29 Gifts for Pilots Whether In The Sky or On The Ground

The job of a pilot is noble as they are called for to deliver people and packages safely from one destination to the next. Their mission goes beyond themselves and extends to the people around them. Yet they are often neglected. With such a huge responsibility on their shoulders, find an opportunity where you give them back the good things they have done. And if finding the most suitable present is tough, check out the list we created of possible gifts for pilots all over the globe from items used daily to unique things pilots will love.

Gifts for Pilots

Fighter Pilot Jacket

What is one gift that isn’t only suitable for pilots but can possibly save their life too? The answer is the flight jacket. This is NO ordinary jacket. “Blood Chit” is sewn on the flight jacket itself and has a message written in various languages. It is a message addressed to whoever will see them in case of an untimely demise, suited for US Aviators. 

The reversible jacket is the true form and function clothing item a pilot can wear. First, the chit attached to a jacket is like a distress signal, speaking in multiple languages. So, whoever might find them would know what to do to help a fallen soldier. The kind-hearted folks will be rewarded for their chivalry.

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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Pilots can show off their cool side whether in the sky or on the ground. Give them a toy that showcases what they do, a toy that can capture the heart of people around them and leave them dumbstruck. Add some magic to any paper plane and let them zoom in the horizon. Leave people to amaze as the ground pilot controls the plane’s movement in mid-air. As such, a good way to teach aerodynamics to children of all ages. Play with the plane for ten minutes, enough time to enjoy watching it go by flying and landing smoothly like an actual airplane.

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Airplane Whiskey Decanter Set

Celebrate each occasion with the pilot’s interest in mind. In buying a gift for the birthday of this unsung hero, find items that represent their source of happiness. The airplane decanter encapsulates everything from their occupation to what they do off a flight. The wooden design of the airplane model and airplane glasses make the airplane decanter a luxurious and one-of-a-kind present any aviator can have. It is the most suitable item to put in the bar. Pour in their favorite cocktail in the glass-blown airplane glasses. Let guests stand in awe at the beautiful masterpiece before them.

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Airplane Propeller Wall Art

As a celebration of finally making it as a pilot, the Propeller wall art is a well-fit congratulatory present. The wall sculpture represents freedom and dreams which makes it perfect for pilots who have finally achieved their aspirations in life. The vintage airplane is a great decor that will represent all the hardships and work put into achieving another milestone. It is a multifunctional item that provides a visual shock and a one-of-a-kind appearance that will tickle people’s curiosity. The exquisite workmanship put in the metal propeller showcases all the effort put into making a work of art. It is a functional art form that also tells time.

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Classic Aviation Coaster Instrument Sets

Breathe love and appreciation to the pilot you know. For their new milestone of getting their own place, bring them household items that represent them as pilots. Aviation-themed coasters are the ideal gifts for their housewarming party. The set comes with 6 coasters which make each intimate dinner party reminiscent of who they are as pilots. It gives character to the usual dinner set-up, even guests will be surprised. Make them happy as they find themselves represented in any party, even if they are absent while on duty.

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Full Phonetic Alphabet Shirt

How do you teach the alphabet the pilot’s way? Teach them the phonetic alphabet by wearing an alphabet shirt. This is one of the simple yet entertaining gifts for pilots even kids will be whipped for. The alphabet shirt is a nice clothing item to wear at work or when spending time with family and friends. It will draw curiosity from the people around him about what the words mean. After teaching them the trick, these curious minds will never take their eyes off of the shirt until they memorize every single word. Pilots can wear them happily on any occasion.

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ArtFuzz Helicopter Table Clock

Bring some life and character to a dull space with the helicopter clock. Made of quality metal, it is meant to stand out on a plain wall giving off the vintage look. So, add some charm to their room or workspace with cool items for a personalized experience. The metal firm with a wood-look finish gives it the classic look that will not fade away with time. Make a statement with one piece of equipment. Let its beauty shine through, with the old-school feeling of a vintage clock on the desk or shelf.

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ASA CX-3 Flight Computer

Not to be mistaken as a calculator, this flight computer holds power in its small form. You might not be able to understand what is being calculated but pilots will appreciate and understand every information. Give them the power to plan the flights in advance, calculating things down to the smallest detail. The CX-3 is the ultimate companion for every flight delivering accurate results on a timely basis.

Aside from the aviation functions, it also has a regular calculator function, a timer, a clock, and a stopwatch. The multifunction calculator even allows the pilot to store their Aircraft profile making it easy to calculate things accordingly.

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Rugged Air Pilot Headset

The pilot’s headsets are not meant only for entertainment. It is the much-needed aviation device every pilot needs to communicate with the ground staff. Used by flight schools and their passengers, any budding pilot will wish to get one. The crystal clear sound it produces and noise-canceling mic make it the ideal gift for every aviator. Two-way communication with the pilot and staff ensures a safe landing and departure for each flight. The best thing about the headset is it allows the pilot to switch to their favorite playlist while the plane is cruising peacefully in mid-air.

