18 Picture-Perfect Gifts for Photographers That Don’t Suck

A picture-perfect friendship is not easy to find, so when you do meet a person with whom you click, you want to show them you care with a picture-perfect gift. The photographer in your life has captured countless precious memories through a lens; they deserve a genuine, heartfelt gift that captures your admiration for their work. But what exactly are the best gifts for photographers? Below, you will find an assortment of incredible gadgets that are guaranteed to make your beloved camera operators smile for the camera.

Best Gifts for Photographers

Moment Wide Lens for Smartphone

Nowadays, one of the best tools for an aspiring photographer is the camera on their phone. Modern smartphones are no replacement for specialized equipment of course, but are a viable option for those just dipping their toes into the career. Smartphones are limited, though, both in quality and capabilities. The moment wide lens is the ideal photography gift for the smartphone photographer – with this simple attachment and the phone in their pocket, photographers can capture wider, higher quality images than they could ever imagine.

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Sony Wireless Shooting Grip and Tripod

Snapping a quick selfie with a few friends is one thing; capturing quality long exposure works of art is another altogether. For serious shots that require complete stability, particularly video footage and long exposure photos, photographers need a gift that is as reliable as it is portable. The Sony shooting grip is all that and more; with this professional grip, photographers can take advantage of remote Bluetooth control, full tilt and directional functionality and resistance to the elements. Once they grip onto this grip, your photographer is never going to let it go!

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Insta360 Sports Video Adaptive Action Camera

Photography, like any creative pursuit, is notable for its versatility. A professional photographer understands their tools, their environment, and always knows how to uniquely and completely capture the scene around them. Gifts such as the Insta360 action camera are essential to photographers because of the versatility they lend them. For instance, this sports camera functions as a high-quality 360-degree camera or wide-angle camera depending on the situation, granting photographers the chance to get creative with their shots.

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Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 Winter Photography Glove

What is the ‘Markhof’ a serious photographer? The ergonomic gloves! They don’t just look cool – they are designed specifically to keep a photographer toasty even as the temperature plummets. Comfortable, cozy and water-resistant, the markhof ergonomic gloves are the perfect gift for the Arctic photographers. Come snow or sleet, no weather will stop this professional from shooting their shot – literally!

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DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal

Unlike clunky, expensive camera equipment, the DJI osmo pocket camera is built for the photographer on the go. For photographers that favor nature scenes and real-world action, a smartphone-compatible pocket camera makes it simple and fun to get out into the world and begin snapping some new photos. With this gift in hand, photographers will have the tools they need to capture all the images and videos that they could ever desire without danger of damaging their expensive equipment (or their backs, for that matter).

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The Custom Editing Console

In 2020, photography isn’t just a matter of taking a few interesting pictures. Developments in technology have transformed photo and video editing into an elaborate art form of their own, an art form that photographers will need to master before they begin publishing their images. The Loupedeck creative tool is a professional-grade editing tool capable of taking any image to the next level. If your photographer is interested in making a career out of their passion, a gift like the editing console is just the thing to set them apart from the competition and help them refine their craft.

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Vuze 3D VR & 360 Camera

Filming engaging video content has never been easier than it is in the age of VR. The Vuze XR is a creative gift for photographers looking to grow and adapt to the latest tech has to offer. By capturing 180-degree VR footage or standard 360-degree footage, photographers can create an experience that has a lasting impact on their audiences. VR is here to stay; photographers can do themselves a favor by embracing this new medium and learning the ins and outs of VR today.

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GNARBOX Rugged Backup Device

Any digital professional can lecture you about the importance of backing up your files, but most of us probably didn’t heed this warning until it was too late anyway. Photographers don’t have the luxury of being so lax with their files, though; when every image is a paycheck, there’s no room for lost files. That’s why professional photographers need a gift like the GNARBOX, a single-step backup device that can put an end to lost footage once and for all.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

While it can be tempting to edit and retouch the photos we snap on our phone, there was a wholesome charm to a raw physical Polaroid that you could share with loved ones. Today, Facebook and Instagram have become our go-to photo platforms, so are physical photos a thing of the past?

