44 Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything and Want Nothing

Buying gifts can be tricky, and it’s especially tricky if you are buying for a person who is so difficult to please. No gifts that come into your mind might suit their taste or style. They can be family members, friends, or colleagues who insist that they need nothing, and people like you find it challenging to shop for. Instead of going the generic route, the way to these people’s hearts is to find out what makes them tick or what they enjoy the most. With that in mind, here are some unique gifts for people who have everything.

Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Pelican Micro Case

When giving gifts to someone who is picky, the key is to find what they have and put added protection. If they tend to purchase electronic gadgets without accessories, then this micro case can be the most suitable accessory to protect their expensive gadgets such as GoPro, iPhone, etc. The Pelican micro case protects these valued items from damages, dust, and water, especially when used in the great outdoors. Having the gadgets secured will make anyone enjoy each moment without worrying about anything. Since the case is water-resistant for 30 minutes, the gadgets will stay safe because of the rubber liner giving it watertight protection.

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Korin ClickPack Anti-Theft Backpack

Ensuring that their possession is secured and safe is the priority for a lot of people. Exploring various places is fun but the picky bunch can easily be a target of thieves. Give them the confidence that their belongings are safe at all times with the anti-theft backpack. The smart laptop bag is made of cut-resistant fabric that even the most notorious pickpocketer will give up. It also has a hidden combination lock only the owner can open. Another bonus point is that the backpack comes with a charging system that allows them to load up their electronics while on the road. Best of all, the design is sleek and classic, anyone can pull off wearing it.

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Bite Away

For no reason, some people just attract anything that bites…mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs. Insects don’t care whether someone is choosy or not. As long as they are within their radar, they are sure targets. No one is spared. Now say goodbye to itchy bites with the bite away. No one is immune to insect bites. People with sensitive skin can use the treatment for instant relief from insect bites and stings. Bite away isn’t like other insect bite treatment ointment as it is an electronic device. Thus, no chemicals are used and it doesn’t leave any odor or residue on the skin. It is definitely a safe alternative to use even for kids.

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BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board

Having a huge wardrobe or even a walk-in closet is nothing new for fashionistas. While it is easy to throw dirty clothes in the laundry, organizing them again isn’t as appealing. Tons of clothes in the washing machines mean a huge pile of laundry waits to fold and organize in the closet. For Christmas, save them the dull job with BoxLegends. BoxLegend is the solution to organizing shirts in the closet in a neat fold. Aside from shirts, it can also be used for pants, thin clothes, and dresses. Made of durable plastic, it is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. When the shirts are well-kept, it will clear up space and the wardrobe becomes visually appealing.

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mophie Wireless Charging Stand

The biggest problem for people with multiple gadgets is when all of their batteries run out all at the same time. When there’s a limited outlet socket, picking which one to recharge is troublesome. Remedy this issue before it does happen. Present them with the Mophie wireless chargers. The 3-in-1 wireless charger is designed for three devices: Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. Charge them all at once or one at a time, it doesn’t matter because Mophie can accommodate them all at once. Besides, it is fast charging. Thus, they can use their gadgets faster than when charged with a regular charger.

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Shock Clock 2

When someone has the best bed and pillows, sleeping is like dozing off on a pile of clouds. For heavy sleepers dreaming on a bed of clouds, waking them up can be challenging. Don’t stress yourself trying to wake them up every single time with a shock clock. A shock clock is a fun way to wake someone up without stress. The clock will zap, vibrate, beep, or all three to wake them up. You can set the type of wake-up mode that will wake them up in no time. A bonus tip is to set the clock on Jumping Jack mode. The only time the vibration will stop is when they stand up and do jumping jacks. For sure, all the sleeping nerves will wake up._

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Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball

Some people can easily get bored. The only reason why they kept buying items was to kill time and fight boredom. Get them engaged in a game that will make them interested and happy at all times. The magic ball is a sure hit for people who love to solve mysteries. Keep them invested and preoccupied. The wooden sphere is a mind-boggling game that will keep anyone on their toes. It’s a game for all ages, even those kids who think they have everything. The sphere puzzle isn’t only entertaining but it can help stimulate the brain, develop problem-solving skills, and relaxing activity.

