26 Harry Potter Gifts That Are Simply Magic to Prepare for Hogwarts

We fly through a storm, towards an abandoned lighthouse on a small rocky island. Inside, the Dursleys believe they are finally safe from the torrent of letters that assaulted their Privet Drive home. A little boy with a scar on his forehead looks at the time. His birthday is seconds away, and it seems he will be the only one celebrating it.

Suddenly, a terrifying sound is heard outside the building. As Mr. Dursley reaches for his gun, the door is blasted out of its hinges to reveal a huge man shrouded in darkness. Hagrid steps in and gives Harry Potter a gift that he can’t quite understand at the time: “You’re a wizard, Harry!”. And he might have added: “Real wizards look forward to having a collection of gifts to improve their powers!”.

Here, our favorite Harry Potter gifts of power you might want to keep close:

Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter Coding Kit

All Harry Potter fans were disappointed when their invitation to the magical school never arrived. However, they don’t have to live the muggle life any longer – with the gift of the Harry Potter Coding Kit, children and adults alike can pick up their wand and practice magic to their heart’s content. Learn to code using the included step-by-step booklet and soon this wand will be conjuring feathers, fire and more!


Harry Potter Hagrid Lantern

While no fans would dare venture into the Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s memorable lantern is a must-have gift never the less. With it’s unique, rustic form and powerful beam, there is no better light to turn on than that of the Hagrid Lantern. The light intensity and pattern can both be controlled manually, so you don’t need to be a wizard to get the most out of this incredible replica of the gentle giant’s lantern.


Harry Potter Deluminator

One of the first magic we see in the Harry Potter films is that of Dumbledore using his beloved deluminator. Needless to say, this powerful artifact is extremely nostalgic for fans who grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Though small in size, the deluminator is sure to get a big reaction when fans unwrap this classic Harry Potter gift. The beautiful design of this authentic replica is second only to the beautiful memories attached to the deluminator itself.


Hermione's Time Turner

Who hasn’t wished they could reverse the clock every now and again? While the Time-Turner won’t actually take a person to the past, holding the intricate gold necklace will mentally transport fans back to their first viewing of The Prisoner of Azkaban. One of the most memorable symbols of the Harry Potter stories, this stunning replica Time-Turner is the perfect gift for any fan who wishes they could relive the excitement of the wizarding world once more.


Collectible Quidditch Set

Perhaps no one’s love of Quidditch will ever match Oliver Wood’s, but for fans who never the less love this wizard sport, it’s about time they got their hands on a set of their own. This Quidditch Set is more than just a cool desk accessory though; beneath the Quaffle and Bludgers, fans will be able to hide away their most prized keepsakes and keep them secure behind lock and key. It’s an ingenious way to store valuables – and make a Harry Potter fan tear up along the way!


Deathly Hallows Table Lamp

Together, the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak form the most iconic image from all of Harry Potter lore – the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. In an instant, any fan will know and love this Deathly Hallows Lamp, a unique homage to the series so many of us have been raised on. The soft light cast by the lamp is ideal for curling up in bed to reread the series or for sitting down to marathon all eight films back to back.


Harry Potter Broom

Ordinarily, a broom might not make for the greatest gift. However, Nimbus 2000 is no ordinary broom. The perfect finishing touch to a Harry Potter costume or simply a unique decoration to hang upon the wall, this broom is just the gift to complete a fan’s collection. Just be sure not to sweep the floors with this broomstick – you might just get carried away!


Harry Potter Gryffindor Journal

Admittedly, throughout the Harry Potter books and films, Harry and his friends didn’t spend a large amount of time taking notes in their classes. But if they’d had journals as nice as this one – and perhaps fewer basilisk attacks – the gang would never have done anything else! Harry Potter fans are sure to ace their OWLS when they break out this eye-catching journal during their next lesson. Best of all: this gift is 100% Tom Riddle free!


Harry Potter Illuminating Wand

Forget flashlights – at Hogwarts, a simple Lumos spell is the best way to light up a room. For wizarding fans that haven’t quite mastered the art of Lumos yet, this unique gift is just the thing to teach the basics. With a simple swish, the wand alights. Swish again, and darkness returns. While easy to use, the excitement of holding this genuine functioning wand is sure to stick with Harry Potter fans for years to come.


Wingardium Leviosa Kit

It’s a Levi-O-sa kit, not Levio-Sa! One of the first spells Harry learns at Hogwarts as well as one of the most memorable, Wingardium Leviosa is a phrase no Potter fan will ever forget. We’ve all tried our hand at a swish and flick at some point, but never before has a fan been able to effectively master this feat of magic – until now! Friends and family will watch in awe as your wizard in training demonstrates their newest ability with the help of their latest wizarding gift.


Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

For so long, invisibility has seemed like an impossible feat. However, with the right technology, any Harry Potter fan can enjoy the benefits of his infamous Invisibility Cloak! When the wrap this cloak around their shoulders, fans can make themselves invisible in their photos and videos. As easy to use as it is fun, the Invisibility Cloak is the ultimate Harry Potter gift for fans hoping to amaze and astound their followers and subscribers.


Levitating Golden Snitch Sculpture

The valuable Golden Snitch is in many ways the star of the Quidditch Field. Now, this very ball can be the star of a Harry Potter fan’s collection. As impressive as the detail work of this Snitch may be, what really makes this one the ultimate Harry Potter gift is its seemingly magical ability to fly. Place it on the base and watch in delight as it takes flight, genuinely levitating in mid-air! It’s just a bit of magic to put a smile on a fan’s face.


