28 Gifts for Movie Lovers To Fill Their Heart’s Desire

Other than tagging along in all their movie escapades, for sure you are wondering what could be some awesome ideas to give to these couch potatoes to fill their heart’s desire. The good thing is with the advancement in technology, you get a myriad of options for your movie buddy. Whether they are into directing or watching a movie, there is something for everyone. Brace yourself for a list of unique gifts for movie lovers, from the simplest to the most high-tech equipment that will capture the heart of each movie fanatic. 

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Wolverine Digital MovieMaker

Don’t get intimidated as this is not Wolverine from Xmen. But it has the power to blow your friend or loved one’s mind when they get to see what a Wolverine is. Every video and movie maker will want to have this in their “toolbox” because of its features and functions.

Wolverine is a fully automated apparatus used by moviemakers to create digitized content. This is the best equipment especially for newbies as it is a stand-alone machine. So, for your loved one who is an aspiring movie director, it is their stepping stone into making their imagination come to life. No need for computers, drivers, or softwares as the videos are automatically saved to the SD/SDHC cards.

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Anker Nebula Apollo Projector

When you can’t ask your girlfriend or sibling to come out because she is too invested in her movie marathon, bring the movie with you. For this holiday, give them the Nebula Apollo projector. It isn’t your usual huge projector but a mini one that can still provide the best entertainment experience even outside of the house.

The mini projector comes with a speaker giving off the full entertainment experience. Even out in the wilderness where the environment is dark, it will shine through giving crisp, clear videos and good quality sound. Watch at least 2 movies with the 4-hour video playtime, it is the perfect time to switch from movie bingeing to enjoying the great outdoors.

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Cinephile Card Game

It’s the battle of the movie fans! Get your movie buddy to rise up and get excited with a game that is solely made for them – Cinephile. Cinephile is not called “addictive card games for film nerds” for nothing. With 150 cards to shuffle and choose from and play in various ways, it is a surefire hit for any party to break the ice creating a life full of memories of the happy times. It is the game night that will haul in endless classics. Identify the newbies from the geeks and make everyone laugh in tears.

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FlipBooKit Maker Kit

Is your entire life like a movie? Or do you know anyone who has a life that fits the highlight reel of a movie? Send them a flipbook kit so they can make their story come to life. Crafters who also love movies would want their hands on the kit to turn their own images to flip cards. The kit includes labels and everything they need to make a customized hand-automated movie reel. With the attached instruction guide, everything is easy to assemble. Create chronological pictures that showcase important events in one kit. Whether you end up doing the flipbook for your friend or they do it for themselves, the flipbook is still fun and interesting to make.

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Inflatable Movie Projector Screen

Why settle for an indoor screen when you can bring it outside? A projector screen is one of the best gifts for movie lovers that lets them share their favorite movie to others. A great add-on to the movie collector’s compilation, Vivohome provides the best movie outdoor experience. Easily inflate and deflate the screen to bring it anywhere. It also came with a blower and handy bag that makes it easy to install anytime. Made from durable material, it gives thousands of hours of high quality movies in 16:9 aspect ratio. Bring along some loudspeakers for that ultimate viewing experience.

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DJI Pocket 2 Exclusive Combo

An aspiring moviemaker deserves a pocket-sized camera to capture any moment in motion. For their birthday, surprise them with one of a kind gifts. DJI pocket is the best video recorder that can be connected to both Android and iPhone. Giving your loved one a DJI pocket is like supporting their dream to become the next James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. The journey begins as soon as they lay their hands on the DJI pocket with the 93 FOV and 20mm focal length. There is no bad video that will come out of the combo set. Everything is captured to perfection, rewatching it is reliving the moment as it happened.

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Metal Movie Reel Wall Art

Other than playing movies on the TV screen, wall arts are another way to showcase someone’s love for cinematics. So, add some flair to their living or entertainment room with an antique movie reel wall art. The antique bronze design will pop out in any room, especially one with white wall. Old fashion reels can send hits of nostalgia as soon as you see them on the wall. The beautiful piece of artwork will bring the room to life, as the focal point for a movie-themed room.