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New VFR Kneeboard

Even with zero knowledge of what happens in the pilot’s cockpit, you can never go wrong with a VFR kneeboard. It is one of those practical gifts that help pilots organize their flight information. Designed to cater to the needs in the cockpit, the kneeboard includes a wide metal clip to fasten the documents, an elastic leg band that has a pen holder, and a velcro to keep things in place. It provides a sturdy surface for inflight note-taking and gives updated information including visibility, cloud clearance, and ceiling.

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Coccyx Seat Cushion

Pilots are required to sit in their cockpit for a long duration. Often, it can hurt their lower extremity. Make each flight comfortable with a seat cushion. The cushion is one of the most multifunctional products that is essential while in flight. Ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone, it provides the ultimate comfort for the bum to relieve back pain and sciatica. Give them the relief they need so they can concentrate on their flight. Each flight becomes easier and comfortable even if it means sitting down for hours.

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Captain Teddy Pilot Bear

Give each pilot a bear hug with the pilot bear. Let them be appreciated and loved with a cute captain bear in soft plush form. Pilots will love the idea of giving them a token of your appreciation. It becomes a nice companion for those lonely nights in the cabin or at the hotel while on a layover. The animal plush stands 33 to 35 cm which is the standard size of most plushies. Pilots can bring it along with them or give them to their loved ones as a remembrance of them while on duty. It is even suitable for small children as young as three years old. 

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3D Puzzle F-18 Hornet Aircraft Jet

Pilots need to be physically fit and have a sharp mind to withstand the pressure of flying dozens of passengers. To help them tickle their mind and imagination, give them something that exercises their brains and creativity. The solution is an aircraft puzzle.

The hornet jet puzzle comes with a unique design that will rekindle every pilot’s love for the aircraft. It will not only be fun to assemble with loved ones but also a fun way to introduce the kids to your line of work while spending quality time with them. The construction kit includes 47 interlocking puzzles that will result in hours of fun and laughter. Bring out the glue to secure the puzzles together making it ideal to stand on the shelf or desk.

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Garmin GPS Pilot Watch

The aviator watch is a premium accessory that is the epitome of form and function. It synchronizes with several aviation information such as NEXRAD weather, course deviations, colorful mapping, and more. More than a watch, it can store up to 500 songs for the pilot’s easy listening session while in the cockpit. Furnished with Bluetooth technology so it can connect with Bluetooth speakers and headphones to enjoy the music. Aside from all the additional functions, it also has basic functions of fitness trackers such as time, heart-rate monitoring, and the like. The pilot watch is indeed the watch that has it all.

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The Cocktail Box

Missing parties of friends and families can be lonely, especially for pilots who are flying all the time. Every pilot deserves a pat on the back for taking care of others first before themselves. Ensuring all passengers arrive at their destination safely is every pilot’s mission. Let them know they are appreciated with a simple yet meaningful gift. The cocktail box is one of those celebratory gifts pilots can bring in flight. And have a quick shot during a long layover or after each flight. The on-the-go cocktail kit is a premier mix developed and tested by experts. Each sip brings you to a cocktail bar by the beach, a quick escapade from the busy flights ahead.

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Eagle Creek Pack-It Organizer

Pilots can be like nurses and doctors at times. Even on their day-offs, they can be called on duty to serve. Make things easier for pilots who are always in demand. The garment folder can accommodate up to 12 items and squeeze them in a compact size. Pilots need to have wrinkle-free, well-presented uniforms. Packing organizers are the best fit to ensure shirts and slacks are in their best shape – sharp and wrinkle-free. Aside from this, the compression folder provides more room for the suitcase to pack other things they may need. Pack and go is the answer to every pilot’s dynamic lifestyle.

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Smart Instant Language Translator

Although being able to speak in different languages is a plus but not required for any pilot, there’s always a solution to bridge the language barrier. CM smart translator is one of the most suitable gifts for pilots assigned on international flights.

It is a powerful AI that can translate various languages. By simply pairing it with an app, they can gain access to many popular languages such as Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and the like. Never run out of words anymore to get them by and even make friends with the locals. The superior battery life can last them up to 180 days which means they can engage in a lot of conversations before the battery runs out.

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Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Safety and security are the priorities of pilots whenever they are flying in the sky. Because they travel nonstop, they are prone to encountering various people. including thieves or pickpockets. The security belt adds a layer of protection in unforeseen events. It may look like an ordinary belt from the outside but it does more than secure the pants. The travel belt comes with travel safety lock technology, which means it remains securely locked when closed.

Also, it has a special hidden pouch to hide money, a copy of passport, and small jewelry. An added bonus is the recovery tags that come with every purchase. Attach it to your wallet or phone. Report it to the 24/7 call center of ReturnMe and track the items anywhere in the world. These are amazing combos pilots should never leave without.

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Pilot Survival Knife

As the old folks say, “better prepared than never.” Having a safety tool under your possession is not anticipating a bad event to happen. It is being responsible enough to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to address unprecedented events. Pilots are constantly exposed to such from minor to major events. Get them always prepared.

