Kids Backpack Astronaut Jetpack Unisex School Bag

School has started recently for most of us, and if it hasn’t for you, it will soon. It is quite likely that your child needs a new, cool backpack since their last years’ one is probably so worn down that it can fit anything inside it anymore. Want to give your kid a backpack that will not only plaster a huge smile across their face but also turn them into the coolest, most awesome kid in school? Well, look no further because this Space kids backpack has everything you need.

This incredibly cool, awesome kids backpack looks like a jetpack to turn your kid into a super awesome mini astronaut, and it is sturdy, lightweight and multicompartment, so your kid can carry all sorts of neat trinkets and interesting gadgets with them to school while being sure their backpack won’t break! 

In addition, this backpack has a volume of 8L and can fit books sized 20cms x 25cms, so you can be sure this backpack will fit all of their books too! And in the case your kid doesn’t want to take it to school, this backpack is the perfect accessory for an astronaut or alien Holiday costume, and it will ensure they can get as many praise as they can carry in it!

To summarize, this super cool, awesome jetpack kids backpack is perfect for your kid’s school year, birthday gifts or Christmas costume, and any kid obsessed with space, astronauts or aliens would absolutely love it.

8.9Expert Score

Launch your little scientists to outer space and flying around wherever they go~

Unique design

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