30 Unique Housewarming Gifts Turn the Sparse House Into A New Home

Buying a new home is a difficult process. But then the day arrives when you finally get to move into your new home, and you come to realize all the stress and hassle was worth it – for about a week. It’s not until the second, third and fourth week of the actual move that you discover that the most stressful part of the journey has yet to come – Furnishing an entire house requires a great deal of hard work, creativity and of course, the capital. 

If your friends, family or neighbors are in the process of settling into a new home, chances are they can use all the help they can get decking out their new crib. They are depending on the generous, thoughtful housewarming gifts of their loved ones to turn this sparse house into a home. However, with so many people opting for the usual types of gift ideas such as new plates, photo frames or candle, why not think outside the box and get your new homeowner a gift which is unique? With that in mind, we have found some fantastic ideas for housewarming gifts that are sure to be exceptionally well received.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

Touch-Sensitive Hexagonal Wall Lights

In the modern home, unique solutions to common issues are highly celebrated. For instance, lighting is of vital importance, especially in spaces where natural light is limited. A basic light fixture is boring; fairy lights are overdone. Make your housewarming gift the brightest in the bunch! Boasting a unique hexagonal shape, these Touch Sensitive Modular Lights create a cool, modern atmosphere in any bland bedroom or lacking living room. They make for a one-of-a-kind lighting solution packed full of geometric greatness.

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Original Slow Dance Frame

This seemingly ordinary frame deserves a second look. While the simple design of the Slow Dance Frame is neutral enough to slip into the background of any space, this neat gift takes art into the 3rd dimension. You see, the image contained within the frame is no static painting – in fact, the objects inside actually sway and slow dance to the delight and fascination of its audience. It won’t just make your loved one’s home feel a little warmer, but a little more alive as well.

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Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holder

Furnishing a new house inevitably means several trips to your local IKEA for sofas, chairs, tables, beds, and sometimes even the kitchen sink. Only a superhero could possibly put together all of these complex pieces of furniture and get your home into a living condition! Fortunately, Thor is here to save the day, and he brought with him his trusty hammer (and 28 of his handiest tools). Now, if only you could convince Chris Hemsworth to stop by and put together this furniture…

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Artificial Grass Interlocking Mats

As beautiful as a backyard of your own might be, buying a home on its own plot of land is not always possible. For those homeowners who opt for apartment living, it can be disappointing to miss out on enjoying a yard of your very own. Artificial Grass Mat’s can’t change the parameters of your property, but they can transform your patio into your own private yard! Any homeowner can have a lush, soft lawn worthy of a “backyard” barbecue – without ever needing to pull out the lawnmower.

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Fascinations Levitron Lamp Black

Do you want to get your loved ones a housewarming gift that will truly blow their minds? Then here’s a bright idea: get them the Fascinations Levitron Lamp! The floating lamp defies the laws of gravity with a lampshade capable of levitation. You never have to shed light on the science behind this incredible fixture for this unique lamp to shed light on you; just turn the lamp on and watch the amazement on every guest’s face.

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Foosball Coffee Table

Everyone loves a good game of Foosball, but we don’t all have the space to accommodate this popular game in our house. Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive this brilliant gift upon settling into their new home – not only can they fulfill that childhood fantasy of owning their own Foosball table, but between rounds, the table functions perfectly as a coffee table for those coffee lovers out there, meaning no space must be sacrificed to accommodate this longtime favorite. The housewarming party is about to get competitive!

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Edison Light Bulbs

In a harsh, hurried world, it can be difficult to relax your mind, even in the sanctity of your own home. This housewarming gift, with its warm vintage aesthetic, is just the thing to create a calm ambiance for the most cluttered minds. The soft yellow glow of the Edison Bulbs is reassuring and calm; the retro design summons memories of simpler, slower times. It’s time for homeowners to do away with the powerful glare of those familiar fluorescent lights. They are gorgeous, calming and energy-efficient.

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Feng Shui Desktop Gong

Conversely, the ringing of a gong may not be the most relaxing sound in the world. Still, there is something so therapeutic about being able to celebrate after completing an item on your to-do list, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with the ringing of this miniature desktop gong. Perfect for the home office, the Feng Shui Desktop Gong is an amusing housewarming gift that your friends and family will enjoy making use of.

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Rocket Salt and Pepper Mill

There was once a time when we all thought that, by the turn of the century, we’d all be living on the moon. Obviously, that has not come to pass, much to the disappointment of those of us with our heads in the clouds. Still, the homeowner with a love for space and astronomy can show their appreciation for this long-lost fantasy. With the retro rocket Salt and Pepper Mill, your loved one can at long last use that rocket they’ve always wanted. Now every meal can taste out of this world!

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Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

The kitchen might be the most difficult room to furnish in the entire house. One walk into Bed, Bath & Beyond and you will discover shelf upon shelf of tools, trinkets and accessories, each with its own unique, specialized function in your cooking. For new homeowners, it’s tough to know which tools are must-haves and which are destined only for the trash. It’s up to your housewarming gift to ensure that your favorite new homeowners don’t miss out on the joy of freshly squeezed juice, easily attained with the Alessi Citrus Squeezer.

