16 Trendy Gifts for Teenage Girls That Are Sure to Impress Them

On the whole, is there anyone demographic as intimidating as a group of teenage girls? No doubt she is a kind, compassionate young woman, yet finding the best gifts for teenage girls that are sure to impress her can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack and the thought of failing can still put a shiver in your spine. But if you know where to look, finding that ideal gift doesn’t have to be a struggle, and if you’re perusing this list, then it’s clear that you know exactly where to search. So, without any further ado, here are the best gifts for the teenage girls in your life currently available online.

Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

Zoku Slush and Shake Maker

No teenager can resist the temptation of a delicious frozen treat, and with its compact, electronics-free engineering, Zoku is the convenient icy drink maker that girls and parents can both appreciate. After freezing the inner core for 8 hours, your teen can place her favorite smoothie, slushie, or milkshake ingredients in the iconic Zoku cup and have a tasty beverage in as little as 7-minutes! Because of the simple directions and the vast possibilities for delicious drinks, your teenage girl can enjoy experimenting with flavors and blends hassle-free. She’ll love the unique drinks that she creates; you’ll love knowing what ingredients appear in them. Forget the stress of wires, chords, and hidden sugars with Zoku, the gift for the young women with boundless creativity (and a picky palate).

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Boolean Box Plus

STEM has long been kept inaccessible to teenage girls, but now is the time to reverse that trend. The Boolean Box is a fantastic science gift designed by women to introduce kids and teens to the incredible world of coding through accessible, engaging projects using real programs and skills. Your teenage girl will feel capable and independent as she builds her own computer, programs her own animations, and invents new programs like the world has never known, all with the tools provided in the Boolean Box. Each box includes a keyboard, a mouse, an SD card, and all the pieces a young programmer could ask for, allowing your teen to get to work testing her metal at once. Tested and designed by 1000s of young women, it is guaranteed to offer something for every engineering teen to enjoy and learn.

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Color Changing Cinema Light Box

Light up your teenage girl’s world – or at the very least, her bedroom. The Cinema Lightbox is an essential desk accessory for every teen’s room, boasting the vintage charm and colorful aesthetic that her bedroom deserves. The lightbox offers a brighter finish and more customization than other lightboxes on the market, with 16 different color light options, 90 unique emojis, and 154 letters, numbers, and symbols for her to swap in and out as desired. Hanging on the wall or nestled into a cozy reading nook, the letter box adds charm and style to every space with unmatched versatility and endless potential for your young woman to enjoy.

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Sugarfina Alfred Cold Brew Coffee Gummy Bears

Your sweet teenage girl deserves the taste of something sweet when she unwraps her next big gift, and she’s sure to be left saying, “thanks a latte!” when she gets a taste of this next awesome present. Sugarfina coffee-infused gummy bears are an original, completely unique sweet treat that loads the caffeine-kick every teenager craves in a flavor your young woman will adore. Cold-brew bears, iced vanilla latte bears, and bourbon cold brew bears are all delicious, satisfying, gluten-free Sugarfina snacks made from all-natural ingredients and delivered straight to your doorstep. Forget the morning run to Starbucks; your teen will be the talk of the school when she walks into class with a cup of the most unique gummy bears available today.

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1000 Colors Round Color Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle

For the artistic, creative-minded teenage girl, the greatest gifts must capture the vibrant color and original style that she adores. While in most situations, cutting corners might not be such a great choice, for the Clemens habicht puzzle, the lack of corners is all part of the fun! This spherical jigsaw, standing at an impressive 26.5 inches in diameter, is a truly outside-the-box gift made to challenge and to thrill. Each of the 1000-pieces included in the puzzle is a unique color, creating a beautiful gradient that your artist will love once the last piece is placed. After building, your young woman can show off her achievement proudly on the included display – or she can just take it apart and start over again! Thanks to the colorful pieces and unusual design, your teenage girl can enjoy putting together this puzzle over and over for years to come.

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Wicary Cat Earrings

Jewelry for teenage girls can often lean too heavily into appearing childishly fun or basic and mature; rarely does an accessory manage to balance these two extremes so well as Wicary earrings manage to. Simple pearls decorated to resemble elegant cat faces, Wicary are sleek and stylish with an added touch of fun, ideal for the maturing young woman with an endless love for a sweet furry friend with tickling whiskers. Standard 925 silver with gorgeous white-gold plating creates a refined-looking piece of jewelry that won’t break the bank or damage your teen’s ear, allowing her to rock these fashionable felines as often or as occasionally as she desires. The cat is sure to have your teenage girl’s tongue – and her ears! – when she unwraps these beautiful earrings for the first time.

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Original CreaClip Set

As teenage girls, so many of us believed we had the skills to cut our own hair – and so many of us were horrified to learn that we really, really did not. Your teenage girl can avoid our same mistakes, though; with the CreaClip Set, she has the tools to give herself a fresh new look without fear of uneven bangs or choppy, mismatched layers. Experimenting with hair is a staple of teenage life for many young women, so make sure to get yours the gift that makes the process a little less embarrassing and a little more fun. Best of all, the free CreaClip instructional videos can guarantee that your teen gets professional looking cuts with every cut. Say goodbye to bad hair days, girls!

