Finger Hand Puppets For Music Festivals Parties Bar Nights

If you have ever had to type fast, hold an infinity of things or be really, really careful about delicately picking up something, you might have thought “it sure would be cool if I could grow tiny fully functional arms at the end of my fingers!” (well, not really. Probably not a lot of people have thought of this abominable idea, but hey you never know). Anyways, there’s a possibility that you might need 10 tiny hands to put in your fingers, isn’t it? For this, we would like to introduce you to the Tiny Hand Puppets!

This set of 10 hand puppets (literally. They are hand puppets that look like literal hands. Weird and cool, isn’t it ?) are made out of vinyl and replicate to perfection a really tiny human hand. They are quite small (and somewhat terrifying, to be honest) so they might not be adequate for small children that might swallow them or become irremediable traumatized by hands upon their sight.

We would like to suggest some uses, but we can’t think of many(Yep! we are serious~): perhaps to traumatize small kids? Carry them in your pocket and give them to anybody that asks if you can lend them a hand? Give a tiny massage to your cat by using the tiny hand puppets? We aren’t sure why you would need them, but if you do, we want you to encourage to get them because they are truly cool and magnificent except a little horrifying, anyway, what else can you ask it for?

9.5Expert Score

Get ready for the next musical festival, birthday party, or bar nights.

Value for money

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