Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Turns Bottle into Glass!

You may not hear about guzzle buddy, but think about it: are you one of those persons that, when they come home from work, want to throw themselves on the sofa and down an entire bottle of wine?

Do you have a funny “wine aunt” that is the soul of the party, loves wine and is all around a good sport when you joke about her? Want to bring the funniest, coolest, most original gag gift to the Bachelor or Bachelorette party you are attending?

If you answered any of these questions be ready to be amazed because this is where the Guzzle Buddy comes as a rescue!

The guzzle buddy is a fun glass “cork” that screws atop your bottle of wine and turns it into a gigantic glass: no more boring pouring, just screw this custom glass on top of the wine bottle and go to town.

Not only that, but this fun gadget allows you to aerate your wine in a more efficient and fast manner. If you are one of those fancy peeps with fancy wine that gets better when aerated. Get yourself one for those evenings where you can’t be bothered to use a glass!

8.9Expert Score

Turn your bottle into a glass and make drinking classy!


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