40+ Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Men That They Will Actually Use

Moving to a new house is always a big deal, whether it’s the first move or the fiftieth. Is the man you love in the process of relocating? Then now’s the time to show your support with a simply spectacular housewarming gift. However, buying the best housewarming gifts for men in your life can often prove to be a tricky situation, there’s nothing worse than hosting a party and receiving a number of presents that end up collecting dust. With that very much in mind, here are some unique housewarming gift ideas for men that will transform his blank slate into the home of his dreams!

Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Heavy-lifting requires a heavy-duty housewarming gift. For moving large pieces up to 800-pounds, the Shoulder Dolly is an irreplaceable source of support. By promoting healthy carrying techniques and stabilizing each lift, the Shoulder Dolly straps make your man’s move an efficient, safe experience. Adjustable straps allow the dolly to conform to support most any piece of furniture, even the bulkiest, most awkward of pieces.

It also assists each move by freeing up its user’s hands, making it easier than ever to navigate elevators, stairs or sidewalks on the way to your loved one’s new home. Help those most important in your life get settled into their new home by picking out the housewarming gift that supports them every step of the way.

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Atlas Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter

As the man in your life settles into his new home, he has the opportunity to define his style in the way he decorates. This world shaped decanter is a mature, elegant housewarming gift ideal for the academic and the serious stud. A hand-blown glass decanter with intricate etched details, the Prestige Decanter makes an attractive finishing touch to a refined study or a warm, welcoming dining room. Fans of whiskey or scotch will appreciate the impressive 1000-mL capacity of the supersized gift, as will family and friends of the newly-housed man. For long-term storage of a man’s favorite liqueurs, no gift does it more elegantly than an Atlas etched decanter.

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Mildew-Resistant Water Absorbing Sock

No new house is perfect, and the best housewarming gifts for men are hand-selected to overcome any perceived shortcomings. Homes cursed with the occasional leak or a drafty window will benefit significantly from the resistant capabilities of the absorbent sock. When placed before a cooler or a leaky appliance, the sock soaks up leaks and spills like the world’s greatest sponge. Wedged beneath a cracked door, window, or vent, it insulates a home, keeping the cold winds out and the cozy warmth inside. This water-absorbing snake is just the gift to transform an empty house into a comfortable, personalized home worthy of the man you care for.

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Under Bed Safe

Living on his own, your guy might find himself searching for a sense of security. His most prized possessions deserve a stable, secure home behind the cold rolled steel of the Snapsafe. At only 7-inches tall but 48-inches wide, the dual lock safe conveniently fits underneath most standard beds while still providing 3-cubic feet of storage space, more than enough for all of your man’s valuables. The digital lock supports any custom 3 to 8 digit combination, giving your loved one the greatest gift they could ask for – peace of mind. Even if your new homeowner has no skeletons in his closet, it is a secure storage solution for those most important products and memories.

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Handmade Wine Barrel Dartboard

Darts have long been a go-to pastime for bachelor’s pads and man caves all around the world. As your man settles into his new life, you can give him the vintage, vineyard charm of a custom-finished Dartboard. This classic dartboard, nested within a barrel frame typical of the Napa Valley, makes for an engaging activity for when the boys come to visit or when mom and dad are in town.

Amateurs and pros alike will have fun passing the time with this competition-worthy board, 6 darts, and hanging brackets included. A fun gift that manages to balance mature, vintage vibes of the sunny California coast with the playful, communal nature of a friendly round of darts, the handcrafted dartboard is the gift for men built on friends, family, and community.

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Anker Nebula Smart Wi-Fi Projector

Movie night in a new home is incomplete without all the latest gadgets. The Anker Nebula projector, designed for high-quality streaming with unprecedented sound quality, ensures a fun film screening for your man and all his loved ones. The capsule projector displays images up to 100-inches in size, making the ideal addition to large viewing parties or the perfect accompaniment to a romantic night with a special someone.