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Gift of Nothing

Why should you have been wracking your brain trying to look for the best gift for hard-to-please people? They say they need nothing, so why not do just that? This is the best and one-of-a-kind gift for people who have everything. What’s more amusing than watching a friend excitedly open their birthday gift only to find a dumb present inside? The gift of nothing will blow their minds away, whether as a stocking stuffer, or a gag gift idea. Wrapped in tightly sealed plastic packaging, they will laugh their heart out when they only see “air” in the plastic circle. Let their imagination run wild. Because creativity doesn’t cost anything but is worth everything.

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Under the Weather ShieldPod

For someone who has everything, we should be centered on what makes them feel secure and protected all the time. With all the uncertainties, from bad weather to widespread illnesses, give them ShieldPod to keep them out of harm’s way. The original weather pod is a wearable pod that serves as a barrier to stay dry in the midst of bad weather and to keep other people at a safe distance. People can wear this while on a motorcycle or walking in the rain. It’s super lightweight that anyone can keep it in their pouch and take them out when the time is right.

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Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse

People with everything will have the latest computer or laptop in their possession. To complete the set-up, add an ergonomic mouse to upgrade their mouse experience as much as possible. The mouse is comfortable to use because of the easy-grip technology used to mimic the natural position of hands and wrist. It is built to last even if it gets all the hits from gaming or when the computer is acting up. The ergonomic mouse is super light that makes it easy to bring along anytime with the laptop. Best of all, it glides anywhere unlike other mice.

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Vintage Camper Pencil Holder

For the person who seems to need nothing, give them a novelty pencil holder that can fit everything on the desk. And if the recipient happens to love to camp or collects vintage items, this is a great find. It has a retro style that will fit a classic workspace. Kids and old alike will love how the cute pencil holder will look on their desk. Aside from its aesthetic, it can hold all of the pens and pencils. Ignite the imagination as they lay their eyes on the unique holder. It’s also easy to assemble. All they have to do is follow the guide or instruction.

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Standing Adjustable Wood Light

Change the boring aesthetic of a room by adding a charming accessory to light it up. The floor lamp is a cool thing you can buy for your room. It gives off a contemporary look that will give the room a statement. Beautify the space without sacrificing space. Sometimes, all it takes to change the lighting in the room. The adjustable arm design of the floor lamp will keep anyone curious about the lamp. Everyone who walks in will come out mesmerized and impressed with the unique floor light. Made of high-quality wood and fabric, the lamp isn’t only beautiful but sustainable. Switch up the mood in any room with the unique floor lamp.

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Umbra Credit Card Case Wallet

Shopping for the hopelessly picky person can be an overwhelming job, we’ve all been there. Often what these people need are simple gifts that can be used every day. Now save the guesswork with the Umbra credit card wallet. It is a must for everyone, especially for those who have multiple cards to choose from.

The card wallet has RFID blocking and can accommodate multiple cards, bills, and the like. Its slim design makes it easy to stash in the pocket or pouch. Bring them everywhere they go and no one would even notice. Hard-to-please individuals will realize the value behind the card wallet as they continuously use them.

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VersaLifts V2 Heel Lift Inserts

Some people may find fault even on the sexiest clothes or trendiest shoes due to their lack of confidence in their bodies. If you know someone who is not happy with their height, VersaLifts is the great insert they can use anytime. It’s one of the most suitable gifts for people who have everything and want them all. VersaLift is a heel lift that can be easily inserted in any shoe from athletic shoes or trainers to flat shoes. In an instance, they can increase their height by inches. No one will ever be able to tell that they have a secret insert in their shoes. Slip one pair in each shoe and they will never look the same ever again. 

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M.C. Squares Stickies

When looking for gifts for people who are hard to buy, you need to go beyond what they have to what they really need. The tendency is that they have neglected trivial items that could have possibly made their lives easier. For the holiday, send them dry-erase sticky notes to get their lives back in order.

