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All girls go through a phase where they really, really love ponies and are all about being princesses with a horse or a pony and wanting to learn horse riding. All boys go through a phase where they love horse toys more than anything, and want to be rugged manly cowboys whose only friend is their trusty steed.

Some of us might never outgrow this phase (I know I never did. I’d name my horse Tempest and I’d brush them every day).

And no matter if you are, or if you have kids that are going through it, or even if you just want a really funky way to move around town because your car just broke down but you still need to go to college every day and there are no buses in your town so you aren’t too sure how you are going to manage, we have the perfect thing for you: the Pony Rider.

This amazing mechanical pony will make the perfect addition to the horse toys arsenal of any little girl or boy. With soft, realistic fur and a saddle made out of the highest quality materials it will impress any horse connoisseur: virtually indistinguishable from a real horse (OK maybe not really but it is a high quality we promise).

Not only that but the special saddle and wheels do not only allow kids to sit and rock as if it was a rocking horse, but it allows them to ride the horse around both indoors and outdoors! They can legitimately ride this horse around as if they were the biggest, worst sheriff in town!

Do the horse toys need batteries?

Since it has been invented for kids, this little mechanical horse is extremely easy to assemble and ride and it will be up and working in less than five minutes so your kid can pretty much take it out of the box and ride it right away;

What’s more, it is perfectly child safe for kids aged 4 and up and it requires no batteries or electricity (we aren’t sure if it is adult safe as we haven’t tried it yet, but hey, try it for yourself and give me a call: I would love to do the groceries atop of this thing).

It has no moveable small parts that might be ripped off and swallowed and the high-quality materials are guaranteed to be completely safe and trustful to be around your kid. So, if you are a lover of horses but don’t have any money to buy, care for and maintain one get yourself the second best thing: the Pony Rider.

No matter if child or adult, man or woman, cowboy or princess: pretty much any fans of horse toys would love to have one. However, of course, this product has been created with children in mind so that is the type of person that will enjoy this toy the most: get it for a special birthday party, to ride around the home or even in fun outings and your child will go crazy over it!

9.5Expert Score

Any kids would be excited to receive one.

Easy Assembly

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