16 Gifts for Swimmers And Water Lovers In Your Life

Your friendship has survived rough waters and gentle waves, and as your relationship continues to develop swimmingly, you want to show your loved one your appreciation. Buying a brilliant gift for a swimmer online can leave you drowning in options, though. In this list, you will be able to narrow the gift pool to find the best gifts for swimmers and water lovers in your life, from those in water wings to the one training in Olympic pools.

Best Gifts for Swimmers

Sharkbanz Shark Repellent Band

One of nature’s greatest gifts to us is the beautiful oceans that cover over 70% of the surface of the earth. Being a swimmer, the ocean is the natural next step up from the swimming pool, however with the abundant marine life in some areas of the world, there can be dangers lurking. Probably the most commonly feared sea creature is the shark, and whilst these great beasts don’t have humans on the menu, they can attack. Thanks to Sharkbanz, a company that provides a seamless and user-friendly way to reduce the risk-shark deterrent band. Swimmers nowadays can have confidence to enter the ocean without fear. 

It’s known that sharks and some other fish are born with the sixth sense, which is called electroreception – they can detect electric fields. Using magnetic technology, the Sharkbanz band emits an electromagnetic field that disrupts a shark’s sensitive electroreceptors, so as to effectively deters sharks without harming them. Not only this but it can be worn to a depth of 100m, making it ideal for diving, and its soft silicone design allows for comfort and durability.

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RESTUBE Inflatable Water Safety Device

Traditional life jackets are so clunky and uncomfortable that many swimmers can be discouraged from wearing them at all times. In the event of an accident on the water though, a proper safety device can mean the difference between life and death. If you value your swimmer’s safety and know they tend to go without all the proper gear, the Restube safety aid is a non-negotiable gift. Significantly more compact than a classic life jacket, it is simply secured around the waist, vertically or horizontally, making for a less intrusive safety experience. When triggered, the device inflates to a 67-centimeter float that can keep your swimmer above the water. The trigger additionally includes a built-in whistle, aiding an open-water enthusiast in attracting help.

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Water Out Sound in Ear Plugs

Available in both adult and junior sizes, waterproof earplugs are the solution to the dreaded swimmer’s ear. Comfortable silicone earplugs effectively keep water out of the ear canal without impeding sound, making for an improved experience during and after a trip to the pool. This waterproof earbuds are designed to accommodate a variety of ears, so no matter which swimmer you are currently gifting for, this premiere protection can provide relief in pools and oceans worldwide. Now your swimmers can enjoy a trip out to the pool – without fear of bringing the pool home with them afterwards.

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Inflat-A-Bull Pool Toy

Long summer days at the swimming pool are first and foremost about having fun with those you love. The hilarious novelty Inflat-A-Bull is bound to become a favorite pool toy among your hydrophilic friends and family. 3 separate air chambers come together to form one picture-perfect bull ride in this summer-friendly gift that will leave the family cheering. At an impressive 8 ft x 5.5 ft, the Inflat-A-Bull float can easily fit most backyard pools; better yet, pack up the inflatable toy for your next trip to the shore. With the included patch and durable materials, your swimmers can enjoy the hectic fun of oceanic bull riding for many summer days to come.

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WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

For an adrenaline rush in the safety of your backyard pool, a young swimmer can do no better than the thrill of an underwater scooter. This small but mighty pool toy features a 11000hAm battery that can propel a swimmer through waters at speeds up to 3.35 miles per hour. Light and portable, the scooter is optimal for summer fun wherever the current takes you – travel as deep as 40 meters and still enjoy the thrill of the water rushing by! It is a safe, child-friendly swimming gift that even adult swimmers can enjoy taking for a lap around the pool or on a vacation to a white, sandy beach.

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Aqua Fitness Barbell and Belt Combo

Water sports are a fun, appealing method of getting and staying fit. We’ve all admired the image of a toned swimmer’s body; with the speedo fitness combo, getting in shape is even easier than ever before. Together, the two water-resistant barbells contribute 45 pounds of resistance while the belt (fitting up to 56 inches) supports the torso and keeps the swimmer afloat. By introducing this gift set to their workout, your swimmer can maximize their water-based workout and reap the benefits of an ultimate upper body fitness regimen.

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Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

The right soundtrack can be the perfect tool to motivate us to work out. Unfortunately, water is a poor medium for carrying sound; as a result, most swimmers are relegated to silent laps in the pool or music blasted through the speakers. The Underwater MP3 bypasses the issue of water interference when it comes to playing your tunes. Rather, this updated MP3 plays 4GB worth of audio by carrying sound through bone, not air.

Using this bone conduction, swimmers can hear their favorite podcasts, music, and books in high-quality sound. Just attach the MP3 to a set of goggles, let it rest on the cheeks, and let the science of sound waves take care of the rest. With this gift attached, your swimmer can vibe to all the latest hits, making each workout fun and energetic until the end.

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Anti-Chafe Men’s Swim Trunks

At the intersection of men’s comfort and style exists a gift no man can swim without. The anti-chafing swim trunks feel just as amazing as they look thanks to the flexible inner lining designed to combat irritation after a day in the water. Soft, high-quality materials and flexible drawstring close make for a wearable set of swim shorts that move with your loved one’s body, not fight against it, providing all-day comfort for swimmers of every shape. Even out of the water, its denim-inspired look is fashionable enough to wear on any active day out in the world. Want your man to turn heads without ever needing to sacrifice his own comfort? Then they need a pair of shorts before the dog days of summer arrive.

