59 Gifts Under $20 That’ll Give You A Bang for The Buck

Going to a celebration party empty-handed can be embarrassing at times, especially when other guests come with gifts packaged in beautiful wrapping. However, when your wallet is in a pinch, choosing a gift can be challenging. Scouring through multiple listings online to find a good gift within your budget can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, and you also don’t want to give cash gifts because they can come off as thoughtless. Fret not, we listed the best gifts under $20 that you can find online. No matter what the occasion, you will surely find one that suits the celebration and one that anyone will appreciate.

Gifts Under $20

MorVin Water Bottle Carrier

Ask most young people what they find annoying about keeping a bottle with them at all times and they will all give you the same answer: holding onto it. You will hear a plethora of them lament about how they forget to pick their bottle while they are out and about during the day. Well, this bottle carrier is just the thing to give your young hot-blooded friends. With the bottle slung over his shoulder, he can have a hands-free, hassle-free experience, be it hiking, picnic, or a day out with friends or family.

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PopSockets PopWallet

Got a friend obsessed with his phone while ever-neglectful of the two or three cards he needs to keep on him? Or maybe you have a friend who simply doesn’t like the hassle of carrying a phone AND a wallet, and other items? It can be annoying to feel so loaded if, for example, your friend is busy on campus all day long, catching classes, working assignments, and having quick meal breaks. This Popwallet can make his life much simpler and his pockets lighter.

With the Popwallet, your friend will have his phone and relevant cards all in one stylish arrangement and he won’t have to worry about constantly checking his various pockets to make sure nothing is lost. Go on! Give this amazing accessory to your loved ones and simplify their life for under $20.

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Infinity Fidget Cube

Ah the challenges of young lives today. With the amount of stress youngsters face at school, in sports, and other social settings, finding ways of helping them cope in a healthy fashion is of the essence. If you know someone who finds himself in high-stress situations or who suffers from ADHD or autism, then this infinity cube will be the perfect gift for him.

Small enough to carry anywhere and noiseless enough to use in any setting, this infinity cube is the kind of decompressing tool your friend can keep on his person at all times. Its stylish design and one-of-a-kind metallic look make this the kind of cube others will envy your friend for having. He will be the talk of the town and he will have you to thank for it!

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Stojo Reusable Coffee Cup

Got a friend who is a caffeine addict and is constantly on the go? It isn’t easy drinking a hot beverage while being jostled on a crowded train or bus…or maybe your friend is all about healthy nutrition and loves his fresh juices chilled? Whatever the need may be, this collapsible cup is a great gift option. With this Cup in his cupboard, your friend will never again have trouble keeping his favorite beverage intake level as per his needs no matter how rushed his schedule may be.

Leak-proof and with a straw, this cup offers your friend the chance to drink to his heart’s content even on the bumpiest of rides! And best of all, once he is done, he won’t have to carry the cup around. He can simply collapse it and store it even in the tiniest component of his bag! Now, this is what we call a hassle-free, on-the-go drinking experience.

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KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer

Who doesn’t like a dash of lime juice added to the menu for that extra bit of zing? If you have a friend partial to lime juice, then get him this awesome easy-to-use citrus squeezer. This gadget makes lime straining such a breeze that your friend will find himself drinking his much-loved clear lime juice much more frequently than ever before. And all those times the hassle of squeezing a lime stopped him from enjoying a meal? Well, never again will he worry about that. This citrus squeezer is going to bring back the zing in your friend’s life with a bang- and in a compact, effortless style.

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Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp

Looking for a gift for a teenager who just got her own room…or for one who is perhaps renovating? Well, you can become her favorite adult with this unique salt lamp. Boasting of salt crystals from the Himalayas, this is the perfect lamp to help your teenage friend bring magnificent natural beauty into her room. And the soft, romantic light it exudes will do wonders in lifting the vibe and feel of her space.

With this beauty in her room, your young friend will be certain to have created a standout look to her room decor…and for those awkward moments of silence with new friends in the room, this lamp will be the perfect ice-breaker. Get this salt lamp for your loved one and bring light to her room and joy to her life- in salty, crystal style.

