Inductive Robot Mini Path Tracking Car Follow Black Lines

Do you have a kid whose favourite movie is Wall-E? Are they bonkers about robots? Are they really creative and witty and love to create or dismantle things to find out how they work? Do you want them to harbour a lifelong love of science? Then we have a perfect fun gift to get them interested in the inner workings of robots: this magic inductive robot. 

What makes this inductive robot very interesting is that it will find, identify and follow any path you draw for it with a thick black marker. Really, it’s as simple as that: unscrew the back lid, insert the already included battery, screw the back lid on again, find a thick black pen, draw a line and your little robot will go to town on it!

As for how this robot works, it is also really simple: it has a small sensor that locates the line, and its programming dictated that it has to follow the path until it ends, that’s it. (By the way, we want to warn you that this tiny robot works better with soft, curved lines instead of sharp, angled lines, and if there is no line it will spin until it finds one !)

All in all, get this robot for some cute, fun times with your kids that will probably create an interest in science: create labyrinths for the little robot to get out of, make it follow an infinite path or follow you kid’s writing!

8.6Expert Score

A built-in optical sensor enable the little guy to follow the thick black line.

Easy to Install
Inspire Creativity

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