24 Going Away Gifts to Say Goodbye In A Memorable Way

When a friend, family member, or even a colleague is moving, it can be a sad time. You are bound to miss their company and presence in your lives. This is usually when we give some going away gifts as a way of saying farewell in a memorable way. It can be items for them to keep, a sentimental goodbye, or something more practical such as things to help the person pack and move. Remember that it is a very stressful time for the person moving, so give something that helps them or lifts their spirits.

Going Away Gifts

Kodak Touch Screen Picture Frame

Combining the lovely feel of a traditional album displaying pictures and the cutting-edge technology of storing and creating slideshows of favorite pictures, this Kodak frame is going to be a hit with most people be they friends, family, or co-workers. Upload photos of memories you share with friends who are going away so they can fondly think of old times whenever they look back, or you can just leave it empty as a reminder that their new life is a blank canvas, which they can fill with colors and memories – memories which they can store and proudly display on this stylish smart photo frame. 

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Gonex Travel Packing Cubes

Want to give your loved ones a going-away present that is practical and stays with them for a long time to come? This set of packing cubes that come in a variety of lovely colors is the perfect fit. It can simplify the packing process of moving away and its varying sizes are all delightfully practical to use for daily storage and future traveling and camping trips. Not only will you help with the stress of moving away, but you will also give your friends organized storage in their new home and for all their future trips and vacations..

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Pacsafe Backpack Protector

For friends or co-workers who are moving to a place with a higher crime rate, this is the thing to give. This anti-theft bag protector offers foolproof protection for small to medium-sized luggage pieces. Additionally, if the person moving away is doing so to start a new job that involves a lot of traveling and hotel stays, then again, Pacsafe is a great accessory for them to have. Give them the peace of mind for all those times they travel and leave their valuables behind, and they will be sure to thank you every time they use the bag protector.

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Farewell Party Decorations

This creative goodbye card is a wonderful way of saying farewell to a co-worker at your workplace. Give everyone at your office the chance to leave a message for your co-worker in style. And this professionally designed product is the type of beautiful, sentimental souvenir a person can happily take, keep, and cherish for years to come. And while it is great for co-workers, don’t underestimate its eloquence for saying goodbye to a friend or family member. Leave loving, memorable messages for your loved ones on this board so they can carry it and remember it with fondness wherever they are for years to come.

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Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Are you the kind of person who believes that the true value of a gift is in how useful and helpful it is for the person? If you are, then this set of sturdy boxes is a great option to consider. Designed for moving, these boxes are durable and easy to label. Not only that but they are reusable too. So, whoever gets this gift from you will use it every time they have to move…and our guess is, they will think of you with fondness and gratitude for keeping it real and giving them something that actually made their lives easy for one of the most stressful events of their life.

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Friendship Lamp

In the fast-paced lives of today, it is hard to always tell those we love that we are missing them when they are far apart from us. Thanks to this lamp, you can let your loved ones know you are thinking of them with just a touch of the hand. Connect with friends across the globe.

With one touch, change the color of your lamp, and your friends’ lamps will change to the same color too. And they will know you are thinking of them in a heartbeat. And if your lamp changes color, then you know they are right there missing you too. Get this for someone you love who is going away and keep them close to you – by your bedside on the lamp table!

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Lavender Scented Candles

Saying goodbye to your best friend and don’t want to give something so generic as a plain candle? Who doesn’t want a good scented candle that serves so many purposes that they can belong in any new home. As an additional bonus, your farewell is going to be sweet and funny. Its hilarious saying will make your friend laugh every time she looks at it and its wonderful scent will remind her of all the good times you had. So, go ahead and buy this candle for your friend and make her going-away occasion bittersweet – where she laughs through the tears!

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Bonsai Starter Kit

Want to give your friend or loved one something to remember you by? Something that feels like their own in a strange and new place? Give them the cacti and succulents to grow and remind them how, just like these tenacious plants, yours is a relationship that will not be dented or dimmed with space and time. And it comes with such easy-to-follow instructions that even newbies with no experience in growing plants can make a successful project of it. Who knows, your introducing them to the world of plants might lead them to develop an interest in the wonderful therapeutic hobby of gardening – which can become their friend for life.