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Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

Are you in the market for a gift that’s trendy, yet functional for the teenage girl in your life? Well, if she loves to take pictures, look no further than the Prynt Pocket! A mini photo printer that connects perfectly to your iPhone, the Prynt Pocket is an awesome gift for your teenage photographer! It even comes in four different amazing colors: crisp White, cool Graphite, calming Lavender, and fresh Mint Green! The Prynt is super user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about this gift taking longer to set up than to open! All you’ve got to do is peel off the sticky backing and plug it into the USB port at the bottom of your iPhone. Plus, this gift will keep giving in a blink, only taking 30 seconds to print photos on its Zink (Zero Ink) paper!

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PERI Duo iPhone Speaker Case

If your teenage girl is like most, she probably loves two things more than anything else in the world: her phone and music! So, get her a gift that combines both into one small package! The PERI Duo does just that; it’s not just a phone case, it’s also a speaker! And not only will it clean up her phone’s tinny sound; it’ll boost its volume 10x its normal level! The hi-fidelity speaker Phone Case will play all of your girl’s favorite songs, either from her device using the USB plug-in, or wirelessly using its Bluetooth feature! That means she’ll no longer be forced to lug around a speaker and her phone when she wants to jam out to her tunes!

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Awesome for any teenage girl with a sweet tooth, the Hawaiian Shave Ice Machine is perfect for parties or just some family fun! This gift is great for making more than just traditional shave ice; you can make anything from snow cones and snowballs to colorful slushies and virgin margaritas! It’s also super simple to assemble, operate, and store! With only three pieces, this shaved ice machine will easily tuck away into its box for storage! Plus, it comes with 2 ice molds and a non-slip mat for holding cups and syrups! Time to make all your teenage girl’s sweet dreams come true!

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RainStoppers 48" Multi-Color Umbrella

Great for rain or shine, the beautiful RainStopper multicolor umbrella will brighten up your teenage girl’s day and her social media feed! Ever see those Instagram models sporting trendy umbrellas? Well now, thanks to you, your gal will get that same professional look, and all of those double-taps her heart desires! Plus, the RainStopper is made with a beautiful, natural wood handle and an automatic opening button. Just one push and her umbrella is ready for use as rain protection or an awesome accessory!

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Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device

If your teenager is a bit edgier or maybe just thinking about starting her own tattoo business one day, look no further than the Prinker S! It comes with both color and black ink, so your girl won’t have to limit her designs! She’ll even be able to make over 5,000 original designs using the Prinker app, too! And, you won’t have to worry that your gift will be any kind of hazard. The Prinker S is 100% safe for skin! Plus, the ink is FDA approved and waterproof, and each ink cartridge will make up to 1,000 awesome tattoos, so your gift will last a long time before replacements are needed! This unique gift will kill two birds with one stone! She’ll get to experiment with temporary body art, and you won’t have to worry about her getting permanent tattoos just yet!

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Ruggie Original Rug Carpet Alarm Clock

If you have a teenage girl who just can’t get out of bed, why not get her the Ruggie Alarm Clock? This unique, thoughtful gift will get her out of bed in a jiffy, ringing louder than a phone alarm; it won’t stop until she gets out of bed and stands on it! That’s right! Her full body weight is the only thing that’ll shut it off! That way, your teenager will have to get out of bed! 

That’s why the carpet alarm clock will not just help her wake up; it’ll create a routine of quick rising each morning, eventually boosting her energy during the day, and providing better, more restful sleep at night. There’s nothing more important to a restful night’s sleep than a good sleep schedule! Your go-getter girl won’t have to worry about being late for class or work with her new clock. Thanks to you, she’ll start her day off right!

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Knot Ball Throw Pillow

Perfect for your teen girl, the Dojoy Knott Ball Pillow doesn’t just look cool; it feels great! Hand-sewn with soft, quality plush material, this pillow is safe for sleep and play! It can even be used as a destresser, because hey, you know how stressful life can be for your teenage girl. The unique pillow comes in a wide variety of colors, so you’re sure to find one that’ll make the perfect gift! You can choose from yellow, blue, grey, pink, violet, red, and white! And for an affordable price, why not get a couple of them? With the Dojoy, you can make your teenage girl’s dreams of an Instagram-status bedroom come to life!

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Refillable Color Powder Balls

Have you ever seen those awesome videos featuring bright, smokey pops of color flying through the air? Well, if one thing’s for sure, the teenage girl in your life has! So, make sure you snag some Chameleon color balls as a gift for her! She’ll thank you when her Instagram photos are the best out there! She will be the trendiest on Instagram! Not only are the balls unique, coming in 10 different, vivid colors; they’re also totally safe and non-toxic! Plus, she’ll be able to use the same gift over and over and over again! Each ball can be used up to 60 times! All she’s gotta do is toss it! And, possibly the best part, the powder from them is easy to clean! No ruined clothes are required!

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Japanese Tatami Mat

Finally, if your teenage girl is going off to college, or simply looking for a comfy, trendy way to get some Z’s, why not give her a Japanese tatami sleeping mat? This state-of-the-art, foldable memory foam mat will not just look cool in her room. She’ll be thanking you for giving her the best sleep of her life, especially amidst hours of homework and stressful studying. The Tatami Mat will provide more support than most regular mattresses.

The Tatami Sleeping Mat is much more affordable than a traditional mattress and boxspring! Besides, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so whatever your teenage girl is looking for, they’ve got it covered. Choose from black, grey, brown, white, green, blue, purple, and navy for a Twin, Full, Queen, or King-sized mat!

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