M.C. Squares have sticky notes that you’ll never dispose of. Why? Because the pack is made of a reusable small whiteboard that can be stuck on the wall. Placed them on the fridge for urgent items on the list such as grocery goods to purchase. Or, leave notes for others to see. At work, it’s a great tool for brainstorming, scrum planning, and kaizen boards. It even came with tacky markers so others can reply or leave notes too. Even those who are hard to please will find this useful in the long run.

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Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

We all have those friends in our life who often have a lot of items in their possession that they don’t know where to put them. Every trip means bringing at least 2 luggages to fit all their needs. Only to find out that their destination doesn’t have a space to store their things. If traveling is their hobby, send them a rolling organizer to store all their toiletries for the next trip. The roll organizer has large pockets that can accommodate bulky items and toiletries safely. It also comes with a hanging clip to hang them on the wall. Whether they are camping out or going to faraway hotels, the roll bag will keep all their items organized in one place.

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The MUSE Brain Sensing Headband

The person who has everything may have all the material things but often lack peace of mind. Unfortunately, it is something that money can’t buy. But, you find a way to calm their mind and go on a reflective mode. Muse headband is highly recommended as it sends brain signals to get them in a meditative state.

The brain-sensing headband is one of the much-needed gifts. With it, they can stay calm and focused to improve their mental health. And boost their immune system by releasing stress from all over their body. The headband emits sound waves to induce a mind-body connection. Even on the road, they can bring Muse with them and find a spot to center themselves. Also, the app that came with it allows them to track their progress to keep them at bay.

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Light Up Electronic Word Clock

For most people, time is of essence and no different. But how they spend time is what sets them apart from the rest. A way to admire their sense of time is to give them a one-of-a-kind clock. People who are picky will even find this intriguing. The word clock tells time in a stylistic way. What others might think is a decorative piece is actually a clock. However, it’s not the usual round one with a second and minute hand. At first, it might look like a word puzzle but it’s a functional clock that tracks every five-minute interval. The words will illuminate as time changes. Simply sophisticated and practical. Perfect for the person who has it all.

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Neogeo Mini Pro Player

People who possess everything always have the trendiest gaming gadgets. But the nostalgic sentiments of vintage games will never be replaced nor forgotten. The Neogeo mini player is the most fitting gift for a game collector. Including 2 black and white gamepads and HDMI cable – this is a classic game with a modern twist. Forty games are packed in the miniature arcade, anywhere from Metal Slug, Kings of Fighters, and the like. Playing with peers is also possible. All they need to do is connect the player to the TV through the HDMI cable. In an instant, they have access to the classic games on the big screen TV.

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Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table

When you have everything, the next best thing is to enjoy and share. A puzzle table allows us to solve puzzles with family members or do it alone. Every person needs time away from the hustle and bustle. After all, spend those moments with people that are dear to you, no one can ever resist that. The good thing about the puzzle table is that it can double as a puzzle holder and portable game table. It comes with drawers where people can store some of the puzzle pieces or even other games. Since the surface is non-slip, it’s the perfect top for board games for the entire family. Plus, it folds and packs away easily when not in use. So bring it anywhere for a round of games to break the ice at a party.

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Steampunk Alcohol Holder

Drinking liquor is an entire experience best enjoyed with the right people and accessories. Put a fun and one-of-a-kind twist to the party. Send them a personalized liquor holder to level up the festivity. Why serve the liquor only with the bottle when you can put it on a holder to hype everyone up? The modern design of the brass faucet, bodice molded to perfection, makes a great centerpiece for every celebration. Twist the faucet to get their own liquor. For sure, it’ll be a hit at the party and a conversation starter to keep the festive occasion rolling. Easy to install and clean makes it a perfect gift for wine and party lovers.

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Universal Travel Power Strip

Traveling to various places around the world is a hobby that people indulge themselves in. In most of these travels, one of the biggest concerns usually is the outlet to charge or power up the electronic devices they own. For the travelers, equip them with a power strip that will keep them all charged up.

