19 Best Jewelry Organizers to Brighten Up Any Vanity Space

Trinkets and treasures will always have a special place in our hearts. Beautiful as home decor, most of them also hold sentimental values that make them irreplaceable. Say goodbye to losing your most valuable treasure over time. These unique and functional jewelry organizers will keep all small favorite stuff in one place. Aside from giving them a home of their own, you will be assured that they will be kept in their optimum condition while in storage.

Best Jewelry Organizers

Skeleton Hand Jewelry Stand

When you are into the dark and dangerous, there’s no other one out there that will satisfy your dark side other than this skeleton jewelry holder – an open type of desk organizer that allows you to display collections for everyone to see.

A white skeleton hand, which is attached to a wooden circular base, opens up to hold all your trinkets in place. Sling your bracelet and rings on one of its fingers and it will look like a scene straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean! Plus, its joints are movable: you can reposition them however you like!

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Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box

Love the minimalist look? You can’t go wrong with the Stowit jewelry box, which will effortlessly blend into any room design thanks to its white and sleek style. The multiple compartments and drawers will allow you to group your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even watches together. It also comes with a large display top that slides open to function as additional storage space for small stuff in your vanity. Place your favorite figurines or small perfume bottles on it to jazz it up.

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Tesora Jewelry Organizer

Not too fond of the dainty stuff? This Two-Tier storage box will definitely pack a punch in your vanity by giving it an industrial vibe. It’s a no-frills jewelry box that gives you the best modern design with a high level of functionality. It is stackable, you can choose how high you want your jewelry box to be.

You can also lay them beside each other for that spread-out look. It also comes with a metal lid that will allow you to display any item on top of it. If you have a ring or bracelet that you want to flaunt to others, this will be the perfect place to display them.

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Orchid Jewelry Hanging Tree Stand

Add a touch of nature to your vanity without having to water it every day with this jewelry tree. With a beautiful orchid design, it will surely brighten up any vanity space. Pretty things will never be given justice if they are kept from the admiring eyes of people. This jewelry organizer will make sure that all your trinkets will be displayed in their full glory. The orchid branch has flower buds in it that serve as hooks for rings, bracelets, or necklaces. It also has a wide metal leaf base that can hold smaller non-hangable items like our stud earrings.

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Prisma Jewelry Stand and Necklace Holder

Let all your gold trinkets bask in the limelight and display them for all to see using this Prisma jewelry stand. Like the majestic pyramids from ancient Egypt, this stand adopts this geometric shape in its design using gold metallic wires. Its top branches into metal hooks that allow you to hang your necklaces, making you say goodbye to detangling jewelry and frustration.

Due to its form, it will not take too much space from any surface. Its pyramid shape allows it to utilize the vertical space. You’ll not only have something functional in your vanity but also beautiful decor to add sparkle to your room.

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Portin Jewelry Display Holder

Leave all the searching to pirates who go on a treasure hunt by keeping your treasures neat and in one place. The Portin jewelry holder will keep them organized and easy to reach whenever you need them. Unlike other jewelry organizers, this does not keep them in drawers or small compartments.

It is open-type – all your trinkets will be lined up for you to see in a single glance. It has two bars with varying heights to accommodate the different kinds of treasures that you have. The hooks located on the taller bar are best for necklaces while the shorter one is meant for bracelets, rings, and watches.

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Wood Jewelry Box

You don’t have to sacrifice your dream all-white room design just for storage space when you have this Spindle jewelry box. Coming in the most aesthetically pleasing white box construction, it allows you to keep all your precious jewelry out of sight. With three compartments, you can open up through the pivot mechanism.

Each of these compartments can be rotated 360 degrees for easy access. This is the perfect storage for you especially if you have big chunky jewelry. Most of all, all your treasures will be kept safe within it thanks to its magnetic closure mechanism.

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Three Sliding Linen Wood Trays

Store more jewelry pieces without consuming additional storage space with these sliding wood trays. This will utilize the available vertical space that you have by allowing you to stack each tray on top of each other. The rustic-inspired organizer has three trays that are lined with linen, making sure that all pieces of jewelry you place in them will be protected from scratches.

Plus, each tray is not created alike but designed differently and separately to accommodate the different kinds of jewelry you will store. There are compartments made especially for rings, bracelets, and earrings! You’ll never lose an earring again.

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Lockable Jewelry Organizer with Mirror

When a regular jewelry box gets overwhelmed by the huge collection of trinkets in your closet, it’s time to call in the big guns. This mirror jewelry cabinet is the only match for the serious jewelry collector. It has different compartments to hold the different kinds of jewelry.