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12’’ Screen Magnifier

No TV or projector in the house? Worry no more and let your movie lover pal get the best out of the movie they are watching with a 3D magnifier. No need for electricity or special installation, it’s plug and play feature makes it one of the simplest but coolest gifts a couch potato could get.

The 3D magnifier comes with a 12” screen that lets the recipient enjoy the video on their smartphone in full view. It is like watching from the screen of a laptop or desktop. Give relief to their eyes with the help of the magnifier. No need to cringe their eyes watching from a small screen. Also ease the visual fatigue from an extended time looking at the smartphone’s screen. Watch and enjoy their favorite movie from a smartphone in huge HD format through a magnifier.

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Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Level up the movie watching experience with premier theater seating. Nothing beats getting a top-class recliner while bingeing on favorite movies and shows. Give the movie lovers the ultimate comfort they need with an all Italian leather recliner.

Setting up a theater seating in a movie lover’s entertainment room is a huge check on their wish list. Who would reject such an effort to upgrade their viewing experience? When you are offered a designer chic seat with the ultimate coziness one could get. The hugging feature which contours the cushion to fit the body is a cherry on top that will make them fall in love with watching movies over and over again. Don’t get surprised if it becomes a favorite part of the house.

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Ticket Stub Organizer

Moviegoers have an array of tickets on all the movies they have watched. Other than making them recall the stories and characters, seal the memory by preserving these tickets. The ticket organizer is one-of-its-kind as what people are used to are photo albums. This time with the ticket organizer, they can put all their tickets in order from concerts, trips, shows, and movies. Seeing them all together in one binder will bring loads of memories back. It is always nice to reminisce on things that you have watched in the past with these sweet mementos you can even hand over to the next generation.

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Original Stovetop Popcorn Popper

What is a movie night without popcorn? When you already have the right screen and theater seat, the next on the list is snack while watching. Don’t let movie buddies buy expensive popcorn every single time. Send them popcorn when they rather stay at home to binge. Guaranteed delicious and healthy, homemade popcorn will never disappoint. Ditch the fryers and settle them with the popcorn maker. The kit includes the aluminum pot and wood handle. Cook up to 6 qt of popcorn to last the entire movie and share with family members and friends.

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Big Blanket

No matter the time of the day, the big blanket is always a great addition when bingeing on movies. It isn’t your typical blanket as it is 10” x 10” (100 square feet). Movie lovers will have this blanket as a movie buddy whether they are alone or not. The big blanket fits a king-size blanket good for one or sharing. Letting it go isn’t easy as it’s the ultimate comfort experience better than sherpa and fleece blankets. The colossal blanket is even a great picnic blanket and camping blanket. Share the love by sharing the blanket to others.

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Vintage Camera Bookend

Give the library some classic and nostalgic makeover. Movie lovers will certainly be mind blown with the special bookend only for them. Whether the library is full of books or albums, the bookend will seal all that and add personality in the room. The 7-inch tall bookend is classically designed to look like a vintage camera. Even non-movie goers who are vintage collectors will approve of this masterpiece. Made from fine resin, it is guaranteed to last while bringing some character to the place. Hold the pieces of books together with the bookend made of classical sculpture.

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Funny Ankle Socks

Throwing some unexpected gifts for movie lovers is always nice. Especially when it still showcases their love for movies. The socks are gag wearables that will make anyone laugh on their stomach. A perfect movie companion for that cozy feel, these socks make everyone know that movie lovers cannot be disturbed while watching if they want to keep the peace and harmony in the house. Let them wear these on each movie they watch to make the rest of the household know that you are not supposed to be disrupted. Give them a wiggle of the toes and a wink to uplift anyone who gets to see them on the couch.