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Three-Dimensional Stones Floor Pillows

Forget sleeping like a log – it’s time your family and friends discovered the fun of sleeping like a rock! Despite the realistic patterns on these rocks, each is actually just a well-crafted pillow worthy of the toughest pillow fights. The aim of a housewarming gift is to help a loved one feel comfortable in their new home, and nothing says comfort more than a comfortable pillow (and that’s a rock fact).

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Ergonomic Adjustable Bed - 5 Minute Assembly

If you’re someone who struggles to fall asleep, you know the agony of tossing and turning at night to find that perfect position for rest. Well, toss and turn no longer: with the Adjustable Bed, the ultimate night’s sleep is only a button click away. This bed frame is just the housewarming gift to take a bedroom from average to extraordinary. Just be warned – with this amazing bed, you are not going to want to get up in the morning.

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Magnetic Floating Light Bulb

This one is especially good for those who love their gadgets. The lamp features a magnetic design that causes the bulb to literally levitate. When the lamp is switched off, the bulb returns to its original position. This product will certainly be a conversation starter in any new home and would be gladly received to create a modern and unique lighting style.

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Climate Control Beds

If you are buying for a couple, one thing that can often be a source of tension in a relationship is the sleeping arrangements. We all prefer different conditions when we are sleeping, with some people preferring to be warm and cozy and others opting for a cool environment to sleep. With this in mind, the bed climate control can keep both people comfortable and give a great nights sleep.

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Maxi Modern Design Wall Clock

Bigger is better, right? If your proud new homeowner enjoys the larger things in life then the maxi wall clock makes for the ideal housewarming gift. You may not literally be able to give the gift of time but you can certainly offer the style of the time. A unique looking clock can be a centerpiece for any room and not only looks great but is functional and useful as well.

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3D Home Building Kit

For something completely out of the ordinary and totally unique, why not consider the 3D home kit which allows homeowners to build a miniature version of their beloved residence. The kit includes full instructions for designing your very own home as well as all the materials that you will need to build it. This is something that can be designed, built and treasured for many years to come by anyone moving into a new property, and will make for one of the most individual housewarming gifts they receive.

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Automaton Bite Wall Clock

A stunning wall mounted timepiece that is like no other. The design is steampunk and retro all at the same time whilst also giving off an incredibly modern feel. For something that not many people will have seen before, this eye-catching and extremely detailed clock makes an ideal housewarming gift. As we mentioned earlier, buying a clock is something that will serve a purpose within the home and not simply become something that never gets used.

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Essey Bin Waste Basket

When it comes to wastebaskets, you may think that the item is a simple concept that doesn’t even need to be individualized, but that is where you would be wrong. This fantastically stylish wastebasket will totally stand out from the crowd and could even be used for other purposes, making this an extremely versatile gift for housewarming. The modern and eclectic design will fit right into any new home and become a feature of the decor instead of simply a waste receptacle.

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Outdoor Orbital Lounger

Perhaps the people who you are looking to purchase great housewarming gifts to have a wonderful new outdoor space that is just crying out for somewhere comfortable to sit. If so, this futuristic-looking lounger which features things such as zero gravity, a handy cup holder and a removable pillow would make the perfect solution to outdoor relaxation. Perfect to place on a patio, balcony, grassed or decked area where the new homeowners can soak up the sun and enjoy their new garden.

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Do Hit Chair

Whilst this one is a little more on the pricey side, what an incredible and unique housewarming gift it would make. The metal block, which comes complete with a hammer is designed to be hit by the recipient in order to create their very own unique masterpiece. Not only is this going to be a truly one of a kind piece by the end of the hitting process but will also be so much fun for whoever is holding the hammer. Once the Do Hit Chair has been finished, it will become a talking point for many years to come.

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Faux Wolf Fur Bedspread

Having a luxurious bedroom can take a home from drab to designer and this beautiful animal style, faux fur bedspread can achieve just that. Super soft and extremely comfortable, this product will make any bed mind-blowing to sleep in not to mention the style aspect of it. The bedspread is perfect for anyone, male or female and can either be used as a full bedspread or simply as an accent piece over the top of existing bedding.

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Keter Folding Table Work Bench

Alongside moving into a new home comes many DIY tasks that will need to be completed, and along with DIY tasks comes the need for equipment such as this folding workbench. This is going to be super useful for the recipient not only around the time of moving in but through the entirety of the time that they are in their new home. And it is also a space saver having the ability to fold up and easily store when not in use.

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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

When moving into a new home, it is likely that the owners are going to have some guests, and if bedroom space is an issue, a sofa bed can come in very handy. This simple yet stylish sofa bed will prove to be extremely useful for the new homeowners and will also be easily stored due to the folding nature of the product.

