Putting the “Fun” in Functional: 27 Gifts That All New Moms Need

The baby is born. Congratulations and pictures fly everywhere, and no one can deny that that’s the most adorable baby the world has ever seen! She is beaming with happiness, and apart from the gift of life she would also appreciate some heartfelt and thoughtful gifts for new moms.

Gifts for New Moms

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in a couple’s life, The new moms and new dads, eager to welcome the new member to the family, have been preparing the room, the clothes, the toys, and all the cute accessories. For those in dire need of some inspiration, hope the list below will help you find the perfect gifts for new moms or all the soon-to-be mom’s in your life.

Raising Tiny Humans Funny Wine Glass

The pregnancy period is very strict in terms of what you can eat and drink since the new mom is taking care of not only herself but also her baby. But now it’s time to celebrate the newborn with a good glass of wine! Take the opportunity to gift the new mom this glass of wine so she can remember how good it tastes!


Baby Socks Gift Set

You won’t need to make an effort to smile at your adorable newborn baby, we know. However, these funny baby socks are guaranteed to get a chuckle every time! A very amusing gift for the new moms out there: apart from being warm and comfortable on the inside, they come with sayings like “If you can read this… bring me some milk!”. Now that’s a pair of funny feet you got there, baby! Maybe you’ll grow up to be a comedian someday.


Original Stretchy Infant Sling

Sometimes the new mom will have to go out to do some shopping. Instead of bringing the whole baby trolley and having to reposition it every five minutes in the store, consider offering this baby carrier gift. Mom’s arms will be free and the baby will be able to snuggle against the mom! Plus, they both will look so cute together, exploring the world out there!


The Complete Baby Monitor Solution

The first few months after the baby is born are filled with multiple worries for the baby’s health. This baby monitor will help the new mom relax a bit, knowing that her baby is well, so she can get some essential rest! It comes with information about baby vitals, a video feed to check up on the young one and two-way audio: “Baby John, what’s your status?”. Baby John laughs back happily!


Novelty Socks For The New Mom To Be

Parents also deserve some love for all the care they are providing. Gift these new parents’ socks! They come with all kinds of expressions, from funny, through quirky, to adorable. A good set if you’re also planning on gifting the baby socks mentioned above. The perfect solution to keep those feet warm and stylish in-between trips to the baby’s room!


100% Charged & Low Battery Funny Mom & Me Set

Despite exciting, childbirth and caring for the newborn baby can be exhausting. Take a jab at that idea with this set of t-shirts for the new mom and her child! The mom’s shirt shows her low battery level and the baby shirt shows him fully charged! Sure to get a good smile out of everyone who sees the duo wearing them. Looks like the mom is the baby’s power bank… I wonder if there are power banks for new moms as well…?


SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer

Maybe the new mom stopped going to the gym in the last months of pregnancy. After all, pregnancy can be a gym experience all on its own, anyway. Now she might be struggling with rocking her baby to sleep, because of all the exercise she missed on. This is where the automatic bouncer gift comes in! Set your baby comfortably and securely within, and the bouncer will take care of all those soothing movements for a while, while you watch the baby’s happy face!


Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Hey baby, did you know we live in the social media age? Do you want to get started with some great pictures? Tell someone to gift your new mom this baby milestone blanket, so she can write all the details about you, take charming pictures of you and have them sent to all your friends and family! Start practicing for your Instagram career. You’ll be thankful in 20 years, trust me on this!


Newborn Baby Handprint Kit

“Hey Helen”, mom says to her now 10-year-old daughter, “this was how your tiny hands and feet looked like when you were a baby!”. Helen stands with her mouth open, amazed at how small she was. With this baby handprint gift, the new mom will be able to imprint the shapes of her child’s feet and hands in the clay, so the whole family can fondly look back at those times for many years to come!


Sonogram Keepsake Photo Frame

Love at first sight was maybe what happened between the babies’ parents, and it was definitely what happened when they got their first sonogram of the baby-to-come. Give the gift of good memories: this photo frame will display that sonogram when the parents fell in love with their child, so they can keep falling in love again and again as the years go by.


Mother and Child Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Join the tradition of offering jewelry to new moms with this heart pendant necklace: contained in a beautiful heart, there’s a shape of a mother holding her baby. A beautiful object to keep close to the chest, the place where the baby will spend most of his time for the next years of his life!


I've Waited 9 Months for This' Wine Glass

Besides the eagerness to hold her baby in her arms, the new mom was also very eager to get her hands on a good glass of wine. As this wine glass puts it, she has been waiting for this moment for nine months! Can you imagine that? Well, the wait is over! Pop open a good bottle of wine and enjoy yourself. Well done, mom!


Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

A baby’s got to eat! Unfortunately, an infant’s feeding schedule can be erratic, especially in its first few months. New mom’s that are committed to breastfeeding know better than anyone the struggle of keeping a baby well fed. At times when breastfeeding is uncomfortable or impossible, milk previously collected by an electric pump makes the perfect meal. Most new mom’s will already have a breast feeding pump on their list of must-haves, so this gift is sure to be appreciated.


New Mom and Baby Sculpted Hand-painted Figure

The quiet moments between mother and child are indescribably beautiful and calm. New mom’s will adore this next gift, the Willow Tree figurine that commemorates these private moments. The sculpture is as sweet as the sensation of holding your child close to your heart, and new moms will experience a wave of peace each time they view this gift and reminisce.


