24K Gold Playing Cards $100 Dollar Magic Foil Poker

Have you ever wanted to experience how it is to be filthy rich? Want to celebrate a 24k themed birthday party? Are you a fan of obscene opulence and luxury but also of card games? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we have something that is going to make you squeal with delight: the foil 24k gold playing cards.

This set of gold playing cards is exactly just like a regular set, and it includes the same cards: the fifty-two standard playing cards and two Jokers. In addition, these cards are plated in 99% pure 24k gold foil, and they feature the etching of a 100$ dollars bill on the back of every card. The gold plating makes this cards really sturdy yet flexible, resistant to skin oils and waterproof, so there are little chances they will get damaged, and they come in a small wooden box lined with imitation red velvet to add an extra layer of luxury to an already luxurious purchase and to turn it into an incredibly amazing and fun gift !

We aren’t completely sure what would you need a set of cards plated with 24k gold for. To play Donald Trump in a school function? To celebrate a luxurious posh-themed family game night? To flex on your friends by having the most chill, fanciest set of cards you could ever find? To use them for magic tricks where people are distracted by the insanely shiny cards? But if you can be sure of one thing is that these gold playing cards are going to make your friends jealous about you.

9.6Expert Score

Shine and luxury do go together in this 24k gold poker.

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