24 Imaginative and Practical Gifts for Yoga Lovers in Your Life

Despite having roots in ancient Indian tradition, Yoga has truly taken the modern world by storm. As B.K.S. Iyengar (one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world) said: “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” It is one of the best gifts for yoga lovers and the whole world that comes from India for a healthy living.

It can be a great workout, of course, working to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, but beyond that, it also serves to relieve physical and emotional tensions, elongate and realign connective tissues, promote restful sleep, restore energy, heal trauma, improve focus, and foster a sense of peaceful connection between the mind, body, spirit, and world at large. With so many potential benefits, it’s truly no wonder that so many people have fallen head over heels–literally–in love with yoga.

As studios are popping up all over the country, there’s a high chance that someone in your circle is obsessed with this practice. But if you’re aiming to impress the yoga lover in your life with a gift that showcases your understanding of their passion, you may find yourself at a loss. Any yoga lover, whether new to the activity or highly experienced, will no doubt already own the basic tools necessary: a mat, a support block, proper attire, and a basic water bottle. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of brilliant products that will take all the guess-work out of buying gifts for yoga lovers. These items are all a step above the basic props needed to develop a regular yoga practice. They’re well-designed, innovative, and hip, a true trifecta of perfect gift-giving elements. I’m a yoga enthusiast myself, so take it from me: the yogi in your life would be thrilled to receive any one of the gifts on this list!

Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Yoga Dice

In order to advance in yoga, consistent practice is key. But with repetitive consistency inevitably comes a mindset that is the antithesis of yogic philosophy: boredom.  Mindfulness is paramount in any style of yoga, so if you’re practicing the same repetitive routines to the point that you find yourself tuning out, or just going through the motions, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

This set of yoga dice will bring excitement, spontaneity, and playful energy back into your yoga practice. It can also turn a solitary activity into a fun collaborative game, making yoga something you can share with friends and family. This gift is guaranteed to put a smile on any yoga lover’s face.

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Yoga Joes Army Men

This ironic set of toys makes a fun and funny gift for yoga lovers of any age! It includes 9 G.I. Joe figures arranged in commonly known yoga poses. Though they’re still dressed in their traditional army fatigues, these non-violent action figures don’t carry any weapons. These would be a perfect gift for any yoga lover who wants to teach their children the message of peace over violence and serenity over aggression. They’re also a great reminder that even the toughest guys can, and should, use yoga to find balance and inner peace.

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Yoga Wheel for Muscle & Back Pain Relief

One of the best things about yoga is that it counteracts many of the common aches and pains caused by our technology-focused lifestyles. Lots of yoga lovers already have foam blocks and yoga blankets to help them settle into deep-stretch poses, but none of these props can hold a candle to the Yoga Wheel when it comes to back-opening postures. It’s soft but extra durable, simultaneously providing comfort and reliable support. It’s also perfectly shaped to help you ease into and gradually deepen backbends, like wheel pose, bridge pose, and more. If you spend lots of time on your computer or smartphone, this gift could be life-changing!

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iHome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle

It’s all well and good to master impressive poses, but it’s a mistake to think that yoga is a purely physical discipline. Breath control and meditative focus are the true building blocks of this ancient practice. Without these elements, you’re basically just stretching.

This flameless LED candle has lots of interesting functions designed to aid in relaxation and stress-reduction, but it is particularly well suited to yoga lovers because of its focus on mindful breathing. Not only does it allow you to program the light levels with sleep or meditation timers–it comes with two types of breath coaching (one silent and light-based, one with a vocal guide) as well! It also features a blended color change function, and several options of white noise (ocean waves, rainstorm, and more) to help you drift into a deep meditative state or peaceful sleep.

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Meditation Cushion

Pain and discomfort are some of the most common reasons why people struggle with meditation. How can you stay focused on clearing your mind when your foot’s falling asleep, your back’s aching, and your pelvic bones feel like they’re digging into the floorboards? 

This cushion doubles as a meditation pillow and a block to help you settle into challenging yoga postures. It’s made from eco-friendly organic materials, is machine washable, and comes with a fabric handle for easy transport. Best of all, its height and level of firmness can be easily adjusted by adding or removing stuffing through its exterior zipper, so it’s guaranteed to provide a comfortable experience for any yoga lover.

