45 Cool Gifts Under $10 That’ll Surely Impress

Gift shopping for special occasions can be a daunting task, you need to consider many things to find the perfect one – for example, what the person likes or needs at the moment and of course, how much is placed on its price tag. It doesn’t mean that they should cost an arm and a leg to pass as a thoughtful gift, there are several items online you can choose that have unique characteristics and are priced affordably. In this list, you’ll find some cool gifts under $10 you can buy that will surely impress your family and friends without breaking your wallet.

Gifts Under $10

BarWise Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

With just a twist, you’ll never have to throw out leftover wine from parties again using this wine stopper. Extending the shelf life of opened wine, this effectively creates an airtight seal just by twisting it. It’s easy to use – you can just pop the silicone end of this stopper on the mouth of the bottle. Then, twist the metal part to expose a brightly-colored indicator, which tells you that the bottle is already sealed airtight, and leak-proof. Include this on your list when you are out shopping for cool but cheap gifts under $10, especially if you will give this to someone who drinks wine daily.

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Desktop Skee-Ball

Turn an office table into a mini arcade with this desktop skeeball. Even when your friends are at work, they can have fun during their breaks and release some of their stress by playing this miniature skeeball. It’s a go-to when you are looking for something that your friends will highly enjoy. They don’t need to go to an arcade just to quell their thirst for playing the game. All they have to do is set this on their tables and have a little competition with their coworkers during lunch breaks. Who knows, their bosses may even join the fun for a round or two.

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Love Handle Cell Phone Grip

Help a friend break the habit of constantly dropping her phone from her hands with this smartphone grip. It’s a thoughtful gift you can buy that will help her save a ton of cash from having her phone constantly repaired. This is compatible with any phone model – even tablets. It can be attached securely to the back of smartphones using its strong adhesive. Whenever the phone is held, she can slip one or two fingers inside the grip to hold the phone securely. You’ll soon find that your life will have less drama because there will be less whining from your friend about shattered phone screens.

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Sweet Nessie Spoon

Make your friends’ mornings more magical as they enjoy their daily cup of joe with this Nessie spoon. Each coffee moment will never be the same again because this creates fun twists in mundane things. They’ll be delighted to see a little legendary monster peeking out of their cup because the spoon is designed with handles that look like your friendly Loch Ness monster. It’s the cutest gift under $10 that you can find online. Due to its small size, it also takes out the right amount of sugar to add to the beverage. They’ll always enjoy a perfectly sweet cup of coffee to start their day.

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Syntech USB C to USB Adapter

Connections do not only apply to people but also to your gadgets. Keep all of your mobile devices connected to your laptop using the Syntech adapter. Once you try this, you will never look for another USB C adapter ever again. This makes great gifts for your tech-savvy friends. Most devices today already operate on USB C ports because they are more compact. This adapter still allows you to use flash drives and mobile devices that can be connected through USB. It transfers files at lightning speed and you won’t bother about disturbances from the Wifi connection because it has a shield to prevent any conflict.

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Karmagami Boho Sensory Toy

You’ll never get annoyed with someone who likes tapping his finger on the table with this Karmagami toy. This is the perfect gift that you can buy for those who like to fidget. Unlike a tapping sound, playing with the Boho sensory toy is less annoying. You may also enjoy watching him fidget with this toy because its mesmerizing design can draw you in like a kaleidoscope. They will also thank you in the long run because this has been scientifically proven to improve focus on fidgety people. It can divert their excess energy to a sensory activity, which can help them be less hyperactive.

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Kasa Smart Plug Mini

Scare the life out of your friends by turning your house into a haunted one using this device, a prankster will surely love receiving this smart plug. However, a cheap price doesn’t mean a compromise on its superb performance. You can choose to turn on or off lights or appliances attached to it thru voice alone or just by clicking a button. This plug can be operated through the smartphone using an app. It can also be connected to Alexa or Google home to activate its voice command feature. Help your friends by scaring their guests during Halloween and pretending that the flickering lights are caused by paranormal activity.

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Sports Golf Mug with Putter Pen

Give golfers a break from the office stress with this fun golf mug. They will have a great time playing their favorite sport while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. The pen is a small putter that can be used to play mini-golf on the desk. This 3-piece set not only gets golfers a good mug for drinks but also gets them a reliable pen to sign papers. They will have the time of life practicing putting the tiny golf ball through the hole in the mug during breaks.

