How to Live with a Huge Penis Book

Do people point, scream and flee in abject terror every time you try to go to the public pool due to the massive bulge in your trunks? Do you burst through your jeans’ zippers… even when the jeans aren’t a tight fit cut? Have most of your sexual partners fainted in horror upon seeing the colossal size and girth of your xxx? Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed with OMG (Oversized Male Genitalia), and it can be a stressful time coming to terms with your enormous penis. If you can throw your willy over your shoulder and still step on it, we have the perfect gift for you: How To Live With A Huge Penis.

This self-help book for men with a titanic, massive, gargantuan love stick brings a message of tolerance and hope along with really helpful information on how to come to terms with your enormous penis, how to come out to your family and friends, how and when to explain about your ailment to your potential partners, unexpected advantages of having an enormous penis among many, many others all salt peppered with quotes, anecdotes and stories from other sufferers of Oversized Male Genitalia. 

The book How To Live With A Huge Penis is a perfect gag gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties, for friends and colleagues with a good sense of humor, for those fun and laid back family members that love to poke fun about yourself or even for your personal library to surprise and shock your visitors when they start going through your books!

9.2Expert Score

Finally - a book that takes care of the enormous problem with silence!

Gag gift
Conversation starter
Tongue in cheek

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