With 100 ANSI-lumen image and 360-degree speakers, the Anker Nebula ensures an unrivaled movie-going experience for all in attendance. The mini-projector is compatible with the Android 7.1, allowing direct streaming of all your man’s go-to apps, from Netflix to Youtube to other video viewers.

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Wardrobe Boxes

Settling into a new house can be a fun opportunity to explore new aesthetics and novel housewarming gifts, but at the end of the day, the move won’t happen without the right tools at hand, especially when your men need to pack up a whole closet. A staple of the classic move, the wardrobe moving boxes may not be an exciting gift, but they are beyond necessary to getting your man settled into his new abode. The metal bar at the top is really sturdy to hold large coats, blankets, and suits.

What’s more, each of the 20 boxes in each pack can support up to 65-pounds of household goods, such as kitchen items, linens, toys, appliances, and much more, allowing the guy to make a serious start on their move. A sizable 18-inches by 14-inches by 12-inches, each box is perfectly designed to get out with the old and in with the new. With a pack of moving boxes and some serious man-power, your loved one can, at last, begin furnishing the house of his dreams.

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Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

The toilet is an essential feature in every home, but it’s certainly not the most pleasant to consider. Germs and bacteria are prone to accumulating in this literally crappy environment, so perhaps the greatest housewarming gift you can offer your favorite guy is the freedom to touch it as little as possible. Techo transforms any toilet into an automatic flush toilet with one little motion sensor.

Controlling flush time and sensor range isn’t some complicated process either; with just the twist of a screwdriver, your man is on the way to creating the ultimate bathroom of the future. And Techo is built to get him there, capable of lasting up to 200,000 flushes in its life (30,000 flushes on each set of 4 AA batteries).

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Smart Home Theater Cinebeam Projector

What man hasn’t imagined creating a custom movie theatre in his home? At his housewarming, make the dream a reality with the LG home projector, the gift movie buffs everywhere have long-awaited. Even in small accommodations, your new homeowner can enjoy some movie magic: the LG smart home projector requires less than 1-foot or space to shine a 120-inch display onto the wall.

Compatible with Alexa, Bluetooth, and HDR10, movie viewing is genuinely a futuristic endeavor now – your man can stream Netflix, VUDU, or Amazon Prime hands-free, or simply using the included Magic Remote. Got a movie lover in your life? Then you’ve got a future LG laser projector lover on your hands.

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Remote Control Smart Plug

Smart tech can be fun, sure, but now that your favorite guy was a home to care for, it’s time to put his technology to practical use as well. Wallflower is an easy to install plug-in that transforms the average electric stove into a smart oven. Once your man’s oven is connected to the internet, he is able to monitor stove use wherever he goes. Now, he can get peace of mind knowing that he turned off the burners after cooking his latest meal, reducing the risk of an unexpected accident that puts him and his neighbors at risk. This housewarming celebration, guarantee your new homeowner has everything he needs to keep his home safe.

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Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Your man probably hasn’t given his lightbulbs much thought up until now, but his housewarming celebration is just the opportunity to discuss these tiny nuisances. In the digital age, it only makes sense that even the basic, standard lightbulb is due for an upgrade, and what an upgrade Kasa is! The smart light bulb, Kasa, connects to your guy’s pre-existing wi-fi connection to allow for voice-activated and smartphone control. Dim the brightness of each lightbulb’s shine from 1% to 100%, ensuring the perfect amount of light for every at-home activity. Each of these LED light bulbs is capable of shining up to 800-lm, meaning a staggering potential range for the smart, dimmable lightbulb.

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All-in-One Indoor Security Camera

Just as the bird signals danger in the mine, so too does the CANARY protect your man’s new home from harm. The CANARY all-in-one security system acts as the eyes and ears of the home while he’s away, recording video and audio should intruders look their way. Get instant updates every time unexpected movement is detected, helping homeowners stay on top of their home security, and use the built-in alarm, reaching a volume of over 90 decibels, to scare away trespassers and protect your most valuable belongings. Buying a house is an exciting occasion, but at his housewarming, remind your favorite guy of the realities of owning and caring for a home with the state of the art CANARY security solution.

