around your grandmother or friend’s house, chances are they don’t know how to roll them in a way that it won’t tangle when they have to use them. Offer a solution before they trip on one of the yarns lying on the floor with a yarn swift to wind these yarns to a ball.

A yarn swift is a great tool that can hold the skeins of yarn as you turn them into a ball. It may look complicated but it is easy to assemble and fold. They can even clamp it to any table and the umbrella can accommodate standard-sized threads. Made of heavy-duty Birchwood and metal hardware, it is designed to look stylish but functional at the same time.

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Unbreakable Storage Yarn Bowl

For elderly knitters, complicated tools may not be the best fit. Find them something simple and aesthetic at the same time. For knitters who want their yarns organized, you can’t go wrong with a storage bowl. The aluminum metal is the most convenient way to store skeins, hanks, and balls. It is lightweight and handy, So, even if they are on the road most of the time, knitters can bring the yarn storage bowl with them anytime. Rolling and knitting are smoother with the brilliant hard surface of the bowl. Best of all, it is unbreakable so guaranteed they can use it for a lifetime.

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Clover Point Protectors

Storing needles can be a nuisance as they often get tangled up in the pouch or container. It can even cause cuts or injuries when held incorrectly. So, let not this be the story of the knitter you know. Provide them with a point protector to safeguard the tip of their needles. Best for circular knitting needles, it suits needles with sizes US 8 to 15. The set comes in 4 which is the average number of needles knitters have. With the point protectors, they can store needles safely without making holes or damages to any container.

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Red Suricata Sock Blockers

Knitting wearables other than sweaters is a good step for any knitter. This means they are stretching themselves away from the norm and their comfort zone. But, knitting wearables, especially socks, can be challenging. This is because it can easily get deformed when there is no stuffer to hold them up. Bring them sock blockers as mother’s day presents for mother knitters in the house. The blockers ensure that the socks stay in place, thus, creating the right size and shape. It is adjustable to fit the size of socks they are making. It is always best to have variety in the sizes of socks so they can give one to every age group or feet size.

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Knit Your Own Boyfriend

Know anyone who doesn’t have a boyfriend but loves to knit? Then, you are in for a treat because here is one of the most suitable gifts for knitters who are spending date nights alone. When they can’t find the perfect man, ask them to stitch one, through the help of the book Knitting Boyfriend. The book comes with an easy-to-follow guide on 13 types of boyfriends they can meet. With this, they can mold them to be the perfect guy in their dreams. No more “yarning.” Because the ideal guy is right at their fingertips.

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Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pincushion

Armed with pins, needles, and yarns, knitters can make a masterpiece out of nothing. The best way to ensure that they are fully equipped all the time is to give them the gadgets or tools they need. For knitters who have magical hands, the pincushion offers a great help. With one of the strongest magnets in the world, the sewing pin cushions are magnetic and can be strapped on the wrist. Knitters would never lose another needle or pin again as long as they have the magnetic pin cushion with them. Voted by sewers who want safe and functional wristbands, the magnetic pin cushion doesn’t have any toxins and is sweat-free.

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Ultima Tailors Chalk

Tailors and knitters always need markers to ensure they have the right measurement in place especially when they are making clothes or accessories. Show your appreciation to the knitter who gave you comfortable scarves for the holiday with a tailor’s chalk. You will never know they will make a sweater or hat for you the next time. The chalk set comes in 12 triangle-shaped markers that come in 4 colors (yellow, white, red, and blue). Easy to handle due to its triangular shape, it is the best marker that is convenient to use. Give, even the novice knitters, a professional edge with a solid block of chalk they can use for creating masterpieces.

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Learn to Knit Beginner Kit

For newbies who are interested in knitting but don’t have any idea where to start, encourage them to take the first step with a beginner kit for knitters. Designed for beginners in mind, the learn to knit kit contains all the essential items they might need from yarn, tools, and a guide to finish a knit three colors of dishcloth. Other than knitting tools, the kit includes a step-by-step guide, which includes tutorials, to finish their first knitting project. It even came with photo tutorials so the beginners can follow along.

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Coffee Mug Cozy Sleeve

Get your knitting buddy a new inspiration they can work on. Let them expand their knowledge to other basic items they can knit. One of which is a sweater wrap. For thanksgiving, give them the sweater wrap as a thank you gift for all the knitted scarves and gloves they gave you. Hopefully, from there, they can draw inspiration and make new items out of the gift you gave. The sweater wrap is the best accessory to use during the winter and holiday season. They don’t need to tolerate the hot mug between their hands. The sweater map can fit any mug, and it even comes with a huge button to fasten the wrap in place.

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Interchangeable Needle Tips

For the serious knitters who wanted to level up their game, gear them up with the needle set. This set of needles are known to be the shortest interchangeable and thinnest needles out there. Made from surgical steel, they are safe to use. With the complete set, they can make a variety of projects from accessories to wearables. The set includes various lengths and thicknesses of needles. They can easily switch them to match their needs. It also includes ropes, rope spanner, end stoppers, cable connectors, stitch markers, and needle gauge. Add this all together and they will be looking like professionals in no time.

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Weaving Loom

If the knitter wants to expand their work and add another layer of needlework, a weaving loom is a good match. Add some character to their knitted wearables with the help of the weaving loom. The weaving loom is great for beginners, even kids can use it. Easy to assemble and operate. It can be a tool they can use for their other yarns to create magnificent artwork like tapestries and mats. Giving them this special tool will help them expand their horizons and not be limited to their knitting skills. Combining various needleworks adds character and depth to the masterpiece.

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Afghan Knitting Loom

For knitters who want to challenge themselves, the knitting board is the best companion for huge projects, such as finishing an Afghan for the winter season. The knitting board is made from durable plastic pegs to create a 5 ft. wide scarf or shawl. This is the tool best used in making blankets, hats, shawls, and scarves. It is simple to use with the step-by-step guide included in the kit. Each completed project looks like it was stitched up by a professional because of its clean edges. Go for the authentic afghan loom for the best result.

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Carrying Knitting Bag

Knitters usually have a variety of yarns, needles, and other tools in their possession. Often, you’ll only see them in baskets or tin containers. They aren’t the best containers to use when organizing their tools and when traveling. For the knitter who can’t live a day without knitting, send them a knitting bag for all their knitting essentials. It has several compartments to organize the tools. The big one for the yarns, and the outer zipper for the knitting needles, and small items like measuring tapes and scissors. It even has 4 grommets where they can pass the thread through. 

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