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Conquest Maps Map with Pins

For someone who has moved a lot in life or has to move a lot in the future and hates it, this might be the perfect gift for them. Put a positive spin on your friend’s moving with this pin map and highlighting all the places they have been to or will be to. And if your friend is an explorer at heart already, then he will love to get this map as a means of proudly keeping track of all his country-hopping adventures. With a superior quality design, this map is made to be displayed. It is the perfect thing to adorn the wall of your living room, serving as a decorative element and as a conversation-starter for guests.

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trtl Packing Pods

Makes your friend’s going away easier for him with a packing bag that stays with him long after moving. This Trtl packing pod set comes in extremely handy for when your friend is packing for the big move and it will continue to be a valuable possession in the years to come. Whether he wants to have convenient storage at home, needs to pack in an organized fashion for a trip, or simply needs an easy-to-carry bag for a hike or day-trip, the Trtl pod set will deliver on all accounts.

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Phixnozar Travel Pillow

Got those who travel a lot by train or plane and are moving away, leave a lasting impression on them with your parting gift. This quality Phixnozar neck pillow is the ideal way of making sure your friend thinks of you every time he/she sits on a plane or train for a long trip and needs the added comfort of a pillow for a restful sleep. Thanks to the Phixnozar, you can be sure that your friend will never again have neck pain while traveling – and every time they reach their destination well-rested, they will think of you with a smile.

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Past, Present, Future Watch

Starting fresh somewhere new is a daunting task. There are a million questions about what the future holds and if perhaps the past was a better time. This makes a project watch an ideal gift to give someone going away. With this watch on your friend’s or loved one’s wrist, every time they get filled with doubts about their future, they can remind themselves to focus on the present and manage to save themselves from a lot of unnecessary stress. What’s more, this watch is a great means of helping your friend develop the healthier approach to life of focusing only on the present…not the past or the future.

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Compass Pendant Necklace

For friends who are making a huge leap of faith in their life’s journey, give them this beautiful necklace with its inspiring words. They will love you and feel stronger about their decision with this necklace to remind them that they need to follow their dreams wherever they may take them. This compass necklace’s sleek design and beautiful message make it a piece your friend will cherish and wear for years to come…and every time she looks at it, its message will inspire her to make bold decisions in her life, and she will think of you with warmth and affection.

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Farewell Beer Glass

Got a colleague moving to a new job? Give them something sweet and funnyThis good luck glass is the perfect combination of humor, sweetness, and quality to melt the heart of any colleague leaving your office for good. He will have something to remember you all by for years to come – especially when he plans on having a good time by chugging down his favorite beverage in this glass. With a simple, elegant design and quality engraving in the glass, this is the perfect memento to give your colleague as a farewell gift he will love to keep for years to come.

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HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer

Remember the olden days when you needed bulky printers to print your pictures? For so many of us, printing has simply lost its appeal because of the hassle involved…and needing to be home to get it done. Well, with this portable photo printer, the hassle of printing is gone. In fact, as tiny as it is, it can go along with you anywhere you go and print pictures while on the move. Give it to your going-away friend and help them immortalize memories of their new adventures. They will love the ease with which they can print pictures and personalize them, and they will do this while out and about. With each beautiful memory they print, they will think of you fondly.

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Tequila Decanter Set

Have fond memories with him/her of some awesome tequila parties over the years? Well, this Tequila decanter set is the perfect for a fond farewell. He will carry the memories of your shared experiences with him wherever he goes…and you will have given him the perfect set to help him make new memories with new friends that he can cherish in the years to come. And while he enjoys his tequila parties with his new circle, there is no doubt he will be drinking at least one shot in memory of you – the friend who made so many of his new, enjoyable experiences possible with this awesome parting gift.