The world’s only power strip allows them to charge their gadgets in whatever country they are in. The bagel comes with a universal charger that can be used in over 150 countries. While the Donut is made for US sockets. Both power strips come with USB ports and AC sockets. Plus a universal adapter with fuse and surge protection is included in the strip. All packed in a circle-style case makes it handy to bring anywhere.

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Helinox Collapsible Chair

For those who love venturing into the great outdoors, finding a comfortable seat is tough. To give a solution for this problem, send them a lightweight, backpacking chair. Most foldable chairs crumble easily and don’t last for a long time. Helinox provides high-quality backpacking chairs made from aluminum alloy that can hold up to 320 pounds.

They might get the newest RV but can forget to pack a foldable chair to sit outdoors. Make sure you got this covered. It only weighs 2.10 pounds packed in a bag which makes it an ideal camping buddy. Setting it up is also fast and easy. It also comes with a five-year warranty which speaks highly of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

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Pocket Latte

Bringing thermos or mugs can be a nuisance to a lot of people. Especially when you grab a coffee at a nearby cafe. But, the quality and availability are always not guaranteed especially in remote places. So, if you know someone who can’t get by without the taste of coffee in their mouth, the pocket latte is their best companion.

Guaranteed no spillage and won’t scald themselves either. Pocket latte is the coffee in chocolate form for that caffeine kick. Simply choose the flavor depending on their taste or get at least one of the 4 flavors: cream and sugar, dark roast, hazelnut, and lavender vanilla. This is the coffee snack on the go a coffee lover will be addicted to.

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Lifty Loo Toilet Seat Handle

Small trivial items like lifty loo can be overlooked or neglected. However, it’s for sure one of those items you needed but never thought existed. Flex your resourcefulness and make sure these people get a hand on this clever item. It allows people to lift the toilet seat without actually holding it. Everyone knows that the toilet seat is full of bacteria. Holding the seat to lift it up is a No-no! To encourage people to practice bathroom etiquette, send some lifty loos to the people you know so they can install them in their homes and office.

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Prepara Multiple Taco Holder

There are people who love to invite friends and family to their place and throw parties. However, if they recently moved to a new place, they may not have everything they need for an awesome Mexican party. Bring taco holders for people who have everything under their roof. It’s a guaranteed hit to spice up the taco Tuesday party. The taco holder will make sure no content is spilled until it reaches their mouth. Don’t let them waste all those delectable ingredients on the table or on the floor. Prop the tacos up on stylish Mexican-designed holders for everyone to devour and enjoy.

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Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb

No one can stop electricity or power outages. And for sure, they are never prepared for this scenario. Emergency lights are highly recommended to remedy temporary blackouts. In essence, every household needs one for the head of the family. The rechargeable bulb keeps the place bright for up to 4 hours until the power comes back on. It is a multi-functioning bulb that can be used at home as an emergency light or at the camping site or warehouse. The 850 lumens output makes it feel like the power never went out so they can continue with their tasks. Safe to use as it is free of electric shock and moisture-proof.

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EyeJust Screen Protector

Techie people most probably have all the gadgets in the world. But one essential accessory they are missing is the EyeJust screen protector. These are useful gifts for people who overlooked the importance of taking care of their eyes while on their gadgets 24/7. EyeJust employs blue light blocking technology that safeguards the eyes from overexposure to harmful blue light. Electronic products are known to emit blue light that can pose harm to health, especially to the eyes. Installation is a breeze, All they need to do is put the screen protector on top of their monitors or LCD screen. It serves both as a screen protector and anti-blue light.

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Gooseneck Phone Holder

Nomophobia may have the latest smartphone but like everyone else is required to hold their gadgets at all times. With the gadgets out of the way, they can do more tasks. But the truth is gadgets have taken over people’s lives and it isn’t easy to part with. Thus, the invention of the Gooseneck smartphone holder.

