How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

If you have a cat, you know they can be little furry gremlins that are too smart for their own good, and the world is becoming increasingly dangerous with the epidemic of drug use and the rise of the Internet: have you ever told your cat that it’s not OK to give their personal information to strangers on the Internet ? Or even worse, have you ever told your cats how to safely use a gun? Don’t worry, we are giving you an aid to help with this awkward conversation: How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety.

This fantastic, amazing, completely serious and not comical at all little book will help you navigate those difficult questions you and your cat might have when it comes to firearm safety “Is my cat old enough to be taught about gun safety ?” “Is it even safe for my cat to own a gun ?” “Can my cat legally own a gun ?”. Turn your cat into a true patriot by steering him away from dangerous gateway drugs like catnip by initiating them into guns instead, and help them become a true patriot!

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Do I really need to talk to my cat about gun safety?

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