Hook-On Chair

Sitting together for a meal at the table is an important tradition for many families. No doubt the new mom’s in your life are looking forward to the time when they can sit down with their family and enjoy each other’s company over a warm, home-cooked meal. With the gift of a portable Chicco Hook-On Chair, you can help bring this fantasy to life. The Chicco Chair is comfortable and safe for baby, and the secure fastens can slip onto any table without scratching the surface.


Shopping Cart Baby High Chair

While most shopping carts do feature a built-in child seat, most have not been designed with comfort in mind. Know a new mom who is less than thrilled at the thought of dropping her baby behind cold metal bars? Then she needs the Skip Hop Chair Cover! This gift can transform any cart seat or highchair into a safe, comfortable place for baby to relax. Mom and child will be both be grateful for this fashionable, functional cover.


Mother & Daughter Matching Set

Speaking of fashionable and functional, what new mom wouldn’t love this next inspired gift? Matching sets are always sure to impress – they’re cute, they’re varied and they’re always useful for a first-time parent. It’s the perfect match for the new mom that you’ve been shopping for!


Newborn Receiving Blanket

Babies are irresistibly cute; it’s inevitable that over a child’s infancy, they will become the subject of many a photo shoot courtesy of mom and dad. The gift of the Galabloomer Newborn Blanket ensures that when that next photo-op strikes, baby can look their best without sacrificing their comfort. Any new mom will adore the variety of beautiful colorful patterns featured on each of the Galabloomer Newborn Blankets.


Ergonomic Baby Carrier

A durable baby carrier is a must-have for any new mom. Baby carrier’s make travel with a newborn easy and convenient, so when you gift the highly-rated Bable Baby Carrier, you are really providing new mom’s with a renewed sense of freedom. The Bable Baby Carrier is suitable for babies up to 20 pounds and guarantees ergonomic support for both child and for mother.


The Original Baby Teething Necklace for New Mom

Teething is never a pleasant experience for a parent or a child. As baby pushes through the discomfort of growing a full set of teeth, their new mom will frequently find themselves transformed into a makeshift chew toy. The Original Teething Necklace is designed to support a child’s teething needs with mom’s desire to keep their clothes and accessories relatively unchewed. This tasteful gift is a satisfying teething target that new mom’s won’t mind carrying on them at all times.


Hello My New Name is Mommy Mug

If a new mom is going to need anything during the first few months of her child’s life, it’s a strong cup of coffee. There’s no gift you can give a parent to guarantee them a full nights rest, but at least the next time they’re awoken at 3 am, they’ll be able to enjoy their caffeine fix from this precious “My New Name is Mommy” mug. This mug is a practical gift that new moms will be able to enjoy for years to come.


12 Pack Bodysuits for Newborns

Growing babies are in constant need of new clothes. Your favorite new mom is sure to love this matching set of baby bodysuits – not only will the pack be able to dress baby for the next year, but the bodysuits are ideal for photographing each monthly milestone. No gift emphasizes the incredible growth of a new child over the months better than this 12-pack of baby bodysuits by NAVI.


Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

Sonogram images make for beautiful keepsakes that new mom’s will want to revisit time and again. Since mom probably already wants to hold on to these once-in-a-lifetime images, this triple frame for sonogram photos is a sensible gift for a baby shower, birthday or any occasion. The calligraphy messages featured on each segment are appropriately adorable and make for the perfect finishing touch to the frame.


Smart WIFI Baby Camera

While new mom’s will definitely come to appreciate the moments when their child has drifted off, it’s important for an infant’s safety that its parents are able to regularly check up on them throughout the night. This baby camera will allow new moms to peek in on their beloved baby without needing to disturb them by entering the room. The camera features clear audio and advanced night vision so that mom can always be sure that all is well. And for a new mom, there is truly no better gift than peace of mind.


Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker

If you are a new mommy with a tiny fussy toddler, you know that baby food can get prohibitively expensive. You might, in fact, be wondering why is it so expensive since it’s just purée after all: well, we don’t know either, but if you have taken to making your own purée to save a few pennies, the infantino squeeze station is perfect gift for you. Not only will it be much cheaper and tastier than store-bought ones, but also it will keep your kid happy, full and healthy, since you babies will be able to eat as they play!


Squirt Egg Bathtub Water Toys

For a new mom, your entire life change when you have children, as babies become absolute your first priority, even before yourself. You love for babies makes you want to give them everything they might ever need or want( even if they want the stars, I know many of you are doing this). However, there are times when your little ones refuse to take a bath. Well, for new moms who have no ideas what to do, some extra cute baby bath toys are the perfect gifts to keep babies entertained while bathing them.


Utensil Set and Plate for Toddlers

If you have ever dealt with a picky toddler, you know how insanely difficult it is to get them to eat something they have already decided is yucky: no matter how much you insist, how many “trial bites” you give it yourself or how much ketchup you use, the toddler will keep insisting they want Mac and cheese instead. However, we have found a neat little gift for new moms that distracts toddlers enough that you will be able to sneak some bites past them: the eating utensils. It will help your kid develop excellent motor skills, and they will be so entertained creating a mashed potato dam that they won’t even notice what they’ve just bitten into is broccoli!


A woman’s transition into motherhood is an incredible journey and one that is well worth celebrating. There were multiple visits to the doctor, baby showers, choosing the right name, parenting classes and general joy whenever the baby issue comes into the conversation.

When a new mom or a mom-to-be tells you that they’re expecting, the normal response is to mark the news with a heartfelt “congratulations” and prepare some useful, unique gifts. If you’ve ever found it’s not easy to find the perfect new mom gifts, especially for those of us who have never played the role of a parent, hope you will get some unique gift ideas for new moms in this list.

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