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Aqua 4-in-1 Pool Hammock

Most youngsters love to swim in pools…and when done with swimming, they might enjoy water games. But once done with all the activities, all they truly need to do is relax and let their body soak up the sun and warmth without having to leave the delightfully cool pool waters. This pool hammock is just the thing to give to them.

Designed to allow people to sit or recline in, it offers relaxation of all kinds within the cool confines of the pool. With this hammock, he/she can allow himself to simply float about the pool after a long day of swimming and playing. Not only does this mean the adults can stay longer in peace…but this hammock is a joy the adults and the youngsters of the family can share and bond over.

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Beard Head

Beard Head is the kind of unique, mind-blowing idea that does not come often but when it does, it makes waves. This quality product is a perfect blend of humor and functionality. If you are wondering what to give someone and he has a penchant for winter sports…look no further. This, right here, is what he absolutely needs. He might not know it yet…but he needs the beard head.

With a beanie that takes care to keep not only your head but your face warm, your young friend will feel freer and bolder as he skis or sleds down slopes. And hey, the cool beard that comes with the beanie might be just the thing to give him the rugged, sporty look he has wanted for so long! If nothing else, the beard is sure to amuse even as it protects his face in harsh winter conditions!

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Pocket Laptop Organizer

Whether in high school or in college, kids these days need their laptops to get most things done. And they often need to get things done while on the move, in the library, or at some friend’s place. Staying organized, and being prepared is of the essence for them. This laptop organizer is just the thing for them to lead simpler lives.

With this organizer, your young friend will have everything he needs to get the job done in one place, safely stored, and easily accessible. Give this to your loved ones and make their academic experience that much easier and pleasant. They and most likely their family will be more than thankful to you for your thoughtfulness.

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Mighty Patch Invisible+

Ah to be young and face the horror of an unexpected pimple! And what if that is the day of a presentation, a speech, or a performance? It is mind-boggling the effect such a tiny skin anomaly can have on one’s confidence and self-esteem. For people who tend to struggle with pimples on a regular basis, then help them in their battle against pimples by giving them the Mighty Patch.

With it in their arsenal, they will never again feel that their day, their confidence, or their likelihood of success is at the mercy of some unexpected pimple making an appearance! This Mighty Patch can be kept in person at all times and offers the kind of emergency aid one might need while going about their day. For under $20, give this quality patch to a loved one and they will love you for seeing their struggles and helping them with it.

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Patch Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandages

A home with kids and teenagers can never afford to be short on bandages..because scraped knees, cut lips, and grazed knuckles are the order of the day. However, what makes these bamboo bandages such a unique gift is that they are 100% natural, which makes them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. What’s more, these bandages make sure that they don’t just take care of your cuts and scrapes, but that they protect the health of the planet too by being compostable.

These are the perfect thing under $20 to give a home where youngsters might have sensitive skin and where protecting the environment is of the essence. However, you can also give these bandages to those whom you want to introduce to an environment-friendly bandage option. Who knows…you might be the one to start them on a lifelong, constructive journey of protecting the planet!

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Adjustable Rolling Pin

Finding gifts for youngsters that will truly interest and impress them is no easy feat. But if you make it happen then he/she will remember you for years to come. If you have a budding baker in your family or friend circle, then this awesome rolling pin is just the kind of thoughtful and helpful item for them.

With its discs keeping things simple for beginners, your budding baker will love the sheer ease with which he can roll out pizza or pastry dough of uniform thickness, which in turn will lead to fantastic baking results. With this rolling pin taking so much of the hassle of the experience out of the way, you give them the chance to deepen his/her love affair with baking! Go ahead, unleash the baker within your friend and reap the delicious rewards!

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Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

Pizza is the go-to food option for so many kids, teens, and under-grads too. Why? It is cheesy, delicious, easy to eat, cheap, and comes in enough varieties to meet most types of tastes. But let’s be honest! Once the pizza arrives, no young, warm-blooded male or female wastes time gently separating slices and pulling one out so as to not drag the topping of the other three slices. Give your young-blood friend the chance to eat pizza with integrity! Get them this pizza wheel.