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Memory Jar

When you are going through a change in your life, it can become difficult to remember the good things. Moving to a new place and starting fresh is one such change that can be overwhelming for anyone. If your loved one is moving away to start a new journey, then this memory jar is a wonderful parting gift for them. It will help them focus on remembering and recording those little special moments in their new life, which usually get overlooked in the numerous chores of the day.

This memory Jar is the perfect way for the whole family to be more thankful for their new life, and to not take it for granted. And with this positive approach to a new beginning, it won’t be long before they truly settle in their new life and that memory jar becomes their most prized possession that helped them transition into their new journey.

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Anker Portable Charger

Designed to offer charging to most devices, including low-power devices such as earphones, this power bank is the perfect fit to just about any friend. As a going-away gift, it will be well-loved by your friend and his/her entire family for the powerful charging it offers to multiple devices. The fact that it is slim and easy to carry means no matter how loaded your friend is with luggage when moving away, taking it along will not be a hassle for him/her at all. It will make his life simpler and easier in so many ways that he will love you like he never did before.

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Why You're My Bestie Book

Want to give your bestie a parting gift he/she will never forget? Something that can be tailor-made to represent your friendship? This bestie book is it. With lots of fun facts to fill in this book, you decide the level of sweetness, humor, and nostalgia you want to pass on to your friend to hold onto. This one-of-a-kind book is the perfect way of keeping the memory of your friendship alive and well long after you both have parted ways. And on days your friend feels like she needs a boost and a lift in her new life…all she will need to do is open this awesome bestie book and she will remember all those things that make her laugh, smile, and feel loved.

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Friendship Hug

You know one of the things your friend is bound to miss when she moves away? Your hugs! Hugs are these magical gestures that wrap a person in a cocoon of love, warmth, and peace. Every now and then, we all need a hug to feel better. And if your friend is going away to a new place, she will probably need hugs all the more often. How can you be there for her? This friendship hug is the answer.

With its simple and elegant design, this is a forever hug you give to your friend. So whenever she will feel overwhelmed by her new life, the sight of this forever hug from you will spread warmth and strength inside her and help her to keep trying. And with your forever hug’s perpetual energy fueling her efforts, your friend will build the life she always wanted whichever new place she may be in.

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Kindle Paperwhite

For friends who share the joy of books and reading with you, there is no better parting gift for them than the Kindle. Give them the ultimate reading experience. At a time where everything around their life may be changing, give them the one constant they will love to fall back on every time they need to decompress. Armed with Kindle, they will feel ready to take on the world – and every time he/she misses you, they can simply pull out a book you both loved, read it, and reminisce over the endless hours of discussion you had over it. Even long after they have moved away, keep their passion of reading alive and kicking!

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elago Phone Card Holder

Bulky wallets are becoming a thing of the past. People these days prefer to keep things light. This phone wallet is just the thing to help get rid of a wallet with a gazillion compartments with only a couple being used. If your friend is a minimalist, who needs nothing more than his phone and a couple of cards on him most times, then give this stylish wallet in a color of his liking, he will love you for making his life simpler, and a little colorful.

Going-away gifts are often sentimental or funny but this slim wallet is the type of practical, functional gift your friend will truly appreciate. And every time he will enjoy the simplicity of this item, he will think of you with warmth and affection.

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Wrangler Smart Luggage Set

Nothing sounds like a better gift for a friend who is moving away than a smart luggage. This piece of quality luggage is the kind of thing your friend will find himself using most often when traveling anywhere in the future. With all its features and durability, the smart luggage will stay with your friend for a long time to come and it will keep on giving. Easy to manoeuvre and with additional storage capacity, it makes for a travel-friendly option that your friend and member of his/her family will be happily using for many, many years to come.

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Cocoon Accessory Organizer

Is your friend the messy guy who constantly complains about not being able to find his things in a pile of stuff around him? Or is he crazy about keeping his things organized? This accessory organizer might simplify his life and make his family fall in love with you! Whether it is tools, devices, or personal accessories that need organizing, this is up for the task. Offering multiple configurations, it can make traveling easy or finding things in junk drawers easy. Not only will his current trip be more organized but all his future endeavours might be much more organized, efficient, and effective.

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