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JBL Bar 5.1

To get the full cinematic experience, you have to get the best view of the video and an audio surround system. So for the movie lover who wants to get a feel of everything, give them a JBL soundbar, one of those high-end gifts they will certainly appreciate.

The soundbar amplifies the cinematic experience in true wireless mode. Home theater systems aren’t complete without the thrilling bass to accentuate every move and action in the movie. It works not only for the TV but can be connected to other HDMI inputs for other 4K devices and Bluetooth. The incredible sound coming from the subwoofers will make each movie and game give off an out-of-this-world experience.

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Sony Home Theater Headphones

Movie lovers who had to share a pad or house with other people know how restricting it is to enjoy their favorite screenplay in full mode. Headsets or mini Bluetooth speakers can’t bring justice to the thrilling sound coming from a herd of villains rushing toward the superhero. Or, the magnificent soundtrack in musicals. Don’t let them suffer from the lack of privacy to enjoy their fave to the fullest with the Sony theater headphone.

It cancels out noise from the surrounding, giving them a full experience of the audio from the video. Experience the rush and gush as they feel like the actors are whispering in their ears. Enjoy the entire experience for up to 20 hours. Everything is available in a wireless format. No one will ever go between them and the movie in their head.

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Google Cardboard

Who says you can only watch a high-end movie with expensive equipment? There is a way to get the 3D quality feel of movies even on a budget. So, if you don’t have all the money in the world, google cardboard is a perfect choice. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a virtual reality device, all you need is cardboard and a smartphone. It’s not your typical cardboard as it is equipped with biconvex lenses to give the best visuals. Easy to assemble and use. The only thing that needs to be charged consistently is their smartphone.

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Movie Popcorn Trays

Movies and snacks always go hand in hand to get that feeling of going to an actual movie theater. For that friend who is always itching to watch in the cinema, bring the experience home with the combo tray for their popcorn and beverage. Get several combo trays for each member of the family so no one will argue. It is kid-friendly and mess-free, doubling the fun of watching movies together. The tray is easy to assemble, even kids can construct it by themselves. It’s the pop-up experience that will get everyone giggling. No more fighting as each one has their own share.

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Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

Every movie lover’s dream is to have a movie-themed room. You may not be able to renovate their room but you can contribute at least one piece of equipment to get them started. Bring their room to life with a cinema-style floor lamp.

Feel like a movie star or director in a filming set with the classic camera-designed lamp. The vintage look of this lightning fixture brings character to the room. As if they are transported to a shooting location of the Pride and the Prejudice, or, even of Titanic. The black camera lampshade is mounted on a sophisticated tripod giving off the industrial and trendy feel.

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Govee LED TV Backlights

Lights out! Let the movie begin. Bring all the attention towards the TV as you turn on the backlight. Surprise the movie lover in the house with a one-of-a-kind viewing experience they will go back to time and time again.

The good thing about this backlight is it syncs to whatever color is on the TV screen. It is equipped with a camera to capture each moment for that amazing cinematic experience. Connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant to change the setting of the light or to turn it on or off. Indulge also in a one-of-a-kind listening experience as the built-in mic sync with the music in the surrounding. Bring the video and music to life with an interactive sensation that is out-of-this-world.

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Eat What You Watch

Get a glimpse of the life behind the reel. For true movie fans, the best way to get the best experience from each movie is to recreate the scene or at least the food they ate in a particular movie. So, if your friend is not only a movie lover but also a foodie, this cookbook is one of the best gifts you can get. It features recipes of beloved moves and scenes. Dive into the dinner roll while imagining Charlie Chaplin dancing in the hallway. Cook with the author Andrea Rea as you try to recreate these iconic dishes bringing your fantasy to life.