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FINIS Rapid Monofin

There’s a reason merfolk are so attached to their monofin anatomy – as in the case of the rapid monofin, a single-fin design supports a powerful, efficient kick that propels a sea creature through the water at impressive speeds. While your favorite swimmers can’t actually become the mermaid or merman that they’ve always imagined, they can capture the strength of the monofin with this unique gift.

Whether they’re playing pretend or are looking to perfect their butterfly stroke, the mermaid tail is the perfect gift to provide your waterlogged loved ones with the additional support they need. Rest assured, the it is safe to use, with its quick-release strap ideal for speedy escapes, and comfortable for all due to its open heel and open toe design. So, if you really want to impress your beloved swimmer, reach for the gift sure to mer-make their day.

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FORM Smart Swim Goggles

When enjoying a swim or focusing on training, the last thing that the swimmer wants is to have to remember to count their laps or time themselves in their head. But this will no longer be an issue with these incredible smart swimming goggles which are designed with an innovative display to do all the counting and measurements for you.

Whilst the display is situated on the lens itself, it will not interrupt the view of the swimmer, enabling them to get on with swimming and nothing else. The goggles feature 12 completely customizable metrics, allowing for a unique and personalized training session each time. What’s more, the partnering app will allow the swimmer to view their swim on their smart device once they have finished their work out!

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Kelsyus Floating Hammock

After a day of swimming in the lake, any swimmer is going to need somewhere to relax and allow their muscles to recover from the exercise. That’s where this handy floating hammock can become invaluable. When we think of inflatables, we sometimes become concerned that deflating them and transporting them will be difficult. But not with this hammock! Using modern technology, inflating and deflating the hammock couldn’t be easier, meaning it can be taken on a day trip and returned home with no hassle. What’s more, the hammock features clips allowing it to be tethered to a static surface meaning it will never get lost. It also has a handy cup holder to store that all-important after swim drink.

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pHin Water Monitor

Swimming in a pool can be super relaxing but it can also be dangerous – yes you read that correctly. If a pool is not well maintained and cared for, the quality of the water can diminish, leaving it filled with harmful bacteria. However, through the use of this innovative water monitor, the swimmer can rest assured that every swim will be nothing short of hygienic. The monitor measures a variety of things such as bromide levels, ph, chlorine, and the temperature of the water. But there is no need to stand next to the pool whilst all this is happening as the device will send all the data to the user’s smartphone. On top of this, the state of the art design means that consistent and reliable reading will always be delivered.

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LÔTELI Classic Cassette Tape Pool Float

Swimming doesn’t need to be all action, there are times when the swimmer may simply want to relax on the water. And what better way to do this than an incomplete retro style? This brilliantly comfortable pool float comes in the design of a cassette tape (look it up, kids) and comes in a very handy size, allowing for plenty of relaxation space. The float is made from super high-quality materials meaning that it will withstand a lot of pressure and last for many years. But not only this, the design is printed in such a way that it will not fade after repeated exposure to the water.

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JBL GO2 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

When out for a swim, it can sometimes get a little quiet, especially if you are swimming alone. However, a little music can quickly solve this issue, but water and electrics don’t mix – right? In most cases, yes that is true, but with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the swimmer can listen to their favorite tunes whilst taking a refreshing dip in the water.

The compact design makes for extremely easy transportation, taking up minimal space in the swimming bag. Even more impressive is that the speaker comes in an excellent range of colors meaning that no matter what the taste of the gift recipient, there will be a tone to match. When fully charged, the speaker will deliver up to five hours of quality audio and features a handy speakerphone for those water-based phone calls.

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DryPro Vacuum Sealed Cast Cover

Sustaining an injury can often mean that swimming is not an option. However, for those with a true passion for the sport, this might not always be possible. Even whilst having to wear a bandage or cast, the swimmer can now enter the water without the worry of damaging their dressing. This lightweight and easy to use cast cover allows for a swim no matter what. The cover is made from surgical grade latex meaning that it will be durable and will not become damaged or tear. On top of this, the cover can be adjusted by tightening and removing any excess air to ensure the perfect fit every time.

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Powerbreather Wave Snorkel

When swimming in the sea, especially a choppy sea, it can sometimes be a nightmare when using a bog-standard piece of snorkeling equipment. But the Ameo powerbreather takes away all of these problems and allows for a comfortable experience. The powerbreather is designed to allow dry oxygen to flow in through the top of the device and then emits the carbon dioxide through the bottom, for a flawless breathing experience.

On top of this, any water or saliva is effectively filtered out through the bottom meaning that the user will not end up with a mouth full of unpleasant saltwater. The device is an ideal gift for all styles of swim stroke including breast, butterfly, and freestyle, and comes with all the relevant clips and covers needed to get started right away.

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There are so many different types of activity that we can do to keep ourselves in tip-top shape and one of the most popular is swimming. Whether you know someone who loves to swim in their spare time or someone who is training to be the next Olympic gold medallist, a gift relating to their passion is sure to be well received. The interesting and desirable gifts for swimmers will allow you to make any celebration that little extra special.

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