30 Gifts for Older Men That Will Make Their Lives Easier and Better

Older men deserve to chill out and relax, enjoying their days ahead. At their prime, they have been hustling trying to make ends meet. When our elderly folks reach a certain stage in their life, they should be harvesting the fruits of their labor. But one thing is for sure, elders always long for personal interactions. As they are getting older and older each day, one thing that the younger generations have to remember is to visit their folks and spend quality time with them. It also helps to send gifts for older men that will make their lives easier and better. Here are some unique gift ideas that you can choose from:

Gifts for Older Men

Old Lives Matter Whiskey Glass

A fine way to honor your older folks is to get them something that is creative and out-of-this-world. Make them smile every day to lighten up the burden of growing old. For the old folks who love whiskey and cigar, throw them back to those good old days with an Old Lives Matter glass. Old lives do matter for without them there would be no new generations walking on Earth. Pay homage to your dad or grandpa with a funny personalized whiskey scotch glass. The only glass with a whiskey cigar attached to it. A sure eye-catcher! 

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Ergocane Shock Absorber Cane

Walking, as folks get older, can become tedious especially without support. What you, younger generations, can do is to assist them physically. Or find the best cane so they can move on their own. The best ergonomic cane out there is Ergocane.

What sets Ergocane apart from the rest is its shock-absorbent and fully adjustable. Orthopedic surgeons designed and developed this cane. That is why it is proven to address common issues older folks have with their walking support tools or system. It comes with a non-slip, non-latex grip that makes handing the cane comfortable and safe. Also, the compression technology in the cane makes each step easier as it mimics the joint movement.

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Withings Activity & Sleep Tracker

As you get older, all your health stats get weaker. Instead of worrying about the elderly man in your life. Give them a Withings activity tracker to check their stats regularly. The tracking device must be connected to the free app with a compatible device. These devices include iPhone 3GS (or newer version), iPad, 4th gen iPod touch. All with 6.0 iOS or later, and internet connectivity. For Android, as long as it is Bluetooth-enable and with Android version 2.3.3 or later. The device tracks their number of steps, monitor sleep quality, measures their heart rate, and even the distance and calories burned while walking. Lose the guilt trip and ensure they are in their best health all the time.

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Apple AirTag

Forgetfulness comes with age. Instead of letting the older man suffer from this daily routine, get them AirTag to keep track of their valuables. All they have to do is to attach the AirTag to things they constantly lose such as wallets, smartphones, or keys. Then, connect the AirTags to your iPhone or iPad. Whenever they can’t find the item, all they need to do is go to their device in the Find My app. Put the AirTag in lost mode to find the item by playing a sound or asking Siri for help. It lets you find the exact location of the item. No need to worry because all information is secured, especially the GPS location. The device will not record the locations of the item in question.

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Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Hand and body movement is a challenge as you get older. Even trimming the hair and shaving the beard is troublesome. Let these small tasks be accessible and easier for your elderly through the use of a Beadscape trimmer. The beard and hair trimmer is made of materials 4x harder than stainless steel. Elder folks don’t need to put in extra effort as the Beardscape will do everything for them. It comes with a battery that lasts up to 4 hours in just one charge. Long enough to trim his beard to its desired length. It can also cut various lengths and sizes. Safe to use for those who have weak reflexes.

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Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass & Sleeve

If your dad or grandpa’s favorite drink is scotch on rocks, they will love Asobu. Let them enjoy their drink longer without a need to refill with Asobu. The insulated sleeve from Asobu keeps his favorite spirit cold. Because the truth is liquor, and beverage for that matter, doesn’t taste good when watered down. But on the one hand, drinking something too cold can also make the hands cold too. Even if your dad or grandad have become slower drinkers, it’s okay as long as they use Asobu. Let your pops drink without a fuss. The insulated glass and sleeves ensure the whiskey stays cold and hands stay warm.

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JBL Bar 5.1

One of the best gifts for older men is a good entertainment system. As they spend more time indoors, often watching TV and listening to music are the only pastime they have. Let them enjoy every moment with the JBL soundbar. When it’s almost impossible to watch movies in the cinema or attend concerts, bring the experience to your folk’s place. The 4K ultra HD soundar gives a full experience. Set up the system in their bedroom or entertainment room to get the utmost result. Blast off his favorite band’s concert or replay a funny video of family members to remind them of good memories.