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Griply Rubber Finger Tips

Make fingers invincible to papercuts using these Griply protectors. These prevent injuries to fingers by wrapping them up in a soft and breathable silicone material. It’s also a good gift for your office mates that constantly place band-aids on their hands because they couldn’t help getting themselves cut from handling too much paper in a day. You don’t have to keep on removing this from your hands during the day because wearing it won’t disrupt the movement. Lightweight, comfortable, and sweat-proof, it feels like a second skin and you won’t even detect you are wearing them.

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Quirky Powercurl Wire Organizer

Messy wires won’t tie you down at work if you have the Quirky wire organizer. Having many gadgets promises that your work speed will double up. However, having too many of them also means you have to deal with constant tangles if it is not properly stored. The Quirky organizer gives your wires a home that will prevent them from forming knots with other cords. You simply have to roll a cord on its center. You can also choose to pull down its side cover to make it look cleaner. Under 10 dollars, you can give to your officemates who struggle with the same problem.

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McoMce Broom Holder

Say goodbye to falling brooms all over your house with this broom holder. This is one of the most functional gifts under $10 you can give to someone who needs a little help in giving their cleaning tools some TLC. This can be attached to walls through its strong adhesive. They can use this to mount their brooms or even mops on the wall not only to make the room look clean but also to save space. It grips anything that is mounted on it effectively and prevents it from slipping with its silicone lining.

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Coffee/Cocktails Ding Ding Bell

Spice up a couple’s relationship by giving them this ding ding bell on their wedding day. Even if this little bell is just under 10 dollars, they wouldn’t mind it a single bit because this will keep the fun and excitement in their relationship. They can play games with each other and the loser will be a butler for a day. As a punishment, the loser should bring the drink according to the number of times this bell is dinged. When it dings once, coffee should be served. If it is twice, he or she should bring in the cocktails.

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Umbra Zoola Puppy Ring Holder

If you want to give a luxurious gift without breaking your wallet, this jewelry holder is your best bet. No one will be able to tell its price because its chrome finish shines just like those expensive decors you see in boutiques. Its whimsical puppy design will also make it a perfect addition to any room and won’t get in the way of any theme that any space may have. This jewelry holder has a design of a puppy bending its forelimbs with its tail raised up. Multiple rings can be inserted in the tail to keep them organized.

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The Book of Unusual Knowledge

A bookworm’s library will not be complete if she doesn’t have this Book in her collection. Give to a person who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This contains random information about anything under the sun. Whether these are useful or not, people who are like walking encyclopedias will still find this book delightful. They can flaunt whatever new topics they learned to others or they can just sit down on a comfortable chair and have a good laugh reading about ridiculous topics that never crossed their mind.

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FlexEx Patented Hand Exerciser

Giving anyone you know something that really makes a difference is not easy. And managing to do that on a budget of $10 and under is an even bigger feat. But if the person you wish to give something to is someone who plays a musical instrument or loves to play sports, then this small gadget is just the thing to give. This grip strengthener might be tiny and not all impressive to look at but it is a fun, colorful way of helping people strengthen their fingers, hands, and even forearms to become better at their hobby, be it music, sports, or any other passion that requires the dedicated use of hands.

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Mini Strandbeest Model Kit

Teach your kids good values and skills when they’re young and it will last them for their lifetime. Well, this mini strandbeest is an awesome toy to give to a kid to add to his collection of creative, educational toys. Not only does it help develop problem-solving and creative skills, but it also gets kids to be more hands-on in their learning.

With the digital age we are in, there are very few toys that get kids using their hands to build something fun and educational. This mini strandbeest ticks all the boxes for being an awesome, engaging toy young kids are bound to love. And finally, this toy educates kids on one thing that is the most important lesson in the current times: The concept of clean energy and a low carbon footprint!

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Do you have an accident-prone friend? Or a friend who constantly complains of being completely inept at handling knives in the kitchen? Well, these quality cut-resistant gloves will make their life simpler and safer in the kitchen. They will feel freer to express themselves in the kitchen and their culinary experience is likely to be filled with more fun and less bloody cuts!

But not just for the kitchen; with their anti-cut and good grip qualities, these gloves can be equally good for other home activities such as gardening or DIY projects. Watch their confidence bloom and their hands remain unharmed as they continue on more confidently in their creative journey.

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Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

With the fast-paced lives we lead today, it isn’t wrong to say we are constantly rushing to get things done. Remembering to hold on to all the necessary things isn’t easy: your keys, your wallet, your phone, your bag, other electronic devices, and whatnot. And in the midst of it all, many of us have to remember another key item: Glasses.

Prescription glasses are essential to have at all times and it is rather easy to lose them or forget them…or stash them somewhere deep in the bag where they may get scratched. And sunglasses have become equally necessary for those having to frequently drive under the glaring sun. If you have a friend who has spent her share of money replacing lost glasses, it is time to give her this simple gadget to make her life easy. The Readerset will allow your friend to store her glasses so that they are easily accessible at all times, safe from being damaged, and not likely to get lost.

