24 Gifts for RV Owners to Bring the Homey Feel Wherever They Go

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime in an RV? For those who are gearing up to set their foot on the pedal towards their lifelong adventure of hitting the road. Get some practical gadgets to make their journey a smooth and memorable one. Before they take on these adventures, here are some gifts for RV owners that you can choose from:

Gifts for RV Owners


RVminders is one of those items that you don’t think you need but it is a must-have after multiple uses. Carrying your entire house on wheels may sound easy because everything is with you. But, despite this, there are several tasks that RV owners can forget that could cost them inconvenience and money, if not taken care of.

RV owners, who are by themselves or elderly folks, would benefit a lot from the RVminders. One set comes with 10 reminders that can be clipped on the steering wheels. Eight of them are dedicated to small tasks that can easily be forgotten like TV antennae, hookups, doors/ vents/ windows, compartment locks to steps/ladders. Then, two extra reminders are blank for additional tasks that the owner wants to be reminded of.

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RV Hacks

Newbie RV owners may find the entire experience daunting. Help the novice find comfort in their new adventure with the RV Hacks book. Save them from tons of headaches with simple tricks and trade on how to solve RV problems. Rather than learning things the hard way, the RV Hacks contain tons of useful information that will benefit motorhome or trailer owners. It includes everything from repurposing plastic bottles to making a mixer to organization hacks. There’s always something new to learn since it has great tips that will make each journey peaceful and fun.

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UltraPlush RV Mattress Protector

On the road, several items on board the RV can be turned to various uses such as the bed that doubles as a sofa. To protect the bed mattress from stains and extend its longevity, one can’t go wrong with an UltraPush RV mattress protector. This is a must-have accessory to avoid stains, bedwetting, and exposure. It also provides superior comfort and is tight-fitting so it won’t slip off from the bed. Made from superior technology, it ensures safety and comfort for every member of the family on board the trailer.

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RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose Kit

Who takes care of the dirty business in the RV? Obviously, it’s the head of the household. The last thing they want is their hose giving up while emptying the tank in the sewer system. As a bonus present for the family head, give him the 4-in-1 15-foot sewer hose kit.

It secures the hose in place while delivering everything to the dump station. No icky drippings because of the four prongs that secure it in place. Flexible enough to be maneuvered easily, it also includes reusable locking rings which can be transferred to a new hose. When not in use, it can be compressed to 56 inches and stored easily in the RV.

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RV State Sticker Travel Map

Who says you can’t decorate your RV? Before your friends take off for another adventure, make it fun with the state sticker. They are sure to appreciate how far they have come. Stamp or mark each state they visited on the map. Peel, stick, and remove so they can redecorate the van anyway they please. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. Besides, this is a fun way to engage the kids in learning geography. Stick on the wall and let the kids take over the map. When they get back home, they would have memorized all the states and which places they have visited.

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LEGO City Camper Van

Keep RV owners happy with a LEGO puzzle featuring their favorite automobile. Bring out the young kids from everyone as they solve the puzzle of the cool camper van. This is a nice gift to give away whether they are hitting the road or not. Get the kids to engage in the adventure as they choose the next trip for the family. The set includes Minifigures as well as accessories. Set the camper van on an adventure of a lifetime by setting it up in various wilderness spots. Kids can let their figurines row the canoe or ride down the river while wearing a vest.

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Outdoor Edge Chow Mealtime Multitool

Anyone who has experienced off-road adventures knows the importance of bringing multipurpose items that they can use all the time. The Mealtime multitool is an all-in-one utensil that combines eating utensils such as a spoon, fork, and knife with other tools like a can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, and wrench. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to bring anywhere. Its sturdy and rugged feature makes it a great companion for outdoor adventures. Never run out again without these handy tools.

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RV There Yet?

Look at the world from the eyes of kids and keep asking “RV there yet?” For RV owners, this could be one of the best companions they can have in this road trip adventure. As they say, time flies when you are having fun so capture as much as you can. Write the details and take pictures to save all these memories.