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12-1/2-Foot Telescoping Ladder

Help your loved one stay on top of home maintenance with a truly practical housewarming gift! The Good Life telescoping ladder is a vital tool to add to every homeowner’s arsenal; extending up to 15-feet tall in 1-foot increments, this adjustable ladder is made to help conquer both big jobs and small. Expert design of the aluminum ladder allows for easy, no-pinch set up and safe, non-slip climbing for every job.

Between tasks, storage is not a concern: this folding champion slides down to just 36.5-inches, allowing it to easily fit in a garage or closet. The folding ladder supports users up to 330-pounds to provide a safe, reliable climb for homeowners of every shape and size. With expert engineering and smart features, your man will truly be able to reach new heights with the practical ladder at hand!

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Battery Backup & Surge Protector

Power outages might not be an everyday occurrence, but from time to time, every homeowner will find themselves in need of an alternative power source for a period. The APC back-up battery is a useful housewarming gift for every tech-savvy man. A 225-watt power supply with 6 built-in outlets (2 surges protected, 4 not), your leading man can still use his most vital electronics in an outage by plugging into this hefty battery.

Even when the electricity is out, there are essential home goods that your man needs to be able to access; the APC back-up battery ensures that he has the power to overcome every rainy day now that he’s out on his own. Mount the battery on the wall for easy, out of the way access, or store it away until the time comes to pull it out; either way, your guy can rest easy knowing that he’s prepared for the worst.

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Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Since your man’s new home probably doesn’t come with an elevator included, any useful gift that helps him overcome the stairs is sure to be appreciated. The Stair Climber provides an easier way to move heavy boxes up and down stairs without straining your back; with a set of 3 5-inch wheels in the pack, scaling surfaces with loads up to 330-pounds is a breeze. With an adjustable handle, 2 wrenches, 2 protective mates, and a rope all included with each order of the stair climber truck, your man will have everything he needs to conquer his move once the housewarming party concludes and the guests clear out.

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Duke Cannon Big Brick of Beer Soap

Between the stress of packing up everything they own and the struggle of lifting heavy boxes and furniture, your man is bound to work up a fair sweat as he moves into his new home. Once getting settled though, he deserves to feel refreshed and revived, cleansed of his old life, and prepared to take on the new. The Duke Cannon beer soap is a deep-cleaning soap bar that you can feel good about gifting, with each sale contributing to the benefit of US Veterans and to cruelty-free practices.

Though crafted with premium Old Milwaukee Beer, Duke Cannon soap doesn’t smell like a cold drink; instead, the revitalizing soap boasts a collection of pleasant, woodsy scents made to appeal to the male senses. For a clean, soothing soap that brings out the ideal scents of your man and his new bachelor’s pad, this big brick soap is a 10-ounce force to be reckoned with.

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Wooden Palette Drink Coasters

For many men, moving into a house of their own is a major marker of becoming a grown-up. Now that your guy is settling in his new home, you want to celebrate this newfound maturity. Coasters may be small accessories, easy enough to overlook, but they go a long way towards transforming a house into a home. These unique coasters are perfect for any young man at his housewarming party. Each table coaster pallet is an exact replica of its big version the Euro pallets, downsized 1:10. The cool and cute design of the eco-friendly beverage coasters are built to resist the loads of the “heaviest drinkers”.

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USA Beer Cap Map

Owning a new house or apartment means that your loved one will be doing a great deal of decorating over the next few weeks. Clever home decorations are, therefore, fantastic housewarming gifts for men setting out on their own. You can help bring some life into their empty home with neat accessories that they might not want to pay for themselves. This Beer Cap Map, for instance, is a unique wall decor that is sure to start conversations. If your man is a regular beer drinker, this map turns their hobby into an incredible centerpiece.

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Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 – the latest Alexa technology – is a super housewarming gift that your favorite guy won’t want to go without for one more day. It is a voice-activated display that can play the latest music and television, make calls, perform Google searches and more, making it the ultimate hands-free convenience. Never again will your man forget to run errands or miss your latest call!