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Hot Plate Holder

It can be hard to show someone how much you love them when you are on a budget of $10 and under. But this plate holder is an eloquent way of communicating your love and care for a friend or loved one in the family. Designed to make holding hot and cold items safer and easier, it is the ideal thing to be used by the young and old in the house.

With this plate holder at their disposal, no member of the family will run the risk of getting burned or hurting themselves while pulling out a hot dish from the microwave or picking up a cooking pot from the stove. And with kids using this, parents will have the peace of mind they never had before…

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Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker

Who said good things always come expensive? This mic-lock might be tiny but packs a punch in functionality. A one-of-a-kind anti-spying blocker in the market, this portable device allows one to safeguard their privacy. Got a friend who travels often and needs his conversations kept confidential and well-protected? This portable mic-lock will get the job done and no one will even know of its powerful abilities.

With this in his arsenal, your friend will not have to worry about how to protect his video or audio conversations whether he is at work or traveling. Give this cool thing to your friend and watch it bring a huge smile to his face as he figures out exactly how well-protected his interactions can remain from hereon after.

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Zen Garden Litter Box

There is hardly a person in this world who couldn’t do with a bit more zen in their life. This amazingly cute litter box is just the thing to help your friend achieve that zen. With a book to help achieve enlightenment and adorable kittens- who doesn’t like tiny kittens! – This litter box is the ultimate zen package.

Get it for a friend who deals with anxiety on a routine basis, or for a loved one starting a new journey in their life, or for someone redecorating and looking to have calming vibes. This litter box will be an ideal gift for just about anybody…but especially for cat-lovers. And as tiny as this box is, you don’t have to worry about whether the person will have enough space for this awesome item or not!

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Universal Car French Fry Holder

Ask any dad with a young family his biggest nightmare: little ones eating in the car. And few foods are a bigger nightmare than french fries. Well, this French fry holder can make your friend the dad his kids always dreamed of having. With this in his car, he will be more than happy to buy his little ones fries as often as they like, safe in the knowledge that the packet is safely held by the Holder.

And for those days when the kids are not with him, he can use it to hold things important to him such as his wallet or cell phone. Do you know what makes this holder even cooler? He can keep his little ones happy while out and about by turning this holder into a Holster and keeping the fries on him. Hands-free, anyone can enjoy his time out while his holster’s supply of fries keeps his kids happy too.

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Toothpaste Squeezer Tube Roller

Nobody likes it when their toothpaste is almost finished but not finished, and it seems almost impossible to get the remnants out on the toothbrush. It can be a frustrating thing to deal with in the morning rush…and it might just be the kind of obstacle that discourages your kid from brushing his teeth. Get this awesome tube roller for a friend and the whole family will be thanking you for the amazing gesture.

Not only will squeezing out the last remaining toothpaste be a breeze for kids and adults alike, but they will love knowing that they are finally throwing truly empty toothpaste tubes into their bins. And hey, the parents will love you for getting their kids to learn to use everything to the fullest…and while they are at it, they can use this roller to empty out other lotion, ointment, or oil tubes in the house too! Talk about giving a gift that is an all-around winner!

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The Mommy Hook

Ask any mom of little ones what her most challenging experience is, she will definitely include going shopping! Managing a baby, a stroller, and all those shopping bags…and then struggling to find the keys and open the trunk with all the bags in hand…talk about a nightmarish scenario. You can ease your friend’s struggles with this awesome under $10 gadget.

The Mommy Hook means she will not have to carry the plethora of bags in both hands while struggling to push the stroller and look for her keys. With this hook in her arsenal, she can navigate the market situation like a pro. No more juggling or struggling while carrying the groceries to and from the car. She will never stop thanking you for it!

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Rock'n Roll Pizza Cutter

This is one of the most underrated accessories among kitchen gadgets. And really, every home needs a pizza cutter. Whether it is a homemade pizza or takeaway, the joy of eating the pizza is truly felt when it is eaten with all its toppings intact. A poorly cut pizza means picking up one slice will destroy the toppings of three others! With a pizza cutter in the drawer, this disaster can become a thing of the past. Give it to a friend who makes pizzas often or to a college friend who loves to order pizza regularly. They will love you for making life simpler and their pizza-eating experience that much tastier and hassle-free.

