24 Heart-Pounding Gifts for Runners That They Can’t Resist

As a hobby and a form of exercise, running can be one of the most controversial. Long-time runners often rave about the high they experience each morning and the health benefits they reap as a result of their effort. But for those who don’t regularly partake, running can feel like an absolute misery, one of the worst methods of getting/staying in shape. If you are not one yourself and do not personally know the thrill of a “runner’s high”, buying gifts for runners can seem a monumental task because of this stark dichotomy of experiences.

Luckily, you don’t need to head out for a jog and get into the shoes of a runner to find the perfect; In this list, we’ve done the work of compiling the greatest gift ideas for the runners, the joggers and the high-speed walkers in your life.

Gifts for Runners

Kangoo Jumps Anti-Gravity Fitness Boots

For as time-intensive as running can be, it’s not always a very efficient form of exercise. That’s not to say that running is a waste of time – for many runners, this hobby is as much about relieving stress and getting some fresh air as it is about burning calories. But if you know a runner eager to get their body summer-ready, Kangoo Jumps can turn the daily jog into an intense calorie blaster. They burn twice the calories as running alone and are a great gift for those of all ages and fitness levels. So what are you waiting for? Strap on your Kangoos and jump to it!

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Tracer360 Illuminated & Reflective Vest

With the busy lives they lead, most runners take to the streets in the early morning or late in the evening. Whenever a person finds themselves out and about in less-than-ideal lighting, safety must be a priority. Ensure your favorite runner gets home safely after every jog with the Illuminated Vest, the eye-catching gift that no car or pedestrian will be able to miss. The LED vest is more comfortable and efficient than the standard luminescent vest, and runners will appreciate the high visibility the vest provides in all conditions.

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Foot & Ankle Massage Roller

Over time, running can take a toll on a runner’s feet. For the runner that’s been feeling a bit sorer after their workouts lately, the Foot Massage Roller may just be what the doctor ordered. Runners can relax their foot muscles in the comfort of their own home, saving the cost of a trip to the local spa, and afterward, they will feel rejuvenated and new. The foot roller isn’t just a fun gift – it’s a must-have for any and every experienced runner.

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Multi-Sport Hydration Pack

Too many of us fail to properly hydrate ourselves throughout the day. This issue is even more prevalent amongst runners and fitness fanatics, individuals who know the importance of caring for their body but underestimate just how much fluid they lose over the course of their daily workout. The Hydration Pack is a fantastic gift for athletes and runners who prefer to keep their hands available as they work, storing 1.5 liters of water in its convenient, hands-free design.

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Quad Lock Sports Armband

Smartphones are useful tools for a runner: they can track steps, distance, effort, and even provide some cool tunes over the course of the morning jog. Storing a smartphone on a run is easier said than done though. Most athletic clothes lack pockets, and purses and backpacks aren’t practical for most runners. The Running Armband solves the dilemma of smartphone storage in a brilliant way; this handy gift secures the smartphone to the runner’s arm, keeping it safe and within arm’s reach over the course of the entire run.

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Sports Heart Rate Monitor

A person’s heart rate can be a revealing glimpse of their overall health. For the runner that wants to get the most from each workout, a gift such as the Heart Rate Monitor is an obvious winner. The monitor and it’s corresponding app work together to measure heart rate over a variety of workouts, helping your runner to determine their current fitness level and their areas for improvement. When they discover all the progress they’ve made, this app is sure to leave your runner shouting, “Wahoo!”

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Innovative Storage Water Bottle

Limited pockets are a problem for so many outfits. Athletic gear is some of the worst offenders – in the search for breathable, skin-tight material, designers overlook the need for carrying a wallet and a set of keys. The Storage Water Bottle is a useful gift for runners tired of struggling with a lack of pocket space. In this bottle, there is enough storage space for all the essentials, allowing runners to focus on their run and not on the trinkets they’re stuck carrying about in their hands.

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Smart Foldable Treadmill

Treadmills are every runner’s most beloved gift. When the weather is bad or time is limited, treadmills ensure that a runner never needs to go without their regular workout. What makes the Foldable Treadmill such an excellent gift for a runner isn’t just because it can keep them active on a rainy day, though – it’s that when the sun returns, the treadmill folds away for easy, out-of-the-way storage. Running may be a big part of a runner’s life, but that doesn’t mean it should be the biggest feature in their living room!

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Jaybird Sport Waterproof Earbud

Wireless earbuds have become extremely popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. Headphones are infamous for getting tangled and caught on doorknobs, furniture, and pretty much everything else in the house. If your runner has been searching for the perfect set of earbuds for their runs, the Jaybird Earbud’s are just the gift they need. High sound quality, waterproof design and overall fashionable appearance make the Jaybirds the best headphones currently available for even the most avid of runners.

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Ruffwear Trail Runner System

Going for a run alone is okay, but getting out of the house with a four-legged friend is the ultimate workout for both runner and canine. As fun as bonding with pooch might be though, it’s vital that everyone is safe and secure during the workout. The Ruffwear Runner System is built with this safety in mind: the hands-free design ensures comfort, while the additional attachment makes disconnecting easy in the event of an emergency. For the best run with man’s best friend, it will be a gift that dog lovers can appreciate.

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Pocket-Sized Portable Laundry System

Runner feeling grimy after the morning workout? Sweaty, smelly clothes are a problem for the runner the errands to run. The Portable Laundry System is a valuable gift for the runner short on time; after a run, simply throw the dirty clothes into the washbag and change into something a bit fresher! The laundry system is convenient to take out on any run and guarantees clean, washed clothes no matter where you may go.