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Vibrating Massage Ball

Yoga is a popular and effective way to ease aches, pains, and sore muscles. This vibrating massage ball can be used in tandem with restorative yoga poses to target those hard to reach areas, loosen tight knots and relieve deep-seated tensions. Its unique dumbbell shape offers the best benefits of a tennis ball and foam roller, but unlike either of these common props, its interior curve can better accommodate the hips, knees, shoulders, and neck. It vibrates at four different intensity levels, ensuring you can always find just the right degree of therapeutic massage for your sore spots. What more could a yogi ask for? 

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Moon Phases Yoga Mat

Any yoga lover probably already has a mat, but it will show signs of wear over time, so it’s never a bad idea to have a replacement at the ready! This gorgeous mat, enhanced with an image of waxing and waning moon phases, is sure to be a hit. 

One great thing about a mat with a centered design like this is that it will help advanced yogis to stay mindful of their alignment when placing hands and feet as they transition into new poses. Humility is also an important factor in the yogic mindset, so it’s wonderful to have a constant visual reminder of the cosmos during a yoga practice. The moon is particularly relevant to yogic philosophy, which focuses on the cyclical nature of breath, and of life itself.

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Foam Roller Water Bottle

Simplicity and sustainability are both primary tenets of the yoga lifestyle. So what better way to honor them both than with this two-in-one gift? This water bottle and foam roller combo will help you to stay hydrated and tension free without overloading your yoga bag. This bottle happens to be designed specifically for convenient use in yoga classes, outfitted with a silent straw and easy-grip handle. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s eco-friendly and highly durable, able to hold up to 350 lbs of pressure. What’s not to love? 

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Women's Yoga Mat Flip-Flop

One thing yoga lovers go wild for is the calming sensation of a mat under their bare feet. These flip-flops are a perfect way to take that feeling and keep it with you throughout the day’s travels! The cushioned soles feel just like a yoga mat under your toes, but these come with some extra support as well, meaning they’ll hold up well and keep your feet comfortable through workdays, long walks and even hikes. The design is simple, sleek and practical; you’ll want to wear them everywhere. 

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Meditation Now Clock

Yoga is a necessary antidote to the anxiety-inducing pace of modern life because it encourages us to be mindful and live in the present moment. This Yoga clock, with its swinging pendulum and ticking hands replaced with the word “now,” makes an excellent meditation aid, as well as a daily reminder to slow down and enjoy your moments rather than measuring their worth. Time is an illusion, after all. Give this gift to a yoga lover, and there’s no doubt they’ll want to spend more of their precious moments in your company. 

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Quick Dry Gym Towel

Some forms of yoga are focused on its meditative elements, incorporating slow movements, restorative poses, chants and rest periods. Other disciplines may be more geared towards the elimination of toxins, though, which means faster movements, challenging stances, and a whole lot of sweat. That sweat can make your mat slippery, though, and nobody wants to risk injury in a yoga class. This Quick Dry Towel is the perfect solution; it will absorb perspiration and dry itself quickly enough to keep up with the pace of your changing poses. Plus, it’s incredibly soft, so you’ll love stretching out on it when it’s time for Savasana at the end of your class.

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S'well Water Bottle

S’well isn’t your standard water bottle. Everything about its design is a reflection of the company’s focus on sustainability, which is a critical element of yogic philosophy as well. The S’well bottle is vacuum insulated to keep your beverage of choice at its ideal temperature–whether that’s hot, cold, or somewhere in between–for up to twelve hours, or even longer for cold drinks. It’s extremely durable, crafted from stainless steel, and comes in three sizes, as well as a virtually endless variety of colors and patterns to suit just about anyone’s taste. 

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Garmin Vívoactive 3 Yoga Smartwatch

Though yoga is popular for its calming, meditative properties, serious yogis know that a well-crafted routine can prove to be an intensive workout. The Garmin Sports Watch makes it easier than ever for a health nut to track the effectiveness of their yoga routine. By measuring steps, calories burned, time elapsed, and a number of essentials stats, yoga lovers can use this gift to guarantee that they’re making the most of every sun salutation and that no cat or cow ever goes to waste.

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Yogaland Game

Maybe your yoga lover wants to intensify their daily workout session. Maybe they are looking to get friends and family involved in their favorite pastime. Maybe they attend or even lead a class of their own and are looking to improve engagement. Whatever their motivation, the Yogaland Game is the perfect gift to introduce amateurs and pros to all that yoga can offer. Does your loved one want you to give their hobby a go? The Yogaland Game could be the ultimate compromise to bring the two of you together for laughs and fun!