For under 20 dollars, It will cut clean and fast and leave everyone a fair chance of eating slices with a fair share of cheese and toppings! Make eating pizza even more fun and hassle-free for your young friend.

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Libbey Classic Can Tumbler Glasses

Ever wonder how much the joy of drinking your beer or favorite beverage comes from actually drinking it from that perfect soda can? The grip, the sip it offers all make the experience of drinking that much richer. If you have a young friend who obsessively drinks from cans alone, then you can declutter his life, add aesthetic value to it, and still not take away from his drinking experience.

For under $20, this can glass set is designed to replicate the experience of drinking from a soda can. Except for its quality design and construction make it a lot prettier to look at than a can…plus you can keep reusing it. The whole family will love you for giving them the gift of simplicity, beauty, and ease…and of course for an unparalleled drinking experience every time they reach for a can glass.

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Zoku Pocket Utensil Set

You can never be safe enough when it comes to hygiene. If nothing else, then Covid19 has indeed proven that. So give this pocket utensil to your loved one who often needs to eat in outdoor settings- perhaps at the school canteen, or a burger or fast food joint on campus. With this sturdy, portable pocket utensil, he will never have to worry about dealing with unhygienic utensils on-premises.

What’s more, with the utensil on a person at all times, eating roadside, or buying from a takeaway truck becomes so much easier and hassle-free. No more oily fingers and messy bites…all thanks to the utensil set. And through this, you help your friend become a little bit more planet-friendly. Sounds like a win-win.

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Sofa Cup Holder

Who needs to have coffee tables when you can just use this cup holder. This little device will make sure that you get to enjoy your “me time” as you watch your favorite shows on TV. You don’t have to worry about spilling your drink on the couch if you accidentally knock the cup down while immersing yourself in the show. This little device can be easily slipped into the arm of the couch. Its receptacle can effectively hold mugs, cups, and glasses. It’s also great to be given as a gift to your friends who also love to binge on TV shows. For under 20 dollars, you will help them save money from buying an expensive coffee table or a new couch.

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Aculief Wearable Acupressure

Release the stress anytime and anywhere with just a single point on your hand. The Aculief will make you say goodbye to headaches instantly by applying pressure in between your thumb and forefinger. Acupressure has been around and is still used in oriental medicine for a good reason. This practice is a natural and drug-free alternative to pills that may have side effects. Whenever you feel any pain at work, just place this on your hand and it will help you go through the day. If you also notice your coworker having a hard time, why not give her one of these? She’ll never thank you enough after experiencing how it works.

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The 6-in-1 Swiss Army Knife of Cables

Every second counts when someone sets his eyes on the prize. Don’t let multiple connections on your friend’s devices slow him down to achieve his goals. Give him the inCharge and he will never waste time again. With this cable, he can charge his phone while transferring data at the same time. He doesn’t have to wait for the other to finish first before he can start on the next task. Plus, it can fit any input/output connectors. He doesn’t need to have a different cable for every device because this cable can accommodate them all. It’s also portable, he can bring this wherever he goes by attaching it to his house keys.

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Icebreaker Ice Tray

You need to prepare the best if you want to celebrate successes. Give your celebratory toast a fun twist by dropping some fun ice shapes using this ice tray. This will not only keep their drinks at optimum temperature but it will also make their night unforgettable. It will add an element of fun and will surely help keep the spirits of everyone up while they enjoy the party. If you are also looking for gifts under $20 to give to your coworkers, this ice tray will be perfect for them. Whenever they do a great job at work, they can pop a piece of ice out of the tray to amp up their favorite drink.