For the photographer who loves to share the memories they’ve captured, the Fujifilm Instant Camera is just the device they need. With the camera, photos are printed by the device as soon as they snapped, allowing immediate sharing and swapping amongst friends and family.

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SanDisk Ibi Smart Photo Manager

As a photographer’s portfolio grows, the organization becomes increasingly complex. Know a cameraman whose desktop could stand for a Spring cleaning? The Ibi Photo Manager is the ultimate organization gift! Photographers can gather images from their camera, computer and cloud in a single secure device where they can then be sorted, filed and privately shared. Now if only it could tidy up the rest of their house…

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HD Camera Sunglasses for Snapchat

Not every photographer is a professional, and not every professional photograph needs to be a work of art. Humans love to communicate through imagery, so photographers will be thrilled with this casual camera that makes it easy to keep in contact with friends. The Snapchat Spectacles, a fashionable and functioning pair of sunglasses, are perfect for quickly snapping a fun photo to share on the App itself. No more wasting time pulling out a camera; playful photos are only a button click away!

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DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller

Perhaps your photographer is looking to take some more remote shots. With the DJI Mavic Air, they – or rather, their camera – will be riding on cloud nine. The Mavic Air is a drone capable of taking beautifully smooth footage and photos from miles away, far above the world as we know it. Truly the only limit to your photographers’ images will be their own imagination once they get their hands on this high-flying gift.

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Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

While a good camera can capture some genuinely amazing footage, getting that footage uploaded to a phone or computer can be a bit of a pain. Between sorting through wires and folders for all of your devices and uploading times, saving personal footage to your phone can feel like an uphill battle. The Ricoh Theta S redefines this entire process. With this gift, photographers can quickly and easily share their footage between camera and phone for memories they can re-experience wherever they go.

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Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

Drones are incredible gifts for photographers looking to explore new heights, but recording a person playing with a remote control is not ideal. When the photographer is the subject of their work, they need a drone capable of supporting itself. In other words, they need the Hover self-flying drone. Using the state-of-the-art body and face detection, the drone can fly and record without a photographer manning the controls, allowing your beloved cameraman to become the star of their own work once again.

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Crystal Lensball

Does your photographer think they’ve seen it all? Then it’s time to show them a new perspective on the world. The crystal lensball is an inspiring photography prop that is sure to reinvigorate your loved one’s work. Flip, twist, and morph the universe with this simple little sphere to create memorable, eye-catching images like none other. It might seem like an unassuming gift but rest assured, the Lensball is ‘sphere’ to stay!

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3m Extension Selfie Stick

They often get mocked for seemingly promoting narcissistic tendencies, but like any other photography tool, the selfie stick is a fantastic means of self-expression. Photographers can capture broad scenes and birds-eye shots with remarkable ease with an extended selfie stick in hand, resulting in countless original, breathtaking images. So go ahead and gift your favorite photographer a cool gadget like this and then capture some irreplaceable memories together.

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QooCam 360 and Stereo Camera

Fully compatible with 360-degree video and with a range of VR technology, the Qoo360 Cam is incredibly an easy-to-use camera with countless possibilities. Set upright, the freestanding camera records the world in incredibly high-quality detail; bent, the camera can snap manual photos that are beautiful and precise. Anyone can be a photographer with such a stable, well-designed camera in their toolbelt, making it the perfect gift for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Wiral Easy Cable Cam

Capturing stable motion shots is near impossible to do without investing in expensive, highly-specialized equipment – until now. This affordable, accessible gift, the Wiral cable camera, allows up-and-coming photographers to shoot films like the professionals for a fraction of the cost. Quick to set up and easy to use, no longer does the budget have to stand in the way of your favorite photographer producing the work that they’ve always envisioned.

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