Most of all, it will not do just that. Doubling as a full-length mirror when you close the storage unit, you can even move it around your room easily thanks to four wheels that make it glide smoothly on the floor. With so much storage space, you can even store some of your skincare items and makeup in it.

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Wall Mount Jewelry Holder

Proud of your jewelry collection? Don’t let their beauty go to waste and display them in your room using this wall mount holder – the best option for those who want to achieve that Pinterest-inspired aesthetic room. It will not only organize your jewelry and make them easy to reach, but also adds a rustic vibe to the wall of your room. You’ll soon have an inspiring wall area whenever you need something to perk you up on gloomy days.

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Geometric Plated Jewelry Storage

Only got a few pieces of jewelry in your collection? No need to fret! This Prisma tray will be the perfect organizer for them! It will allow you to have access to your precious rings and bracelets easily by placing them on any table or countertop. Made with brass-plated wires, it frames your items beautifully. You can easily put your pieces at all angles when you place them on this modern-looking organizer, making this a perfect home for them.

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80 Pocket Organizer

Bigger will always be better. But when it comes to organizing jewelry, this might be a little challenging. Give those bigger trinkets a home of their own using this hanging organizer. This ingenious organizer has 80 PVC window slots in them for you to store each chunky accessory. There’s no need to keep them in boxes which makes it hard for you to see them. Plus, it will not take up any space because you can hang it in your closet just like how you hang your dress.

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Premium Leather Travel Watch Case

If the word jewelry means the same as watches to you, the Mr. Okay watch case will be perfect for you. This will keep them safe from any scratches by housing them in high-quality leather. Whether you want to display them in your room or keep them in drawers, this makes sure that no dust will settle on your precious watches. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your watches getting broken in the luggage because you can also use this as a protective watch case.

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Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box

Say goodbye to sacrificing style when you go on travels. This plush velvet jewelry organizer will allow you to bring your favorite trinkets while you are on the go. You won’t have to fear losing a piece of jewelry in your handbag or luggage because this compact organizer will keep them all in one piece. Despite its size, it has different compartments to house different types of jewelry. It even has slot rolls to keep your studs and rings from moving around.

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Vlando Mirrored Wooden Jewelry Box

Why choose a few items from your jewelry collection when you can bring everything with you during your travels? The Vlando jewelry organizer comes in a compact box bag design that is perfect to carry with you no matter where you go. It may look a little small from the outside but you’ll be surprised how much jewelry it can accommodate within it. With multiple compartments within it – from drawers, dividers, and flaps, you’ll never look at any organizer again once you have this.

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Why is organizing jewelry necessary?

A growing jewelry collection will also mean that you need to start thinking about how to organize them. This is necessary as it’s not only helpful to make your collection look satisfyingly neat, but it will also save your time and money in the long run.

When they are organized well, you will be able to see everything at a glance and waste no time reaching for what you want for the day. Besides, you will be able to have a mental inventory of everything you owned, which makes you avoid buying a similar one.

Things to consider when buying the best jewelry organizer

With so many jewelry organizers being sold online today, you might easily get confused about what to get. To choose the best one for you, here are 4 things that you need to consider:


It’s better you know how much jewelry the organizer can hold. If you have a fair amount of jewelry, you need to look for larger ones to give your collection enough room for storage. If you own different types of pieces, it is best that you go for boxes that have multiple compartments so that you can separate them according to type. It would be perfect if it has drawers with dividers in them for you to place your earrings or rings.


Delicate and prone to scratching, your trinkets need some TLC for them to last a lifetime. It is important that your jewelry organizer has enough protection in them to keep it looking at its best. Choose those organizers that are lined with a soft material, such as velvet or linen, and have secure locks or enclosures on them. Some designs also have magnets attached to their flaps or drawers to keep them closed at all times.

Design & Aesthetics

Packaging will always matter. This also holds true for jewelry organizers. Your trinkets are your treasures, it is only right that you need to choose a home for them that is worthy of their beauty. You can choose to go with a closed box-like design or you can go with unique geometric ones that allow you to openly display your precious collection. They can also come in different color combinations that match a person’s aesthetics and tastes. If you want minimalist ones, go for the sleek white organizers.

Easy to find & Display

Knowing how you can display and arrange your jewelry inside an organizer may be the most important feature that you need to consider. You have to look at its compartments and see whether this will allow you to see all your pieces at a single glance, and prevent them from mixing with each other, tangling, and others.

Also, keep in mind that its design will be able to complement the design in your room. Choose those organizers that are beautiful enough to look at without becoming out of place from being too loud with their colors.