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KingCamp Unisex Camping Slippers

Cinderella will trade in her glass shoes when she sees this slipper. Even if it is made for camping, this can be a perfect pair to use during the cold season. Your feet will not thank you enough for using it as an indoor slipper because it is very comfortable to use. Its sole also has an anti-skid rubber that helps prevent you from sliding from slippery surfaces. If you have friends who often have cold feet, literally and figuratively, you can give this to them as a gift. They’ll not only feel warm in their soles but also their hearts as well.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Loving the outdoors also means that you have to be ready to face emergencies when they arise. Bring this LifeStraw whenever you go on any camping trips and you will have a safety net during unforeseen events. The LifeStraw is a must for every outdoor activity because this allows you to drink any source of the water safely. Its filtration system is very efficient; it can even filter out small plastics and viruses. If you always go camping with your friends, they will appreciate it if you will give one to them this Christmas. This makes sure that you and your friends will always have potable water at all times during your camping sessions.

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Bees Wrap

Don’t add to the world’s plastic problem and start using reusable food packaging like this Bee’s Wrap. This is a good alternative to beeswax food wraps that are made in plastic. Unlike plastic wrap, this can be washed and reused again and again. You won’t notice any difference between the two when you use it because this looks and feels similar to the plastic wrap. If you are looking for gifts under $20 for vegans this Holiday season, you can rely on the wrap to impress them because this is made with 100% vegan-friendly materials. They’ll even be happy to know that they are also part of the solution to reduce plastic waste.

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Hooded Travel Pillow

Worried about how you’ll look when you sleep while traveling on a plane? Worry no further because this hooded pillow is here to the rescue. This provides you with a comfortable neck pillow that you can rest comfortably when you sleep. Aside from that, it comes with a hood that you can use to cover your face while you sleep. It’s big enough to provide you with enough privacy so you don’t have to worry about what your face looks like when asleep. If your friends constantly travel due to their work, they will be thrilled to receive a gift like this because it fits their on-the-go lifestyle.

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Mountain Fuji Style Wine Glass

Are you racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for a Japanese anime fan? Give him anything that reminds him of Japan and he will jump through the roof. For under 20 dollars, you will have something unique to give him this Holiday season through this tasteful wine glass. This work of art will definitely impress those who love anything Japanese because the bottom part of this glass is molded into mountains similar to the shape of Mt. Fuji. It also comes with a wooden holder at its bottom which gives it a more authentic and minimalist look.

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Wheelmate Car Desk

Turn any car into a dining room with this car desk. This is the perfect car accessory to bring with you especially when you go on road trips. This can be attached to the steering wheel when you want to use it as a desk. You can eat your food comfortably while resting between cities. You no longer have to suffer by eating sandwiches only. If you have friends who live in their cars, this can be a great gift for them for their birthdays. They will highly appreciate receiving one because not only do they get a place to eat their food, but they will also be able to use it as a table when they need something to write on paper.

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Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger

Never set bags on the floor of public places again if you have the Clipa2. Floors used in public places are full of bacteria and viruses from the shoes of people. It’s not sanitary to place your bags on the floor because you may bring the germs to your home. You can turn any place into your bag hanger by just simply hanging this clip to doors or tables. This clip is made with a strong metal so it can support even when a purse is heavy. No matter where you go, you will always be sure that your purses remain clean.

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Lay-n-Go Storage Organizer

You no longer have to waste your time looking for things you need in your bag if you have the Lay-n-Go. This organizer is created to house all your tech needs – from electronics to its accessories. This has a drawstring design that allows you to lay it out flat when you open it. Because of this, you will see all of your stuff in one go. It makes everything accessible so that you won’t take any time in getting the thing that you need at the moment. When you’re done, all you have to do is pull the drawstring and it will immediately be back into a bag. This also makes a great gift – your family and friends will be thrilled to receive one.

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Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Do you hate waking up to a stiff neck due to a poor sleeping position? This traction device will put you out of your misery. Use this every night and you will never wake up to neck pains ever again. This can act as your pillow during sleep. It ensures that your cervical spine is constantly in proper alignment. If you have friends who suffer the same problem as you, give them one this Holiday season. They will not be thankful enough for your thoughtfulness because this will help them sleep more comfortably at night.

