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20 Absolute Ace Golf Gifts For Men In Your Life

On the green and off, your golfing buddies mean the world to you. Now that you have the chance to show them how much you care, you want to be sure that your gift is a hole in one. If you’ve been shopping the best golf gifts for men in your life, you can’t score a bogey without any of these absolute ace gift ideas. The unique golfers’ gifts on this list are certain to get any man hyped for the next trip to the putting green.

Unique Golf Gifts for Men

Table Golf Drinking Set

This funny golf gift brings the fun of the putting green to your house with the tabletop drinking game. If a busy schedule or inclement weather has kept your pal from meeting you at the driving range for too long, treat him to this pint-sized hole complete with putters and flag. In addition to the sand trap, water hazard and slopes, this tabletop golf ups the difficulty and the fun by doubling as a drinking game (with trays for your shot glasses included!). Don’t let your game get rained out again – It is a perfect party pastime and great gift for the most avid of golfers.

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Mini Indoor Golf Player Pack

Has office mayhem been getting your man down? mini indoor golf is a work-friendly activity to relieve some of the stress. Use your break to set up a few holes for your colleagues; Playing golf indoors is usually limited to just putting since a full swing leads to broken…everything! This is where this one comes as a rescue. The indoor golf set is both a unique gift and practical addition to your office and is a fantastic escape whenever the daily grind gets overwhelming.

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Golf Putter Mug

This golf coffee mug is a multi-functional gift that your men will adore. Featuring scenic golf course graphics and a“hole” built into its base, it not only makes for a visually appealing mug, but also provides a challenge that golf lovers will appreciate. The mug comes with a miniature ball and a putter that doubles as a functional pen to amuse its owner long after the coffee is gone. Practice your golf game at work and put training into fun.

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Novelty Golf Beer Glass

Even a professional has a few bad shots! Fortunately, in the case of the BenShot Pint Glass, the golf ball “flying” into the glass is not the result of poor putting, but rather a feature of this well-designed cup. Humorous and useful, this unique glass is sure to be a hole in one golf gift for men.

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BigMouth Butt Putt

For your less mature buddies, BigMouth Inc brings you the funniest men’s golf gift. In this so-called “farting golf putter game” your golfer’s objective is to shoot their ball into the hole. Once achieved, the Butt Putt, accompanied by one of six farting sounds, will launch the ball back for the next shot. Childishly fun, this gift set is a humorous addition to any golfer’s next big get-together.

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Pull Back Action Golf Cart

It might not be much use on the green, but this Golf Cart is one of the must-have cool gifts for golf enthusiasts. Realistic detailing and self-driving abilities will make the giftee feel as if he is at the green watching caddies driving back and forth, even while he’s stuck in the office. The golf gift is small enough to fit on any desk or shelf and is a well-built homage to the joys of the golf course.

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Golf Barbecue Tool Set

Few things are as relaxing as grilling a few burgers for a man with friends after a long day out in the sun. If you know someone who loves playing the host after a round at the green, these golf-themed gifts can’t be missed. Stainless steel barbecuing tools paired with soft-grip handles mimic the appearance of a club in your hands while the unique design of the spatula mirrors that of your favorite putter, details that are sure to thrill any golfer.

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MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

There’s nowhere more natural to store your balls than in your sack! MySack is a comical golf gift for men seeking safe, durable ball storage. This gag golf accessory is made of durable suede, with sturdy stitching and a double-close mechanism designed to keep your balls safe and organized. It can hold up to 6 golf balls, making it a convenient and hilarious addition to a man’s golf bag.

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Adidas Men's Golf Shoes

Golfers appreciate the little things in life: a gentle breeze across the green; a warm, golden sun overhead; a clear blue sky in every direction. But the discomfort of an old, cheap shoe can make it impossible to enjoy a leisurely day at the local course with the boys. For a supportive, lightweight men’s shoe designed to provide stability on the green, none out-perform the Adidas Tech Response. These breathable golf shoes are available in 4 classic color combinations to ensure the perfect balance of style and function. With this unique golf gift, men can eliminate discomfort and focus once more on teeing up.

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Mobile Golf Launch Monitor

For men who are serious about improving their golf skills, a gift for launch monitoring is a necessity. With the most thorough phone-compatible tech on the market, the Rapsado Mobile Launch Monitor can track details of swings over time, show replays of each shot and map out the flight of every ball so that your golfer can identify specific areas for growth. Each time he uses this thoughtful gift, your friend or loved one will have the opportunity to perfect his technique, transforming him into the golfer that he’s always dreamed of becoming.

