Joseph Joseph Toilet Brush Revolutionary Flexible

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how toilet brushes could be improved: they drip, they aren’t too efficient to properly clean the toilet bowl and… stuff… gets caught between the bristles often. And while it doesn’t take a scientist to see how flawed the design of the conventional, popular toilet brush is, it kind of does take one to improve upon it. However, there is no need to worry as someone has already improved it, so you don’t have to! Meet the Joseph Joseph smart toilet brush!

This new, revolutionary toilet brush doesn’t look like your regular one: the new flexible and d-shaped design allows for much better reach and wider range of cleaning, including the sides of the bowl and under the rim so you won’t have to fight your toilet brush and your normal human range of motion trying to get those difficult stains !

Not only that but this fancy, cool toilet brush has anti-dripping technology to allow for less dripping between cleaning and storing (which means less cleaning for you ! Hooray!) The durable, hard bristles have an anti-clog design, meaning they are a bit separated to ensure no dirty stuff gets stuck on them and so that they are easier to clean !

We are sure at this point you are ready to give your old, conventional toilet brushes an early retirement, but wait, there’s more! The Joseph Joseph smart toilet brush comes in 3 colours to be able to fit into the design of any WC area, and it comes in different sets (with or without caddy, with or without soap dispenser, with or without filter refills…) to ensure not only that all your toilet items fit the same colour scheme, but also that you are happy and satisfied to own such cool, innovative toilet brush such as this one !

8Expert Score

An innovative tool that redefines the way you clean the toilet.

Easy to clean
Easy to use

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