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MyKee 2.0 Multi-Tool Key

Your search for the most unique gift to give this Christmas is over. Give your friends a MyKee and they will have their minds blown with what this little device can do. It’s small in size and looks like an ordinary key. However, don’t let it fool you because this can replace Swiss knives in terms of their functionality. Although under $20, it’s a multi-use product that you can rely on during emergencies. You will have a screwdriver, bottle opener, blade, lotto scratcher, wrench, and many others in one small package. Since it’s like a key, you can insert this in your key holder to bring it with you wherever you go.

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Bottled Frustration Brainteaser Puzzle

If you are trying to get back on a coworker for making you feel embarrassed at work, don’t bottle it up. Challenge him to a brain duel using this bottled puzzle. This is the perfect gift for him this Holiday season because it can keep him up all night. He will rack his brain until the wee hours of the morning just to figure out how to solve the puzzle. You don’t have to spend a fortune to conjure a grand plan to get back at him. You just need less than 20 dollars and you will taste the sweet victory of seeing him with bags on his eyes from trying to solve the puzzle.

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Umbra Infinity Picture Frame

Thinking of giving within the lines of a thoughtful gift? This modern photo display will not disappoint you. Everybody wants to cherish the good memories they had. There’s no better way to immortalize it than to have it framed and displayed in the home for everyone to see. This photo display stands out from the rest sold in the market today because it’s not simply a rectangular frame that houses your photos. They will be suspended between two glass panels, making it look like it is floating. With its aesthetically pleasing design, who would have thought that this is only under $ 20.

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Meat Shredding Tool

Barbecue parties can be a lot of fun not until you’re the one assigned to cook. Waiting for the meat to cook can be pleasing because delicious smells will fill up your nose. However, getting burned from coals and handling cooked meat can be annoying sometimes, especially when you don’t have the right tools for it. Thankfully, these meat claws are here to save the day. For under 20 dollars, you will have a pair of stainless steel tools that are tough enough to do the job. Use them to turn the meat during cooking or have fun shredding meat through its sharp claws.

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Bullet Mini Tactical LED

When functionality is on the top of your gift-hunting goals, this mini LED will give you a bang for your buck. It’s small enough to be used as a keychain. However, don’t judge it based on its size because this doubles as a flashlight during emergencies. Despite being small, this can shine a bright light that can reach up to one mile and up to 100,000 hours of usage. Whoever you will give this to will be grateful to you because they’ll have a source of light with them whenever they need it – from just looking for stuff under the bed to navigating themselves in a dark cave.

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Shower Speaker

Shower the blues away with a good soap and good music. Your search for cheap and meaningful gifts for music lovers will be over because this shower speaker is an audiophile’s dream come true. They no longer have to go through boring baths again when they have this in their bathrooms. Stick this to the wall and it will stay attached through its suction cups. They can connect their phones with this device and play their favorite tunes on it without worrying about getting it damaged from water splashes and soap. Their phones will also be safe as well since they can be connected thru Bluetooth.

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KeySmart Key Holder & Keychain Organizer

Jingling sounds are welcomed when they come from Santa Claus, but it can get annoying if it is from a coworker who walked by. Save your friend from the office hate by giving him the KeySmart holder. This organizes keys and keeps them stacked together. Assembling it is easy and using it is a breeze. Whenever a key is needed, all one has to do is slide them out of the holder. This holder also comes with a loop attached to one side. Your friend can attach his large car key or fob remote to it. Aside from eliminating the jingling sound, his thighs will also say goodbye to being constantly poked with keys when sitting down.

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The Original Fasta Pasta

Pasta lovers will go crazy if they own this pasta cooker. They are famous for a good reason: even celebrity chefs swear by it. This cooker will make sure that your pasta is cooked al dente each time. Not only that, but it will also make the cooking shorter. If you are searching for good gifts for those who love to eat pasta dishes, this is the best choice to pick. By using this, they will no longer wait for the water to boil before they can dunk their pasta in. All they need to do is place it on this container, put water, and microwave it until cooked.

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Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

For someone who wished he had the power to control light as a kid, this smart bulb will make his dream come true. Now, he will be able to command the lights inside his home to do as he wants them. This is made possible by its connectivity to Alexa, Echo, Google, and others that help it recognize voice commands. He can make the lights shine in different colors or adjust their brightness without lifting a finger. Even if he keeps the party going the whole night, he won’t have to worry about his electric bill since this efficiently saves 80% of energy during use.