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Instructional and Educational Yoga Mat

Attending a group yoga class can be an amazing social experience, but for a beginner, having to demonstrate their best tree pose next to the balanced, double-jointed contortionist with 5 years experience can be a tad imposing. With the Self-Guided Mat, newer yoga lovers can still practice their skills from the privacy of their own homes. The mat depicts 21 different exercises and their benefits to help yogis perform a workout customized to their own experience level and needs.

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Ujjaya Yoga Balance Bottle

As relaxing as yoga may be, a lengthy routine can still work up a sweat. It’s important that a yoga lover, much like any gym rat, keeps themselves hydrated throughout their workout. The Balance Bottle not only keeps water close at hand throughout a routine – it doubles as a useful balance block that can up the challenge of a number of poses. Yoga lovers will appreciate this handy gift that can improve their workout as well as their health throughout that workout.

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Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat

Much like a sleeping bag, a poster or a tube of wrapping paper, once unrolled a yoga mat is near impossible to rewrap with the same precision and tightness as it once held. Is your yoga fan fed up with a sloppy, poorly-rolled mess of a mat? With the gift of the Self-Rolling Mat, messy rolls are a thing of the past! Yoga lovers who appreciate tidiness and order will be thrilled with the awesome mat that can clean itself up.

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Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller

If shopping for gifts for your yoga lover is proving to be a pain in the neck, perhaps you and your yogi could benefit from the Acumobility Back Roller. The “ultimate back roller” is built to stretch your back, abdomen, hips or legs like never before, all the while integrating therapeutic bumps to massage your muscles and relieve your soreness. Now when yoga lovers wind down from their workout, they can stretch and relax their muscles with the greatest Back-Roller on the market.

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Kikkerland Goat Yoga Party Game

For the young, fun yoga lover with a passion for the absurd gift, there is only one that will do. The Goat Yoga Game is the greatest goat-themed party game to get friends and family on their feet and working every muscle in their body with glee. We all know that goats enjoy climbing to act as king of the hill; well, now he can become king of the mountain (pose)!

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Core Activating Level Motion Balance Board

As unassuming as it may appear, a Balance Board is a powerful tool for developing one’s core. If you want to get your yoga lover a gift that can take every workout to the next level, the Balance Board packs the right punch. Best of all, the board is easy enough to use outside of the gym: stand on the board as you practice poses at home, work at your desk or even kill time in front of the TV. Make every day a workout day!

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Ergonomical Yoga Pillow

A majority of individuals sleep each night lying on their sides. Though comfortable, this pose is actually not ideal and over time can wreak havoc on our bodies. The Sleep Yoga is a gift that turns each night into a healthy “workout”; with the pillow between their knees, your yoga lover can hold a pose that realigns their body into its optimal position. Night or day, no yoga lover can escape the desire to hold a pose for a little while longer.

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Kids Wooden Balance Board

Kids are rarely as concerned about toning their body or strengthening their core as adults are, but you are never too young to develop healthy routines. The Kids Yoga Board is a great tool to introduce kids to the principles of balance, strength, and endurance without skimping out on the fun. Kids will have a blast playing on this gift, and you can feel good about getting them active and encouraging them to get up on their feet.

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Solstice Sol-Fit Yoga Board

When the weather heats up, even a simple yoga workout can become a mess of exhaustion and sweat. This summer, you and your yoga lover can stay cool by taking the workout to the pool. The Yoga Board remains stable and sturdy even when floating on the water, introducing a fun new element to the basic yoga session. And when you’re ready to cool off, the water is only a few inches away! The Sol-Fit is a fantastic gift for anyone trying to develop and maintain their summer bodies this year.

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EdgeCross-X Home Gym

For the most intense of yogis, the most hardcore fitness enthusiasts, it’s time for a gift that ups the ante. The EdgeCross-X Body Training Equipment is not a gift for beginners; the intense workout that the equipment provides is truly for the strongest, most experienced yoga lovers out there. If you want a gift that will challenge your loved one like never before, this Body Training Equipment is sure to do just that. Get their body into the best shape of their lives!

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You’ve been searching for a gift that will make your yoga lover’s namas-day, but your inspiration has been stretched thin, right? Let your brain cells take a break from their workout because, in this list, we’ve compiled the very best gifts for yoga lovers that the web has to offer. Whether your loved one favors the strength of the warrior, the flexibility of the cobbler or the simple relief of the corpse, there is something for every yoga fan here.

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