17 Best Gifts For Woodworkers That Are Sure To Make the Cut

For anyone who loves working with their hands, woodwork is a favorite pass time – or perhaps even a way of making a living. But whatever the drive, the woodworker is a person who requires useful tools to do the job. When it comes to delivering the perfect gift to someone who has a passion for carpentry, it is essential to find something that will be useful and that they haven’t had a hundred times before. In this article, we are going to show you some exciting and innovative gifts for woodworkers that are sure to come in super handy!

Best Gifts For Woodworkers

Woodman's Pal Multi-Use Axe

This great tool can play a huge variety of roles in the life of the woodworker. From fishing to hiking and climbing to camping, the multi-use axe will provide so many benefits to its user. The axe has been designed in a modern and innovative way making it even more useful than a traditional tool of this type. It can be both used as an axe and as a machete or knife as well.

Not only is this extremely useful but it will also eliminate the need to have to carry multiple tools at once. If that wasn’t enough, the design also features a comfortable handle, adding to the ease of use. Made from durable yet attractive materials, this is an awesome gift that will be a very welcome addition to the arsenal of any woodworker.

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iThinking Rhino Hammer

Do you have a carpenter friend who is also a lover of animals? If so, this rhino shaped hammer may make the perfect woodworking gift. Not only is the design of this hammer sure to bring a smile to the face, but it will also bring a great function. Made partially from durable and strong stainless steel, the hammer is sure to be able to perform to the standard that the woodworker needs. On top of this, the hammer has been designed to be compact, making it easy to store and transport. The hammer folds snugly into the rhino design, freeing up plenty of space where a traditional hammer might fit into your toolbox.

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Zippo Saw Axe

One of the most essential woodworking gifts for any carpenter is a reliable and durable saw. Zippo has a reputation for creating long-lasting tools and this saw is no exception. Coming in at 5 inches, this saw glides easily through the wood making a clean and neat cut every time.

Made with hardy stainless steel, you can be sure that this will be the gift that keeps on giving and you can be confident that it will last a lifetime. Not only is this saw super functional, but it is also comfortable to use with a safety grip that ensures no accidents are likely to happen. The soft-grip handle is also easy on the hands, preventing those nasty calluses that can develop from repeated motions such as sawing.

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Timber Tuff Straight Draw Shave

If you know a woodworker who just needs to get the job done without any messing around, this straight draw shave guarantees quick and easy cutting. Not only is it seriously efficient at getting the job done, but it is also made from highly durable materials, giving the woodworker the confidence he or she needs that their tool will perform time after time. If it’s comfort you are looking for, then look no further.

This shave offers rounded wooden handles which have been designed for superior comfort whilst working without compromising on function. On top of this, the shave features a handy blade protector which will prevent the blade from dulling as well as providing a safety aspect for the user.

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Logosol Manual Log Splitter

Anything that is Scandinavian made has a reputation of being powerful, presentable, and long-lasting, this Swedish splitter is no exception from this rule. The simple yet effective design will allow the woodworker to split logs effortlessly and without hassle. If it wasn’t enough, then it has many safety features and comfortable grips: the smart splitter features one of the most easy-to-use processes in this type of tool, meaning that no matter the level of experience, this is a tool can be appreciated. The sleek design makes this a tool that will look great in any workspace, and with its compact design, it is also easy to store away between uses.

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Wood Carvers Sharpener

It is no use having a shed full of woodworking gifts if none of them are sharp enough to even sharpen a pencil! However, with this brilliant sharpener, that will never be a problem. If you know a woodworker who has got everything then this could be a welcome addition to their toolkit, giving them the freedom of getting sharp, effective tools quickly and easily. All that needs to be done is to run the tool across the grooves of the sharpener and watch the magic happen!

With two levels of grooving, the woodworker can sharpen and polish the edges of any tool. The device is attractive enough to be displayed on the workbench or easy enough to be stored away – whatever their preference, this will be a device that will make their lives that much more simple.

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Handheld Router Plane

It is essential for anyone with a love of woodworking to have a functional plane – this is one of the most important tools when it comes to working with wood. If you are looking for one which is super-efficient as well as small enough to fit into any toolbox, this router plane is the way to go. Made from durable stainless steel, you can be sure that the tool will never rust and will last through as many woodworking jobs as the carpenter wishes to use it for.

Not only this but the plane is mega easy to use and features a simple screw to adjust the blade – planing has never been this simple! Built with comfort in mind, the plane has a soft, east grip pair of wooden handles making every job a cinch. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the tool measures in at just 4.13 x 2.75 inches, making it one of the most compact tools in the woodworking case!

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CH Hanson Pivot Square

There is a famous saying that goes ‘measure twice, cut once.’ Many woodworkers live by this rule, and having a reliable tool for measuring repetitive cuts is essential to abide by this mantra. That is why this pivot square can make an invaluable addition to the toolbox of your woodworker friend or family member. Featuring three vials to allow for accurate measuring of pitches and angles, the woodworker can be confident that every cut will be precise and on the money. The tool is made from top-quality aluminum alloy, meaning that it will withstand years of use without degrading or compromising the quality.