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Preserve Dopper Water Bottle

You will rack your brains trying to figure out what to give a known environmentalist that is within your budget. Most of the gifts under $20 listed online may not be created using recyclable materials or it has undergone a process that makes people like her frown in disapproval. Thankfully, Preserve bottles are here to save the day. This reduces plastic wastes by encouraging people to bring their own bottles of water instead of buying one. Plus, whenever a bottle is sold, 5% of its profit will be donated to water sanitation projects. Giving her this bottle is like killing two birds with one stone.

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Hello Oral Care

You can get away from getting stuck in life but not from the embarrassment of having something stuck in between your teeth. This Dental Floss will save its users from embarrassment. For under 20 dollars, you will have a safety net during social dinners. This will make sure that you can always show your megawatt smile in front of people even if you just bit into a huge steak. It can easily remove plaques through the power of activated charcoal. It also makes the breath fresh after use because it has xylitol, a sugar known to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

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iRoller Screen Cleaner

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing fingerprints all over a shiny newly-bought iPhone. When your friend’s phone is a magnet for prints and dust, it can be quite troublesome to wipe it constantly. Save him from the frustration and give him the iRoller instead. This is unlike any screen cleaners available today because this is liquid-free. He doesn’t have to spray any chemicals on the screen before he can use this. Just roll it on the screen surface and everything will be magically erased. He won’t worry about damaging his phone from chemicals or from rubbing a cloth on it.

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LighterBro Pro

Not all lighters are created equal. Some of them can do more than just spark a flame to light that stick. Enter, LighterBro. This is a game-changer to the lighter world because this also comes with functional tools you can use every day. It’s suitable to be given as gifts for special occasions because this looks premium without costing you much. For under 20 dollars, you will have a lighter, screwdriver, mini knife, scissors, and bottle opener all in one package. You will be sure that your friend will take this wherever he goes because he can rely on this tool for emergencies.

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MOFT 4-in-1 Cell Phone Stand

Turn a phone into a mini wallet with the MOFT phone grip. This little tool does not only help make a phone stand in the portrait position but can also make it more functional by giving it a little storage space. The MOFT can easily accommodate up to three cards or folded bills. When you need to find an affordable gift that doesn’t look cheap, this can be a go-to. Whoever you give this to will enjoy attaching it to their phones because they do not have to bring a separate wallet with them, especially if they go out just to run small errands.

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sittingbridge Nap-Wrap

Sleeping in the car when you go for long trips can make you wake up to body aches from improper body position. Get this nap-wrap and you’ll never wake in pain again. This is a multifunctional product that is a must-have you can find on Amazon for those who constantly travel, especially for work. This provides support while you sleep to help you assume a proper position. It can serve as an armrest, an eye mask, or even an ear muff! Whatever the need you use it for, you will be comfortable whenever it touches your skin because it is made of a breathable mesh.

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Ontel Battery Organizer

You’ll never tear down your house looking for batteries when you need them if you have the Battery Daddy. This gives all of those batteries lying around the house a home. No matter what size it is, there’s a space for them in this organizer. Plus, this comes with a battery tester. You will be able to tell which among those you stored have already run out of juice. When you’re thinking of giving a good gift that won’t hurt your wallet, give them the Battery Daddy. Whenever they need batteries, they’ll always appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be grateful to you.

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Concrete Desk Organizer

Got a friend who wishes their desk could be more organized? Or maybe you think one of your friends could benefit from having a cleaner, more structured desk setting? This quality desk organizer is the perfect under $20 item to give such a friend or loved one. With this accessory on their table at home or work, they will always know where to find a pen and a business card, and it won’t be in the messy pile of a desk drawer. Help make their desk more organized, and their life more simplified. They will love you for the functionality AND the aesthetics of it!