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Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

Want to give a gift on a tight budget that defies expectations? This amazing multi kitchen tool is just the thing. Designed to look like a classy wine bottle, this colorful item not only offers multiple functions: it also has the aesthetics to lift the vibe of any kitchen when put on display. Give this to a friend who loves multi-purpose gadgets, or to someone with a small kitchen but with lots to do. They will truly appreciate the number of tasks this tool can do, looking as pretty as it does. And when all is said and done, all the tools neatly stack back up to become a thing of beauty.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat

If you don’t do puzzles you can’t understand the joy, the thrill of the challenge, and the number of exhausting hours involved in doing them. But those who take puzzles seriously and make it a real hobby of theirs will understand how important it is for successful puzzle-making to do it on the right surface.

You need a surface on which most puzzle pieces will easily stand out, which isn’t slippery, sufficiently large enough to accommodate the larger number of puzzles, and which can be expected to safely keep the puzzle intact over a period of days while it is being completed. The roll mat puzzle is all these things and more – you can actually roll the map with your unfinished work on it! So, if you have a pizza connoisseur in your circle, get him/her this awesome product. You won’t regret it! They will love it!

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Vertibloom Wall Garden Starter Kit

Got a friend who loves nature but lives in cramped quarters? Give them this Vertibloom and get them started on bringing a piece of nature into their homes. And if you have a friend who hasn’t shown much interest in plants and gardening, then this simple kit might be the perfect way of introducing them to the simple beauty of having greenery within your home.

For someone who is complaining of having a bland space because her walls feel too bare and she is thinking of getting some wall art, there can be no better wall art than living breathing plants, growing, and spreading life and energy into the space. With the Vertibloom on her wall, she will never find her place bland or drab again!

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Basic Hoodie for Dogs

If you need to give a cool gift on a budget to a dog-owning friend of yours, this hoodie is an ideal option. Available in a range of colors and sizes, it can be given to any number of different types of dogs. If your friend likes to make bold statements with his dog’s dressing, then get him this hoodie in one of the brighter colors…his dog will be the talk of the dog town! And if it is humor you want to go with, then this cute hoodie can be just the gift to give a friend who doesn’t have a dog…just to hit it home that it’s about time they got one. Who knows…with the Hoodie in the closet, your friend might feel he is finally ready to get a dog!

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Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Don’t let social anxiety rob you of your best life. Turn your social life around with this flippy chain. Channeling the anxiety into an activity, this is a new type of fidget toy that helps relieve the mind of stress. With that, the mind can focus on any task at hand, and even helps to establish good relationships with other people. For under 10 dollars, this can be a thoughtful gift to your friends who suffer the same predicament as you. Unlike its predecessor, the fidget spinner, this won’t distract other people during use, since it doesn’t produce any sound when you use it. 

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Helix Garlic Press

Peel and mince garlic in just a second with this garlic press. You don’t have to suffer the pain of peeling and mincing them to bits ever again. This will save you time in your cooking. What is usually done in two minutes will be over in a second. If you are looking for a cheap gift to give to your friends who love to cook, this can be your best bet. To use, just pop a clove or two in its receptacle. Place the cover and twist away. Minced garlic will instantly fall through the small openings. Plus, it keeps your hands smelling fresh all day because there are fewer chances for you to touch the juices that come out after chopping it.

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Sushi Making Kit

Bring the taste of Japan to your home by preparing your dinner using the sushi roller. Even if you haven’t made one before, you don’t need to worry. Created with beginners in mind, it’s easy to use and you’ll surprise yourself that you’ll create a masterpiece in one try. If you have friends who can’t get enough sushi, you can get one for their birthdays. You will have fun trying out different kinds of sushi recipes. The best thing here is, you can experiment with different ingredients and may even discover a mix that will blow your taste buds away.

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18-In-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

Throw all your useless keychains away and replace them with this screwdriver. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary keychain with a snowflake design. However, don’t let its cute form fool you because this packs a lot of punch. It’s the most functional keychain you can find in the market, and you’ll be surprised to know that this comes with 18 tools.

Each projection of the snowflake has a different screwdriver head. You can make use of it when screws need to be tightened or loosened. It can also open bottle caps for you. This is one go-to gift for friends this Christmas without breaking the bank. Not only is it festive, but it’s also very helpful to them when their things need repairs.

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Zoku Reusable Pocket Straw

Help save the lives of sea turtles by using this pocket straw. Many of them are already dying because of the ingestion of plastic wastes. Take this wherever you go and you won’t need to use plastic straws ever again. You’ll be part of the solution and mother Earth will be forever grateful to you. Give your friends or coworkers these straws during Christmas to encourage them to accompany you in this endeavor without breaking your wallet. Plus, bringing it won’t be a hassle wherever you go, since it’s designed to be telescopic and can extend its length up to 9 inches. It also comes with its own brush to make cleaning a breeze.

