Color Changing Heat Sensitive Mug

Are you a mug collector? Do you love coffee? Do those novelty modern items excite and surprise you at the same time? Into a color changing mug? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have something that is going to astound you: this funny, cute heat sensitive mug.

This amazing colour changing mug goes from black with a mopey, sad emoji to red with a happy, excited, in love emoji as soon as you pour a hot beverage inside it. Pour your coffee, tea, espresso or milk inside it for a fun, quirky, crazy start to your morning! Not only that but this colour changing mug will help you know how long has your tea been sitting: if the mug is back to black, it’s time to dump that tea. Coming in different colours and featuring different emojis, this marvellous mug will fit all your breakfast needs and provide a fun, cute jumpstart to your day.

Due to its colour changing properties, this mug is not adequate to be used in the microwave or in the dishwasher. You’d better hand wash it with cold water only so it won’t be ruined. This heat sensitive mug is a perfect gift for almost any occasion: Secret Santa, White Elephant, birthday or graduation parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties. It will make the delights of absolutely everyone but especially of those coffee and tea lovers that absolutely adore their cups, of those that like to collect fun novelty mugs, but also of those that have trouble waking up in the morning!

9Expert Score

Your mood changes too as the mug changes from black to red.

Value for money

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