Free their hands from the phone so they can move around and do things simultaneously. They can prop up the Gooseneck on the bed or table. Positioned them in a way that’s on eye level. The ergonomic design lets you bend and twist the holder without damaging it. It’s built to last for several more video calls, binge-watching, and live streaming.

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Disaster Deck

Disaster can strike anytime. When an emergency happens, the brain cells freeze and you have to be on your toes the whole time. Knowing what to do is what will save you, not what you have. Don’t let this happen to the people you care for. The best survival gift for people who have everything is a disaster deck.

When the brains and reflexes aren’t on full alert during an emergency, the survival guide will give instructions to help them get out of trouble. It is completely waterproof and can stand the test of time. They are small and handy, bring them in the purse or backpack with no sweat. At the end of the day, it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The trendsetter who deviated from the rest of the competitors releasing another masterpiece – the Samsung Galaxy Z. Unlike the other smartphones, its folding glass technology allows you to put it in your pocket or bag without a fuss. Samsung Galaxy Z is one of its kind due to the phone’s compact-fold design. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to hold and fold, the camera specs of the phone are set to capture high-definition 4K video and audio. Everything is completely hands-free. That means they can capture themselves in full HD color. And rewatch it even outdoors with the AMOLED screen. Nothing can get better than the infinity flex.

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Donut Fresh Container

Doughnut lovers will fall deeper in love when they can access their favorite snack anytime. For people who will never think that a donut container exists, help them prolong the shelf life of the go-to snack during tea time through an air-tight container. The donut container is designed to seal the freshness of these pastries, locking out air and water. They can store up to 6 of their favorite donut flavors. Never be disheartened throwing a stale pastry in the garbage again. The donut container will let you enjoy the food longer, keeping the same taste as when it was first bought from the store. Clean and reuse multiple times to save money and the planet.

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BulbHead Leg Ramp

Work hard, play hard. That is the motto of most people. However, there are moments when the body can’t respond to the passionate heart. The body gets tired too. One of the practical gifts for them is a bulbhead. The bulbhead is a comfortable leg pillow that allows people to prop their tired legs up to ease the pain and swelling. Putting the legs up is scientifically proven to improve blood circulation thus lowering the chance of getting varicose veins and taking a load off one’s legs and back. The pillows are inflatable making them easy to store and use whenever it’s needed. _

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New Nerdwax

Have you seen people wearing signature eyeglasses but couldn’t keep them in place? If you feel bad for friends or colleagues who want to be fashionable but gravity is against them, Nerdwax is the remedy. Nerdwax is a wax that can be applied to the glasses to prevent them from slipping from the nose. Adding the wax creates a layer of friction to keep the glasses up. No harmful chemicals are added, thus, it’s safe to use. And it’s handy too so they can apply it only when they are set out to conquer the world. For people who are planning on their next outdoor adventure, it surely helps.

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Snuggie Wearable Blanket

No one has everything because you can always have more. When you know someone whose definition of fashion is comfort, Snuggie is suitable for them. This unisex blanket is perfect for the holiday season as it’s the best time to snuggle in front of the fireplace or on the couch bingeing on their favorite show.

Get these comfy lovers out of the bed with Snuggie. It’s the best and original wearable fleece blanket fit for the king and queen. No need to worry about the blanket slipping out of the body. Do anything and everything hands-free while snug in ultimate comfort. A warm companion even in the morning and everywhere they go. Because it’s washable, they can use it again and again until it wears out.

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Lexon Oslo Energy

For people who have tons of tangled cables and wires under their noses, charging the electronics in this messy situation is tough. Lighten up the burden and say goodbye to the tangled situation with the Lexon charging station. Lexon is QI wireless charging station that lets them recharge phones and tablets completely hands and cable-free. Nothing complicated either as they can use a USB plug as a power supply. When no one is charging, it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Connect a device within the 10-meter radius and play songs to beat the boredom while charging.