Harry Potter Action Figure

The boy who lived after his parents James and Lilly were killed would come to represent resistance against evil, as Voldemort sought to regain his corporeal form and all the powers that came with it. Harry’s bravery changed the wizarding world forever. Funko Pop has paid tribute to Harry Potter’s efforts by creating this cute gift, so you can offer all that this hero stands for to your closest friends.


Un libro pop-up

The original Harry Potter books were riveting, as J. K. Rowling created Hogwarts, Azkaban, and The Ministry of Magic, to name a few of many. This Pop-Up book brings many of the locations of the Harry Potter universe to life: simply open the book wide, and watch as the scenery slowly rises from the pages to create a complete 3D setting! You will keep this gift open most of the time, we’re sure of it!


Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

After only three moves in a chess game, the number of different possibilities rises to 121 million. In magical duels, this number could be greater, as each wizard is different, knows different spells, and uses them in a different way. Get your mind sharpened with this Wizard Chess set, the perfect gift to hone your thinking of strategy and tactics. Practice all those opening moves, the gambits, early castling and even fianchettos!


Hogwarts Magic School Badge Wax Sealing Set

Before e-mails had encryption to protect them from being read, letters in olden times were sealed with wax and stamped with a special custom-made stamp to ensure the security of the message and authenticity of the contents. If you’re back to using physical mail again (or just recently purchased an owl and want to correspond safely with your friends), this gift will ensure that your messages travel safely.


Marauder's Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket

I solemnly swear that I’m up to stay on my couch, covered with this Marauder’s Woven throw blanket, a gift from my number one Harry Potter fan friend, and that I will enjoy tea while watching the whole movie saga! Who knows, the figures in this blanket might start moving, and I may be able to see students and teachers in Hogwarts moving to and fro over my warm legs!


Sorting Hat Costume Puppet

If you always wanted a mind-reading hat who can see into you and judge you for your qualities and shortcomings, then the Sorting Hat is the perfect gift for you. Harry Potter had the choice between Gryffindor and Slytherin. What will you choose? (Please note the Sorting Hat can be very shy and take many, many years before he actually starts speaking to you the first time. Wear for as long as possible, and take good care of it)


Magical Themed Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

Makeup is a form of magic. With the power of powder and color, people can alter the perception that others have of the features of their face, increasing their beauty and bringing out their charm. This is where this set of wand-like makeup brushes come in. With these 10 wands, any makeup magician will become a master at their craft!


Harry Potter Erised Mirror

Harry Potter found the Mirror of Erised one night while wandering around the corridors of Hogwarts under the Cloak of Invisibility. There he saw the images of his deepest desires share the reflective surface alongside him. It is said that for a person whose desires are fulfilled, the mirror will simply show the person and nothing more. Gift this mirror to your most accomplished friend, and ask what she sees…


Harry Potter Marauders Map

The Marauders Map, a magical adaptation of our world’s GPS technology, allows seeing everyone everywhere in Hogwarts. Great to spy on people, dodge Severus Snape and find the way to the Astronomy Tower. One of the most important tools in Harry Potter’s arsenal is now available as a gift, so you can browse through the corridors of the great magic school!


Harry Potter Hogwart's Writing Quill

Pens and pencils are all very fine, but when you want to write with great style, put them aside. Choose this Writing Quill instead. You can now start to work on your treatise on “Magical Leyline Conduits Present in The World – How to Tap Into Their Power and Shape Magical Buildings”. Let us know the results afterward, we’d love to build a real castle with magic, complete with a statue of Harry Potter!


Fantastic Beasts Niffler Plush

Graphorns, Giant Dung Beetles, Murtlaps and Billiwigs – these aren’t regular animals you find in a normal park. They are all magical beasts with special properties, studied by many wizards around the world, and (depending on their friendliness and danger) cared for animal lovers in magical menageries. Familiarize yourself with this Niffler, a cute animal attracted to shiny things. A plushie gift that you can get used to before trying to deal with a real one!


Harry Potter Trivia Game

So, you think you know everything about the Harry Potter universe? The time has come to put that knowledge to the test with this Trivial Pursuit – Harry Potter edition, with 600 different trivia questions! Grab your magic-loving friends, open this gift on the nearest grand table and let the games begin! Are you ready? Did you know Dumbledore had a scar above his left knee that is the perfect map of the London Underground? Do you know what’s the maximum speed of the Firebolt broom? 150 mph!


Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

If you happen to have been born anywhere between the 60s and the 2010s, it is impossible that you haven’t heard of Harry Potter. This fantastic 7 saga book made the delights of a lot of children, teenagers and young adults and is the book of their childhood, which makes them full of nostalgia. Those books and movies inspired by it have become so popular that they have even beaten sagas like Lord of the Rings in popularity, and it has infiltrated mainstream culture so much. When it comes to the best harry potter gifts, what could be better than this “one for all ages” paperback boxed set?


Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

If you are a Potterhead yourself, there’s a high chance you love collecting Harry Potter paraphernalia. This LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts castle comes with all the 6000 pieces needed to create a magnificent Hogwarts replica and an entire set of Harry Potter characters including the founders of the Hogwarts’ houses themselves. A wonderful gift to recreate the magical feeling of being in the wizarding world!


Since the readers were introduced to the orphan boy living in a cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter has remained in our hearts and mind. While the Deathly Hallows provided a solid, satisfying end to the teenage wizard’s journey, fans have been living in the darkness that is a post-Harry Potter world. That’s why it’s so important that we remember to turn on the light for these fans: by bringing the wizarding world to life once again with the greatest, most magical Harry Potter gifts.

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