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Golf Putting Trainer

For many, the putting green is the most imposing part of the golf course. Strong putting is a fine-tuned art. A man’s skill with the putter can often be the difference between a birdie and a double bogey. But today, you can up your man’s golf game with the gift from PuttOut, the perfect parabolic pressure putt trainer. It is a carefully designed putting trainer that makes practicing the art of putting a cinch. The curve of the trainer allows it to return perfect putts while rejecting poor ones, providing immediate feedback on a golfer’s swing. Portable and durable, your man can easily take this unique gift down to the club and give his putting the practice it deserves.

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Golf Training Net

There’s not always enough time in the day for men to take a trip to the local driving range, and most of them lack space in their home to properly practice swing. However, a busy schedule shouldn’t keep the golfers from enjoying their favorite pastime. That’s why the training net is the ultimate golf gift for them. The wide range of the golf net allows your man to drive golf ball one after another without posing any threat to the neighborhood. Now your golf mates can develop their swing and improve their shots whenever they have a few minutes, all from the comfort of the backyard.

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Titleist Pro V1

A man who is serious about golf has the best clubs, the best gear, and all of the practice tools. But in the age of bigger and better, it’s easy to overlook the value of the basics – like a ball. A golf ball is the one piece of the golf bag that a man can’t go without; has he taken the time to invest in the very best? Then Titleist Pro V1s could be one the best golf gifts that you can give to him. With impressive distance and spin and a predictable, consistent flight path, this gift is the foundation of a man’s success on the course. Does he want to be the #1 golfer? Then he needs the #1 ball.

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Easy Game Hard to Play Tin Sign

Golf is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life. Even when he’s not at the local golf club, a man can still express his love for the sport. The old-fashioned tin signs from Desperate Enterprises make for both a practical gift and an incredibly nostalgic decoration that fits right into a man’s home or office. Each sign is made within the United States and high quality is always guaranteed, is there anything for men not to love about this amusing retro golf gift.

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Bottle Opener

You and your golf buddies have just wrapped up an afternoon on the green. After several hours beneath a bright, warm sun, there’s no better feeling than sitting in the shade with your men and popping open an ice-cold beer. Featuring the iconic image of a white golf ball as its grip, this neat bottle opener not only looks visually impressive, but also is actually the ideal shape and size for its purpose. Well, next time your pals meet up to celebrate another awesome round, they will be able to pull out this super appropriate gift, courtesy of you!

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Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

Perfecting your golf swing is not a simple feat. Luckily, with the SKLZ golf swing trainer, correcting your driving technique has become easier. The flexible shaft and weighted end of this warm-up golf club help men to settle into a better swing, one that over time becomes muscle memory. By practicing regularly with this incredible gift, friends and loved ones will reap the benefits of developing a strong, consistent drive on the driving range.

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Golf Club Umbrella

Unfortunately, the weather isn’t going to be amazing every time a golfer visits the club. A light rain might not prevent a man from hitting a few holes – he may even enjoy the quiet tranquility of a near-empty course – but it can certainly wreak havoc on a canvas golf bag. Or it could, that is – until now. Gifting this golf umbrella to your man. Protect his clubs from harsh weather with this unique present, designed specifically to cover his bag when the weather turns. For unexpected sudden changes in the weather, all golfers could benefit from keeping a golf club umbrella close at hand.

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Garmin GPS Golf Watch

For insightful digital metrics on a device as comfortable and convenient as a watch, the Garmin golf watch is an ace. It is a must-have gift for golfers of any skill level. Men can track their general health data – steps, calories burned, even time asleep – or just keep an eye on the metrics of their golf swing; the watch can provide whatever data they need to make the most of their game. If your golf fanatic has been searching for a practical way to monitor his entire performance, the Garmin Golf Watch is the gift for the job.

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Whiskey Chillers

A golf ball-shaped chiller is an ultimate hole in one gift for any lover of whiskey. Unlike your typical ice cube, whiskey chillers keep liqueur cool without ever melting and diluting the drink. If you know a golfer who tends to reach for stronger drinks, a golf ball whiskey chiller is a gift that can’t be beaten. Each set includes 2 golf ball-shaped chillers and a velvet pouch for storage, meaning that it’s the perfect set for sitting down and enjoying a drink with a friend!

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Golf Laser Binoculars

Never again will a man overlook a bank or an obstacle. The TecTecTec Laser Rangefinder is a digital miracle for competitive golfers, utilizing powerful laser technology in order to pinpoint and measure distant hazards and targets. Easy to use and even easier to read, your golf mates will be able to benefit from this awesome gift in no time. See the golf course like never before – through the powerful lenses of the TecTecTec Laser Rangefinder.

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As one of America’s favorite pastimes, golf has captured the attention of many throughout the country. Given its prolonged relevance in society, there’s a great chance that you have a couple of golfers in life. Perhaps an old man has a birthday approaching. Perhaps your father or uncle is retiring. Or perhaps you just want to congratulate your mates on a particularly good round. Whatever the occasion, whether they’re an amateur or an old pro, the way to a golfer’s heart is through the green.

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