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Native Union Key Cable

Electronic devices are useless when they have an empty battery. Even with an available power bank or outlet plug, it’s nothing when there is no cable available to charge the device. For the person whose life revolves around their smartphone and other electronic devices. The keychain cable can transform these stressful situations. Instead of the usual long cables swirling in the back, the mini cable is attached to the keychain – a smart way to bring cable wires. It doesn’t only charge but also syncs data from the phone to other devices. It is 6x more durable compared to other lightning cables.

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Brazyn Morph Foam Roller

Stress can drain all the energy from everyone. When you are on a roll, your body gets into a lot of strain and tension which makes daily routine a tough situation. For people who usually get caught up in these stressful dilemmas all the time, the foam roller is a grab, roll, and go massager that can release all those tense muscles and relieve pain.

The Brazyn Morph foam roller is collapsible and portable. It’s the everyday solution to speed up recovery from body aches and pain any time of the day. Made from quality material, each role is handcrafted to ensure everyone gets the relaxation they deserve. Unfold and roll on the foam to ease the discomfort from the shoulders to the feet. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to withstand up to 350 lbs and sustainable as it is made from bamboo and recyclable aluminum.

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Go Lamp

When everything is going cordless, is anything else out there? A rare find but a wireless lamp does exist. The Go Lamp is one of the innovative gifts for people who have everything. It is a nice housewarming present to add to their collection. The Go Lamp is cordless and without any switch. Simply touch the lamp to turn it on and off. A new piece of equipment that will draw attention and start conversations with family members and friends. It’s also a convenient lamp to add to their light collection. The lamp can be charged via USB which can last up to weeks. Modify the brightness of the lamp to match the mood. A nice accessory to add charm to the house.

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Collapsible Popcorn Popper Bowl

When watching series and movies is their favorite pastime, the only thing that could be missing is some popcorn. To complete the experience, give them a popcorn popper. It makes popcorn easy and tasty in the comfort of their own home, with no extra equipment needed. Place some popcorn kernels in the popcorn popper, put them in the microwave, and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, you have freshly cooked popcorn. Throw in some cheese, barbecue, or caramel to spice up the plain popcorn. Wash, fold, and reuse whenever you need it.

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A7 Memobottle

Staying hydrated is important especially during the summer season or hot weather. Bringing a bottle of water in the backpack will ensure you keep up with the water demand of the body. Memobottle is one of those practical gifts because you never know when you feel thirsty, it pays to have water within reach. Memobottle is a flat bottle that is safe to use and handy to bring along. Made from durable BPA-free plastic that can be easily squeezed in the knapsack or bag. Whether it is hot or cold, memobottle can handle them all.

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EMF Protection Sticker

The downside of having too many electronic gadgets is that people are constantly exposed to radiation. Our bodies can’t neutralize them on their own so the best way to combat this is to install EMF stickers on these gadgets. EMF stickers are a powerful tool to protect people from radiation emitted from wifi and Bluetooth devices. The stickers are small enough that they are negligible. Place them next to the monitor or even under the cover. Best of all, they can also remove and reuse the sticker for their other device. Stay healthy while updated with the world’s news and current affairs.

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A Book about Hope

Giving gifts to people who have everything can be daunting and confusing. However, if you drill down to it, they might actually be seeking a profound way to satiate their hunger for success and fulfillment. A gift that could possibly change this mindset is the book Everything is F*cked.

From the best-selling author Mark Manson, he presents another counterintuitive guide to the modern world. He is the same author who released The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. Both books concentrate on things that aren’t seen like faith, hope, and freedom. What matters to humanity that no material property can ever replace. This is such a wonderful present to put people back to the human realm, spreading hope, faith, and happiness.

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Snap Strainer

Cooking pasta doesn’t have to be complicated. For people who source their pasta from Italy, let them know that there is still an easier way of preparing and cooking pasta. The snap strainer is an innovative solution that will make straining pasta a breeze. No pasta will go to waste. And no need to worry about the noodles being soggy for soaking in the water for so long. Snap the strainer open, drain the noodles, snap them back, and store them. That is what a snap strainer does. Pasta that is cooked al dente can be paired with any sauce and wine. The strainer is durable enough to serve pasta for several more birthdays, holidays, and other festivities.

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