24 Unique Gifts for Nurses to Show How Much You Appreciate Them

When you become sick and have to go to the hospital, you generally picture a doctor gazing knowingly over your physical state. “Is it bad, doctor?” you ask, and then he gives you his diagnostic, filled with mysterious scientific words. After he’s done, he’s off to the next patient, and the next time you need an examination, you’ll have to wait for the doctor to finish his businesses elsewhere.

Doctors are important, sure, but who is the person who sticks with you when you need a friendly word? Who is there always ready to provide a glass of water, your meal, your next medication? Yes, your nurse! Nurses are always by your side while you’re recovering, providing you with lots of support and care so you can get back to your life as strong as possible.

Have you shown your nurse your appreciation lately? The next time you leave the hospital, get them a present! Here are some unique gifts for nurses that we’re sure they will definitely love.

Marvelous Gifts for Nurses

18k Rose Gold Heartbeat Necklace

No, the screen near your bed with that pulsing line is not a minimalistic television show. Whenever your nurse comes to check on you, she’ll look to that to see how your heart is performing. Did you have a strong heart during your stay? Consider gifting your nurse with this heartbeat necklace, so she can have that pulse close to her chest, and remember you for being a great patient!

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because patients wine tumbler

Nurses take care of everyone with a huge level of patience and love, and at the end of the day, they’ll need to unwind to be back to their fantastic selves in the next shift. Want to show some empathy for their effort? This “because patients” wine tumbler could be the perfect nursing gift to show how much you appreciate them! After a good glass of wine, all the problems will be forgotten and they’ll be ready to go again! But it doesn’t have to be always wine: your nurse can carry all kinds of colorful, tasty, hot or cold drinks there wherever she goes. And after your dietary restrictions get lifted, maybe she’ll share some of those drinks with you!

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Rose Gold Dual Head Stethoscope

Sometimes nurses will have to examine you with a stethoscope. The standard-issue traditional stethoscope, although very effective, can be a bit boring design-wise, don’t you think? If you want your nurse to check on their patient’s vitals with style, gift her this rose-gold stethoscope! She will definitely get compliments from other patients too. You have a heart of rose-gold!

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Capra Handmade Leather Gadget Bags

We all have a wide range of objects for every possible daily life situation, and a nurse is no different, except that the life of a nurse probably contains even more medical objects to carry around. You don’t want her to forget something, or to split all these essential objects among two, three or four bags. Gift her this handmade organization bag, with 7 slots of different sizes to hold your smaller items. Your nurse’s life will become simpler as everything she needs will be in one adorable place!

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Rhythm Strip Nurse Toilet Paper

Nurses are human beings too, and all human beings visit the toilet daily. Do you want to provide your nurse with some entertainment for these parts of the day? You can make your nurse’s visit to the bathroom more interesting by gifting her this toilet paper, which comes printed with EKG rhythms from the first sheet to the last!

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Nursing Clipboard

You’ve seen most nurses carrying clipboards around. Firmly secured there are many documents related to your well being, as well as other patients’. Do you want to upgrade this instrument? Gift your nurse this nursing clipboard: sturdy, durable and comes with a cheat sheet for vital signs, lab values, and more, so she doesn’t have to do a lot of remembering effort every day! And even if something unfortunate happens and the clipboard ends up being damaged, there is a lifetime warranty to cover that too!

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Emergency Meal Transport Lunch Tote

If you’re looking for a quirky present, check this one out: a lunchbox with the words “Human Organ for Transplant”, so your nurse can keep her meals cool and organized before transplanting them to her stomach! A piece of friendly advice, though: don’t leave this bag out in the open, as it might be mistaken for a real organ for transplant bag!

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101 Blessings for Nurses Cards

When you’re feeling bad and it seems things will never get better, your nurse is always there with supportive words for you. Every time she comes into your room, your desperation turns into hope and, slowly, your hope turns into real recovery. If you had an especially supportive nurse, consider gifting her these inspirational nurse’s cards. They contain beautiful artwork and great phrases to keep your nurse’s motivation high up there, so she can feel better and continue helping other patients!

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Nightfall - The World's Best Fragrance Enhancing Wearables

This gift is high up there as a fashion statement. It allows you to infuse your favourite fragrances with the bracelets and pendants. A charming adjustable nurse bracelet, so she can go about the hospital looking great at every interaction. “What’s that, nurse?” the local doctor asks. “This is me caring for my patients with style!” she replies. And now that doctor secretly wishes he was a nurse too! A perfect gift to help your nurse do great while looking elegant doing it!

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Nursing Degree Funny Coffee Mug

When was the last time your big toe hurt and you went on the internet to find out it was a result of a very complex and rare disease? How many times have you reached out to your nurse and she told you “No, it’s not that, it’s all right, it’s just a small cut. Here, let me help you”. Nurses know what they’re doing, they’ve been training for many years and had many experiences along the way. They don’t Google things, they definitely know what’s what. As a result of this, this mug is the perfect gift to acknowledge that your nurse is at the top of her game!

