White Elephant

If you are not from the United States of America, baby, it is rather possible that you have never heard of a white elephant party. A white elephant party is similar to a Secret Santa, but all the gifts are put together, unmarked, and everyone takes one at random, and they can choose to keep it or steal another one before unwrapping it: the goal of this is not to give a significant, heartfelt gift that the other person is going to appreciate but a fun, dumb gift that will entertain the partygoers and make them laugh.

White elephant gifts are usually fun, crazy novelty gifts that we would never purchase for ourselves: a set of couple underwear, a hat with horns that says “I am so horny”, a novelty mug with a tongue in cheek and funny inscription, an exhibitionist figurine that opens his trenchcoat when you press a button…

Hidden Flask Tie with 8 Oz Bladder for A Secret Drink

Hidden Flask

Not allowed to take alcoholic beverages to a movie or concept? Then you might need the hidden flask.

Throw Blankets Realistic Soft Flannel Pizza Blanket

Pizza Blanket

Are you bananas for pizza? Check out the pizza blanket that looks and is packed like a real pizza.

Shot Glass 12 Ounces White Elephant Gift Exchange Christmas

Shot Glass

Next time you take a cup of whiskey, make sure you use one of these funny and unique shot glasses.

Men’s Wigs The Bobcat Mullet Wig for Cosplay Parties

Mullet Wig

Are you into the vintage style? Wearing the 80’s wigs costume will give you a complete fashionable look.

Baking Cups Muffin Tops Jean Style Cup

Muffin Tops Baking Cups

Sick and tired of the muffin top? But you are going to fall in love with these jean-style muffin top baking cups.

Bedroom Lamps A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Bedroom Lamps

As A Christmas Story grew in popularity, so did one of its most noticeable props: the leg lamp.

Wine Stoppers Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper

Sir Perky Wine Stoppers

Looking for a way to seal your favorite wine? This little man doesn’t have problems of too much drink.

Wallets for Women Rubber Chicken Purse The Hen Bag Handbag

Chicken Purse

Make a statement that you are the most fashionable girl wherever you go with the funny hen bag.

Beer Koozie Nana's Boobies and Beer Holder

Boobies Beer Holder

Lol, having a beer and boobs at the same is no longer a dream for the beer-drinking dudes~

Cute Panties

Giant panties for giant fun! Spice up this holiday season and impress your friends now.

Wine Decanter Unique Gun Decanters set for Alcohol 8 Shot Glasses

Wine Decanter Gun

Tired of a ordinary wine decanter? Wine enthusiasts can indulge their passion now to the most exciting party time.

Party Hat Beer Hat Cap with Straw for Beer and Soda

Party Beer Hat

Finally, a drinker’s dream has come true! Cheer up with this funny beer helmet for every drinking time.

Vanity Mirror Macbook Air White Mini Laptops Mirror

Mini Vanity Mirror

Searching for a mini pocket mirror that both takes care of your beauty and shows your crazy love to apple?

Potty Piano Hilarious Toilet Fun Great for All Ages

Potty Piano

Bathroom is probably the best place to losing yourself in, like making music…

Undies for Two Fun Fundie Underwear for Panties

Undies for Two

You must have shared almost everything with your beloved, why not underwear as well?

Linux Coffee Mug Linux Is User Friendly

Linux Coffee Mug

Tired of the dull day-to-day happenings? Let the geekness light up your life.

money bouquet

Money Bouquet

We guarantee you nobody could refuse the small of richness and abundance from the flower.

Looking for white elephant gifts ideas?

Since the gifts are unmarked and the goal of the party is to make people laugh and have fun, the gifts tend to veer towards being crazy, lewd, naughty, and generally more hilarious than practical. Are you attending a white elephant party yourself? Then we can offer you the widest selection of fun novelty and gag gifts that you can be sure will make everyone smile and will probably have everyone laughing. Search across our wide selection of gifts that are crazy, funny, witty and hilarious because you are definitely going to find something that is going to make you go “Oh my God, that is SO funny.”

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