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Zen Garden Bamboo Water Fountain

Elder folks prefer a quiet and calming environment over noisy ones. This explains why they would rather retire in the countryside rather than stay in the city. But, if this is not available for them and they somehow end up in a retirement home, bring the calmness to their room through a zen garden fountain. Listening to waterfalls or waves is soothing and calming. When they are neither close to the beach or bodies of water, a mini fountain is enough to recreate the sound. Highly recommended is a zen garden with a bamboo water fountain to set the mood for some peace and meditation.

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ThinOptics Keychain Case + Reading Glasses

One sign of aging is blurred eyesight. Even people with 20-20 visions in their younger years will suffer at some point in their lives. Don’t let this stop your old man from reading his newspaper in the morning and favorite book at night. Ensure they have reading glasses available for their perusal anytime.

ThinOptics provides a reading glass together with the case that can be hooked to a keychain. The spectacle was designed in Silicon Valley to make the glasses lightweight and engineered for people with a weak grip. Even if pops or grandpa drops their glasses multiple times, it won’t break or crack easily. Never let your folks go without their fourth eye so they can enjoy their simplest joy in life.

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Lixada Pen Fishing Rod

Fishing is one hobby that most elderly men enjoy. There’s no rush as they let nature take its course. In fishing, they can’t jump in without their ever-reliable fishing rods. However, regular fishing rods can be huge and expensive. Don’t let these factors get in the way of your old man from dipping in the waters. Get him a pen fishing rod for this Christmas or their birthday. This unique fishing rod is compact, making it convenient to carry along. Don’t get fooled by its miniature size. Because when stretched, it becomes a full-length rod with a spinning reel. It comes in 1 M / 1.4M / 1.6M / 1.8M / 2.1M. After a day in the vast sea, the fishing pole can be collapsed to fit in the pen.

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Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

Farming or growing plants is one hobby that some men get into as they get older. Whether it be farming in the fields or growing indoor plants, it is satisfying to watch plants grow. If the former is not feasible, get your old man a plant Bonsai Trio kit. Coming with 3 various species of bonsai, it includes everything they need from the seeds, pots, and all the necessary tools to grow and maintain the plants. Even if they choose to germinate the seeds in summer, they can use a sealable propagator and keep them in the fridge to grow and propagate. The most suitable gift for beginner and advanced planters.

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Nostalgia Programmable Coffee Maker

Fancy waking up to warm coffee every single day? For your older man who has gone through a routine almost every day, a cup of coffee is the best way to start the day. Smelling the aroma as soon as the sun is up will let them remember your mom who fixes a cup for him. Getting this experience once again will hit him with a wave of nostalgia that will bring a smile to his face every morning.

Make this possible for your old man through a Nostalgia programmable coffee maker. Yes, it’s programmable. It means you can set it to brew coffee at a certain time each day. And if he is in a hurry for some reason, he can hit pause and serve. This way he can get his daily dose of coffee right away. Otherwise, the coffee maker will automatically shift to keep warm mode until your old man pops out to get a cup of warm coffee. Enjoy each cup without a fuss.

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360 Degree Rotary Nail Clipper

Trimming nails both on the fingers and toes aren’t as easy anymore for older generations. Your elderly’s shaking hands and weak grip make clipping the nails gruesome and annoying. What could have been done on a whim before is a task that is seemingly impossible. However, there’s a solution for their woes. The EZ grip 360 clipper will drastically change how they cut their nails. The rotating clipper has a sharp blade made from stainless steel that will make trimming faster and safe. Your old folks can watch as the clipper swivels around to cut the desired nail at a comfortable angle. Once done, he can easily store it away. Lightweight enough to bring anywhere.

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Padded Spaces Prop 'n Go Slim

Who says old men don’t know anything about the new gadgets? Wait for your dad to add you as a friend, retweet your post, and upload a video on Tiktok. Nothing is impossible in this day and age even for the boomers. They may lack dexterity or capacity to hold the gadgets for a long period of time but it doesn’t mean they can’t use one. Don’t let the elderly miss the social media train. Get them an iPad pillow to make browsing, posting, and video calling accessible and convenient.