This isn’t just a blade but a tool that could perhaps save someone’s life. Made from stainless steel, it can cut through even the toughest material. Pilots are called to be tenacious at all times, especially when on duty. Give them the survival they need in these times.

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The Standard Pilot Log

With several people under their care, pilots are expected to be detail-oriented. As such, logbooks are necessary to document even the nitty-gritty of each flight. However, they can’t just log anything, it has to make sure that it fulfills all of the FAA’s record-keeping fundamentals. Gear them up with FAA-approved logbooks. The pilot log is the fittest logbook for aviators. It is versatile to fit their needs. Don’t settle for anything less when each transcription is important. Give them the logbook that has a 60-year of experience working with Aviators around the globe.

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Mighty Mug Solo

Pilots have to ensure they take care of themselves first at all times. When they have a huge responsibility on their shoulder, staying healthy and tip-top shape is vital. Staying hydrated is one of the ways to remain in good shape. They deserve better than bottled water. Send them a mighty mug to keep them from being dehydrated.

The Mighty Mug is sturdy enough to stand on its ground despite the bumpy flight ahead. It has a SmartGrip function that stays firm on a flat surface. Never worry about water spilling especially in the pilot’s deck. One of the best companions while flying in the air.

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Leather Pilot Luggage

The best and practical gifts for pilots are luggages. This is not average luggage but made of leather that can house a laptop, documents, and extra clothes for their flight. These flyjetters have to come prepared at all times. Being able to pack all the necessary items in one go is crucial for their kind of lifestyle. The black bonded leather case has enough compartments inside and outside to fit documents, laptops, and the like. It even came up with a twin gunmetal combination lock to safeguard what is inside. Give them the polish and spotless accessory that is due them._

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Polare Slim Passport Holder

Passport is one item that frequent flyers, like pilots, can’t live without. It is only proper to provide them with a superior passport holder that is not only practical but has a luxurious design. Crafted with real leather, the passport holder exudes reliability and charm. An item that will last them for a long-time on every flight, whether for work or leisure.

The full-grain leather wallet/passport holder has RFID travel protection which is very significant for frequent flyers like them. It can house up to 2 passports, 4 cards, and a display window for the ID. They have everything in one go in an organized manner.

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Biplane Ceiling Light

Pilots with small children may not be able to spend as much time with their family and kids because of their profession. They may even miss their children’s milestones as they grow up. Now it’s the time for them to give something to their growing up child. The airplane pendant light is a great addition to the room of any child, especially a pilot’s child. Fill the child with inspiration and spark their curiosity with the unique lighting fixture. The brightness from the airplane light suits any child’s room, aside from the fact that it will constantly remind them of their absent parents.

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Wooden World Map

A pilot who loves art and interior design will appreciate a one-of-a-kind wall art like the wooden map. They may not be at home all the time but it doesn’t mean their presence should not be felt. Give them something that represents the nature of their work. The wooden map is a premium wall art made of cutting-edge technology. Compared to other maps, it is highly detailed and even comes with tags to indicate the current flying route of the pilot of the house. Perfect for propping on their wall.

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Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

What can you give an aspiring pilot? The best on the list would be a pilot’s handbook. If they are truly invested in their dream of flying high, they need to start ground up. This is the official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handbook required for all pilots. Start them early into their career and equip them with the knowledge they need to fly up in the sky. What’s good about the handbook is that it is a nice reference even as they board their first flight. Backed up with a 30-year experience, this is the book necessary to pass the exam and practical test required from future pilots.

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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One

Learn to fly the fun way with the flight simulator. Gear up their Xbox One or Windows with a T. Flight Hotas One. The high degree of realism they can get from playing the game is a great way to relax and experience flying high in the sky once again. The joystick comes with comprehensive flight gear. Pilots can easily switch from navigation to panoramic view. Equipped with the axes, action buttons, and rapid-fire trigger for that full combat feel, the simulator also provides a virtual reality experience for various types of flight simulations such as warplanes, modern combat, civil flights, and space adventure. 

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LEGO Technic Air Race Jet

Like other Lego toys, the air race jet comes with various blocks with motor functions which makes the design one-of-a-kind. It is a collector’s item children of all ages can enjoy. Once fully constructed, the pilot will be enamored to find out that it is fully functional. Some functions include retractable undercarriage and adjustable flaps, adjustable jet nozzle, and working front steering. The model can also be rebuilt as a private jet if they are tired of the race jet. Once done, they can put it on display together with their other collections.

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Power Bank

Pilots who are on call have to make sure their smartphones don’t go out of battery. Ensure they are charged up all the time. Instead of getting them a power bank that only lasts for a day, give them a worry-free week with a power bank that can last them for 1 week. It has 30,000mAh which is equivalent to 12.6 full charges on multiple devices with various inputs from micro-USB to Type-C. With the multiple inputs, they can charge up to 2 devices at the same with a maximum speed of up to 3 amps. Safe and reliable to avoid instances of overheating or overcharging.

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