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Don't Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? With this next beautiful gift, your beloved can turn his wine collection into an eye-catching decoration. This wooden puzzle, at first glance, looks simple to be unlocked, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. For wine enthusiasts out there, this puzzle can be equal funny and infuriating, it could not only be used as an entertainment and challenging game, but also a fascinating wine gift. For men with a geek mind, this wine rack is an attractive, organic storage solution, the perfect finishing touch to an elegant kitchen or dining area.

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Super-sized David Garden Sculpture

Speaking of Italian charm, the Super-Sized David Statue is the spitting image of the famous statue in Florence! Well, almost… For the man with a passion for classic Italian art (or perhaps just a passion for novelty gifts), this larger-than-life statue is a humorous housewarming gift. Just be warned: this David’s proportions are impressive, to say the least!

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Pop-Up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Hot dogs are a staple of the American cookout, but now that your man is in a home of his own, hosting a barbecue may be out of the question. But what’s a man going to do when time and/or space are standing in the way of this classic craving? That’s where the inventive Hot Dog Maker comes into question! About the size of a toaster, the Hot Dog Maker makes perfectly cooked hot dogs possible in any home. Preparing dinner has never been quicker or easier! It may not capture the entire atmosphere of a summer barbecue, but it is a strong alternative for a new homeowner.

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Unique FishHotel for New Home

Moving to a new home can feel lonely. If your guy is suddenly finding himself without family or roommates down the hall, perhaps he could benefit from a fishy companion! The Fish Hotel is an elegant modern fishbowl that fits perfectly into any classy, well-furnished home. For your man’s housewarming, why not offer the gift of friendship? With the Fish Hotel, men can, at last, appreciate the joy of a roommate that won’t steal their leftovers.

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Housewarming Throw Blanket

It’s called a “housewarming” for a reason! Your loved one will be able to stay cozy and warm when he bundles up in this next housewarming gift: the Housewarming Blanket. The woven blanket has a homemade look to it, as if it was just sewn by a grandmother in front of a warm fireplace, and will add a touch of the country to his bare house. With the Housewarming Blanket, a man never has to feel cold or alone ever again, even as he settles into a home of his own.

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Dollar Bill Rug

Your man wants the decor in his new home to suit his expensive tastes. Well, what could possibly look more expensive than decorating with actual dollar bills? While this Benjamin probably won’t be accepted at any store, it sure makes for a creative rug! For his upcoming housewarming party, gift your loved one the freshly minted Dollar Bill Rug.

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Arckit Architectural Model Building Kits

You might not know what exactly your loved one needs, but it’s guaranteed that he is missing more than a few pieces to complete his home building. For men with an entire home to furnish, an architecture building kit is an incredibly welcome housewarming gift. With over 200 unique components and free online access to Arc kit tools, he will, at last, be able to create an impressive home he has been dreaming about on his own. When all else fails, you can never go wrong with the Arckit architectural model building kits.

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Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This miniature chef offers a helpful set of hands in the kitchen. Bring some life to your loved one’s bare kitchen with a cute cartoon chef, armed with his own salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper shakers are necessities for any kitchen or dining table, and this chef brings the goods in typical chef fashion. Looking for a dining companion for your man? Look no further than the French Chef Shaker Set!

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This Guy Just Bought His First House

Buying a home is a massive accomplishment. Hard work and careful savings have brought your man to his very first home, and that effort should not go unacknowledged. For this very special housewarming, get a gift that will earn him the praise he deserves!( Or if he simply just not shut up about becoming a homeowner) The shirt is available in several colors, in men’s sizes small to x-large. Whatever your guy’s size or style, he will be able to hit the town and show off the results of his labor.

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80-Hour Vertical Candle

Candles are the ultimate housewarming gift to make any space seem warmer and more welcoming. Fortunately, this quirky candle burns for a grand total of 80 hours, meaning the receiver will have plenty of hours to look forward to with this interesting conversation starter. This stylish candle is made from 100% beeswax and is sure to add an interesting touch of innovation and elegance to any man’s new home.