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OLIVERS Mens All Over Short

When they go for a run, the last thing a runner wants to worry about is their wardrobe. That’s why they need clothes designed with the needs of a runner in mind. Fortunately, this next gift answers the call of runners everywhere, providing a comfortable, flattering fit in the form of a good looking pair of shorts. The Workout Shorts come in a range of colors to match any runner’s tastes, and feature 4-way stretching to flatter bodies of every shape and size. Working out doesn’t mean you can’t look good – with the right Shorts, looking fashionable on a run is a walk in the park!

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Women's Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat

Safety is paramount when it comes to going to a run at night and so one of the best gifts for runners would be the LED beanie. No longer will your runner friend have to take a separate light out with them during hours of darkness because the LED beanie has a built-in light. The runner will be able to clearly see where they are going to avoid trips and falls as well as being noticeable to any oncoming vehicles. This is not only a great gift but one that could potentially save their lives.

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Handheld Running Bell

When out for a run, it can be difficult when your runner friend comes across a group of people on their path. This excellent running bell eliminates the awkwardness of having to constantly announce your presence. The runner simply sounds the bell to let others know of their approach, meaning that they do not have to keep stopping when crossing the path of other people. The bell comes in a choice of two colors meaning you can fit the gift in with their taste.

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Rechargeable Night Runner Shoe Lights

Another brilliant way to stay seen and safe when out running is to use these handy little shoe lights. The lights fit easily onto the runners’ shoes and allow them to illuminate the way as well as alerting cars to their presence. The lights are extremely durable and are also weatherproof which makes them easy to use in all conditions. Your runner friend will be over the moon with this ideal gift.

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Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

This long-lasting, brightly colored running pod makes the perfect gift for those who love running. This tiny device links up to your smartphone and tracks a variety of metrics in relation to the run. This is an excellent way to monitor how far you are running and is brilliant for those who wish to track their exercise. All your runner friends or family members need to do is to connect the device to the app and begin their run.

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Nanuk Nano Waterproof Hard Cases

There are bound to be times when a runner accidentally drops their precious electronic device and a great gift to give would be a solution to this problem. This highly functional hard case is excellent for runners who wish to take their electronic devices out on a run with them. It comes in multiple colors meaning that the case is perfect no matter what the runners’ preferences. Any kind of electronic device can be stored inside the case which is fully waterproof and shock-resistant.

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Running Mask

For the runner who really wants to take their training to a new level, a great gift to give is this running mask. Designed to use breathing training during a workout, the mask claims to improve stamina meaning that your runner friends will have the ability to spend more time doing what they love. The mask comes in a variety of sizes and will really help the runner to push the boundaries of what they can do. This is certainly a gift that will be greatly received.

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Handheld Massage Gun

Running, whilst it is an extremely healthy hobby to have, can cause pain in the muscles, and wouldn’t it be amazing if you could offer a gift that would assist in the relief of this pain? The massage gun is the perfect way to do this.  It will not only provide a relaxing and effective massage but comes in a choice of either silver or camo red designs. The massage device is designed to be super quiet and so after their run, the recipient can relax in front of the TV whilst using the gun.

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ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System

Whilst out for a run, the runner is going to get very hot and this can lead to discomfort and health problems. By giving a gift like the personal cooling system, your runner friend will be able to remain cool and comfortable during their run. Battery operated, the cooling system fits into any hydration bladder pack and will run for a period of 16 hours from fully charged, meaning that there is no limit to how long the runner wants to keep going.

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Skinners Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes

If you work out a lot or do sports often, it’s really likely that you have already had problems with too thick socks that absorb too much sweat and become abrasive and painful, or too thin socks that break after a couple of us leaving your feet unprotected. Coming in a large range of colors, these barefoot socks are not only super useful but also look amazing. They provide a great way for your runners or families with great comfort and minimalism whilst out for a run. They are made of a breathable material that gives extra comfort.

As the old saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Skinners socks perfectly illustrate the concept. Freedom, Protection, and Portability, people who loves to run will be surprised to see how something so simple can be so durable. Say goodbye to lug around those heavy boots all day.

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Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Wallet

When out for a run, there may be times when the runner needs to take small items with them such as cash, cards, and keys. However, they are going to need to have somewhere practical to store these things and this is why the waterproof wallet makes for one of the best gifts for runners. The wallet comes in a variety of sizes from small to wash bag meaning that you have a choice of what to give.

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Waterproof Socks

A bit of rain should not spoil the opportunity to go out for a run but it can be a real pain when water seeps through the shoes and causes wet socks. This is not only irritating but can contribute to things such as blisters and athlete’s foot. If you are thinking about getting a gift for someone who loves running, these waterproof socks make a great choice because not only do they serve a very useful purpose but they are also made from merino wool making them extremely comfortable.

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Resistance Training Parachute

If the runner is looking to maximize their speed, then this training parachute will definitely help. It is a way to practice resistance training which will, in turn, improve the running speed. This unusual and unique gift is certain to be loved by anyone with a passion for running. Not only does it help with speed but the training parachute is also a great way to gain more strength, the perfect addition to any running workout.

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When it comes to buying the perfect gift, it is important to take into consideration the interests of the person you are buying for. If you know someone who loves running, then you may have considered giving them a gift to do with the sport. That’s why in this article we have put together a list of some of the best gifts for runners which will be sure to bring a smile to the face of any avid athlete.

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