Handheld Ping Pong Solo Table Tennis 1 Player Game

If you are a fan of ping pong, you might want to play it at all times but are saddened by the fact that it is better played with at least 2 people. You might also want to keep your kid entertained in those boring evenings where there’s nothing to do (if you don’t know some family games like don’t step in it), and their friends can’t come to hang out. If this sounds like you, we would like to introduce you to the Tiny handheld Ping Pong table.

If you are anything like me, you probably remember those days where you tried to play ping pong against yourself but weren’t fast enough to play both sides of the table at the same time (not a big surprise that I was considered “the weird kid”). But you know, actually you can play a solo ping pong yourself.

This handheld ping pong game is perfect for those days where you have no one to play with, as it allows you to play against yourself. Just hold it, bounce the ball on one side and do your best to keep it bouncing in each side alternatively and don’t let it fall! This tiny ping pong table is great if you don’t have the room for an actual one.

Besides, it comes with the added super cool bonus of lights and sounds that will flash when the game starts, or when the player levels up, how cool is that! If you really love playing this game and want to play it no matter what, this handheld ping pong is the one for you!

8.9Expert Score

Forget your boring friends with no sense of the game at all.

Fun game to play solo
Sound & light effect

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