Inflatable Travel Pillow Used for Airplanes Cars Trains Office Napping

If you travel really often, you have probably already experienced torticollis, knots, contractures and overall pain and uncomfortableness from trying to sleep in your car or on a plane. It is an ordeal that nobody likes, and we all wish scientists would create a good travel pillow that we could use for these eventualities, especially if we travel a lot. Fret not, for we have found a fantastic solution for your problems: the Sunany inflatable travel pillow.

This particular travel pillow has been designed with the goal of making sleeping while travelling as comfortable as possible and it supports not only your neck as most travel pillows but it also supports your chest, shoulders and spine so you will be completely straight and with a good posture while still being comfortable (being straight and supported will be just like as if you were sleeping on your back, so it will eliminate the knots and contractures from sleeping in a weird posture !).

It is made out of a really soft, lightweight material that you can inflate and deflate to carry it anywhere! The inflatable travel pillow has holes through which you can place your arms so you can easily find a comfortable sleeping position. Not only that, but it comes with a gift of free earplugs and an eye mask so you can sleep as comfortably as possible!

9.3Expert Score

Lean forward, rest your head, and Sleep soundly, even as you travel!

Easy to inflate

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