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3D Active Glasses

Know anyone who would wish to have Cyclops glasses or the one-of-a-kind gadgets in the kingsman? It is here — the 3D glasses. Not the same as the ones in these classic movies but is powerful in its own right. The 3D active glasses bring another definition to full cinematic viewing. Unlike the ones in the theater, users can switch from 3D to 2D or vice versa in one tap. This glass allows simultaneous viewing without disrupting the other user. Watch movies on the other while the other surfs the internet simultaneously with the use of one device. It can be worn on top of prescription glasses without any issues.

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Make It A Blockbuster Night T-Shirt

Anyone who is well-versed with all the blockbuster movies deserves a blockbuster shirt. If you are searching for one of the most practical gifts for movie lovers, the blockbuster T-shirt is the answer. It is official merchandise that only true fans of movies will get to appreciate. Don’t miss the chance to get them into the outfit that suits them well. Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it’s the proper outfit for a movie marathon. Don’t look far and get your man geared up with the movie-themed shirt that will send him to the moon.

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Shock your movie lover friend with a unique coffee mug that is perfect for him. The novelty item that will make them gush in delight is the strata cups camera coffee mug. People will never know it’s not an actual camera lens but a mug. No one can claim it because your movie lover friend is the only one deserving of the mug. The stainless steel mug is a sure scene-stealer. People will want to know where they got it. More than its aesthetic, the coffee mug is very functional. It comes in a bundle with 2 lids and 1 retractable spoon. The perfect thermos to keep your hot choco warm and iced coffee cold.

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My Cinema Lightbox

For those who love to make crafts or blogs and movies, the cinema lightbox is perfect for them. The LED marquee lightbox gives a certain glow and character to the room, making it a focal point. It comes with 100 letters, numbers, and symbols that can be combined to form words and phrases. It can be used as a reminder or even to put quotes for the day. The rose gold metallic shell gives it a classy appeal that can give life to a room. Put their favorite movie quote or what they are currently watching to show what they are up to for the day.

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Movie Camera Keychain

Not everyone gets to see what someone is interested in the first meeting. But due to their obsession with screenplays, one of the best gifts that will showcase this is a movie keychain. Put some style into their keychain that reflects their personality or interest. The Hollywood movie keychain will make others curious about the story behind it. It comes with charms designed as a video recorder, popcorn, and drama and comedy masks. Anyone can figure out just by looking at these cute charms what the owner likes. Ditch the plain and ugly keychains, give keychains with a character that fits the owner’s hobby and interest.

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Best. Movie. Year. Ever

Every movie fanatic will know the glorious year of screenplays — that is 1999. The book titled “The Best Movie Year Ever” will throw every movie lover back to memory lane showcasing the various genres and storyline released in 1999. Movie lovers will be thrilled to go through the book reading and recreating the various scenes in their minds of the classic movies released during that year.

To name a few, you have The Matrix, Sixth Sense, American Beauty, Magnolia, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to name a few. What’s more is you get a glimpse of the scene stories and experiences of various actors and directors. Hoping that history repeats itself and creates a year of magnificent movies.

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100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Give your movie lover friend a challenge to name the top 100 movies of all time. For Christmas, send them a scratch poster that showcases all these to check if they have watched them or not. The list of movies was filtered down and approved by both critics and fans. Guaranteed that every single movie on the poster is well deserved.

Scratch off one frame at a time. If they guess it right, move to the next. Or, if not, they need to rewatch it. This is a fun way to remind them that they have seen that much. Or, perhaps what they have missed. Once everything has been peeled off, they can proudly tell anyone they have watched all the movies on the poster.

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Plastic Director's Film Clapboard

What can be closer to the movie theme than an actual clapboard movie staff use while filming? For movie lovers who might have some desire to get into the entertainment industry, give them a film clapboard that screams movie. The clapboard is made from acrylic, easy to clean and write. Super compact and portable, they can play movie-making anytime. And if they are serious about honing their craft, they might use the clapboard in an actual film set. Cheer them on because nothing is impossible for someone who takes a step towards their courage zone. Maybe one day, you will be watching their movie.

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