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AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

No matter how reliable a neighborhood seems, a safe is always a good idea. By choosing this as a housewarming gift, you are providing the man in your life with a secure and trustworthy solution that will keep any valuables locked away from any potential intruders. This 1.8-cubic-foot box is protected with a state-of-the-art electronic keypad and is made of heavy-duty carbon steel that will protect anything the giftee deems important. In addition to this, this safe is sleek and beautiful, and will not look out-of-place in a man’s new house.

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Giant Swiss Army Knife

No matter how handy the man in question thinks he is, there will come a time where something in his new house breaks and he’s in desperate need of a tool that he just can’t seem to find. Luckily, this Swiss giant army knife, 84 implements toolkit will save him when he’s in a bit of a pickle, providing he receives it. But let’s admit the truth, it’s not built for everyone, it’s for the gadget fans and crazy collectors. Look at it, it’s huge. This kit is perfect for those odd jobs or bits of construction that need tools a little more refined than the end of a rolling pin or a piece of tape.

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Media Lounger Men's Beanbag Chair

Who doesn’t love a good bean bag chair? This six-foot lounger would go perfectly in any bedroom or family room and is extremely soft and comfortable. This would be a fantastic gift for a man moving into a new home who may not be the most conventional person you know, or for long-time gamers who deserve a little more comfort than the hard-back of a kitchen chair.

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Video Doorbell

This state-of-the-art video doorbell by Ring will give the man in your life a sense of security as he can check-in on his property at any time with the associated app. It comes in two fashionable colors and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to talk to the people at the door using the Two-Way Talk system. A fantastic housewarming gift for any man who is proactive and safety-conscious.

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Air Quality Monitor

Another perfect gift for a man who is interested in the safety of himself and others in his home, this compact air quality monitor gives reports of the quality of the air in a home in real-time, meaning the man who receives this gift will be able to make any adjustments to his house that he may require. This trusty gadget can also be gifted with an air purifier or humidifier, which are perfect for men who would like to take extra steps towards improving the quality of air in their homes.

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Rabbit Chilling Stones Set

Whiskey stones are, of course, the best way to enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey, without having to worry about one’s drink being needlessly diluted by the ice. This stylish set of whiskey stones are a fantastic gift for any whiskey-drinker who is moving into a new home. The best thing about this gift set is the receiver will feel so much gratitude towards you, he will likely invite you in for a test drive with his new gift.

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Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter

This novelty whiskey and wine decanter set is wonderful for anyone who loves a bit of class in their home. This fancy-looking set is perfect for serving alcohol in more sophisticated settings – but can definitely be used every day for those men who enjoy living it up a little. These glasses are sure to look fantastic in any new house. And it will look good on your oak shelf, home bar, dining room table, or bathroom counter. Either way, it’ll make your friends want to immediately go out and buy their own.

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AmazonBasics Microwave

For those new homeowner who would appreciate a gift that takes functional to a whole new level, Amazon’s voice-activated and Alexa-compatible microwave is a sure hit. It even orders popcorn when it recognizes stocks are low! With its sleek design, simple setup, and modern functions, this wonderful microwave truly is the gift for the ungiftable man.

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Beer Bottle Label Stickers

These novelty stickers are perfect housewarming gifts for men who would appreciate something a little more sentimental. Stick these beautiful stickers onto the giftee’s favorite bottles of beer and use the cardboard carrier provided to deliver a personal touch to a housewarming party or visit. These distinctive stickers are strong, of extremely high quality, and are sure to be one of the more unique gifts the new homeowner receives.

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Tilted Wine Glass Set

These intriguing glasses appear to be ready to tip and spill at any moment, but they actually lie completely flat! A perfect wine gift for the man who enjoys his wine and humor equally. These sturdy glasses would look fantastic in a new kitchen or on a coffee table. They make a great conversation piece and, once again, your man may be so grateful that he may invite you in for a glass of wine in his entertaining glasses.

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