It comes with writing prompts on each page that adventurers can fill in to savor each moment. Prompts include Departing from and Destination. Plus, routes taken, stops, events, and various things people can easily ignore or take for granted. In addition, it also adds spaces for odometer and gas prices to help them manage their route. In this world called life, it pays to appreciate all the minor details that can be remembered for years to come.

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Camco RV Fridge Brace

Traveling in the world of the unknown, RV owners have to face bumpy roads, humps, and bad weather. Many challenges could shake the RV and mess everything inside. Equip the owners with Fridge Braces to secure food in place. Because the last thing they want is a messy fridge with no food left.

It prevents the food from spilling or sliding down on the bumpy or tilted road. Bottles won’t roll up and down. Cartons stay upright. And food in containers doesn’t bump with each other which can result in a chaotic mess. Secure everything in place so they have a clean and organized refrigerator every single time.

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Welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchin

Where can you find a home away from home? Only through an RV. Every camper deserves to feel the warmth and happiness one can find in a house. keep the comfort in an RV with a wall mount that says “Welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchin, a Certified Happy Camper Area.” The wooden sign brings the homey feel wherever they go. Every site instantly transforms not just a campground but a neighborhood strictly for those who know how to have fun. Otherwise, they might as well pack up and go home. Remind them to always have a good time.

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Retro RV Shaped Cutting Board

Camping will never be complete without great food served on the table. Eating on a campground prepared from the RV always tastes different. Ensure that they are equipped with a cutting board shaped like an RV for mealtime preparation. RV owners who are on the journey of their lives must have a reliable cutting board onboard. Made from durable, high-quality bamboo, it is suitable for cutting fruits, veggies, and meat. With the unique design, it also makes a nice decoration. It is also easy to clean and store. Plus, they won’t damage their knives.

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RV Having Fun Yet

Happy campers can’t celebrate without good quality wine glasses on board. Off-road party nights should be casual and fun. Ditch the formal stemmed glass. Opt for the stemless wine glass and toss the night away. As the design on the glass is etched, not printed, you are guaranteed that it will not wear off. And it’ll serve them hundreds of drinks down the road in their new RV.

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Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Nesting Bowls

Easy-to-store household items are always the best companion for RV owners, what you need to look for are those that are space-saving and useful. Nesting bowls are must-haves for that quick salad and meal preparations. The mixing bowls can be easily stacked neatly, non-slip, and are lightweight. Each set has 9-pieces of bowls, which includes a mixing bowl, colander, sieve strainer, small mixing bowl, measuring cups, and spoon. They are dishwasher safe except for the steel sieve strainer. Even on the road, RV owners must have all the kitchen essentials in their cupboards for easy meal preparation. The gourmet-on-the-go feels wherever they go.

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RV Cover

Traveling in the great outdoors is great but that also means you have to brave the unpredictable weather. Without knowing what is coming, it is always good to come prepared. So, if you are looking for a “housewarming” or warming gift for a friend, the RV cover is a great option. The cover’s length is 381 inches x 104 inches x 102 inches. Designed to withstand moderate climates through triple layer SFS aqua shed and polypropylene, it reduces premature aging due to exposure to harsh weather.

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Weber Liquid Propane Grill

Grilling meat and vegetables are best done outdoors, especially on campgrounds. Never let the RV camper leave without a grill in his automobile. Opt for a durable porcelain enameled cast iron grates grill to whip out roasted cuisines. The gas grill gives 189 square inches of cooking space for poultry and vegetables roasted all at the same time. It also comes with a built-in temperature to ensure that everything is grilled to perfection. With the large grip handle and control knob, it makes roasting safe and easy. And for the tedious cleaning part, it has been designed to make it easier for the pitmasters.

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BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Save your friend who can’t sleep with his wives nagging at him to clean the RV. Make things easy for the burdened hubby. While bringing a huge vacuum in the RV is not practical, the handheld one is the best option to tidy up everything in a jiff. It can suck at most 18.9 ounces of dirt in one go. With 2 speeds to fit their cleaning needs, RV will be spic and span in no time. With a washable dirt bowl and filters, it dusts off even hard-to-reach corners, ceiling, and carpet.