He will feel less lonely knowing he can talk to you, other family members, and friends whenever he wants. The adjustable angle will help them see the screen better and their hands are free to move anytime. Keep them updated and on-trend. In no time, he’ll be more adept and in the loop compared to his grandchildren.

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Magnetic Wristband

Props to all the old folks who love to tinker around and fix anything they can. It’s always satisfying and comforting to know that you have an in-house handyman to mend all that’s broken. Or, even come up with new projects to improve the house. The magnetic wristband is the most suited gift for older men who like to take things into their hands. He doesn’t need to ravage the toolbox and risk hurting their back looking for screws and nails. The wristband comes with magnets to hold all these tools such as nails, crews, bolts, etc. All accessible in one go, saving him tons of time and energy.

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Bucket List World Map

When your parents retire, this is the best time to go around the world and enjoy life. Hop on the train or plane and not worry about anything. They have worked so hard throughout the years and it’s time to reap the harvest. For your pop, give him a scratch-off world map before they leave. Every time they come back home, it would be nice to scratch off the places they have been to. The world map is their bucket list journal to appreciate the places they have been to. And to discover new places for the succeeding trips.

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Fanwer Toilet Aids Tools

Do your elderly folk hate going to the restroom? Or, maybe it’s the caretaker who hates it when your folks go to the toilet? Either way, if the answer is yes, chances are it’s because they need to ask help from someone else to wipe their throne. Nothing is as embarrassing, especially for a grown man to get someone to clean up your mess. Keep your older man self-sufficient with a toilet aid.

Bending, turning over, and in general, moving around isn’t as easy as it used to be for older men as bones become frail and knees are weak. This toilet aid will change the experience of using the toilet. It is ergonomically designed to extend their reach to wipe off their front and back. All they need to do is insert the tissue or wet wipes to the tip of the tool to wipe it all off. With toilet aid, they can bring their dignity back.

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Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

Hand reflexes tend to become weaker as years pass by. Let your old folk stay self-reliant with the Sonicare toothbrush. Not the typical toothbrush as it is rechargeable and vibrates on its own. This ensures your old man will get polished teeth every single time to flash his bright smile. Sonicare has soft tapered bristles ensuring teeth are thoroughly clean and protect the gums from friction. It even comes with a 2-minute timer so he’ll stop only when the time is up. The rechargeable toothbrush can be recharged with a USB charger stored in a sleek travel case. Anytime he feels like going out, he can pack this with his luggage to flash his beautiful and strong teeth for the world to see.

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Wobble Chess Set

Chess is one game anyone can play regardless of their age. It’s a favorite sport in retirement homes and neighborhoods where older folks reside. However, since most of these gentlemen have shaky hands, they tend to topple down the pieces. When this happens, they would have to start the game all over again. Let your old man enjoy playing chess with his peers as much as he can. For this holiday, make sure to send him to wobble chess.

It’s one of those cool gadgets that will become an instant hit in the community. It comes with chess pieces and a board with a concave landscape design. This ensures all the pieces will not fall down and will just wiggle around. Chess is twice as exciting to play as you watch the pieces move around. It will catch everyone’s attention, even the younger generation

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Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

When you are far away from home, one of the best ways to reminisce about good times is to look at pictures. And if your old man lives miles away from you, don’t make him settle for just a handful of pictures. For the holiday, send him something that can keep them updated. Pix-star allows sharing of videos and photos from various people. These will be sent directly to the digital photo frame in your old man’s place.

Pix-star has a 15-inch display that will showcase various multimedia items sent via the App. As long as your dad’s digital photo frame is connected to Wifi, he will view all the pictures and videos sent. The frame has a motion detector where it turns on when it detects a motion and turns off when it’s gone. Don’t keep your folk feeling alone and lonely. Send him lots of love and cheers.

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PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex

Eating a healthy, nutritious meal is essential in an elderly folk’s diet. Due to this, they aren’t allowed to consume fried foods because of the high fat and cholesterol content. Make his days brighter with an air fryer. Thanks to the multicooker, he can cook his favorite onion rings and roasted chicken without the grease and oil.

The air fryer cooks protein to its maximum crispiness without the need for unhealthy oil. It guarantees golden brown goodness and crunchy bites every single time. Aside from frying, he can also roast, bake and broil with only one piece of equipment. No need to throw bulks of cooking oil. Thus, cooking and cleaning are a piece of cake.