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RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Ask any serious gamer friend and they will tell you the value of a good mouse pad for a superior gaming experience. This quality gaming pad offers greater convenience in the form of its large size, greater safety in the shape of its anti-slip feature, and an awesome presentation with all the custom lighting options available. With this gaming pad, your friend can create a really compelling gaming vibe while also enjoying a superior gaming experience.

For every game he will get better at and win, he will think of you with gratitude and fondness. But don’t think that only gamers will love this pad. It can add color and vibrancy to any office desk too. Give it to a friend in his office. He will love you for all the features this pad has to offer!

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Mobile Game Controller

Compatible with a number of popular high-action games, this game controller is the perfect gift option for someone who loves his games and has recently been bemoaning the poor or deteriorating quality of his current game controller. Give him this quality controller and watch his gaming performance improve.

Not only will he be thanking you for putting him back on track in terms of his performance, but his family will be thanking you too for getting him out of the cranky, irritable moods he was bound to be having because of his old controller. This game controller is one of the quickest, most economical ways of becoming your loved one’s favorite person.

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Six-S'more Maker

Aah the joys of eating deliciously melted s’mores. And don’t the kids just love it? But if you know a family that loves to eat s’mores, then you must know how frustrating they tend to find it that it is usually only possible when they have a campfire roaring. Under $20, this s’more maker is just the thing to fill their lives with joy.

With it at home, you will never have to go without their much-loved dessert. They can have it anytime they want and as often as they wish. What’s more, this machine will give your friend the chance to experiment with various combinations of chocolate, candy, and marshmallow, allowing him and his family to discover even more delightful ways of eating their favorite campfire dessert.

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Steam Ship Steaming Lid

How often do we wish we could keep freshly cooked food hot for longer? And many of our pots and pans don’t have a lid. If you have heard your friend complain of a similar problem and how she wishes there was something to make keeping things warm and covered possible even with lidless pots and pans, then make her day by giving her this steamship.

This can be placed on a hot serving dish or pot to keep it hot and it can be used to cover food while in the microwave. And while it has undeniable functional value, its cool shape and color add to its visual appeal, and its ability to whistle gives it entertainment value too. What more could a person want for a gift under 20 dollars!

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Miracle Fold Laundry Folder

This is a gift for every age…in fact, it is a gift that the whole family will use and benefit from. With this laundry folder, your organized friend who loves to fold but hates the time it takes will feel like her prayers have been finally answered. And with proper folding never this easy, even the young members can pitch in by folding their clothes and putting them away. Give this to your loved one, and turn their post-laundry experience into a delightfully short and productive one…one where they will find loads of extra closet space now that all their belongings are folded and stored so properly.

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Golden Toilet Coffee Mug

Got a coffee lover in your house? Is it someone you share a sense of humor with? Then this in-your-face gold coffee mug shaped like a toilet is the perfect gift. Large and designed as it is, this mug is perfect for your friend to begin his day with, as it is bound to bring a smile to his face. Or you could take this cup for office use and give all your colleagues something to laugh about as well. And you know which friend it will suit the most? The one with the biggest potty mouth in your circle! This mug will feel like an extension of his character and he is bound to love the not-so-subtle implication.

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Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

Got a friend who loves to boast of his ability to get any jigsaw puzzle done in record time? Well, put his abilities to the ultimate test with this jigsaw puzzle. He will either be eating a humble pie or you will finally be accepting that he is a wizard at making jigsaw puzzles. And hey, if you have a twisted sense of humor, then give this puzzle to a loved one you want to tease. You will love the hair-pulling, the cursing, and the frustration that will follow. And whenever he does complete the puzzle, he won’t know whether to burn it or frame it. Really, what more could you ask of a jigsaw puzzle?

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Storm Glass Weather Stations

You know the kind of gift that is the hardest to get for $20 and under? Something meaningful and beautiful, which a person can proudly display no matter what part of the world they go to. The weather predictor has you covered though. Give this to your family and add to the decor of their home, bringing a little history into their space, and give them something uniquely memorable to remember you by no matter what.

Capable of changing its look based on external temperature, this classy weather predictor is designed to be proudly displayed in any space of the person’s liking. And its unique means of functioning is the perfect conversation starter and ice-breaker when meeting with new people.