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RV Leveling Block

Balance is important when RV parks on a campground. The last thing they want is to have their RV tipping off in one place, and all their stuff hurled to one side. Get this out of their way with the leveling block, a nice sent-away present as they go on a journey. Let the RV owner stack 10 blocks to the desired height to level up. Easy to carry and handle with a few twists to lock them together, it is compatible with single wheels, double wheels, and the like. Durable and reliable, it can be used for multiple trips for years. Besides, it’s painted in bright yellow color to make it visible and easy to maneuver.

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JTEC Camper Wine Stoppers

For a homie who can’t live without their wine even when on an RV, watch him laugh at the stopper with an RV design. Aside from its unique design, the stopper serves as an air-tight seal – the best way to preserve the wine, keeping the wine fresh and tasty. At a campout party, the wine stopper is a scene-stealer. It’s a good conversation starter for guests and co-campers. The silicone stopper can fit perfectly on any wine and beer. Wine enthusiasts would need this available in their RV to be used at any time. Because they will never waste a single drop of their favorite wine.

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Portable Elastic Travel Clothesline

Drying clothes while traveling can be a nuisance. While on the RV, getting a spinner or dryer isn’t the most practical thing to do. What’s best is to hang clothes dry under the sun or with the wind’s help. Before your buddy forgets this minor detail, send him a clothesline for his drying needs. Made from durable and rust-free stainless steel materials, the clothesline isn’t the usual rope used to tie things at home. Twelve pieces of clothespins are attached to the line to clip all the clothes. Prevent them from sliding or losing their clothes.

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Anti-Spill Cup Holder

Bumpy roads and humps always post a threat to drinks onboard the wheels. Regardless of how big the vehicle is, the risk of drinks toppling is the same. Avoid messy spilled drinks with the cupholder. The anti-spill holder guarantees their favorite beverage goes down their throat, and not on the floor. Unlike regular coasters, no more emergency cleaning of the RV because coffee or beer was spilled. Holding most sizes of drinks and glasses up to 3.54 inches/90 mm wide, they can put any of their preferred beverages on the cupholder.

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Pro-LifT Foldable Z Creeper

With the RV always on the road, mishaps can happen. As such, it’s always good if one comes prepared with the right tools. And one example that is of great help is the Z Creeper, a 2-in-1 tool that every mechanic and automobile owner must have. The Z Creeper, by its name, is shaped like a Z which mechanics or vehicle owners use to repair anything. Easy to assemble and store, it transforms into a creeper with a thick padded bed when folded. Don’t let them hurt their back from fixing the RV. They can lie down comfortably on the creeper while fixing the van without hurting themselves.

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ShadePro RV Awning Fabric Replacement

The best part of hopping on the RV for a road trip is strolling the great outdoors. And sitting outside the RV waiting for the sun to set while relaxing with a cold beer in your hands. To get the best that the great outdoors can offer, you can’t go without a Shade Pro. Maybe it’s time to install or change their awnings.

The Shades Pro is the best replacement for worn-out awning fabric. Its classic charcoal color will blend nicely with the surrounding, without looking cheap. Set up the canopy to protect the owners from harsh weather like rain and the scorching heat of the sun. All they need is at least 1 more person to set up the canopy. They will be lounging outside the RV’s window in no time.

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RV There Yet Shirt

When on the road, campers need comfy, not flashy clothes. RV owners should pack a couple of clothes to match the weather outside. But for those who have not gone out for a while, let them remember the fun of going on road trips around the state. Dress them up to the occasion with a T-shirt featuring captions “RV there yet”. The funny shirt is the best idea for anyone obsessed with their trailers or motorhome. Rather than being upset for not hitting the road, put on the T-shirt, because it signifies what parked RV owners can do.

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TravelChair Slacker Chair

Traveling outside on a trail is fun and all. But while outside may look awesome, sitting down on a slacker tool is the best way to go. Even when going on hiking or fishing, this portable chair offers temporary respite to the weary feet. Not only that, they can get to enjoy the beauty of nature while taking a break. Unlike other tools, this is a comfortable and durable alternative. Small but strong enough to hold up to 275 lbs, it will be the one that every camper wishes to have.

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