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Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar

Perhaps the person you are buying housewarming gifts for is an avid traveler, or maybe they simply like elegant and beautiful things, either way, this incredible world globe bar makes a practical housewarming gift that will not go unappreciated. Featuring space to store glasses and drinks, this item could be an ideal centerpiece for entertaining as well as serving as a genuine conversation piece. The classic design is sure to fit in with any home and be loved for many years.

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Time Capsule for Future Self

Things that we think will remember forever are somewhat be forgotten as the different winds of changes come and go in our life. Thus if your new homeowners are a fan of experiencing the sudden wave of nostalgia every once in a while, this unique time capsule is a good gift idea: bury a small container full of objects that they love so they can unearth it years later for a blast of the past, and many memories of how they used to be then come flooding back. Oh, did I mention it’s also a lot of fun?

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Squatty Potty - The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool

Remember those times where you could go to the loo without problems, and your bowel movements were smooth, regular, and you didn’t have to strain yourself? Probably not: with the average American diet consisting of lasagna, cheese and crackers and hamburgers and lacking in vegetables, minerals and vitamins, the last time you went regularly or healthily was probably when you were a baby. Definitely every homeowner deserves this practical gift for a smooth and easy number 2. Thank you, Squatty Potty! Now we can poop like royalty. 

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Wisp Broom Cleaning Set

Let’s be real for a second: no one really likes cleaning. It’s boring, it’s annoying. Neither we do it to keep up with societal expectations of what a house should like, nor we need to be hygienic and keep reasonable health standards, we are forced to clean and not allow the floor to become a writhing mass of mould, cookie crumbs, and cat hair. If your new homeowner is as annoyed by cleaning as most people, then this WISP broom cleaning set could be a perfect gift idea.

Featured a telescopic broom with electrostatic bristle technology, it’s designed for one-handed uses and able to reach difficult corners and spaces. The foot-operated dustpan comes with unique self-sealing technology for extra hygiene. Everything a house cleaning needs lies in the perfect combination.

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Joseph Joseph Toilet Brush

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how toilet brushes could be improved: they drip, they aren’t too efficient to properly clean the toilet bowl and… stuff… gets caught between the bristles often. And while it doesn’t take a scientist to see how flawed the design of the conventional, popular toilet brush is, it kind of does take one to improve upon it. However, there is no need to worry as someone has already improved it! Your homeowners will be happy and satisfied to own such cool, innovative toilet brush as a new gift!

Different from a regular one: the new flexible and d-shaped design allows for much better reach and wider range of cleaning, including the sides of the bowl and under the rim so they won’t have to fight their toilet brush and normal human range of motion trying to get those difficult stains! Not only that but this fancy, cool toilet brush has anti-dripping technology to allow for less dripping between cleaning and storing (which means less cleaning ! Hooray!) The durable, hard bristles have an anti-clog design, meaning they are a bit separated to ensure no dirty stuff gets stuck on them and so that they are easier to clean! We are sure at this point your homeowners are ready to give their old, conventional toilet brushes an early retirement.

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CordaRoy's Bean Bag Chair

If you have ever sat in a bean bag chair, you probably remember the feeling: a super-soft filling that molds to the contours of your body and feels like it’s going to swallow you. There is such a thing as a reason why when there is only one of those chairs in a room, everybody fights for the privilege to sit in it. Thus, when it comes to the best housewarming gifts, why not present your homeowners a bean bag chair? Even more beautiful is that they will be able to experience all the comfort and relaxation that this type of chair provides, but with the added benefit of being able to use it as a bean bag bed.

Image when your friends are done with sitting and want to catch up on their beauty sleep, simply remove the cover of the chair and the filling becomes a full-sized bed! Perfect for those that like to celebrate parties, hosting, and for those with a guest bedroom or simply like to be super comfortable (who doesn’t?).

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Emergency Water Storage Bathtub

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it is likely that you’ve stockpiled plenty of things only to find you have forgotten something really basic and important. A lot of the times, the things we tend to forget are the most basic, dumbest things because they are so evident that we keep thinking there is no way we would forget. It might have happened to you that you forgot to stockpile water, which is essential in the case of an emergency. For this, and for a new home owner, we highly recommend giving the WaterBOB bathtub emergency water storage as an essential housewarming gift.

This amazing gadget will basically turn your bathtub into an emergency water storage, allowing you to store up to 100 gallons of drinking water. Forget about finding yourself waiting, or having to wait in line to buy extremely overpriced drinking water by turning your bathtub into your emergency reserve. As the saying goes, ‘ Prepare today and survive tomorrow.’ Enhancing your chances of survival during certain emergencies such as natural disasters, zombie infections, and other end-of-the-world events. Just don’t take drinking water for granted.

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When someone that we know moves into a new home one of the most special things that you can do is to think about housewarming gifts ideas. Sending this type of gift not only lets them know how much you care but can also serve as a reminder of the early days of their new home.

However, buying the best housewarming gifts can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if you are looking to buy something that instantly gets the attention of the recipient and becomes a treasured possession. Why go for an ordinary gift when you can choose something that is unique and eye-catching, just like the wonderful housewarming gifts that we have seen today.

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