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Woodcut Memory Game

You know better than to question your woodworker’s handiness, but why not challenge them to a game of memory? The Woodcut Memory Game is the classic card game we all know well, with one arboreal twist – each card features the beautiful imagery of a distinct woodcut pattern. While you and your friends race to match the 26 card pairs, your woodcutter can admire the eye-catching designs so intrinsic to their work. For the woodworker with an eye for detail and a sharp mind, the challenging memory game is the perfect gift to share with friends and family.

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Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Set

Younger woodworkers-in-making may not be ready to appreciate the inspiring images of the woodcut game. Instead, these young minds need a hands-on gift, a toy that allows them to explore the physical, special qualities of wood. The Wood Rock Set is a unique toy sure to satisfy the growing inquisitive mind. In this set, your young woodworker will get 11 original wooden stones in a variety of shapes, sizes, and woods, all finished with natural, organic materials. Perfect for stacking and building, these stones exemplify the incredible range of looks and uses for each type of wood.

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Wooden Robotic Hand Kit

A woodworker is an individual longing to create, so get them the gift they really want. The Robotic Hand is a 199 piece construction that, when complete, genuinely functions as an extension of its creator’s arm. Part puzzle, part toy, the robot hand will require woodworkers to plan, strategize, and pay attention to every detail to complete the build accurately. Once they’ve done so, they will be engaged for hours as the master the art of controlling their upgraded appendage. Both kids and adults can safely enjoy constructing this glue-free natural birch hand and feel good knowing the materials are 100% recyclable.

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Wooden Pirate Treasure Chest Box

Growing up, we all wanted a treasure chest of our very own. Even if it doesn’t come full of genuine gold doubloons, your woodworker will appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this artisan Treasure Box, complete with an old-fashioned lock and skeleton key. Store pirate jewels, gold, or embarrassing memories in a gorgeous, secure lockbox worthy of Davy Jones himself. The Treasure Box is available in a range of sizes, each built to the same high standard and bearing similar flashy gold finishes. If your carpenter is searching for a new home for their projects or their beloved tools, the Treasure Box may just be the perfect gift for your matey.

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Handcrafted Wood Camp Mug

If anyone can appreciate the simple charm of a handcrafted wooden tool, it’s a woodworker. The Wood Mug is an example of such a simple delight – with a rough-cut exterior revealing beautiful wood grain, the mug is the ultimate all-natural vessel. The eco-conscious mind can take solace in the natural, sustainable, eco-friendly construction of the mug; the adventurer will appreciate the lightweight design and impressive durability. For the woodworker who crafts out of love for their natural world, the Wood Mug is the ideal gift for their next special day.

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Laser-Cut Mechanical Wooden Pendulum Clock

Woodworkers get a bad reputation for being rough and simple-minded. In truth, woodworking is an exacting art that can take decades to truly master. For instance, it doesn’t take a trained eye to see the fine, detailed effort that goes into crafting a piece as intricate as the Wooden Pendulum Clock. Any woodworker who has ever been looked down on for their craft is sure to be inspired by the meticulous design of this handmade clock, and upon completion can take pride in the skill and patience that it exemplifies. The awesome clock is a unique gift for the experienced woodworker with the time and patience to construct an eye-catching work of art.

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Timeless Design Spaceship Building Blocks

Like space itself, Wooden Space Toys may look simple at first glance but hold infinite possibilities to the creative mind. Each piece of the wooden space toy is cut precisely and then sanded down for a satisfyingly smooth finish that shows off the gorgeous appearance of the solid beech. While the individual pieces can pose a choking hazard to the youngest woodworkers, those old enough to craft responsibly will take please in building, re-building, and re-imagining their space-themed constructs. Know a child with a love for space? Then you know a child who will adore a gift of the Wooden Space Toys.

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Japanese Style Pull Saw

A new tool doesn’t just open up a world of possibilities – it cuts open the wall and builds the door to be opened. The Pull Saw is an eastern equivalent to the classic European saw, so the chances are good that your local woodworker has never had the chance to work with one such tool. The Pull Saw is bound to thrill woodworkers with its sharp, clean cuts and it’s light maneuverability, and may well become a favorite tool in their workshop. Made of high-quality Japanese steel, the Pull Saw is a razor-sharp, durable saw with the potential to redefine your woodworker’s process forevermore.

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eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

When it comes to sawing and sanding, every millimeter is vital. One wrong measurement can mean the difference between creating a work of art or just more fuel for the fire pit. A woodworker’s greatest works shouldn’t suffer on account of simple human error, a stray measurement, or a cut-gone-wrong. The Digital Tape Measure can help. By electronically displaying the distance indicated by the tape, the eTape16 reduces the chance of human error producing a faulty measurement, guaranteeing that each cut is lined up perfectly. For the forgetful woodworker, there is no greater gift than the basic but significant work of the digital taper.

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