Hanging Tent Cocoon Hammock with a Storage Bag

Have you ever seen one of those tiny hanging tents for pets that look super adorable? Have you noticed how happy the pets using them are? Are you interested in experiencing this calm, comfortable, relaxed feeling as well? Then we have the coolest, fanciest gadget you have ever seen: the Cocoon hanging tent for people!

This amazing people-sized hanging tent is absolutely perfect for relaxing and taking it easy: simply hang it up a tree branch, climb inside and take the most comfortable nap you have taken in YEARS! Also, don’t worry about it breaking and throwing you into the floor: it can deal with over 200 kgs (440 lbs), and it measures almost 2 meters so it can fit even 2 people!

Besides, the UV tested, water repellent fabric will keep you safe from the UV rays, the moistness, and the bacteria that comes with it; and it comes with a rust-free aluminium ring for added sturdiness, strength and stability, isn’t that cool!

This lovely, beautiful hanging tent is absolutely perfect for anyone that really needs to relax, unwind and taking easy for a while but it will fit into anybody’s life: simple buy a tripod, hang it up in your backyard and climb into it with a book and a blanket whenever you need a break from the world’s stress and this Earth’s problems if at least for a little while.

8.6Expert Score

Elevate your camping experience to a higher level with the hanging tent.

Easy to assemble

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