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Fridge Monkey Mat

You’ll never have to deal with rolling beer cans out of the fridge again with this bottle mat. This can effectively hold bottles or cans and prevent them from slipping, you can also stack the cans up to form a pyramid. A lot of space will be freed and make the inside of the fridge look tidier. For under 10 dollars, you will already have a cheap gift that will be able to wow your friends this Christmas. Save money from buying another fridge just to accommodate your drinks. Made from a lightweight material, it’s easy to store – you just need to roll this up whenever you don’t need it.

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Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

Bring the spirits up this Holiday season with this whiskey soap. It’s a great gift option for those who love whiskey because they will get to enjoy the scent of their favorite drink even when they are taking a bath. Aside from its captivating scent, this soap lathers really well and does a good job of making the skin clean without the dryness. They can even use it as an alternative to shaving foam. When they think they’ll have a stressful day ahead and they still can’t have a dose of their whiskey, this soap will be enough to calm their heads long enough to get them through the day.

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M-Cuisine Microwave Mug

Never burn your hands from the microwave again with this microwave mug to heat your drink. Ordinary containers become too hot to hold after they are placed inside the microwave to heat food. Burns can happen when you forget to use a heat-protecting mitten, especially when you are in a hurry. This microwave mug prevents this from happening again. Designed to have double walls, it ensures that the outer covering of the mug won’t heat up no matter how it is placed inside the microwave. It also comes with a lid that prevents spills from happening during the heating.

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Reusable Food Storage Bag

Stop wasting your money from throwing out wasted food. Use this storage bag and food will stay fresh for longer. Keep your unused sliced ingredients in this air-tight container and it’ll remain fresh until you need the ingredients again. This is perfect to use for fresh greens that easily wilt inside the fridge like lettuce leaves. For under $10, you will have a reusable replacement for plastic zip-lock bags in their kitchen. You’re not only doing a favor to yourself in the meal prep sessions but you also help the environment with its plastic waste problem.

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Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Turn your toilet bowls into portals with this toilet light. It’s the perfect small gift you can slip into a stocking during Christmas. No matter who you give this to, you can expect that they will be amazed at their toilet’s transformation. Coming in different light colors, you can pick one that best suits their personality. People won’t have any trouble finding the toilet at night even in low light because it has a motion sensor that makes it emit an otherworldly glow whenever it detects motion. It will lure them in like they are possessed by aliens. They won’t even miss it even when they are sleepwalking.

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Cable Clips

Keep all of your cables within reach without making your table look like a den of snakes using these cable clips. Unlike other clips available online, this is made with a flexible material. You can stick it even on rounded edges of a table and it will follow the contour. It won’t fall off once applied because it has a strong adhesive backing that effectively grips the surface. Give this to your officemates who work using plenty of gadgets. They will be more efficient with their work because the cords will not be lying around their tables to tie them up.

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White Cloud Key Holder

Amaze your friends this Christmas and let them hang their keys without any hooks with this cute key holder. Under only 10 dollars, this will be your best option. In the shape of a cloud, you can stick this to the wall of any room and it won’t clash with the overall design of the space. They will have fun using this because they don’t need to deal with the hassle of hooks. All they need to do with their keys is to stick them to the cloud. The keys won’t fall even when it dangles for a long time because of the strong magnets placed inside the key holder.

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Zorpads Odor Eliminating Shoe Inserts

Blast the funky smell off of shoes with a shoe insert. For just under 10 dollars, your family or friends will have enough ammo to battle that stink monster hidden between their toes. You’ll also be doing them a favor by saving them from future embarrassment. They will enjoy using this because it is very thin and flexible and won’t detect that it’s there whenever they slip this inside their shoes. Although it is thin and small, don’t let this fool you because it has great power to absorb and eliminate odor.

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TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller

Experience luxury at the comforts of your home with this foot massager. You can relax after a long day at work and give yourself that well-deserved massage by simply rolling your feet on it. It effectively relieves tense muscles of the foot through its roller kneads. Not only made for the foot, but you can also use this to relieve the tension of muscles from other body parts. It’s a thoughtful gift to give to your family and friends this holiday season, which can help them save some cash from going to spas to relax.

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Monolike Magnetic Bookmarks

Save yourself the hassle and get these cheap bookmarks that won’t fall off when you accidentally knock down your book. Unlike the usual ones, this comes with a magnet on it. It securely attaches itself to the page. Even when you throw the book outside the window, it still clings like a baby Koala. You won’t lose the page that you marked. It also makes great gifts to your friends who love to read. Coming in a set, you will have enough bookmarks to use, so you don’t need to finish a book first before starting another.

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