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Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

Water is very important to keep the body functioning, that makes the stash water bottle a perfect companion for nurses. Every day, nurses dart between rooms, pace rapidly along the corridors, hurry between offices and labs, and they will love to take this when having to walk everywhere because it folds down and saves space in bag when it’s empty. Now remind her that to take care of others, she must first take care of herself!

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Novelty Nurse Wine Glass

Nurses deal with countless patients over the course of their work, and unfortunately not all of these individuals respect the effort of their medical staff. Chances are that the nurse in your life is fed up of dealing with rude, demanding patients. So gift her this humorous glass, they can sip their drink as they send a clear message to those around them. After a long day at the hospital, she will appreciate the opportunity to kick back, glass of wine in hand.

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Funny Nurse T-Shirt

Every nurse has a story about the most ridiculous patient’s that they’ve had to treat. Yes, whether the patient has ingested something outrageous or gotten themselves stuck in an unfortunate mess, nurses see a fair amount of stupidity throughout their work. This gag t-shirt offers the opportunity for your friends and family to laugh about mankind’s tendency to get themselves into the dumbest scenarios and the embarrassment that ensues.

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Nurse Tote Bag

Not everyone has what it takes to be a nurse – in fact, most of us would crash and burn if placed in the shoes of a medical professional. Heck, I get overwhelmed when deciding what I would like on my sandwich, and there’re no lives depending on my Subway order! This tote bag reflects just how much is required to be an excellent nurse; needless to say, nursing is no simple job. It’s time you acknowledge just how incredible the nurses in your life truly are.

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Heartbeat Nurse Socks

With the high emotions that exist in a hospital every day, it’s not always appropriate for a nurse to wear their heart on their sleeve. But what about wearing it on their socks? This cool nursing gift from Prestige Medical will delight them with its familiar imagery and comfortable fit. Besides, after 12 hours of high-energy, high-stress work, nurses will be grateful for this reminder that they have in fact survived another shift.

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Human Organ Shower Curtain

A nurse’s job is never done! Luckily, with the gift of this anatomically accurate shower curtain, your loved one can continue to study their practice even as they bring on the suds. Featuring details on the digestive, endocrine, circulatory and skeletal systems, this shower curtain is completely covered with valuable medical facts and figures, making it a practical gifts for nurse.

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Nylon Organizer Kit

Over the course of a day, a nurse’s pockets can become a bit of a minefield of useful knick-knacks. Pens, keys and a million other tools are endlessly useful for a nurse to keep on hand, but sorting through cluttered pockets can waste time and seem unprofessional to a patient. This nursing gift prevents the mess in the first place, keeping all of those important tidbits organized and ready to go at all times. Nurses have enough on their minds; sorting through their scrubs’ pockets shouldn’t add to the list.

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Nursing Keychain

Never underestimate the power of your nurse! This clever key chain particularly hilarious because of the truth behind the statement – for as attractive as your loved one might be, you know that they are just as talented. This gift will definitely thrill its recipient, which is a good thing for you. After all, you may just need them to come to the rescue next time they stop your heart.

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Speidel Original Scrub Watch

When a patient’s life is on the line, clear and simple devices are essential to efficient work. The Speidel Watch may look entirely ordinary to most, but was in fact designed for the benefit of nurses, doctors and other medical practitioners. The face of the watch is intentionally easy to read, and the defined red second hand is extremely helpful for taking accurate pulse measurements. The waterproof construction is also an important bonus for anyone in such a hands-on line of work.

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Ice Tornado Glass

Never before has a truer statement been spoken. You may visit your local nurse to get caught up on your vaccinations, but have you considered what your nurse needs? After long hours of attending to rude, ungrateful patients, what a nurse needs more than anything else is the chance to unwind with some good friends and, of course, a shot or two. Nurses are passionate about the work they do, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a gift that can help them escape the lingering stress of a busy day!

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Lay-n-Go Travel Bag

Sometimes a nurse needs to take their work on the road. Whether they’re traveling for work, a conference or just for a vacation, transporting medical tools can be a hassle. Fortunately, this next gift – the Lay-n-Go Bag – makes travelling with these tools a breeze. This case is large enough to support all of a nurse’s supplies, from the stethoscope down to a simple pen, making its it equal parts convenient and adorable for any nurse on the go.

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Penlight for Nurses Doctors

Shine a light on your favorite nurse’s hard work with the gift of Cavn Penlight! The penlight is a valuable tool for any medical professional – pupil reactivity is an easy way to measure optical and neurological functioning, after all. It is easy to use and even provides a useful key and ruler to aid in accurately collecting data on pupil activity. When it comes to medicine, the penlight truly is mightier than the sword.

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Nurse’s are this world’s real superheroes. Long hours of life-or-death work are stressful to say the least, yet nurses choose to devote themselves to this harsh work for the sake of keeping us healthy. When a friend or family member works in the medical field, you get a first hand look at the effort nursing requires and understand better than anyone the amount of praise these heroes deserve. With the unique gifts for nurses, you can say thanks for their hard work and devotion to their profession.

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