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Echo Auto

Alexa and Siri are taking over the world and are fast becoming the planet’s most popular ladies. Here is another device for Alexa fans that will further ingratiate her into their lives for the better. Alexa has been taking care of so many families via smart home options. With Echo Auto, Alexa will be making our vehicular experience that much richer, simpler, and easier.

So, if you have a friend with a phone compatible with Echo Auto and who spends a significant portion of his day driving around in his car, then Echo Auto is just the thing to give to him. With this device in his car, he will get many things done-hands-free- while driving to different locations. And whether he needs to connect to his map or music, Alexa will get the job done, hassle-free.

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Motion Activated Bed Light

Wanting to stay safe yet having complete darkness to create a sleep-friendly environment is the kind of catch-22 situation most people are faced with. The solution…this awesome bed light. With a warm ambiance and motion sensor, this bed light is the perfect thing to get for lighting up key areas of the house that need light for safety yet should not be lit up at all times. For someone who loves the dark to sleep in but tends to trip over his own slippers when getting up at night, this Light is the perfect thing.

Thanks to this bed light, you can sleep in peace and move at night without running the risk of tripping and falling. The fact that it switches off soon after movement stops make this an energy-efficient, aesthetic option. And, hey, the beauty and easy installation on offer make this light suited for use in bathrooms and corridors where they won’t just be functional but will also be adding to the decor of the space.

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Dash Turbo POP Popcorn Maker

You know what’s hard to find? Someone who doesn’t like freshly made, rightly popped popcorn. Popcorn is the ultimate snack for when people are relaxing, chilling, and just hanging. And if you want to get the cinema experience of watching a movie in your home theatre, then popcorn is a must-have component. Give this machine to a popcorn-loving, cinema-experience-loving, or snack-loving friend.

So easy to use that even the most inept person can operate it, this popcorn maker will be a favorite with those who love the kitchen and those who hate it. And what is guaranteed for your friend in having this compact machine is quality, delicious, and a generous quantity of popcorn available to him and the family whenever and however often they want. Get ready to be hugged tightly for a gift under $20 that will keep on giving.

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NatraCure Moisturizing Gloves

In the hectic routines of our lives, we are most prone to forget about self-care. And one part of our body exposed to the greatest variety of elements and conditions is our hands. They are constantly exposed to the weather, water, rough chemicals, and detergents, and depending on the job, many more things. It can leave them dry, hard, and rough. It isn’t just uncomfortable but it no doubt affects our confidence and pride in our appearance. Do you have a friend who laments having dry, rough hands due to her home life or nature of work often? Gift her these amazing NatraCure gloves and restore the health and appearance of her hands and give back her confidence in her appearance once more. She will love you for your thoughtfulness for a long time to come.

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How To

Want to make an avid reader in your circle laugh? Or maybe you want to turn someone with a great sense of humor and a fascination for science into a book-reader? Have no fear…the How To book is here…and it does just that in awesome style. Written by the highly acclaimed writer known for his sharp wit and humorous take on things, this book is a hilarious ride bound to make even the most skeptical of readers laugh.

Lighten up your friend’s mood and introduce him/her to the wonderful world of funny books. Fill his mind with hilariously impractical solutions to common life problems, and give him something he will love to store in his drawer for those harder, more stressful days. Your thoughtful gesture of under $20 will not go unappreciated. Be sure of that!

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SOG Flint Survival & Defense Tool

Got a friend who loves adventures, camping trips, or survivalist expeditions? Then this defense tool will make for an ideal gift for him. As tiny as it is, this tool packs a punch, featuring some of the handiest abilities to help a person in danger or when lost at night. With this compact pen tool on him, your friend will feel that much safer while attempting his adventures.

As small and lightweight as it is, this defense tool will be easy to take no matter how light one needs to travel. And you know who else this tool will make a good gift for? Someone who tends to avoid adventures because he has reservations about all the dangers out there. Make him feel safe and well-equipped with this tool, and he might just become an avid adventurer!

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