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Ring Video Doorbell & Echo Dot

Security is important especially when elderly folks are living by themselves. Get your old man a Ring video doorbell to safeguard their privacy and protect them from danger. It comes with a motion sensor that detects incoming visitors before they ring the bell, and allows the elderly men to engage in a two-way conversation via video chat with the person behind the door.

Connect the device to Alexa to get audio notifications in the house. And also, they can request real-time notifications via a smartphone. Record and replay the videos for the last 60 days to check if they missed anyone or anything. Worry no more and get them the video doorbell to have peace of mind.

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AcuRite Color Weather Station Forecaster

Is your dad or grandpa a frustrated weatherman? Or does he check the weather every day to see if he can go out to play golf or fish in the vast ocean? If it’s a YES, then AcuRite is one of the most fitting gifts for them. Designed for those who love checking the weather all the time, AcuRite provides real-time weather conditions on an LCD color display. A great addition to the home system to get your old man updated with the weather. Install a home weather station outdoors to gather the information that will be posted on the LCD display. He can get the temperature, biometric pressures, and humidity in one go.

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Ekster Aluminum Cardholder

Forgetfulness is common for folks when they get older. Your old man might also be going through the same dilemma. Make sure that things get easier, safer, and they do not forget their valuables with the Ekster cardholder. Ekster is a minimalist wallet that can be fastened to a phone case. It’s slim but can be expanded to easily fit in up to 15 cards plus a few bills. Don’t let the appearance fool you because it is as effective as regular wallets. It’s also durable and has RFID blocking layer making it easy and safe to use anytime.

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Perfect Putting Mat

Passionate golfers know that practice is crucial to improve their game. However, weather and other factors can stop aspiring golfers from going out to do some swing. Especially for older men, visiting the golf course all the time may not be feasible. Give them their daily dose of golf with a portable putting mat. The putting mat can be set up in the home or office so they can perfect their swing. And it is designed with crystal velvety material to keep the ball rolling. Also, he can improve his posture with the alignment of the “train track.” With golf, there are no shortcuts or even training. It is all based on continuous practice and hard work.

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UV Light Sanitizer

A lot of diseases nowadays are spread through viruses and bacteria. Don’t be complacent because even electronic devices can be infected. To safeguard your old man’s health, send him a UV light sanitizer. It’s one of the essential gifts for older men that can be shared with other people. He and the rest of his peers can have their smartphones sterilized in the sanitizer.

The good news is the sanitizer can sterilize other items too. Without the use of chemicals or liquids, he can sanitize face masks, earphones, keys, pouches, and other small items that can be fit in the box. The essential oil can be added to the box for his smartphone and other items to smell good and clean.

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Watch Jewelry Box

If your old man has a collection of watches and sunglasses, surprising them with a jewelry box on Christmas will make things organized for them. The top-not jewelry box is made from PU leather, and the box is made of MDF which means it is built to last. Ensuring all of the folk’s pieces of jewelry are safe and sound, especially his wedding band.

The box can hold up to 6 pairs of watches and 2 glasses. Having a glass window makes it easy for him to check if all his treasures are in the box. This will help them make sure nothing is lost, especially items gifted by family members and friends. The timeless look of the box is the best compliment for all your old folks’ treasures.

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Studebaker Retro AM/FM Radio

Retro will never go out of style. Tap into your old men’s love for music by giving them a gift that will throw them back to their younger years. Studebaker portable AM/FM radio is one of the unique but meaningful gifts that they will cherish for life. Nothing will replace the feeling of listening to music from a retro AM/FM radio. The retro look will fit it to the rest of the authentic antiques inside your father’s house. Get them twisting on their feet again or headbanging with the rock music from the transistor radio. It’s the best way to make them groove and introduce good old items to the younger generations.

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Theragun Elite

Arthritis, hypertension, and deep vein thrombosis are a few of the common illnesses the elderly acquire as they get older. Don’t make them sleep in vain with the Theragun elite. Theragun is a massage gun that provides deep tissue massage. It can last for up to 120 minutes and can be customized to a speed and vibration level that suits the elderly man’s needs. On top of this, the ergonomic multi-grip allows men with weak reflexes and tense muscles to operate it comfortably. Best of all, he can connect it to a smart app via Bluetooth to get a personalized wellness routine.

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